I’ve “Provided Nothing” to Establish My Point?…Really?!…


Date: January 06, 2020

I guess you can say I’m responding to something someone expressed to me, a few years back…after they’d approached me wondering about my rational, in arriving at the worldview I hold…most especially as relates to legal, open and free “pedophilia”, and acts associated with it.

I was told something akin to…

“You didn’t prove shit!”

Mind you…I sent him to In Self Defense…which really is more of a massive collection of personal writings I’ve made, over the last fifteen to twenty years…It’s a testimony to my human thoughts and human nature…It’s essentially “a pedophiles diary”, published out in the open…It wasn’t meant to be a dissection of the research available…It was just a very personal, long term project…the value of which I will leave to be judged, by people of the future.

I do provide a lot of valuable links regarding topics such as pedophilia, however…They are part of The Equality Foundation [EQF] Website…it’s EQF Community Links, to be exact.

There are quite a number of excellent books and websites linked there, which go into this at greater detail than I ever personally could.

Our Love Frontier is not primarily focused on “pedophile” issues…”Pedophilia”, and related issues, just sometimes get brought up here, on this blog. If you want something much more focused and authoritative on “pedophilia”…explore the EQF Community Links page…The overwhelming number of links there, are in some way related to MAPs, and issues affecting MAPs.

I know there is a ton of content here…and a lot of it gets lost, just due to the overwhelming volume of it all. Our Love Frontier has been something of an experiment, in that I have tried to create a sincere buffer, around my far more controversial opinions and content…so that this blog does not come off as “all about legalizing child adult sex” [which some people presume, because I am open minded to some expressions of it]…I already have too much experience with this, where the topical focus of my blog was all around “pedophilia”…and I don’t have it in me, to keep fighting like that…So, I expanded and evolved…becoming a lot more armored and careful.

But fact is, I’ve always had a lot of excellent resources linked at this [Wordpress] incarnation of Our Love Frontier…You just have to do a little bit of looking around…or follow the “Welcome! Click Here First!” link, at the top of this blog…which points you directly to the EQF Community Links page.

I’ve put a ton of work into that resource over the years…I’m quite pleased with it.

Telling me I’ve “provided nothing”, is complete nonsense.

It needs updating…but I’ve probably got one of the better MAP focused links pages, on the internet.

– Steve

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5 thoughts on “I’ve “Provided Nothing” to Establish My Point?…Really?!…

  1. Yure

    What I notice is that people disregard any proof in our support because they assume that, if something seems to support us, it must be wrong, therefore invalid as proof. For people like them, nothing in our favor amounts to proof.

  2. feinmann0

    If rage is the sole output from a person, terminate the debate because it is no longer a debate. Such a person is someone hell-bent on causing you pain, someone who couldn’t give a stuff about how many resources you have, someone who it would be impossible to educate. Best avoided.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      These are wise words…

      Believe me…it happened over a few brief exchanges…either at Twitter, or over e-mail…maybe it was in the comments section of this blog…I don’t remember…

      I just know a lot of people are really dismissive of what has been brought to the table.

      What I responded to was no debate, at any point in time.

      I wrote this more to point out the EQF Community links, again.


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