The Fact Check Administration . . . Should We Crack Down On Misinformation?…


Date: September 27, 2021

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Kyle Kulinski Got This One Wrong:

“I’m a big fan of Kyle Kulinski, AKA Secular Talk, but his recent video wherein he defended misinformation of free speech grounds irked me, and so here is my rebuttal.”

Well…It’s like this…

The U.S. government is corrupt…possibly beyond salvaging…and there is absolutely no path, that would gain my trust for such an organization having a “Fact Check Administration”…

…They’ve already been fucking around with people’s mere speech…and you honestly cannot separate out content, where people are sharing potentially [or literally] false information for the purpose of sharing their thoughts, from intentional spreading of potentially [or literally] false information…because if you give citations and quotes [media, etc.]…then you’re spreading something that some organization claims to be false…even if you’re doing it for the purpose of refuting it.

You’ve effectively destroyed public dialogue…You’ve also created a devastating barrier, to refuting government endorsed social dogma.

If the U.S. government cannot be trusted with this…then who?…We’ve already seen what happens, when most governments decide they can start interfering with speech…It disenfranchises entire demographics of the population, and makes them vulnerable to gross abuses.

There is no reason under the sun, to trust them with this power…Their track record is down right hideous.

If you need censorship…It’s like another commenter expressed…It just means you know that you need to cheat, in order to get your own voice and wants above those of others…because your own beliefs and intentions wont stand on their own, on a level field where everybody gets to speak…and you don’t give a shit, about those who are being ostracized.

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Get UNCOMFORTABLE And RECLAIM Your Wild, Happy, and Healthy Self – Michael Easter…


Date: September 27, 2021

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“You are living through exciting and strange times. There are so many technological advances with AI, space travel, NFTs, and a rapidly changing culture with social media, it’s near impossible to just turn ‘off’. Let’s admit it, FOMO is real and it keeps a lot of people connected when they’re not even sure why they’re connected. When was the last time you unplugged and took on a challenge you weren’t sure you’d complete? How long has it been since you’ve sat with yourself in total silence or allowed yourself to just be bored out of your mind? Author and journalist, Michael Easter, joins me today to discuss his journey and share the lessons and insights he’s gained from spending a month in the Arctic surviving. Hunting his own food, carrying heavy loads, and sitting with absolute boredom are just part of his story. As you listen to his story, it is my hope you will consider ways you step out of your comfort zone. There is something very freeing about being able to shake things up and break your routines and habits to improve the quality of your life in unconventional ways. This episode is about facing discomfort and finding new ways to challenge yourself for the better.

Order Michael Easter’s new book, The Comfort Crisis –


The Basics: Sexuality…


Date: September 27, 2021

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“This is the second episode of “The Basics”. It covers pedophilia being a sexuality.

Links to sources:
The dsm-5 stuff you will need to read the dsm-5:


Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men:

the ted talk: article on it:

The dsm-5 calling it a sexuality:–5-302.2-(f65.4)

Sexuality definitions by APA:

Am I a lesbian master doc:

Isolated Minority Syndrome:

Wikipedia for bonobos:

boywiki animal pedos stuff:

Porn correlates with less rape:

same love:

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85 Year Old Lady Breaks Internet: Story of Marilyn’s Olive Garden Review…

Date: September 26, 2021

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“In 2012, an 85 year old woman named Marilyn Hagerty would write a seemingly innocuous food review for the Olive Garden restaurant located in her home town. After being published online, the review would get attention from high brow food critics and redditors. Many felt Marilyn’s review to be comically detailed to be written for a chain restaurant. She would face a wave of online mockery for some time. Today I tell you all the story of Marilyn’s Olive Garden Review, and how she turned the tables on her detractors.”

I’ve never understood peoples disdain for The Olive Garden.

Their endless salad [or soup] and bread sticks is great…I’ve never had any complaint over the dishes I’ve eaten there…The atmosphere is very nice…The staff is always pleasant…There is nearly always a line to get in…plus, they offer a free glass of wine.

It is a mystery to me, why there is so much hate directed towards this restaurant chain.

I’d go there far more often if I could…but I have a really hard time digesting the amount of pasta, which you’re likely to eat when going to an Olive Garden…So, it’s just a rare pleasure for me.

Maybe there is something special [corporate owned?], about the one I always go to…I don’t know…And, yes…things can be inconsistent from one location to another…But I’ve always found “my” Olive Garden to be quite a desirable experience.


This Gradient Test Will Tell You What You Need In Life…


Date: September 26, 2021

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You believe people should be rewarded for a hard day’s work and you are bothered by wrongdoing on both a large and small scale. You like to be in control of your life and want to be given the freedom to obtain all your goals. But you also crave the satisfaction of knowing there is order in the world, and that people are held accountable for their actions. You fight for a defined set of morals and a strong sense of justice.”

This one is good.

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Attacking podcast hosts for “platforming”…

Date: September 26, 2021

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“Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #97 (originally streamed live on September 18, 2021”

“Platform” whoever you like.

It is bald faced bullshit, that there are so many assholes out there trying to interfere with sincere dialogue, and derail genuine attempts at discussing issues and breaking down barriers and ignorance.

It is overwhelmingly the fault of assholes who do this, that the modern world is so fucked up and insufferable to survive in.

Those idiots don’t even comprehend, just how many other people and groups this type of censorship walks all over and decimates.

You cant ban an idea or a certain type of speech…

…You can only push it underground, causing issues and emotions to fester…turning into something far more volatile.

It is always the right approach, to bring these things out into the open…where they can be confronted and addressed.

If you interfere with this healthy process…then you are causing societal dysfunction.

…This can only go on for so long…and a lot of people are already very pissed off, at the societal dysfunction these assholes have forced onto them.


[Admission to Prison Guard Facilitated Murder and Violent Assault] “What child killers deserve – He got it”…


Date: September 25, 2021

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“The story of a man that violated and killed and infant and then had the same done to him in prison.”

I am in no way defending what Stacy did…As a matter of balance, justice and natural law, I believe that if you intentionally deny another living person their right to live, you forfeit your own right to live.

This does not mean that I support the death penalty, nor that I support “justified murder”…I support neither of those, and straight up condemn the latter.

What is deserved, and what we should never degrade ourselves into inflicting, may very well be the same thing. There are reasons not to allow ourselves to devolve into such monstrous behavior.

…And people are often executed or murdered, under false presumptions.

Why I Share This:

It’s been spoken of for decades among older MAPs [especially those who’ve been incarcerated at some point in their life], how prison guards would facilitate these types of murder and inhumane brutality against MAPs.

I share this, because it is a direct testimony of a prison assassination, explicitly started and facilitated by a prison guard, targeting someone who may or may not have been a MAP.

That female prison guard should be in prison, herself. These people are legally charged with the protection and care, of all people in their custody…There is never any excuse for this type of behavior…They are not there, to met out additional death sentences, nor torture sentences…and make no mistake about this…what she engaged in here, is a very serious crime…She should not be walking free.

We don’t know that the victim was a MAP…However, MAPs are known to sometimes fall victim to this sort of thing, when they find themselves in prison. This is a human rights emergency…particularly in light of the fact that most MAPs don’t actually murder, or accidentally kill children, but are typically quite kind and gentle towards children.


I thought about starting off with this, but wanted to get down everything above before it left my mind…What follows is more of an old and growing frustration I have, with certain types of voices “in the MAP community”.

There are, indeed, fun and safe activities that can be engaged in by child and MAP…This does not mean, that all craved acts are “a fun trip to the carnival for all involved”.

Here we have a case…of a guy who thought he could safely slide his penis into the mouth [and down the throat?] of an infant…ejaculating down said infants throat…causing them to strangle to death [drown?] on the penis and sperm.

I would hope that MAPs have enough common sense, to realize just how dangerous an act like that is to an infant…or even a small child…

…And yet, we’ve had to endure the indignity…of “Amos Yee style wisdom” [though not limited solely to Amos]…of things on the level of, “if the dick fits, it’s all okay”…or, “if the anus is wrecked, it’s the child’s fault for not crying”…

This type of thing…is fucked in the head level insane…and it only serves to hold us back, and keep us down…particularly when there are MAPs out there, who actually want this type of voice serving as our public representation…acting as though “this speaks on our behalf”…

…As far as “our behalf” goes…the fuck it does!…Fuck No!

That horseshit comes out of broken minds, who do not understand the world…and even more alarming, do not understand children…or how not to be a danger to children.

This is why I do not endorse just anyone who happens along, claiming to be a MAP or MAP ally.

Sexual behavior is nuanced, in accordance to any number of variables…and MAPs, of all people, would do best to understand and accept this fact.

Most MAPs I’ve encountered, I think have a pretty good head on their shoulders…and that they are fundamentally good at heart…

It should never be controversial for me to say in this community, that we must reject this notion that “anything goes”.

No…There are some things which are objectively wrong, if we retain any notion of living in a civilized social structure.

You cannot be injuring or killing children with your dick, if you have any expectation of being allowed to freely exist in this world.

What happened to Stacy in his final days should not have happened, and there needs to be an existing world in which justice for these heinous crimes is pursued and realized…But, Stacy still belonged in prison for what he has done.

If you ever literally followed certain bits of “Amos Yee Wisdom”…You’d deserve to be in prison, too.

This should never be forgotten.


“I’m Done With This Sh*t!” Gen Milley RAGED After Trump Photo-Op…

Date: September 26, 2021

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“Gen. Mark Milley was disgusted and said he was “f*cking done with this sh*t” after then-President Donald Trump used him and other senior officials to stage a controversial photo op at a church in Washington, DC, amid last summer’s George Floyd protests, a new book says.”