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Christina Hoff Sommers on Trigger Warnings, Free Speech, and Safe Spaces on Campus…

Date: November 26, 2015

01) Christina Hoff Sommers on Trigger Warnings, Free Speech, and Safe Spaces on Campus

[November 25, 2015] “Christina Hoff Sommers (Host of The Factual Feminist) joins Dave Rubin to talk about trigger warnings, free speech, and safe spaces on college campuses across the country from Oberlin and Yale to University of Missouri.”

Big Potential For Tiny Houses…


Date: November 26, 2015

01) Big Potential For Tiny Houses

02) Direct Download Link [MP3]

“For years, Americans have been on the McMansion trail. Bigger and bigger homes have driven up the average size of US accomodations and expectations. But there is a counter-movement, the “tiny house movement,” that is pushing for just the opposite. Pushing for – and building and living in – teeny tiny houses. Five hundred square feet. Four hundred. Three hundred. Two hundred. And tiny apartments, too – micro-apartments – gaining interest. Backers. Dwellers. The tiny house people say it’s all about living light. Maybe living better, in a very small space.”

03) Living Small In The City: With More Singles, Micro-Housing Gets Big

04) Big Challenges For Tiny Houses In North Carolina

05) ‘Portlandia’ tiny house: Fred and Carrie have never been so close

I’ve had a fascination with tiny homes, for quite a few years now…I didn’t realize they could get as expensive as they do, however. That’s the one thing, that’s a bit of a shock to me.



Harry Hay Interview…

Date: November 25, 2015

01) Harry Hay’s “Gay Window” + global LGBT news!

02) Direct Download Link [MP3]

A little after twelve minutes in, you get to hear an interview with Harry Hay, from the early 1970’s.

I don’t know how relevant most people are going to find this short interview…but I thought it was interesting to listen to.

Of course…Harry Hay is our shared icon, in both BoyLove groups and Queer groups.

Harry staunchly supported NAMBLA…and was one of the biggest protestors, when NAMBLA got ostracized from “the gay rights movement”.

“Not Enough Parents”?…

Date: November 24, 2015

01) Grand Delusion ll

Note: Joe Cienkowski suggests that there haven’t been enough parents in existence, between “Noah’s ark” and today, to produce the population volume we have today.

Two things struck me.

The first has already been covered by another commentator. That being, we are keeping people alive much longer, which inflates the population.

The second is in response to “running out of parents”.

If Joe is presuming the obsolete “nuclear family” model, which produces two to three children per set of parents, to be the norm throughout history, then his suggestion here might make sense. Because you could at least gage it against some sort of model (no matter how naïve it’s usage). Thing is, that model is relatively new in human history, and already a thing of the past as the norm.

Here is one huge problem, however.

Even just going back 70 years in history, some sets of parents were having a dozen or more children between them. And this was by a time, when we were no longer losing half of our children before they hit the age of five years. I come from such a family, and have aunts, uncles and cousins I’ve never even met.

Even if they were just having five, six, seven, eight children, that is a lot in comparison to todays average. And it’s a lot to survive into adulthood. These two factors likely explain our population explosion.

It’s not a matter of simple mathematical division. Successful parental reproduction has always been a variable of wide flux. We cant just attribute “X” number of children to every set of parents, and decide there weren’t enough parents to produce and support them all.

As a side note, we also should not forget all the children produced outside of marriage…from one night stands…affairs…rape…from pairs of people, who aren’t necessarily going to assume the role of a parent.

Oh…and “Noah’s ark”, is about as unscientific and fairy tale like, as it gets. This cannot seriously be factored into anything, at all. It’s an incompetent starting point.

If we ever had a way of measuring all variables from the very beginning of life on this planet, taking into account the myriad of benefits versus challenges we faced in any era of time, we’d likely find there is nothing explicitly wrong, about where we’ve ended up today.

Lucky?…Yes. Extraordinary evolution?…Yes. But nothing explicitly wrong about it.


Date: November 22, 2015

01) FreedomOfTweets.CA

02) [Internet] Why #FreedomofTweets is important to the Future of the Net

03) #FreedomofTweets with Lauren Southern and Guests: The Gregory Allen Elliot Stream

04) Professional Feminist vs #FreedomOfTweets

“In this current age of the internet, the very concept of free speech is under attack. This is double if you’re in Canada or the UK. This fear of censorship is why the fight for Gregory Alan Elliot is so important. He is currently facing jail time for disagreeing with a feminist on twitter. Sadly, I am not joking. As a result of this, those of us who oppose the Cultural Authoritarians are making a stand against their push for control. #FreedomofTweets is not just about saving one man from Jail, its about saving all of us from those who wish to control our every step, but yield none of the same restrictions.”

This is very long…eight hours long.

The livestream: November 21, 2015

“His name is Gregory Alan Elliott. He has been on trial for three years, in a costly Canadian court battle with drastic implications for free speech. For two years, he was banned from the internet, where he previously earned much of his income. His artwork, hanging in a local coffee shop in Toronto, was recently defaced by a mob of enraged activists.”

Professional Feminist vs #FreedomOfTweets [The word “cunt” occures many times here.]