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Defending My YouTube Activities [2008]…

Date: July 08, 2008

A message left in response to one of my 2008 media productions, and my response to it…Thought this was worth sharing.

011_Defending My YouTube Activities [2008]

“You are a poser and an egomaniac. You are not important. You are not smart. You suck at making videos. You have no compassion for your victims. You manipulate children for your sexual pleasure, not theirs, or you would let them choose their own sexual play, not direct theirs to you.

Now go ahead, block me. I’m sure you can justify it. You don’t want a real discussion.”

You may try to pass this off as an “ego trip”, or me as an “egomaniac” for merely discussing the realities of living the life of a pedophile…and “you” may be offended that I am not “properly beaten down” and psychologically neutered by the system (am I to much of an “uppity nigger” for your taste?)…but, you are absolutely off base.

What I am, is infuriated and at my wits end with what is going on today, as relates to how people like myself are represented and treated in the media and larger culture.

I simply talk about the realities of this kind of existence, without all the extreme garbage that typically gets piled onto the conversation, intended to alarm and scare people.

Truth be told, we are actually quite normal, and sexual attraction for children is a far more typical orientation than some would have us believe. It “can” be integrated into a working and healthy culture, and doing so would have it’s benefits, including the reduction of real sexual violence, and “byproduct” violence like murder.

The biggest thing which differentiates us from the general public, is the psychological damage that comes with living years and decades of your life as an outcast, and under assault of the constant propaganda…especially after the individual realizes that they “are” a pedophile.

We lack established, easily available resources, to which we can turn and find practical, sound and non-hysterical information about who and what we are, as well as how we honestly do compare to the so called, “norm”.

There is also a failure in the larger culture to acknowledge that much of the psychological issue, and various (anti social, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.) quirks we are known to typically have, are absolutely paralleled by any other group which has been ostracized, forced to live under a state of chronic threat, and psychologically conditioned to self fear/hate by the repetition of straw-man talking points (which are often void of sound merit).

We are treated as though the effects of living under constant duress, and being programmed to never accept or be happy with ourselves, is somehow “just how we normally are”…when it is well understood that such maltreatment would cause serious damaging effects to anyone at all.

The fact that so many people do not successfully see the connection in “our” case, has everything to do with scapegoating. Rational thought goes out the window, laws of nature are no longer applied, and the storybook “monster” is dragged up to divert attention away from the actual facts.

Maybe “you” like things this way…Maybe “you” are just a malicious ass hole, who enjoys seeing things this way and the fact that a lot of devastation results from this failed process.

You do realize, that (even though this is rare) more children are brutally raped and murdered, as a direct result of treating people with this orientation in the way that they are presently treated…don’t you?

You bastards think so fucking simplistic…In your own mind, “you” box me up into a definition so inflexible, that you cant even imagine that children’s safety is one of the core motivations behind my activities.

In fact, that is one of my primary motivations and always has been.

“You” support a fatally broken system, which only aggravates and magnifies whatever true problems do exist here…”You” ignore that there is culpability inherent in this support and acceptance of an abysmal social agenda (the success of which you will never realize, anyway). “You” will not open your eyes, and consider what is going on, or the offered alternative, from a practical standpoint.

As far as “me” wanting a real discussion…people like yourself have consistently done everything in your power to cripple these kinds of discussions, and sabotage any chance at a meaningful dialogue.

It is not “me” who does not want a real discussion, but people like “you” who are terrified of honestly exploring the alternatives…and finding something that works for everyone…children and adults…

Everything else you have put forward here, is nothing but baseless insult, mean opinion and straw-man lies.

I have no victim…and I manipulate nobody for my own sexual pleasure.

Offshoot Comments:

Has anyone else noticed what this person is doing here?

They are not honestly attacking “me”, but instead spouting off a bunch of dictations and nonsense, after which pretending that it applies to “me”, and therefor “discredits” me.

The critical point here, is that the person making these comments neither knows “me” as an individual, nor do they understand what I am doing or the motivations behind it…

…In addition, they display an abysmal grasp on natural, human sexuality, especially as relates to the topics of childhood sexuality and pedophilia.

How does one manage to take such people seriously?…

They only manage to take on the appearance of credibility, by ganging up together and relentlessly attacking others…Their “facts”, are nothing more than trash talking, backed up by threat and brute force…

These kinds of people are exactly why public policies surrounding sexuality, childhood sexuality and pedophilia are so mind bogglingly messed up today. It is why most people do not understand the truth about children and sex, nor the real commonalities about “pedophiles”. It is why people accept the scary, hyperbole, character assassinating definition of the “pedophile”, even when they rationally know, it can not be absolutely accurate…even when they know, it is almost entirely off the mark.

The very discussion is held hostage, by people who come out of the woodwork for no other reason than to sabotage the discussion.

One need only look no further than the group of cretins, who have decided to “clone” my You Tube account page, and pretend to “impersonate” me…Stealing my videos and defacing them…altering them in some ways (though I’ve never bothered to watch them, it is clear they are altered, when looking at the running time)…and this obscene over reaction, is based upon a handful of tame, sound and truthful videos produced by me…

They don’t like people talking about children and sex…They don’t like people acknowledging that children are sexual beings, who aspire towards sexual pleasures like everyone else…

…So, they create a fantasy world, where the asexual child “exists”, and every single sexual experience imaginable, does “devastating” and “irreversible” damage to a child, and “nothing more”…

They lie about people, including those who only disagree with their inflexible, rigid dictations (which are hyperbole, aggressively vicious and overwhelmingly wrong, by the way).

They do everything in their power to intimidate and underhandedly hurt other people…then they have the gall to tell others who they are attacking, that “they don’t want a real conversation about the issue”…

What psychologically deranged world are these people living in, anyway?…

This is the primary mechanism by which they attack and fight…They do not want the conversation to even take place, because should the facts come out and be understood by the masses, their own stances and noxious behaviors could not stand up to the overwhelming opposition. Their brand of prejudice would collapse.

Even if “you” believe that today’s current stance is “correct”, there is no justification in stopping others from discussing alternatives…If what happens today is truly “correct” (or at least the “best” alternative), than this will bare itself out under close scrutiny…If what happens today is based upon such shoddy grounds, that it must be defended by terrorist tactics, then clearly there is something fatally wrong here.

There is no excuse for attempting to destroy others, if the modern day practice in question is so “self evident”, as some people actually claim it to be.

There just is no excuse, for the people who behave like that.

The EQ Foundation encourages others to learn how to quickly identify these types of people, understand just exactly what they are trying to do (sabotage the discussion), and quickly exclude them from all real and important discussions on this topic matter.

Wherever the intention is for successful and productive exchanges in ideas, and the exploration of possible solutions…anyone, who is present only to destroy the entire communication process, is not welcome.

George Carlin…


Date: July 2, 2008

George Carlin
May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008

On Sunday, June 22nd, 2008, one of the very few people in show business who I can honestly say that I looked up to and respected for many years, died.

For the most part, I consider Hollywood and show business to be the shallow recipient of wealth and accolades which it does not sincerely deserve…in most cases…

…but every now and then, somebody comes along and uses that venue to touch others, stand for something and make a difference…

…One such somebody, was George Carlin…

…A man who challenged us all to question everything, take nothing for granted, and clearly see the absurdities which we humans are constantly embroiling ourselves in.

I’ve never felt connected to anyone in show business, quite like I felt connected to George…He was a living hero of mine…

…and I was so damned depressed, when I heard of his death last week…

You will be missed and mourned by millions of us, George…

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