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The Boy In You…


Date: November 28, 2000

‘The Boy In You’

My heart is heavy.
My heart is amiss.
My heart, it’s all for you.
I’ll wait for the morrow.
I’ll wait till the end.
I’ll wait…for that’s all I can do.

I search my soul,
I ask ‘how’ and ‘why’?
I challenge my every emotion.
Yet I cant explain,
and it causes such pain…
…still, forever I’m in your devotion.

What is it about you?
What have you done?
How have you captured my heart?
It’s a riddle to me…
…just how can this be?…
You’ve spellbound me right from the start.

So different, so separate
…and yet so alike.
I see much of you inside me.
The bond, it is true,
and I live for you…
I’m united as one within thee.

I want so much more,
and yet I’m afraid…
…but could it go wrongly astray?
The more that I get,
the more that I need,
the more I run away…

…and you…you’re so sweet.
…and it’s you that completes,
the human…the man, that is me.
To feel such as I…
…for you I would die…
Without you, I’d no longer be.

I say to myself,
“But this isn’t my thing”.
How did this ever evolve?
Perhaps it is kind,
that all love is blind?
…I’ve now got new dreams to resolve.

I don’t know it all,
but I still know this much,
what you’ve given me, will always endeavor.
…So, for all that we’ve shared,
I want you to know,
it’s you and me, forever.

As I’m gazing upon you,
I cannot deny,
such irresistible attraction.
It’s here with me now…
It’s been all the while…
“I love you” is my only reaction.

No matter how we age and change,
no matter what paths our lives take,
no matter what we say or do,
no matter what we forsake…
forever know this in your heart,
one thing always is true…
I’ve found my answer,
and this is it…

…I love the boy in you…

…An original work, from my heart, to the one I love…

Steve Diamond