Sunday Mass 02 – Tag Team Tournament…


Date: April 14, 2019

01) LINK

Match 1: Dick N’Balls Vs Hell Skull [Grudge Match] – 91%

Match 2: Peter Pan Vs Ganymede – 87%

Main Event:
Tag Team Tournament:

Match 3: Atreyu & Sebastian Vs Shota & Loli-Con – 70%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Hell Skull Loss: Dick N’Balls
Win: Ganymede Loss: Peter Pan
Main Event Match: Shota & Loli Defeat Atreyu & Sebastian

Show Referee: Father Frisk

After last weeks count out victory, Peter Pan and Ganymede are having a rematch.

Dick N’Balls is seeking revenge, for last weeks interference from Hell Skull.

Loli & Shota challenge Atreyu and Sebastian, in the first Tag Team Tournament match.

Chairman Moo stomps onto the entrance stage during the main event, accompanied by Buddy Slam and Wildabeast…He shakes his hoof in the air, as Buddy and Wildabeast scowl…They eventually walk off stage.

BEST RANKED MATCH: 01) Dick N’Balls Vs Hell Skull – 91%


Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania (RT Documentary)…

Date: April 13, 2019

01) Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania (RT Documentary)

“People can be so afraid that they’re even willing to kill. They say giving birth to such a “creature” is a curse. Some believe that owning a part of their body will make them rich. And all because of the color of their skin. RT reveals the reality of life for white Africans in Tanzania. Josephat Terner conquered his own fears and prejudice and then devoted his life to fighting injustice.”

The Extreme Oppression Of Albinos In Africa [2016]…

Date: April 13, 2019

01) The Extreme Oppression Of Albinos In Africa

“TO BE born with albinism is hard luck. This genetic condition, in which people lack pigments in their skin, hair and eyes, affects one in 20,000 worldwide and is more common in Africa. Albinos’ pale skin is easily burned by the sun, and is vulnerable to cancer…


This was a good era in Kyle’s channel.

I am forever amazed, at what humans will do to each other…even to children.

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser…


Date: April 13, 2019

01) Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

“Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.”

I enjoyed The Force Awakens…I enjoyed The Last Jedi…

…But I have to confess, that I left the theater after Last Jedi, still not knowing where this trilogy was even going [aside from the obvious, that Rey is likely a Skywalker]…The movie still failed to solidify, any concrete overarching narrative of the trilogy…aside from “here is Rey, developing into a Jedi”…Everything else just feels like ‘whatever is happening around her”…Interesting to watch…but it doesn’t feel like it’s all that epic…and it’s hard to define, exactly what it is in the larger picture.

Because of this…how this trilogy turns out, primarily hinges on how Rise of Skywalker handles things…Pretty much everything is resting on this one movie, because Last Jedi did not do what it was supposed to do.

I hope they pull this off well.


Candace Owens Embarrasses Herself – Claims “Southern Strategy” is a Myth. HERE’S PROOF IT WAS REAL!…

Date: April 12, 2019

01) Candace Owens Embarrasses Herself – Claims “Southern Strategy” is a Myth. HERE’S PROOF IT WAS REAL!

“Let’s talk about the “Southern Strategy.” Candace Owens claimed in congressional testimony that the Southern Strategy is a myth and there was never a time when the philosophies or ethos of America’s two political parties switched. Jesse breaks down the history of it all INCLUDING A SECRET AUDIO RECORDING from Lee Atwater, a legendary Republican political strategist, who describes in great detail how Republicans employed the so-called “Southern Strategy!”

Far Left Protesters FORCED Another Pride Event To Shut Down…

Date: April 12, 2019

01) Far Left Protesters FORCED Another Pride Event To Shut Down

“LGBT Pride Event CANCELED Due To Far Left Protests. Groups called for changes to a pride event in Edmonton Cananda saying that LGBTIQ2S+ people needed a vigil led by QTIBPOC+ and trans folx among many other demands.

This is not the first time we have seen far left social justice groups shut down pride. In several cities over the past few years Black Lives Matter protesters demanded the removal of police form pride events and in many cases were successful.

There have been other issues with “the left eating itself” as trans groups find themselves at odds with lesbian groups over issues of lesbian rights.

Strangely, we don’t see conservative or religious Christians protesting in this way. For some reason it is just groups aligned with intersectional feminism such as far left, social justice, and even Muslim groups.”

Hear The Bern Episode 1: Bernie Gets Personal…

Date: April 12, 2019

01) Hear The Bern Episode 1: Bernie Gets Personal

“Hear the Bern is a new podcast from Bernie 2020 that explores the people, stories and ideas that are driving this political revolution.

In Episode 1, Bernie 2020 National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray talks to Bernie about why he’s running and what distinguishes him in a crowded Democratic field. Claire Sandberg, the campaign’s National Organizing Director, drops by to tell us about the huge volunteer kickoff happening alter this month.”