Judith Reisman is Dead (April 11, 1935 – April 9, 2021)…


Date: June 02, 2021

01) FreeSpeechTube

“Enjoyed watching Judith Reisman; a bigot till the bitter end! (she died recently…)” Prue

02) The Reisman Institute

“Our Founder and beloved friend, Dr. Judith Reisman, stepped into eternity on April 9, 2021 while doing what she loved: Working to protect children from sexualization and sexual exploitation brought about by the “Sexual Revolution” and its patriarch, Alfred Kinsey. Just moments after speaking with a student about research for her next book and sending an email seeking a grant for continuing her work, Dr. Reisman was escorted into heaven.”

03) Wikipedia

“Judith Ann Reisman (/ˈriːsmən/; April 11, 1935 – April 9, 2021)[1] was an American conservative author, best known for her criticism and condemnation of the work and legacy of Alfred Kinsey. She has been referred to as the “founder of the modern anti-Kinsey movement”.[2] Her commentary is currently featured by the conservative WorldNetDaily and the Christian magazine Salvo.[3] She held a Ph.D. in communications from Case Western Reserve University, and was a visiting professor of law at Liberty University.[4]”

I literally just found out about this…So, I’m not going to back date a post, regarding such wonderful news!

Just a trivial bit of something…it seems like I’m often experiencing this…but Judith was literally roaming through my mind a few [handful of] weeks back…and I was wondering about her status…alive still, or not…then I find out she has died…

This sort of thing happens to me, at a freakish commonality…like something is whispering straight into my mind, that another person has died…or is soon to die.

Well…I’m pretty sure I’ve given this award to Judith before…but I’ll include the Full of Poo award…and a few other things, just for good measure.

She was an awful abusive bigot…a monster, ugly to the core.

She personally worked in attempt to derail B4U-ACT…an organization that literally helps to reduce sexual assault on children, while building a world that safely offers mental help to MAPs…something that directly compliments her own, purported work and goals…

This is one of the most direct, indisputable pieces of evidence, that Judith was a bald faced bigot, who was completely full of shit.

She only knew how to attack and smear…damage and injure…and if she decided that “you” were among her targets, she believed “you” didn’t deserve equal human rights.

This world is better and brighter, now that Judith is dead.

The Flushed Poo Award

Ah! The Memories:

One of my favorite moments, from one of the 2020 matches between Kinsey and Reisman!

You’re Welcome! 🙂

…And in the event anyone happens to be an unaware gay, lesbian or bisexual who imagines she was “okay” because she targeted MAPs…

…Judith Reisman hated your guts, too…and she worked against your rights and social stability, just as much…

…She was a disgusting wretch of a human being.

If I were to quote one of her good, christian buddies right about now, for an occasion just exactly like this one [but where a MAP has died]…it would go exactly like…

…”Rest In Piss”…

The company she kept, says everything about her.

Those assholes were doing exactly this…laughing in celebration, more than once this last year or so.

Filthy creeps.

…Good riddance to that one!


No Dialogue Gatekeepers Please: Kyle Responds To ‘Platforming’ Criticism…

Date: June 02, 2021

01) LINK


…It’s possible I’ve encountered his channel before…or his name has crossed my eyes somewhere…but I don’t “know” the guy, nor am I familiar with his views or content…

…But I tell you what…I just encountered some whiny video on the Niko House & The MCSC Network channel, with some self appointed, authoritarian gatekeeper of dialogue and “platforming”, sharing clips without context…in what looks to be an attempted brow beating, arm twisting…shaming…whatever you want to call it…an imposed consequence, by a moral supremacist who does not approve of certain issues and ideas being discussed…or certain positions being taken…and, as a “cherry on top”, believes that certain words exist solely for the use of explicit races…all others may not utter them…

…and all this because Krystal and Kyle sat down and talked with Vaush…a guy who holds controversial opinions…

Niko House & The MCSC Network is one of those channels, which has been on the outer fringes of my attention sphere…I’ve never really gotten to deep into watching them [they didn’t come up in the algorithm much]…but I know they feature a lot of racial minority voices, so I had an interest in exploring their content more…and have shared a little bit of it here in the past…

…But this kind of B.S. behavior, where they are trying to shut down dialogue?…

…No…no…That one gets a very hard “get lost!” from me.

This has earned Nico House an unsubscribe from me…and Vaush a subscription from me…at least until I figure out what he’s about, whether his content is worth my time and attention…and whether it is fitting to share on this blog.

I don’t do the censorship game…unlike Niko House…

…And I don’t like people who do the censorship game.

This is among the various things which I absolutely detest and condemn, about these type of young progressives.

…They are just another side of the social problem…They’re not making anything better with these tactics…They’re just making things worse.

They’re ignorant, authoritarian…often vicious and malicious…and they’re really pissing a lot of people off.

They act like they’re some sort of gurus leading the way to social utopia…Meanwhile, these blind idiots who seemingly lack all self awareness, common sense and much empathy, are doing everything in their power to create a hellish world of segregation and strict authoritarianism…

…It’s like they actually want George Orwell’s 1984 to be a reality.

So…maybe I’ve got some [Vaush] racism, “pedophile apology” and inconsistent hypocrisy in store for me…but it’s way better to see and judge for myself, than to allow thought police to tell me what to do…or who to listen to…or who to communicate with.

From my long suffering experience…the thought and speech police are the biggest bullshitters, the creepiest hypocrites, the absolute most ignorant abusive loudmouths, and the worst Napoleon Complex weirdos out there.

I’m confident enough in my own self, to where I don’t require the throttling of other peoples speech to stand on my own…

…Interestingly…tellingly…a lot of young, new progressives are not confident enough…and require the control of other peoples speech, as a cornerstone of their own power and worldview…

These are exactly the sort of people, who should never hold any social power.

…They are a danger to us all.


MAGA Desperately Pins Hopium On Trump “Reinstatement”…

Date: June 02, 2021

01) LINK

“The anticipation of a Trump reinstatement on a certain date could spread further among the most dedicated Trump supporters. The calls to help overturn the 2020 election on January 6, for example, gained steam through a pro-Trump bus tour by a fringe group and led to the insurrection at the Capitol.

Lindell has said August is when he would go to the Supreme Court to present evidence he’s acquired that would be so convincing that the justices would be forced to reject the 2020 election result.



SHOCK: Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti LEAVE The Hill & Go Independent!…

Date: June 02, 2021

01) LINK

“Krystal ball and Saagar Enjeti announced that they are departing from The Hill where they had their wildly successful show called ‘Rising’. They are now going independent and going with a membership paid route instead. Krystal & Saagar explained why they made this move in a talk with Kyle Kulinski on Krystal Kyle & Friends.”


CEO CRIES Over Thought He Might Have To Pay Workers More…

Date: June 02, 2021

01) LINK

“In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Steven Kim, director of operations at the Island Sushi & Grill in the South Point Hotel Casino, complained that workers are no longer willing to take jobs at his restaurant because they are making money from enhanced unemployment benefits.

“‘How much do you pay?’ that’s one of the first questions out of their mouth,” he said. “When they opened the economy, they should have decreased the amount of unemployment.”


Given the terrible low wages restaurants are notorious for…people exploring working there need to know if it’s actually going to be likely profitable, for them to even show up and pull shifts…

…Of course, they would ask what the base line of pay is…Duh!…

If you cannot even be guaranteed enough income to cover gas and other expenses involved with holding down a job…how can you be expected to accept such a job?