1337 Posts?…


Date: October 07, 2016

Several posts back, I was awarded this congratulatory badge from WordPress…


I have no idea what the significance of 1337 posts is, when it comes to milestones…

…But I humbly accept this congratulations…And besides…Who am I to refuse an opportunity to celebrate?!


What’s Been Going On:

a) I’ve been updating the In Self Defense Index page…Mostly just adding to the “Worthy Additions” section…which is a natural progression of the project, since a lot of my posting content on this blog could fit into ISD…It’s just kind of the way things have evolved.

Oh…I still write for ISD…In fact, I have nearly 30 posts from 2016 alone…which are being added to the main ISD index…It just takes a lot longer, when I want to narrate most of these posts.

b) I’m going to be bringing back my content from 2008, and I have a new Sub-Blog to feature it…This is my YouTube content, from EQvideo. I was surprised at how much of the raw text was kept…and how I have roughly 15 episodes of M.A. Today, that were only in their text phase…which means I can post them…as text, and narrated.

c) Another project that’s been in the works for about two years…I’m creating a website to introduce all of my Sub-Blogs [with a few exceptions]…It’s taken me forever, because I had to get one massive chore done, before I could get started on the website itself…Then came the third phase of recording the introductions…which I am presently in, though I’ve reached a point of burn out…So, I’m dragging my feet…and it’s frustrating.

You can check out the website here

d) Oh…and last…the October thing…

…I’m a huge geek for this time of year…And I admit the 34 [or so] posts I scheduled for the October series, may be a bit of overkill…But I limited it to roughly one per day, when I could have done considerably more…

I know it changes the atmosphere of the blog substantially…And I hope this doesn’t get in the way, too much…Just ignore whatever of the October series, that doesn’t appeal to you…and humor my festiveness.

I may, or may not, pepper in a few other things…We shall see.

Take care friends!

Steve Diamond


Paul Joseph Watson Pedophilia Response…


Date: October 5, 2016

01) Paul Joseph Watson Pedophilia Response

“there are lots and lots of points i missed out, but i didn’t wanted to include them because 1 it would take up the whole video and make it 20 minutes longer, and 2 i just came back from school and recorded this. well, not now, but at the time of this recording i did just come back. so if there are points i left out or you disagree with, discuss them in the comments below. if you got hate or disrespectful things to say to me, go ahead and do it and while your at it, click the dislike button. it is always nice to have disagreements because those make my arguments bigger and more powerful, not to mention more research on the subject of pedophilia.

ok, this video includes Paul joseph Watson, he is not very open minded and educated on the subject is he? all well, goes to show even people with the same ideas as you will disagree with one of your ideas, and he disagrees with the one i study on the most, luckily his failed attempt left me to show how wrong he is and how closed minded he is.”

I really cant stand Paul Joseph Watson…He’s part of the whole “InfoWars”, Alex Jones gaggle of people…

…And these people are an awkward mixture…of sometimes being on the level, sound and thorough about select issues…but commonly behaving in dishonest, manipulative ways…They engage in a ton of hyperbole.

I suspect they’ve barely met a conspiracy theory, that they didn’t just love…Their integrity, is just ridiculously non-existent.

…And this was a particularly ugly, nasty and vicious video, from Paul.

That he was never honestly taken to task for it, nor faced any true repercussions [not even for his “bullet in the head” incitement towards murder]…only underscores the glaring double standards, where it comes to rights of speech.

Any mouthy individual can brazenly encourage the murder of MAPs…or even directly threaten to murder a MAP…and it remains on YouTube, “no problem, at all”…

…A MAP merely comes around with an “I’m human, too” message?…and people suddenly lose it…”Cant get those channels shut down, fast enough”…

Fine…fine…If you do the predetermined dance…you might be left alone, so long as you are meek and submissive…

…They especially target the MAPs, who try to defend themselves and their orientation…

…Thing is…our orientation is part of our human life…It is our human experience.

…Of course, we are sometimes going to talk about it…And if we are ever going to be honest…then we wont always be politically correct.

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Christian Mom’s EPIC Rap Song Meltdown…

Date: October 05, 2016

01) Christian Mom’s EPIC Rap Song Meltdown

“In a video posted to YouTube, a mother of four who says her car radio is normally tuned to a Christian station, has a tearful breakdown after relating how she and her four children heard a hip hop song on a Top 40 radio station.”

Original Video:

I grew up in that sort of deep, religious environment…I know I’ve said this a lot over the years…but it’s true…

One of the things that’s really bothered me about it…is the isolation and disconnect from culture…and how it actively attempts to force you, to be alien to the world around you.

…It’s not a social or psychological structure, that wants you to understand the world around you…And it certainly does not want you to accept the world, or be comfortable in it…It’s a perfect recipe for chronic paranoia, and eventual mental illness.

What is so maddening about this, aside from the obvious personal stunting that is being imposed…is that so many of the people carrying this all out, are products of the religion…And they imagine they are doing this wonderful service for their children, by continuing the cycle.

So many of them have this narrow world view, which keeps them at odds with so many other people on this planet…and they are fighting to keep it alive, through their children.

It does seem ludicrous on some level, when we encounter religious people having these sorts of emotional responses to stuff, which most of us just dismiss and forget about…

…But for them, it’s a genuine thing…This is how sheltered and detached, many of them are…

…And it’s one of the biggest problems, regarding why you cannot have a meaningful dialogue with so many of them.

A lot of them are raised this way…and they never move beyond the indoctrination. When they encounter things outside of their comfort zone…the rest of us get to witness these out of proportion responses from them.

If it’s any comfort…they were also telling us the world was evil and wicked, thirty years ago…And yet we are all still here, doing much the same activities…

…I think the only thing that’s truly changed…is that the world is more “in your face” honest…and crass in expression…People aren’t afraid, to speak on the truth of their existence.

…It’s a hallmark of validation in this time era, to have and exercise a voice.

…As to the tone and brashness of it all…I tend to think it is a backlash to the puritanical iron fist, which so many of us have had forced upon us…We see from personal experience, how damaging that fist is…and we want to push back against it…so that it does this to as few individuals as possible.

People are incredibly programmable…

…We could invent an entirely new word, or terminology, today…claim that it means something foul or hurtful…and treat it like a swear word…

…Twenty years from now…you’ll have people going on and on, anguished over the usage of that very word.

So much of this…it’s all just psychological.

The meaningful question…is how we are going to face it.

Cruel and Unusual…

Date: October 04, 2016

01) Cruel and Unusual

02) Download Link [MP3]

“On the inaugural episode of More Perfect, we explore three little words embedded in the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “cruel and unusual.” America has long wrestled with this concept in the context of our strongest punishment, the death penalty. A majority of “we the people” (61 percent, to be exact) are in favor of having it, but inside the Supreme Court, opinions have evolved over time in surprising ways.

And outside of the court, the debate drove one woman in the UK to take on the U.S. death penalty system from Europe. It also caused states to resuscitate old methods used for executing prisoners on death row. And perhaps more than anything, it forced a conversation on what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.”