MAPs irl Episode 1…


Date: January 17, 2019

01) MAPs irl Episode 1

“Musicians whose music appears in this podcast aren’t affiliated with it in any way unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Every person on this podcast only represents themselves and not any organisation or group they might belong to unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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11-Year-Old Boy Dances At Gay Bar/Gets Dollars…

Date: January 16, 2019

01) Filip30: 11-Year-Old Boy Dances At Gay Bar/Gets Dollars

02) 11-Year-Old Boy Dressed In Drag Dances At Gay Bar, Gets Dollar Bills Thrown At Him

“On December 1, an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt’s “Like a Girl” and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number.”

03) 11 Year old boy ‘Desmond’ dancing at a gay (3 Dollar Bill Bar) bar Dec. 2, 2018

04) Desmond is Amazing

Is jumping and spinning around on the stage of a gay bar, honestly “oversexualization”?

Granted…I love his shirt…what very little there is of it…

Some people act like people were stuffing dollars down his pants, or putting them in a G-string…

…Looks like a handful of people were tossing dollars onto the stage, and that’s about it.

…Oh!…The Humanity!…

McPhail: attraction to children normal in childhood…


Date: January 16, 2019

01) McPhail: attraction to children normal in childhood

02) More on Age of Onset of Attractions and Sexual Development in Pedohebephilic Individuals: Response to Tozdan and Briken (2018)

“Ian McPhail writes in the article:

“(…) most everyone, teleiophilic, pedophilic, hebephilic, etc., is attracted to children at some point in their lives, notably, when we are children and are attracted to our peers.”

I’ve often thought, and sometimes even said…that I think pedophilic sexual attraction is likely the most common form, of early, primal, sexual attraction…

…It just happens for most of us, when we are really early in life…and for some reason, most people tend to find adults more sexually pleasing, as they get older…

…Not sure if that means earlier sexual attractions fade away…But, they clearly can take a back seat…at least for some people.

It makes me wonder…how many of the people who’ve had sex with other children while a child themselves, were mostly doing such because the other children were the only viable options available…versus how many just never, ever wanted to have sex with an adult…and were credibly experiencing the pinnacle of their own sex life, as a child, themselves.

My sexual experiences with others as a boy, were largely nothing to rave about…Yet, I view myself as having been soundly in the latter group.


Children as young as 8 voluntarily sharing nudes…


Date: January 16, 2019

01) 4213: Children as young as 8 voluntarily sharing nudes

02) Children as young as eight are voluntarily sharing nude photos online: RCMP

“FREDERICTON — Police are warning parents after four young New Brunswick children voluntarily shared nude images of themselves online.

RCMP say the children, between the ages of eight and 12, shared nude pictures or videos on unspecified free websites in recent months.

The children were identified by the RCMP’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit, and all have been confirmed to be safe.

“It is unfortunately becoming more common for young people, even children, to share exploitative photos and videos of themselves online, and once it’s online it can’t always be removed,” New Brunswick RCMP Sgt. Chantal Farrah said in a statement Wednesday.”


So, why this?…

Date: January 16, 2019

01) So, why this?

“Listen, folks, I’ve [b]een struggling with this (attraction to boys and all that) since I was a teen myself.

I mean. Sometimes I really get really down, like, what’s the point? Having a YF (if any), then losing him over either parents suspecting, the YF himself growing apart from you, or a combination thereof.

Who wants to indulge in, say, a two year agony over feelings and a “relationship” that is sometimes not even perceived as such by the boy himself?”

…I think if we are not even open to this…then what do we have left?

We cant take what gives our existence meaning, and just throw it into the trash…That’s just not what living is.

It will drive you insane, constantly rejecting the rewards of life…

…Often, these are the only things keeping us going.

Social anxiety…


Date: January 16, 2019

01) Social anxiety

“I meet people who say they have been diagnosed with social anxiety. However, when I speak to them in an environment where they are free to share their ideas in an open exchange without being made fun of or screamed at, I find them perfectly capable of holding a conversation. Where is the disconnect?”