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#talkwithpedophiles Response: June 15, 2015…


Date: June 22, 2015

In this IBLD season…I’ve finally decided to release something I’ve been carrying with me, for quite a few years…since before I even began blogging…So it’s fitting that it comes back home, here, where it all began. In some manner…this experience is one of several, which prompted me into blogging.

I hope you wont be too judgmental, and accept this for what it is…

It was hard for me to do this project, for a variety of reasons…but I had too…I just had to do this.

I’ve not been in good health for years…A minor stroke or two [or several], and yes…I do have a very awkward speech style. My voice isn’t what it was, even just two or three years ago…Sometimes, I have a lot of trouble speaking…It’s why I have a number of peculiarities in my speech, here in this recording. I’m just telling you this, so you know.

I edited nothing…so, there are a couple of verbal flub-ups…five or so…and a couple substantial pauses [though surprisingly few]. It’s mostly continuous, slow and relaxed talking, for over 37 minutes.

I originally recorded this for the #talkwithpedophiles hashtag on Twitter…I’ll embed the YouTube version of that, below the audio version here. So you’ll have two options for listening, incase one is malfunctioning.

01) EQ Foundation #talkwithpedophiles Responses June 15, 2015



IBLD: Summer 2015…


Date: June 21, 2015

01) International Boy Love Day video

02) A Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter, Performed by the Cambridge Choir

Today is the summer solstice!…which means this is the original, historic day of observation for International BoyLove Day!

Many BoyLovers will be officially observing IBLD on Saturday [June 27, 2015].

Eric Tazelaar announced a brand new IBLD video he made, and it is wonderful!

I don’t really have a whole lot else to say, right now…because it’s a little after five in the morning…

…I’ll try to post something during the week…or by Saturday.

If I don’t…well…Happy IBLD to you, anyway!



Bernie Sanders May Win The White House…

Date: June 18, 2015

01) Bernie Sanders May Win The White House

“Ari Rabin-Havt, The Morning Agenda (SiriusXM Progress 127)/The Benghazi Hoax joins Thom Hartmann. Scott Walker says that Hillary Clinton is running virtually unopposed. But the polls in Wisconsin tell a very different story. 41% of Wisconsin Democrats support Bernie Sanders according straw poll taken at the Wisconsin Democratic party convention.”

Will Bernie Be the Beginning of a Revolution?…

Date: June 18, 2015

01) Will Bernie Be the Beginning of a Revolution?

“Jeff Cohen, Roots Action/Park Center for Independent Media-Ithaca College joins Thom Hartmann. Fresh off a great month on the polls and on the campaign trail – Bernie Sanders appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning. Why did host Chuck Todd asked more questions about Hillary Clinton’s campaign than he did about Bernie’s plan to grow the middle class? And what should that tell us about what the establishment media really cares about?”

Minnesota sex offender program is ruled unconstitutional…

Date: June 17, 2015

01) Federal judge: Minnesota sex offender program unconstitutional

“A federal judge Wednesday ruled it’s unconstitutional for Minnesota to keep civilly committed sex offenders locked up indefinitely, setting the stage for major changes to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

“The stark reality is that there is something very wrong with this state’s method of dealing with sex offenders,” wrote U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank.


Observers, though, said the ruling repudiates the way the state treats civilly committed sex offenders.

“It’s a sweeping condemnation of this program,” said William Mitchell College of Law Dean Eric Janus, who sits on the state’s sex offender civil commitment advisory task force.


More than 700 civilly committed sex offenders had sued the state claiming it was unconstitutional to keep them locked up indefinitely and that they don’t get adequate treatment from the program run by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Dan Gustafson, a lawyer representing committed sex offenders, applauded the federal ruling, saying it “reaffirms that all people, no matter how disliked they are … are entitled to constitutional protection.”


Over time, Frank has reprimanded the Minnesota Legislature, saying lawmakers had to do something about a program he called “draconian” and in need of “substantial changes.”

“This judge has sent a number of clear signals over the last several years about his concern for the constitutionality of this program,” Janus said on MPR News Wednesday.

“It’s clear that the evidence he heard at this trial confirmed his very clear concerns about the program.””

There are some interesting audio commentaries provided with this article.

Nothing surprising here…the judge says it’s unconstitutional…and politicians continue to behave like politicians…sticking fingers in their ears, while going “La La La La La!”…and not wanting to deal with it.

…We shall see what comes of this.

Of course, it is unconstitutional…and just because Lucinda Jesson claims it’s not, because “the facility is nicer than prison”, and “it is treatment”, does not make it any less false imprisonment…She is just dancing around semantics, and denying the obvious.

Also of note, is the fact that these facilities are said to have serious inconsistencies, in who gets sent to them and how their cases are treated.

Don’t Clear Your Browser History Until You Watch This!…

Date: June 14, 2015

01) Don’t Clear Your Browser History Until You Watch This!

“Next week, a 24-year-old man who knew Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev is scheduled to appear in U.S. Federal Court for sentencing on obstruction of justice charges related to the 2013 attacks.

Khairullozhon Matanov, a former taxi driver, did not participate in or have any prior knowledge of the bombings, according to U.S. authorities.

What could land him 20 more years in prison — where he has been since his arrest — are the charges that he deleted video files from his computer and cleared his browser history in the days following the attacks.

A Grand Jury indictment issued on May 29, 2014, states that Matanov ‘deleted a large amount of information from his Google Chrome Internet cache’ following the bombing, including ‘references to the video of the suspected bombers [later identified as the Tsarnaevs],’ ‘two of the photographs of the bombers released at approximately the same time,’ and ‘a photograph of Officer Sean Collier, who had been allegedly killed by Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.’”