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(Out of ) Focus on the Family…

Date: January 25, 2007

01) (Out of ) Focus on the Family

“Dobson’s camp has publicized a small portion of the story on gay “rehabilitation.” Dr. Robert Spitzer, author of often quoted research, tells us the rest of the story, including how hard it was to gather a sample group for the study.”

Two things that I really dislike about the modern social climate of research…

a) Notice how Dr. Robert Spitzer says he’d be hesitant to even start this kind of research today…

…The sort of opportunistic distortion of James Dobson, and similar people and groups, represent a threat to research…Because less people are going to want to give them anything at all, which they can use deceptively against sexual minorities.

This is bad for research.

b) The distortion which corrupts people’s understanding of research and studies, is completely out of control.

A lot of people with social agendas, like James Dobson, try to capitalize on [sometimes even monopolize] research, which upon closer examination, was not even intended for the end goals of people like himself.