Pros and cons of Superadobe Earthbag homes…


Date: September 10, 2021

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“Who would have thought that sandbags could be inspirational? They were originally used for flood control and military bunkers but they have now been adapted for home construction. The bags are made of natural materials like hemp or burlap or more durable synthetic materials like polypropylene which is water, rot and insect resistant. These bags are filled with 70% sand and 30% clay and are laid in courses to build the walls, similar to bricklaying. The most common structures look like big beehives or igloos as the curved walls provide good lateral stability. The system has no tensile strength, so the structures must be built into compression forms like domes and arches. However, they could take on other forms like straight walls if they are topped with conventional roofs.

The earliest version of earthbag homes can be traced to Gernot Minke, a German professor. However, it gained momentum thanks to Nader Khalili, an Iranian architect. He established the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture in Hesperia. Khalili developed and patented the superadobe building system, which uses mile-long fabric tubes that can be pumped full of soil and laid in coils to create a structure. He envisioned these structures providing temporary housing in case of natural emergencies or for low-cost housing. His most popular design is the Eco Dome, 400 sq ft structure that was featured on HGTV.

Both earth and the polypropylene or burlap bags are cheap. Also, you don’t need a large, experienced crew on site which cuts down on construction and contracting costs. Other than the bags and the barbed wire that holds the bags together, earthbag building is a natural building that doesn’t use any other resources like wood or metal. As for structural integrity, these houses seem to withstand seismic, wind and snow loads. They apparently also survive fires, floods and hurricanes. Also, if the house is properly plastered, it will keep out mold, insects, and rodents. Thermal mass is another.

Earthbag domes are the most structurally sound but it’s difficult to use space efficiently when the walls are curved. All your furniture and finishes have to be custom made. Size is another concern. The maximum recommended diameter of earthbag homes is 20 feet or 6 meters, however, you can connect these homes together or build underground to increase the building’s footprint. If you are taking out a loan, there’s a strong chance you won’t be approved for this kind of building with no precedent in the area, because you the lender can’t estimate your home’s value. Tied to this is the unpredictable resale value of the home. On the structural side, you must be careful not to use biodegradable material like leaves when you are filling the bags with earth, because this will disintegrate and leave gaps in your walls causing them to become unstable. If the sand to clay ratio on your site isn’t ideal, which it probably won’t, you will have to truck in mounds of dirt to your site. In Texas for example, where I live, the soil has a very high percentage of clay. Earthbag homes are also very labor intensive. Finally, the scalability of this model and how much of an impact this construction is really going to make. It is a potential solution for disaster shelters but it is difficult to mass produce these homes.”


The smart chain mail fabric that can stiffen on demand…


Date: September 10, 2021

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“Researchers have developed a new kind of material with adjustable and reversible properties. This new smart fabric is 3D printed with interlinked particles, like chain mail. Applying pressure jams the particles together and the fabric becomes stiff and solid until the pressure is released. This unusual property could be useful for reusable casts and other medical applications.



Arizona Audit Hits HILARIOUS New Low…

Date: September 10, 2021

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“As the neverending recount in Maricopa County continues and a final report remains on hold, on Wednesday one of the women who helped get the audit sanctioned, published a report based on an unofficial canvass of voters in Maricopa County. To conduct the canvass, thousands of volunteers visited people’s homes to see if voting records matched up to the reality of the situation on the ground.



Stop ‘Scolding’ Americans: Jake Tapper RIPS Biden’s ‘Tone’…

Date: September 10, 2021

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“CNN anchor Jake Tapper ripped President Joe Biden over what he called a “scolding tone” that the president took in a speech rolling out new measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic.



Why I gave up on the AMERICAN DREAM – and you should too…


Date: September 10, 2021

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“After years of chasing the American Dream I’ve finally given up on it. And I’ve never been happier…”

This guy has figured out something very important.

To those who’ve seen it for what it is…the so called “American Dream” is a vapid ploy, to keep you incinerating your life away in a money grubbing rat race…You’re perpetually chasing after being happy, by constantly working to own more stuff [constantly aiming for better], and to be more popular or “important”.

For so many of us, “the American Dream” is a load of crap…largely because we never even cared about all that BS, in the first place…let alone, never wanted to be a slave to its pursuit.

One of the best things you can ever do for yourself, is stop comparing yourself to everyone else…Just live honestly, and continue on with life.


FWF Fantastic! – September 09, 2021…


Date: September 09, 2021

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Match 1: Manaquin Sly Talker VS Starbutt – 81%

Match 2: Honeythorn Gump, Sir Dance-a-Lot & Excalibur VS MOM, ONION & Cyborg Boy with Bliss Ransom – 81%

Main Event:

Match 3: Fake Sumo VS Gary Flopper – 65%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Starbutt Loss: Manaquin Sly Talker
Win: MOM, ONION & Cyborg Boy with Bliss Ransom Loss: Honeythorn Gump, Sir Dance-a-Lot & Excalibur
Main Event Match: Fake Sumo Defeats Gary Flopper

Show Referee: Magnifico

Location: Skull Island


BEST RANKED MATCH: Tie between the first two – 81%

Current FWF Roster



Life HILARIOUSLY Smacks Down Richard Spencer…

Date: September 09, 2021

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“Leaders in Whitefish [Montana] say Mr. Spencer, who once ran his National Policy Institute from his mother’s $3 million summer house here, is now an outcast in this resort town in the Rocky Mountains, unable to get a table at many of its restaurants. His organization has dissolved. Meanwhile, his wife has divorced him, and he is facing trial next month in Charlottesville, Va., over his role in the deadly 2017 neo-Nazi march there, but says he cannot afford a lawyer.


It’s admittedly less than comfortable, what I’m about to say…but it needs to be said…

Jeff Waldorf is another one of the TYT style of “progressives”, who’s fundamental stance on the principle of free speech in actual practice, is utter shit.

I wouldn’t be bringing this up, if it weren’t for his [and other TYT style “progressives”] growing tendency, to wear this contempt on his sleeve and openly push it on his show every time you turn around.

I like that Jeff covers certain types of news…and I still find him to be the most palatable, out of all the “TYT style” alumni [most of whom, I will no longer even watch]…But it bothers the fuck out of me, that he openly fights against peoples ability to participate in public forums…He is pro censorship, and an enemy of free speech in practice…

In fact, he recently used the smug, “freeze peach” term, used by a-holes to mock people who’ve had their ability to participate in public dialogue online denied to them…An old term, nobody who’s ever been publicly shit on like this would ever use…because they know how fucked up the behavior of information/communication control is…and how fucked up it is, to smugly point and laugh at those who are being gagged.

The assholes who retort “Freeze Peach!”, have never been targeted with this BS, themselves…They’ve been left so unscathed by this plague of censorship, that they imagine it’s fun to point and laugh at those who’ve been screwed over by it.

I’d love to see how they responded, if these shit heads ever had to live their lives in the same social landscape as MAPs…or any other minority which has suffered the fate, of being a modern day scapegoat.

They’d be crying their eyes out over it, and stomping their feet…In fact, they do band together and normally get unjust censorship/banning overturned, when it happens to people “on their team”…because the modern trends are nearly all in their favor.

I’d also like to appeal to the wisdom of Christopher Hitchens…who rightly pointed out, that when you deny anyone the ability to express themselves out in public, you’re not just stopping them from speaking…you’re also denying everybody else the chance to hear/understand what they have to say, and understand this persons issues and how they think.

The only things you’ve done…are denied to the people around them the right to know what they are about…denied all opportunity to provide them with anything different…and denied society the ability to understand how social outliers think, or what they might need to become more in harmony with society.

What these “Freeze Peach!” assholes are doing, is nothing more than the destructive isolation and public provocation of individual people…dictating to everyone else that “they are to be ostracized”…And these assholes don’t care, because “it’s not one of their own”…and they’re far to bankrupt in real world, human to human interaction, that they don’t even realize this is among the worst of social stances…It only serves to force social splintering, making things far worse and far more volatile…violent, even.

Our home grown terrorists in the U.S. don’t come from a system of open dialogue…They thrive from being pushed out of the mainstream, and growing in environments where there is little to no push back…nobody to talk people back from the edge.

People with radical views should absolutely be on all of the mainstream, major platforms…And, people with different experiences and viewpoints should be able to respond, discuss the relevant issues and acknowledge/identify things [some of which they might not have previously known, and might even be important information].

It is fucked up and indefensible when speech nazis aggressively inflict themselves, on the ability of people who would otherwise want to respond to this sort of thing.

Speech nazi assholes, who imagine they have some “right” to dictate to the rest of us, “what ideas and expressions are to dangerous to encounter”…they are a fundamental part of the problem…Not only are they prone to misread people…but they always impose their own bias and dogmatic thinking, presuming “it’s a win” just to stop the expression of anything they disagree with.

These aggressive censors commonly are the most ill informed, abusive assholes on the internet, who abuse their power and community trust just to punish people for expressing something they disagree with.

It is a loss for everyone, when nobody is allowed to even have the conversations…Nobody is allowed to understand each other…Nobody is allowed to rebut…Everything is forced into being presumptions about “the other”.

…And…Yes…this means that I find it morally reprehensible and socially destructive, to censor by default white supremacists, anti-vaxers, religious fundamentalists, general racists, people with a criminal/abusive history…anyone who expresses antisocial or objectively destructive viewpoints…

…Of course…this also extends to people who are solely unlucky enough, to have been born in a time when it’s fashionable to demonize them everywhere [IE pedophiles].

I absolutely condemn the practice, of stripping people of their ability to engage in public dialogue…no matter who they are, or what they believe. Their behavior has to go beyond simple expression of ideas, or discussion of experiences or identifying with any specific group/demographic, for the limiting of their participation to ever be justified.

Free Speech in practice strengthens and safeguards us…It is a vital practice.

The people who inhibit Free Speech, are degrading and endangering us…full stop…

…And you’re either a fucking idiot with no practical, real world experience, if you don’t see this…Or…you do understand everything I’ve just laid out here, but you want to force the world to burn…you want the fighting, violence and inhumanity…you believe in “righteous domination”, and the decimation of others.

…I find this level of ignorance and contempt, grotesque and vulgar…a threat to humanity, itself.

A Few Thoughts:

It often drives me up the wall…how people who’ve never even seen me before, will approach me and tell me that “I only hold the beliefs I hold, because I’ve spent my life living in a bubble”…

…When the reality is…I grew up in this hostile environment, where you cannot escape all the ruthless things people say, and threaten, against you…Where it causes you a lot of personal turmoil, and even deep suicidal tendencies…

…When the reality is…I’ve spent over a decade and a half, openly engaging the world on a number of mainstream platforms [despite the heavy, ruthless censorship I’ve endured]…Hell…I spent over a decade [literally over ten years], making myself openly available to the world on twitter [and building a rather large following on the same account, at that]…meeting and dialoging with a lot of great people along the way, but also enduring a fuck ton of abuse and threats intermixed…and a ton of push back, not just over my mere presence on the platform…but from my open discussion, of objectively real aspects of my existence in the world, and objectively true facts about issues related to humans like myself.

There is no way possible, that I have lived my life in a bubble…And the truth is…I’ve been so viciously abused along the way, all these many years…for the simple fact that I’ve diverged from the social narrative, in even the slightest of ways…I don’t accept the fallacies, which many people have the audacity to demand I accept…And they hate me, for taking a stance against the patently incorrect…and the patently inhumane.


The principle of Free Speech is about allowing everyone to discuss social and personal issues…and it’s especially important to uphold, when social issues directly impact the person speaking.

It skews and distorts not only public dialogue, but people’s perception of social attitudes and what other people are thinking, when we have public censors cutting out the voices of entire social demographics. This is always bad.

Even the principle of Free Speech does not mean that “everything goes”…It means you wont inhibit others from expressing what’s honestly on their mind, or what’s going on in their own lives and social existence…But it does not mean, that people have to tolerate aggressively disruptive behavior, genuine terrorist behavior, or things of the like.

If you own a forum and somebody arrives who’s behavior makes it clear, they are there to aggressively take over and dominate the forum [spam and/or troll it]…you have every right and responsibility to tell them “It’s time to take a break”.

If you have people who intentionally, habitually dehumanize and demonize other demographics on your forum…you have a right to tell them to “take it elsewhere”…You can [and generally should] leave up some of their content, so others can witness what they have to say, and what they are about…but it’s not your responsibility, to allow them to hijack your personal forum…most especially not for agendas grossly contrary to your own morals and ethics.

I’m speaking of small, privately owned platforms…Major social platforms where “everybody congregates”, are a whole other animal…and people should not be banned from them, based upon race, sexual orientation or world view…There are generally plenty enough options made available to the average user, to where anyone can tailor what content they see…There is never any excuse to go out of your way just to find, harass and abuse, anyone “you” deem not worthy of being on the platform.

It’s a wide world…and you need to learn how to live with and navigate it…You never will, if you refuse to acknowledge fast swaths of the human population.

Lastly…The “fly in the ointment”, is always the Alex Jones types…Where the reality is, they’ve spent years [decades, in his case] demonizing and dehumanizing human demographics, as well as individuals…even to the point of making claims about specific people/groups and specific events, where it seriously endangers specific people/groups…The debate of where behavior becomes terrorist in nature, is on full display with someone like Alex Jones…for a number of reasons…Not the least of which, he’s been exploiting separatists, religious zealot and conspiracy theory communities, all of his career…and it’s been established, that members of these communities can turn violent with enough provocation…because there is something about these sorts of communities, which makes them far more prone to lash out against outsiders, than to actually build bridges of understanding.

I’ve never supported the permanent banishment of Alex Jones, or people like him…But when they clearly engage in behavior, which falls well outside of simply discussing ideas and social issues…we’re talking about something which goes beyond the simple realm of free speech.

Is it free speech to objectively threaten people?…No, it is not…

…Which is why I fully understood [not “liked”, understood] it, when several major platforms took simultaneous action against Alex Jones.

I did also use the occasion, to make a backhanded “thank you” to certain major platforms, with a corrupt history of grossly inconsistent enforcement of their TOS, rules and policies.

I know a few people took that in a way, which I had hoped my long history of staunch free speech support would make them avoid…but…what can you do?…

…Some people are such free speech absolutists, that they don’t like it when you parse the specific behaviors of specific people, and come to the conclusion that…maybe they actually did do something in this case, where consequence and action was actually justified?