Woke Dr Phil Gets Destroyed By Will Witt: Braids Weren’t Black…

Date: May 10, 2023

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This is true.

Pretty much everything in any culture, has an equivalent in other cultures.

If one version is more efficient, there is nothing wrong with adopting it…This has been going on all throughout history.

What’s so crazy about the braids claim is that…due to the nature of hair, braids are one obvious way of dealing with hair…The other being shaving it off…

…Various cultures decided to use braiding.

Braids are not a black, white, oriental, whatever, thing…It happened all over the place.

Many people have it in their own heritage, regardless of what biological race [or mix] they are.


Kennedy JUST Pissed Off The DEEP STATE…

Date: May 09, 2023

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“Robert F Kennedy Jr. says the CIA was behind the death of his father and President Kennedy. Tucker Carlson may have found a loophole to exit Fox and start an independent show. Trump has been found guilty of defamation and sexual assault for an event that took place in the 90s. Italy sticks it to China and tells them to take their belt and road initiative and shove it.”


The Coronation Not Seen on TV: Anti-Monarchists Arrested, Reparations Demanded By Ex-Colonies…

Date: May 09, 2023

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“Police in England arrested at least 52 people Saturday around the coronation of King Charles, including numerous anti-monarchy activists who say they were detained before they even started protesting. Charles and his wife Camilla were crowned king and queen in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey that is expected to cost over £100 million, or about $125 million USD, taking place against the backdrop of a severe cost-of-living crisis in the U.K. Despite growing disinterest in the monarchy, criticism of the institution has been very “muted” in the mainstream U.K. media, says Priya Gopal, Cambridge professor and author of Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent. “The media and the police are colluding in essentially suppressing criticism of the monarchy and what has been going on around the coronation,” she says.”


Steven Crowder ALLEGEDLY EXPOSED HIMSELF To Employees!…

Date: May 09, 2023

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“Steven Crowder allegedly exposed himself in front of a large group of former employees. This news comes on the heels of several controversies involving the mega-star conservative… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: https://anthonyblogan.com/steven-crowder-exposed-himself-at-work-according-to-former-staff/

Ten former “Louder With Crowder” employees told the New York Post about the “abusive” nature of Crowder’s company. They told the Post that he would often scream at employees, including his own father. He also forced underlings to wash his dirty laundry. They even accuse Crowder of exposing his private parts to staff. One incident in particular stands out with former producer, “Not Gay Jared” – Jared Monroe. “Jared was asleep in the last row. Steven was in front and he was joking about what he was going to do,” the staffer recalled. “He climbed over and dropped his junk on top of Jared’s shoulder.”

With someone like Steven Crowder…I cannot even begin to be shocked…

…Anymore, I just wait in expectation that this sort of stuff will eventually come out…

…A lot of the time, it simply does.

Hypocrisy is one of the biggest common denominators, with people like him.

People who are constantly attacking others, usually prove to be one hundred times worse than those they attack.

People need to understand…So many of these “social commentators” are simply predators, who have learned how to play the system and make themselves rich…sometimes even wealthy.

Their goal is to capture and keep your attention, for however long they can…Good, bad or indifferent, all engagement makes them money…That’s why it’s encouraged to just ignore them. Your view [and maybe publicity] is making them money, and rewarding them for what they are doing.

If you are going to watch, Invidious offers a bunch
of servers that deny view commissions, and make videos easy to download for free.


Foucault and the sexuality construct

J S McNair

Michel Foucault inThe History of Sexuality Volume 1: An Introductionexplains power and ultimately demonstrates that sexuality is a construct created by discourse. To begin to understand Foucault’s argument, we must start by learning why he believed that our widely held theory on sexuality was erroneous. The repressive hypothesis is a prevalent theory that analyzes how our current notions of sexuality developed. This hypothesis assumes that during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance a free and easy attitude prevailed toward sexuality. Then, in the seventeenth century the bourgeoisie repressed sexuality. The repressive hypothesis holds that the bourgeoisie was concerned with economic productivity and did not want energy wasted on sexual pursuits. Therefore, sex outside of procreative purposes was repressed. Consequently, if we want to liberate ourselves, the theory maintains we need to become free and open about our sexuality.

Foucault did not deny that with the rise of…

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