40 Thousand Visits to Our Love Frontier!…


Date: May 15, 2017

Another milestone for Our Love Frontier!

The WordPress incarnation of Our Love Frontier [a blog roughly four years old], has surpassed 40 thousand visits.

I think we’ve finally broken through a sort of glass ceiling, as visit numbers remain steady…and often surge…They continue to grow.

It’s interesting what happens, when you finally have a stable base for a handful of years.

…You get a much clearer idea, of whether or not there is an audience for this type of content…whether or not a demographic exists, that wants and needs this.

I know some people who visit here are hostile…But it still good to see things blossom here.

In one form or another, this diary of content has been carried by me for the past eleven years…While there has been praise and appreciation shown towards it…this has been a historically rare event…Possibly, many MAPs have shunned the project, because they don’t really believe that opening up to the wider human collective is worthwhile…Maybe, they think a social dialogue is doomed from the start.

To me…this largely ignored and unseen journey, has been absolutely enriching, powerful and good…I would do it all over again, even if just for the developed personal ethos that has come out of it…As a MAP, I have an outright large collection of writings and recordings…regarding a lot of issues…including the self reflective, on being a homosexual pedophile…These sorts of insightful collections do not come to exist, by the daily initiatives of “normal” culture…

…These things come into being, because others attempt to destroy this manifestation of beautiful humanity…They come into being, because a line so unconscionable has been violated.

I fight, because this is a fight which is worth it…It’s a fight that cannot be walked away from, or ignored…It’s a fight that will continue to find us, and shove itself into our faces…

As MAP’s…these are our “backed into the corner” days.

…The only option is to stand up to it, and fight back.


Waking Up With Sam Harris #74 – What Should We Eat? (with Gary Taubes)…

Date: May 14, 2017

01) Waking Up With Sam Harris #74 – What Should We Eat? (with Gary Taubes)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Gary Taubes about his career as a science journalist, the difficulty of studying nutrition and public health, the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the role that hormones play in weight gain, the controversies surrounding his work, and other topics.

Gary Taubes is the author of Why We Get Fat; Good Calories, Bad Calories; and The Case Against Sugar. He is a former staff writer for Discover and a correspondent for the journal Science. His writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and Esquire, and has been included in numerous “Best of” anthologies, including The Best of the Best American Science Writing (2010). He has received three Science in Society Journalism Awards from the National Association of Science Writers. He is the recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research and a co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI).”

Instead of Pronouns, How About Pro Intelligence?…

Date: May 13, 2017

01) Re: SJW MELTDOWN VS PhD Professor On Pronouns

Following this through with a bit of logic…

…How far is this “individual pronouns” policy supposed to go, when groups you are addressing become to large to keep every individuals pronouns correct?

The insanity, is in expecting everyone around you to jump through these hoops…just because you want it…and getting offended because this is the way you think.

In society…there are generalizations, for the sake of brevity, and not getting hung up on everything…Nobody should be surprised or distressed by this. It allows the human mind to function most efficiently. In contrast…going to the extreme in the opposite direction, is a path to social dysfunction…because everybody is going to be stressed out and overwhelmed, over whether they are adhering to these impossible “new standards of respect”…and adverse to the possible harassment and scolding they’d receive, if they fail in this impossible task.

You’re imposing way to much onto social interaction…if you believe that individualized “proper pronouns” for every single person, are a necessity. People don’t usually mean anything nasty, by the generalization…There is rarely anything about the social interaction which demands anything beyond the generalization…And there is no end, to what these “proper pronouns” have the potential to be.

If you don’t live with the person, and know them intimately…then you have no business expecting them to address you on such an intimate, personal level…They cannot keep everybody’s preferred pronouns straight…and you need to allow them to be human…It’s rude and abusive not to…This used to be common sense…I hope it still is.

If you only have one person in your life who requests this of you…that’s one thing…because they make themselves stand out, by making the request…If you have multiple people in your life who request this…they no longer stand out, and it’s just a confusing maze…If you have dozens of people making this request of you…what?…are you supposed to keep a journal on you at all times, with notes on what to call every single person?…Do you have to chronically consult with it?

This is completely unreasonable.

Ultimately…if you want to be part of social culture…then it falls upon you, to not make yourself impossible to deal with on a social level.

I think that’s what’s getting so many people irritated, when they see this kind of behavior. It’s recognized as imposing an impossible demand on public interaction, causing a nuisance, and being a public menace.

Re: Misgendering trans people is an act of violence:

Good video…I agree.

Michael Nugent on Freethought Radio…

Date: May 13, 2017

01) Michael Nugent on Freethought Radio

“Blasphemy Is A Victimless Crime – Michael Nugent on Freedom From Religion Foundation, with Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. Show aired on the 11th of May.”

Atheists cannot complain under this law, for being called “not fully human”?

…So, the law is grossly discriminatory against atheists, on top of everything else?

Richard Dawkins: Evolution…

Date: May 12, 2017

01) Richard Dawkins: Evolution

“Richard Dawkins: Evolution is a videogame where the player explores and collects dynamically evolving life from a range of planets”

The Kickstarter failed…but, apparently, they’re still moving forward with this interesting game…Hopefully, it wont prove to be boring.

Jay North’s Tormented Childhood (Dennis The Menace)…

Date: May 11, 2017


Yes, I know…”E!, Entertainment Television documentary drama”…it’s tabloid “rag sheet” level…

I’m not sure Jay North’s life story deserves the “destroyed life” treatment it’s getting here…These companies have a flare for overdramatized distortion, after all…

I would say it sounds extremely crappy, what Jay’s aunt and uncle did to him.

I think we pretty much all have these sorts of people in our lives, when we are kids…Of course, their effect is compounded if they’re around you all the time.

I just cant imagine why it’s the kid who’s the face of a phenomenally successful television show, who’s the one being abused…Seems to me, he was the one who was a hell of a lot more successful, than the people doing the slapping, violent shaking and stern demanding.

Those people were riding his coattails…What a way to show gratitude.