SnagFilms Has Shut Down :-(…


Date: August 28, 2020

01) SnagFilms

“Twelve years ago, after showcasing a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, we realized how difficult it was for nearly every independent filmmaker to reach their full potential global audience via traditional distribution. SnagFilms was born out of that need. For 12 years, we provided a home to thousands of filmmakers – for many, the only way their films could be seen.

It has always been a difficult business proposition, and with the current economic crisis, an impossible one for us to continue. With deep regret, we have shut down the SnagFilms service, and by the end of May will be wrapping up our relationships with the filmmakers, production companies and other content owners we have been honored to serve for more than a decade.

Film fans, please continue to seek out independent film and television – these unique voices are more important than ever.

And thanks to all for your past support.

Rick Allen, CEO”

SnagFilms was one of the better “free movie channels”, you could find on Roku…and online…

It featured independent films, and was really quite great.

This is a pretty heavy blow, from my point of view.

I had a long list of URLs, to movies on their server which I’d intended on sharing here…In fact, I was browsing that list a bit ago, trying to find a movie to share tonight…when I was ultimately led to this heart breaking announcement.


Noam Chomsky Says Trump is WORSE Than Hitler…

Date: August 28, 2020

01) Noam Chomsky Says Trump is WORSE Than Hitler

“Noam Chomky speaks with Cenk Uygur on The Conversation about how consent to nominate Joe Biden was manufactured by the mainstream media.


Girls’ Stories About Their First Sexual Intercourse: Readiness, Affection and Experience-Seeking in the Process of Growing into Womanhood…


Date: August 27, 2020

01) Girls’ Stories About Their First Sexual Intercourse: Readiness, Affection and Experience-Seeking in the Process of Growing into Womanhood

“Article in Sexuality & Culture 18(3) · September 2014 with 5,979 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/s12119-013-9206-1


This study introduces Finnish girls’ views on and explanations for the factors contributing to their decisions concerning their first sexual intercourse. The data consists of personal interviews with girls aged 16–19, and stories produced through process drama. The analysis was conducted by narrative methods. Two model story categories of the first sexual intercourse stories were constructed: the close relationship and the casual relationship. The close relationship category consists of elements of two sub-stories: the conventional and the planned love story. The casual relationship category consists of elements of the tragic love, the teenage party and the experience-seeking sub-stories. Being prepared for sex was a shared plot element in all of the first intercourse stories. In the close relationship category the other major explanatory factors were mutual love and a steady relationship. In the casual relationship category the explanatory factors were girl’s affection for the partner without a relationship or getting experience, respectively. The girls’ agency in the use of contraception and the intercourse itself differed between the sub-stories. Girls regarded intercourse as an important step towards their womanhood. Those who work with teenagers should be aware of these stories in order to reinforce those stories where teenagers are active agents.”


Jerry Falwell Jr. Doesn’t Know When To Quit…

Date: August 27, 2020

01) Jerry Falwell Jr. Doesn’t Know When To Quit

“It’s over for Jerry Falwell Jr., but he doesn’t know that.

Embattled evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed to resign as Liberty University’s president Monday but withdrew his resignation when media reports about the decision emerged, the university said in a statement Monday night.

The Christian school founded by Falwell Jr.’s late father was in discussions with him about his resignation earlier Monday, a school spokesman told CNN. The conversations around his fate come after a series of recent public controversies about his behavior, including an affair a Miami man said he had with Falwell Jr.’s wife that went on for eight years. In a statement to CNN, Falwell Jr. acknowledged the affair.



America’s Preexisting Condition Is Killing Your Neighbors…

Date: August 27, 2020

01) America’s Preexisting Condition Is Killing Your Neighbors

“America is sick, you see it happen when Jacob Blake is shot by police as he walks away, but did you see it happening in his hospital bed?

Racism is killing Black Americans seeking medical attention, Thom Hartmann exposes America’s medical racism.

Black people are more likely to die from COVID-19 but did you know that almost every other major illness kills Black Americans more than white Americans?

A new report from Propublica highlights this sickening problem…

Do you have the cure?”


Protests Erupt After Police Shoot Jacob Blake…

Date: August 27, 2020

01) Protests Erupt After Police Shoot Jacob Blake

“When will we see justice?

Protesters and police clashed again Monday night in Kenosha in the wake of an officer shooting a Black man, and authorities remained tight-lipped even as national attention focused on the city just north of the Wisconsin border.

Kenosha residents woke up Monday morning to burned-out cars, broken glass and damaged buildings following clashes Sunday with police that were touched off by the shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Video appeared to show an officer firing several shots as Blake was facing away from the cop. Blake was hospitalized in serious condition.



Trump Invites ‘Ken and Karen’ To Speak At RNC…

Date: August 27, 2020

01) Trump Invites ‘Ken and Karen’ To Speak At RNC

“The McCloskeys dubbed ‘Ken and Karen’, who pointed guns at peaceful St. Louis protesters, speak at the RNC.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey get to speak at the Republican National Convention on Monday because they waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters.

The St. Louis couple rose to national notoriety in late June when they were captured in viral videos and photos outside their mansion in a gated community pointing a rifle and handgun at peaceful protesters. Since then, they have turned into a Rorschach test for where people stand on the Black Lives Matter movement and gun rights in America.