Jim Bakker: They’re Coming To Kill Christian Leaders!…

Date: August 06, 2018

01) Jim Bakker: They’re Coming To Kill Christian Leaders!

“End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker warned on his television program last week that God had told him that the time is rapidly approaching when Christian leaders in America will be murdered by left-wing activists.

Bakker was discussing the chaos and controversy surrounding a movie about Roe v. Wade that is being made by and stars right-wing activists—including cameos by Milo Yiannopoulos and Tomi Lahren—when he was prompted to issue this dire warning…


Why don’t perpetual motion machines ever work? – Netta Schramm…

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Date: August 05, 2018

01) Why don’t perpetual motion machines ever work? – Netta Schramm

“Perpetual motion machines — devices that can do work indefinitely without any external energy source — have captured many inventors’ imaginations because they could totally transform our relationship with energy. There’s just one problem: they don’t work. Why not? Netta Schramm describes the pitfalls of perpetual motion machines.”

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QAnon Movement Will Make You Facepalm…

Date: August 04, 2018

01) QAnon Movement Will Make You Facepalm

“Among the attendees of President Trump’s rally in Florida were people holding up signs promoting an online right-wing conspiracy persona — who’s been targeting movie stars and the Democratic Party alike.

The signs “We are Q” and “Q” appeared near the front of the crowd during Trump’s speech in Tampa, as many live-streams showed.

It was an apparent reference to QAnon, a group that originated on the 4chan messaging board around an anonymous user, “Q,” who claims to be a member of the US military intelligence.

People wearing QAnon shirts and flashing similar signs were also pictured while lining up for the rally.


Presidential Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders addressed their presence at the rally.

“The President condemns and denounces any group that would incite violence against any individual, and certainly doesn’t support groups that would promote that type of behavior,” she said.”

Uh Oh!…

…Someone better inform the QAnon cult members, that they’re actually not in collusion with President Trump, after all!…Oopsy!…

Trump Tries To Bury DEVASTATING Poverty Report (Fails)…

Date: August 04, 2018

01) Trump Tries To Bury DEVASTATING Poverty Report (Fails)

“Trump caught misleading the public about the economy. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

“After a U.N. agency issued a report in May on the state of poverty in the United States, concluding that 40 million Americans are poor and more than 5 million live in “Third World conditions,” the Trump administration ridiculed the findings.

In an unusually harsh statement the following month, the administration labeled the report “inaccurate, inflammatory and irresponsible,” and included its own data in a rebuttal.

But according to internal State Department emails and a document obtained by Foreign Policy and Coda Story, a nonprofit crisis reporting website, the economic officials consulted on a draft of the rebuttal questioned the accuracy of the data the administration was citing.


The QAnon Cult Files…


Date: August 04, 2018

Since more of the media is starting to pick up on this, let’s start taking inventory on this QAnon cult.

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QAnon Movement Will Make You Facepalm…

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Alex Jones Sues Sandy Hook Parents…


Date: August 04, 2018

01) Alex Jones Sues Sandy Hook Parents

“Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wants a Texas judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed against him by families of some of the children killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A hearing Wednesday in Austin is the first of two this week involving the Infowars host.

Jones was sued after repeatedly claiming on his Austin-based show that the Connecticut shooting was a hoax.

The shooting killed 20 children and six adults, and it left a lasting mark on the way America thinks about school safety. It helped usher in an era of “active shooter drills” and difficult conversations about safety for even the youngest kids.

Jones now admits the shooting occurred, but says his claims were free speech.

A similar lawsuit was filed in Connecticut. He’s also being sued by a man falsely identified on the Infowars website as the gunman who killed 17 people at a Florida high school in February.

Jones’ profile has spread from the far-right fringe in recent years. While running for president in 2015, Donald Trump told Jones his reputation was “amazing.”

Recently, Jones made a baseless claim that Democrats would launch a civil war on July 4. That inspired a viral #SecondCivilWarLetters social media movement of users mocking the idea.”



WTF Is QAnon?!…

Date: August 04, 2018

01) WTF Is QAnon?!

“The right has officially lost it. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Those watching President Trump’s rally in Tampa on Tuesday couldn’t help but be exposed to a fringe movement that discusses several loosely connected and vaguely defined — and baseless — conspiracy theories.

In one shot on Fox News, the president was partially obscured by a sign in the crowd reading “We Are Q.” In another shot during the president’s speech, a sign promoting the debunked Seth Rich conspiracy theory, with the hashtag #Qanon, came into focus in the center of the screen. Some attendees wore T-shirts with a blocky Q. Others held up signs with the letter.

They were all self-described “followers of Q,” an anonymous person or group of people who claim to be privy to government secrets. That supposedly classified information has been revealed on the 4chan and 8chan message boards and spread around mainstream internet platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Q has attracted people — the exact number is hard to know — eager to consume his “bread crumbs,” or new details in a sprawling web of conspiracy theories.