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Our Fallen…

Date: May 29, 2009

…BC Response…

…BC Response…

A) BoyChat is what “you” make of it…

B) You’re making a spectacle out of it…

C) Nobody with a little bit of incite and familiarity, is even remotely surprised that “Whatever Bitch” is you…In fact, it was painfully obvious, in my opinion.

D) If you want to successfully conceal your identity, it would be of great benefit, to avoid returning to the exact same theme, which you are quite famous for, every time you return to BC…

E) Yes, there are some “bad” people who read and post at BC…Some people are selfish and destructive, and others are just really, really lousy at making intelligent decisions, and at personal security…Some just get caught up in a moment of weakness.

F) Most of us, who are not salivating for “fresh meat” to pounce upon, have a reasonable understanding, that much of the “ill” (literal, or just condemned) behavior of people in our minority, is symptomatic of a larger social problem and conflict.

It’s not that we can look at everyone here and say, “They’re just that way”. We need to take into account, the world of shit which most of us are forced to exist in, how we are so isolated to ourselves, and further cut off from our own, natural needs, and hence, a place of well being.

Under extreme conditions, such as the ones we exist under today…extreme outbursts of action, will follow. It is natural, that when an animal, such as we are, is deprived of things so fundamental, and on such an absolute level…”things” break down…mentality, stability, sometimes even ethics.

There is a reason why, so many of us remain quiet, when another falls…even if they did do something heinous…or, at least questionable…and, no…it is not all about “saving face”, “naive delusions”, or “protecting identities”, etc…

We understand, that sexuality, and the freedom to be who/what we are, is a fundamental need, and characteristic which adorns that list defining us all. Those who have had these crucial things taken away from them, are debased as a human being, in life…and there is just nothing that you can honestly replace that with.

I understand why, we make dumb decisions…I understand why we fall…I understand where that moment of “Fuck it all!” desperation exists at…(every honest person in our minority does).

It overwhelmingly has to do, with the deck being stacked, us being treated horrendously to the point of psychological breakdown…and our inability to morph and adapt, to the world of traps around us…

…because, to do so, means to cease being who and what we are.

This is why, your one dimensional dismissal of former BoyChatters who have fallen, is so distasteful.

Some of them earned it…Many did not…and “I” will not ride around on a high horse, wagging my finger at people, who I know were truthfully just reacting to a hostile and menacing world which allowed them no outlet.

Humility and empathy, are key here.

I could recall at least a short list, of the really horrendous stuff I am aware of, brought to the world by a few former BoyChat posters…everything from murder, to raping little children.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that when we are driven so far underground, and we cannot even police ourselves…these kinds of extreme cases will come along, periodically.

It is not as though, we have all managed to live our lives unscathed…Many carey mental injuries, from a life of perpetual threat, neglect and rather sinister psychological manipulation. Some go mentally ill, from all of it.

I cannot just drop the axe on everybody, because this is not a simple situation…and simple answers do not fit.

Ultimately, I am forced to look out at the world and say, “You treat us like fucking shit, dictate what we supposedly do, and disallow us to be what we naturally are…and you are somehow shocked, when we explode, go insane and fulfill your demands of us?”…

Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation Incorporated.Org et al

Date: May 25, 2009



[I apologise, before hand, about the more liberal use of “colorful language” in this post. But, there is history, and bad blood. It is not a conflict which “I” sought out, or started, but something “they” brought to my doorstep. So, I reserve the right to tell it like it is, and call an ass hole, an ass hole…They earned it…and now, we are seeing the outcome of their foul, abusive and threatening behavior.]

This news is a tad bit old, but it is still relevant, and I wanted to bring it here, in order to help raise awareness.

Of course, Jan Kruska was on ABC some months back, being interviewed by John Stossel.

She had been stalked, harassed, smeared and threatened by Barbara W. Ochoa (aka: Petra Luna…some, not exactly “talented” singer, who has been trying to attain success in the music industry for a number of years, and decided that the cheap road of attacking and bullying stigmatised sexual minorities, was her ticket to more publicity…Or, maybe she really is, just naturally a nasty, psychotic asshole and does it all for fun?).

This was taken to such extreme extents, that Jan took legal action.

Barbara W. Ochoa, who comes off extremely condescending, ignorant, delusional and dogmatic, does not seem to recognise anything at all wrong, with her and “her associates” tirelessly working to torment and destroy the life of another human being.

In fact, Barbara appears completely oblivious to the whole concept, that you aught to treat other human beings with dignity and respect…Maybe that will change, now that her big mouthed ass is being dragged before a judge?…[Do you suppose, she is smart enough to take the hint, now?]

Speaking of Barbara’s “associates”, I notice that a few interesting names are missing from that list [though they may be the “jane doe” entries].

Stitchess77 (AZUStitches, etc) got her ignorant, pompous ass wrapped up in all of this, as well. No big shocker, there. Mrs. H always loved to run her mouth about a lot of different people, constantly insulting, berating and taking quotes out of context, etc…I’ll bet she never thought any of this was going to come around to bite her, in her rather daft ass.

It really could not have happened to a “nicer”, or more deserving person.

Oh, look!…

…There is more familiar names!

Absolute Zero United…Hmmmmmmm….

I cannot say as I am even remotely shocked, with that one, of which Stenches [Oh, pardon me, that’s “Stitches”…you know, Mrs. H] is deeply associated.

Those buffoons have spent a considerable bit of their time, trying to gain my attention, and cause trouble for me. They are rabid extremists (and I believe, fundamentalist christian zealots), who troll BlogSpot and YouTube…They are quite the bunch of gloating jerks, and full of themselves to no end.

They are not very intelligent, are very nasty towards other people…and, obviously, they are too stupid to avoid crossing common sense lines. They honestly are a group of low life, criminal bullies…who shoot their mouths off, and go after “easy” targets.

I see Xavier [the fat ass of Perverted Justice, who is such an increpid piece of excrement, that he has to target and go after the most vulnerable of minorities in society, in order to get his power trip, feel superior over others, and virtually assure that his fat ass does not get the unholy fuck beaten out of it, on a semi-weekly basis]. Yes, another law suit for Xavier to face…and blow off, like the others?

I hope they go arrest his ass, and drag it to Phoenix. I understand, there are a number of states where he remains in contempt of court, because he refused to answer a court summons, and appear before the court to answer charges against him. That’s just how it swings with him…Philip thinks he can just stick his middle finger up at everyone, and everything, and waddle about his merry way…

Seriously…Mike Echoles (dead!)…Wendell Krueth (dead!)…Philip Eide (I doubt it will be long)…What is it about all of these obese, not exactly real “men”, who set behind their keyboards, obsessively harassing sexual minorities?…Cant they be bullies offline?…or are they smart enough to know [from having their asses handed back to them, a time or two?], that if they acted this way towards people “face to face”, they’d be spending a lot of regular time in the hospital?

Well, anyway…

…Other information of interest to note, is that Absolute Zero United, and Perverted Justice are just the same group of douchebags…Well, okay…AZU is a smaller sub-section [though it has been stated, that the actual core of Perverted Justice, is only comprised of about 200, or so, dedicated and obsessed ass holes, who actually do all of the online, and offline, terrorism, which Perverted Justice is known for].

In my opinion, those goat buggering twats, of “The YouTube Yahweh Clan”, are very probably also members of Perverted Justice.

…and with all of these crossroads and connections, I am wondering why Annie M. Cox (ILove2Surf of AZU, and another Perverted Justice ass hole) somehow managed to keep herself out of all this mess…or did she?…[somehow, I doubt it].

It is so refreshing, to finally see these idiots getting dragged in front of the court…and it is tragic, that they cannot be locked away, at least for a few years.

…but, it’s only a civil law suit…Maybe Jan can get her hands on some of that Perverted Justice stash, since NBC has been treating them as though they won the lottery…and, who knows…Perhaps Barbara can cough up $50 or so, from the two and a half dozen copies of any album, she might have managed to sell [that are probably all setting in her mothers closet, collecting dust]?

I hope Jan makes out well, here…and I wish her luck [though I seriously doubt she even needs it].

I’ll be keeping an ear out, for further news on this case.

We Found A Missing Link?

Date: May 20, 2009

…Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Human Evolution…

Well, this is certainly interesting…and you know, they’ve been saying for years, that numerous fossils of transitional species have been found over the years, despite what those who dissent towards evolution have to say.

Yet, some people keep claiming that “no transitional species have been discovered”…and saying, “if such animals ever existed, we would have archaeological proof of them by now, yet these missing links are nowhere to be found”…

Meanwhile, we have this growing list of newly discovered, extinct species, which share the traits of various other animals…and are very probably one of the transitional steps, between different species.

Why do so many people, persist to deny it?

Maybe it is just not well enough publicised, whenever we make a new discovery?

…and maybe certain people don’t want to see it, or believe it…lest it pound another damning nail into the lore of their favored religious texts?…

An Anti Jailed…

Date: May 11, 2009

…Thank you ReTeIp and jaagster…

…Thank you ReTeIp and jaagster…

It is about time that we started seeing these dangerous, psychotic, aggressive and vicious people being locked behind bars.

More and more, it becomes painfully clear…when the cops are trying to find dangers in our communities…they simply are not looking in the right direction.

I am very pleased to see this wonderful news story, however. It is great to see justice finally show itself, somewhere…To bad this was not in the USA.

He didn’t “learn”?

Date: May 5, 2009

…Guy views and collects child pornography, so they lock him up…Later, he defends his actions as protected free expression…

“The prosecutor said it’s shocking to hear that Hickey hasn’t learned from his time in jail and his probation that what he did was wrong.”

…and just what, exactly, is being persecuted supposed to “teach” anyone?

…that the world is full of ass holes, who will destroy your life, if you don’t behave exactly as they demand?

Sounds like that familiar “moral of the story”, here.

In this type of case, incarceration is more about breaking people and making them controllable, than anything else.