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Reveal: The Religious Freedom Loophole…

Date: February 29, 2016

01) 6 ways religious exemption laws are exploited

“Religious freedom is one of the basic rights guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution. But just how far should that freedom extend?

Across the country, lawmakers have carved out exemptions from common rules for religious groups, ranging from immigration to land use. According to an analysis by The New York Times, more than 200 exemptions for religious groups were folded into congressional legislation from 1989 to 2006.

These loopholes are meant to give church groups the freedom to practice their religion without government interference. But religious exemptions also can lead to problems, as we explore in our latest episode: Scam artists who claim to be religious have taken advantage of these exemptions, and children have been hurt.

Here are a few troubling examples of these exemptions, several of which you can hear about in this week’s episode of Reveal.”

I about fell over, when I heard that judge [who supports the religious school] reference “the child’s constitutional rights” being violated [by police raiding the school, and taking them into custody]…

…Having been a child who grew up in that general kind of setting…I can tell you, that a child’s constitutional rights [whatever meager ones may exist, in the first place] are very likely trounced all over, and violated on a regular basis…by their forced subjugation to this kind of religious institution.

They typically have little to no say, in whether or not they end up in such a place…and what happens to them, as result of being sent there. They’re subjected to an overwhelming saturation of religious indoctrination, without a choice in the matter…Heck, normally, their entire foundation on which they form a view of the world around them, is whatever these institutions want to tell them…no matter how rationally and ethically dubious [or even heinous]…And they can be severely punished, for not accepting these things.

I’m not implying all religious schools are as bad as the one featured in this episode…But I am asserting, that a lot of abusive manipulation and control goes on in them, because of their very premise and nature.

It often outrages me…how people can get all bent out of shape, and attribute all manner of ills to Child Lovers and Teen Lovers [for simply having an intimate relationship with a child or teen]…while at the exact same time, religious institutions get away with this flagrant abuse and manipulation of children and teens […and even older people, of all age groups].

Speaking as a product of a K-12 religious school…I can tell you, they are a poor primer for life in the real world…In fact, they are a handicap for developing the skills to get along in the world. You grow up ultra sheltered in these environments…You’re taught to believe, think and reason “just so” [and ostracized, if you don’t], by the people who teach you, essentially, everything [at that point in your life]…They do everything in their power, to be your sole source of trusted knowledge, information and exposure…They feed it all to you, “just so”…and they manipulate you, into being scared of seeking, or accepting, outside sources…

…Then, after most of two decades…you get dumped into the real world, without any real skills [because what these places offer, is typically the bare basics of education, with a few meager electives (A massive pitfall of these places, is that they are rarely linked into any larger educational systems…they are isolated islands, with limited resources…They cannot offer, even what your typical public school can.)…and a ton of entirely useless knowledge on their specific style of theology…unless, by chance, you want to be a preacher or missionary, in that religion]…You’re not sure what to do with yourself…You’re saddled with a fear and distrust of the world around you…

…It’s just a complete and utter mess…You’ve quite literally been set up to fail, in this world and in life…And for the life of me…I cannot understand why so many others don’t see this…

…These places groom you, to be an awkward, maladjusted, fearful failure in life…

…When you’re no longer under their thumb…and reality of the world starts sinking in…So much of what they have taught you, starts crumbling away…And it’s like the worlds biggest sucker punch…It’s bewildering…It’s infuriating.

It’s like you’ve been dumped into some “total recall” movie world…where everything you previously thought you knew, is now discovered by you to be dubious…or even outlandishly wrong…And it’s completely debasing, on a full life scale…And you don’t really even know where to go from there…

…How can this not be psychologically damaging?…How can anybody believe that it is not?…or that there shouldn’t be anything done about it?…

…Getting back to societies insane, hostile reactions to natural, human sexuality…and how it forcefully imposes such unsubstantiated fear and blame upon it…I’ve found it to be the utter height of grotesque hypocrisy…that religious institutions are praised for doing what I’ve discussed here…while at the same time, the wrath of society against human sexuality [especially us taboo groups], is never thought to be unrestrained enough…

…They’ll outright make up incredulous things to say about us sexual minorities, just so they can attack us…while totally ignoring that giant in the room, which is eating children alive, and doing demonstrable damage to them…

…And commonly, that very exact same giant they refuse to acknowledge, gains power and comes from their own mentality…their own, social psychology…It runs rampant, based on their own mixture of approval an apathy. It’s truly sickening hypocrisy.

…Keep in mind…I’m strictly talking about how they groom you on the basics of life, here…

…I’ve not even gotten into the myriad of issues, of how it devastates you, when growing up part of a sexual minority…trapped in this kind of toxic environment…

…Allowing these institutions to do that to children and teens…is outright demented, cruel, inhumane…and as close to pure evil, as anything can be…It drives many of us to suicide.

People who imagine that children choose, for themselves, these environments to grow up in…they have no clue…

…And to suggest it’s “constitutional protection” to keep them there…or more accurately, force them to remain in such an environment [so long as their parents or guardians wish it]…That is about as psychologically demented, as broken rationality gets.

If the [U.S.] constitution cared about the rights and well being of [U.S.] children…it would never allow these religious institutions, to do all of these deeply destructive and injurious things to [U.S.] children…

…But hey…they’re way to busy worrying about children of the world, getting to much physical intimacy…to ever worry about such real world problems, that inflict real world injury on real world children [who have to live with the aftermath]…

…Some social agendas are more profitable, than others…Some are more politically correct, than others…Some are more easy as ideological tools, to force social engineering…

…Some are just the unlucky, “odd men out”.

…I wish humans would pry their collective head from their collective behind…stop lying to themselves, and figure out which things honestly matter the most…what is most fundamentally important…

…Incase you haven’t figured it out yet…Invisible creatures in the sky, who hate us being sexually kind and intimate with each other [amongst all sorts of other character traits], and who wish us to hate ourselves and/or be killed for such natural inclinations…those should never, ever, ever, ever, be any part of a list…regarding what we need, for a healthy world.

Bye Bye, Jeb…


Date: February 29, 2016

01) Jeb ‘Please Clap’ Bush Ends Embarrassing Presidential Campaign

“Published on Feb 22, 2016

Jeb Bush, once the odds-on favorite to capture the Republican nomination, dropped out of the race tonight. His campaign and his Super PAC, Right To Rise, spent at least $150 million trying to woo voters”


“Published on May 19, 2015

–Jeb Bush goes full bigot on gay marriage during an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network”

“Published on Jun 9, 2015

Public shaming would be an effective way to regulate the “irresponsible behavior” of unwed mothers, misbehaving teenagers and welfare recipients, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) argued in his 1995 book Profiles in Character…”

Despite everything else that’s going on in politics today…I find the journey of Jeb Bush’s presidential bid to be quite refreshing…encouraging, even.

I’ve never seen the top establishment pick rejected so soundly.

Watching Jeb all this time…I have to say…It’s clear why they put George W. into the position, first…At least George W. came off like an incompetent boob, who was pushed into it all…Jeb is more like…I don’t know…He’s even more awkward…How could Florida stand having him as a governor?

What is so outrageous…is that you know, left to their own devices…neither one of these people would have likely held the offices which they did, had they not been born into the ultra wealthy Bush dynasty.

These two are prime examples…of what massive amounts of money can do to the political process.

I’m glad we wont likely see another Bush in the White House.

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Cart O’Graph LiveStream: A Hebe, a Pedo, and a Normie walk into a bar…

Date: February 27, 2016

01) A Hebe, a Pedo, and a Normie walk into a bar…

“Published on Feb 25, 2016

Just a quick video to promote my upcoming livestream. I’m also testing my video editing, seeing if I can make my videos more interesting.”

The Live Feed:

“Scheduled for Feb 28, 2016

I’ve been planning this for a few weeks since I crested 100 subscribers. Join me live, as I speak to A Headless One, and field questions and comments from you guys!”

Stinson Hunter Meltdown…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: February 27, 2016

01) Channel 4’s Paedophile Hunter ‘peed on ex’s clothes’ in revenge video

02) WATCH: Channel 4 TV star pees on ex’s clothes in grim revenge video

03) SELF-proclaimed Paedophile Hunter, ‘Stinson Hunter’ has been seen in a video to urinate on clothing belonging to his ex-girlfriend in a recent video.

04) [Twitter Tweet] Unheard conversation between myself & Stinson Hunter cuts out as he goes to attack me.

A Hodge Podge Quote [bits taken from both articles 1 & 2]:

“In the shock claims, Kirsty says self-proclaimed Paedophile Hunter, Stinson Hunter, should not be celebrated since he urinated on her clothes in a revenge video.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kirsty tells how the pair got together in 2014 when she was 19 years old, and more than 10 years Hunter’s junior…

…As soon as we moved in together it went downhill…

…The couple continued arguing constantly and Stinson, real name Kieren Parsons, frequently lost his temper…

…He tried to cut all ties with the real dad – if I even got a message from him he would kick off majorly…

…He is the most manipulating person in the world…He even threatened to kill himself and would make me feel guilty all the time…

…After a time, Kirsty decided she couldn’t deal with Stinson’s unpredictable behaviour and told the television star their relationship was over….

…I know he was really paranoid all the time, he accused me of cheating a lot – but I never did as I never left the house…

…Stinson Hunter, who’s real name is Kieren Parsons was educated in Tamworth. That’s not his only link to Tamworth Schools though; he was sentenced to 10 years in prison after setting fire to the cloakroom in Wilnecote Junior School in 1999 at the age of 17…”

A message to Kieren:

Okay, Kieren…I thought about setting down and recording a message to you, but it’s not in the cards for tonight…Just let me share one or two bits of wisdom, human to human.

For as long as I’ve been out here actively doing what I do [which is one hell of a lot longer than you have been doing, what you do]…I came to realize years ago…that the loudest, most forceful and demeaning zealots who target people like me [minor attracted]…are ultimately running from their own grocery list of demons…And their bashing, tormenting [whatever], of people like me…is really a diversion for them, which they throw themselves into…because they don’t want to go through the pain, the work…the difficulty, of setting their own lives back in order…Many of them don’t really even know how to go about such…because they are just as lost and bewildered, as anybody else who this worlds social order fails to work for.

For most of you…you’ve been train wrecks, looking for a place to happen…The only thing people like me [who are quite rightly fed up with your type, and your abhorrent behavior] need do, is give you enough time to reach that point…and be there to witness it. Most of you just self destruct, unless someone else with the ability intervenes…and stops you from destroying yourselves, and hurting others.

There is no shock from me, that all of this is coming out, Kieren…I had you pegged, a long, long time ago.

A shallow and petty person would crow about this…But I have never in my entire life, taken joy in watching even people like you self destruct. The only real “up” side that I see, is that…hopefully, when it happens…you’re no longer in a place of power, to hurt other people…and you’ll never be able to return, to such a place of power.

Next…I notice you’re well into biological adulthood…and you’ve been in a relationship with a 19 year old…While I understand and agree, there are some cultural differences between the UK and the USA, as regards to age of consent…and that this may be viewed differently, depending where you are at…I think it’s relevant to point out…if you were in the USA, you’d find yourself familiar with a couple of terms…”robbing the cradle”…and “barely legal”.

It used to astonish me, how some of the most ruthless people to attack people like me…were themselves, quite happy to take their own sex lives right straight up to the line of social acceptability [even legality]…thinking nothing of the hypocrisy, and hiding behind the retort that “it’s legal”…as though, somehow, the strict letter of the law exempted them.

I’ve often thought, it makes them all the bigger scoundrels, myself…But…

…A lot of you end up attracted to, and going for, many of the same young, youthful features in a sexual companion…as the very same people who you target and attack…And truth be told…while I cant conclusively say that “you” are a pedophile…I can say that a lot of people like you, would still be using the same “it’s legal” retort, if it were legal for you to take a ten year old to bed…or a twelve year old…or a fourteen year old…

Many people in your position, have turned out to be self hating pedophiles…who never came to terms with themselves.

I find it more than a little bit disturbing [and grinding on my nerves]…that “you” have factually lived an existence…outwardly putting yourself forward as someone who fights, the exact same sort of thing which you have become, yourself…someone who keeps, manipulates and torments a young person, in the midst of your own admitted mental illness.

…It would be simple and trite, for me to tell you to “get help”…So, I wont…

…Understand, though…there are a few commonalities that we share…and keeping a young person manipulated, under my thumb, has never been one of those things…

…I do understand, living an entire life as an outsider…I understand mental illness…I understand chronic battles with suicide…I also understand the maddening frustration, when a social structure is not there to work for you…but it only keeps you locked out, and works to trip you up, seemingly at every step…I understand the utter bleakness…and staring into the abyss…I know what it is, to psychologically crack and alter…It is what has stripped away my resistance, and my fear over my own safety.

This world is not designed to work for us outsiders…Which is why it needs us, to fix it…It is not going to fix itself…We [outsiders and outcasts] are the only ones who bring the necessary insight, which can bring about genuinely positive change [with regards to the myriad of issues, which impact us].

I don’t care what you think you know about me [if anything, at all]…Truth is truth…and I’ve always striven to spread truth, in this world…because personal integrity means everything to me…and the world does not benefit from lies and distortions…quite the contrary, lies and distortions are injurious. Not all truth is easy…but we all need to learn to realize, when we are witnessing truth…and we need to learn how to embrace truth…When we know that, we can teach others how to embrace truth.

I will never trust you…I don’t believe you could ever earn my trust…We will never be friends…But I do recognize a tormented soul…which is what is making me pause, right now, and write all of this.

I hope you get past what all is holding you back, and that you become a better human being…I don’t have any simple answers…and I’m genuinely sorry for that…

…None of us deserve being birthed out into this world, and having to fight and face all the crap we have to contend with, just to survive…but that’s life…It’s all about pulling ourselves back up, every time we get knocked down…The day we cant, is the day we die…And to quote one of my favorite lines…”The only thing we say to death is, ‘Not today’…”.

If it’s any consolation…It’s only us outsiders and outcasts, who bring the most deeply meaningful, and necessary, changes to this world and society…Our place in life, is to fight to bring things back into balance…because we cant live with things being this badly out of balance…Near as I have figured…that is our true calling in life…It’s what replaces our satisfaction in, and ability to secure such things as [for example] a conventional profession…What meaning does such a thing have, if you’re not vested in [but, instead, disowned by] the world you seek such a profession…right?

I leave you with this one bit of wisdom…

…The most important thing that any of us can do in this world…is treat those who enter our lives, for any period of time, with empathy and compassion…everyone, from who we live with…to who we pass by on the street. This says everything about us, and what we bring into this world…If we are good to others, then others will be good to us…This is where social support structures come from…And we don’t get there, by being a true shit towards each other.

It is a privilege for us, to have others in our lives…It is a privilege for us, to have others who care enough about us, to make time in their lives for us…

…The most foolish thing we can do, is squander that.

More Links of Interest:

05) The urination video [another source]

06) A small snippet of Stinson’s anger. Our Christmas tree turned up for my sons first Christmas and he wasn’t happy.

07) Facebook: Stinson Hunter Uncovered

08) His own response on his own Facebook page [drugs, mental breakdown, blaming his former girlfriend, etc.]

09) Same as above, but on YouTube

10) My Story: Living with Mental Illness. [He admits to being mentally ill]

11) Part 1. Stinson Hunter conversation.

12) Trashing Hotel room after a sting vidme

This one is a curious [and revealing] video from Kieren’s past, which was discovered when people started doing some research into who he is, and his past.

I remember seeing this one, and thinking it very strange…as it looked like he was maliciously trashing a hotel room [presumably, one he had rented], for no apparent reason…while a friend looked on and laughed. There was no deep description accompanying the video, that I can remember…and the original video disappeared, once Kieren started getting famous…and he knew we had discovered these videos…and these things [including the Minecraft incident, where he was harassing a young boy on Minecraft, in a malicious way] started becoming a liability to him…and his potential career as a “paedophile hunter”.

I’m not sure why his face is blurred out in this copy, but I suspect it’s to shield the video from a takedown notice [from Kieren, or his friends]…He was really scrambling to put this cat back into the bag, roughly a year back.

I just thought I’d include this here, to further attest to Kieren’s personal character.

His malicious, sociopath nature is nothing new.



YouTube’s ‘Finest’: Kill All Pedophiles!…


Date: February 25, 2016

01) FLuffeeTalks: Kill All Pedophiles!

I don’t want to say anything about the initial news story being discussed, because I’ve not read it…Suffice it to say, that most of us pedophiles aren’t getting daycare jobs, and using the position to rape children…So, it’s a deplorably poor starting point, to launch into the tirade FluffeeTalks goes into…

…Not that there is any justification under the sun, for this person to be calling for such things…

…But my focus is on the aftermath, which includes such things as…

a) hyperbolic, cliché fear mongering, about hoping he can protect his own future children, which he does not even have [and hopefully, never will…because people like him, should never raise or influence children].

b) a long, convoluted tirade about the woman getting shanked in prison, beaten to within an inch of her life, daily, etc, etc, add nausea…

c) he want’s her to suffer, because “she is fucked in the head”…[quite the inhumane standard, there]…

d) the “just kill yourself, right now” line…for everyone else “doing this shit”…

e) “I wish the government would just go start kicking down pedophiles doors, and start shooting thm in the fucking head. Like anyone is going to complain, if you shoot a fucking pedophile in the head.

If Hitler did what he did, but instead of killing a bunch of Jews, he killed a bunch of pedophiles, he’d be a fucking saint.

Seriously, though, the government is monitoring these pedophiles. We know they’re monitoring child porn sites. So why not find out where these people live, kick down their fuckin doors, and shoot em in the head, and just get it over with.

Make every single one look like a suicide. It’ll be like a mass, ‘Oh my god, all the pedophiles realized what they did, and killed themselves’.

And nobody will give a fuck…nobody.

It’ll make the world much, much better. Trust me.”

f) he follows up, with a condescending remark to anyone inclined to respond with compassion for pedophiles, because we are born this way…with “fuck that shit!”

Published on Oct 11, 2013

This content has been online, on YouTube for nearly two and a half years.

This is amongst content which FluffeeTalks creates, in order to make a personal financial profit.

To say this is hate speech, is an understatement…It’s an encouragement and glorification of bold faced genocide, against other human beings…propped up on shallow rhetoric…and exploitation of social phobia.

If this inhumane, dehumanizing, violent and threatening message is “okay” with YouTube…If this falls within YouTube’s terms of service…then we are witnessing something here, which is indicative of one core problem…how far down the pit, dialogue has sunk…how badly our human dignity has become held in contempt…

I don’t know if anyone has reported this video to YouTube, but it’s clearly still up after all this time, regardless…And that is damning on the part of YouTube’s user base…especially given that it’s gotten at least 94,600 views.

It is disgraceful that YouTube allows it’s platform to be used, for such obvious dehumanization and calls for bold faced murder…It is sickening, that YouTube and any of it’s content producers, would ever realize, or accept, a financial profit from featuring this type of content.

This video is a prime example, of what I’ve been talking about for years…content which crosses the line, by either making, instigating or promoting an effort, to dehumanize, violate and murder another social group.

Content like this never deserves free speech protection, because it threatens the lives of others…Others, who this “Fluffee” bozo, knows nothing about…His ignorance is pathetic…and it only justifies him keeping his mouth still, as regards to this social demographic.

If YouTube had any principles, they would ban this “Fluffee” from ever using their service again.

But…he clearly has a fan base, and makes them money…So, hey…I guess how “pedophiles” get treated on YouTube is all up for sale, so long as the money is there to buy it…

…And this person is looked upon, as though they are some kind of sweetheart, on YouTube.

…Disgraceful, YouTube…disgraceful.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


Album: Just That Way…


Date: February 24, 2016

Just That Way [24:25]

01) In The Still Of The Night (Piano-Concert-Hall)

02) Heart of Gold (Acoustic Guitar)

03) Dust in the Wind [acoustic guitar]

04) Bard [acoustic piano]

05) Athair (acoustic piano)

06) Forgotten [piano]

07) Andys Song [acoustic piano concert hall]

Just That Way is officially album number eleven, in my normal series. It was supposed to be released in 2015…but it got sidelined, by my finishing up work on Songs of the Winter Chateau: Book II. So, now it is the first release of 2016…and a fine release it is.

The style, quality and flow of this album puts it in the realm with Faces of Time, A Personal Affair and Into the Night…Which makes it a return to my favorite style of album…It’s more personal.

There is a little bit of repeat, in terms of songs…but, not to much. This is mostly new content…and all have never before been released, in the form they appear here…brand new track releases.

I’m going to forgo my usual commentary…because even though some of these tracks are a walk down memory lane…I’m going to be moving away, from making these album posts have a lot of commentary.

I like this album…It is a worthy addition to my catalogue. I hope you enjoy it.



Better Living Through Minimalism…


Date: February 21, 2016

01) Better Living Through Minimalism

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Going minimalist. Many Americans are. We look at the art of living with less.

In this mid-winter, half the country’s been locked in a deep freeze lately while the other half, on the West Coast, has gone to the beach, the pool. But everybody seems to be thinking about stuff. Too much stuff. Crowding, weighing down, blocking the view of possibilities. My guests today call themselves the Minimalists. Cut back, pare down, they say, and odds are you will get closer to happiness. To freedom. This hour On Point: Clearing away the clutter of our lives with the Minimalists.”



Sargon of Akkad and Dave Rubin: Gamergate, Feminism, Regressive Left (Full Interview)…

Date: February 20, 2016

01) Sargon of Akkad and Dave Rubin: Gamergate, Feminism, Regressive Left (Full Interview)

“Sargon of Akkad (YouTube creator) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Gamergate, feminism, the Regressive Left, and much more.”

I think Carl Benjamin at his base, is one of the good people out there…Which is why I’ve brought some of his videos here, to share.

Based on what I have seen of him…he largely thinks like I do, on social issues…Which is why he frequently acts as a very good surrogate, for conveying my own views…He’s just more crass, than I usually am.

This interview is a good example.

It bothers me, when people with good minds start moving down a bad path:

As I’ve mentioned in the past…It left a sour taste in my mouth, when Carl took an abrupt, 180 degree turn on his stance to stay out of the discussion surrounding Todd Nickerson’s public activities…Trading it for repeated attacks, and misrepresenting what is factually happening…Doing this even in the face of invitation to discuss it with people like us…and apparently ignoring that invitation.

I really, really, really cannot put into words, how much I hate to see a good mind [in a world where we have too few of them], flushing their integrity down the toilet like this.

I was originally very encouraged, by his refusal to join in the mindless onslaught…even though that wasn’t much…But the display of standing up in defiance of people pushing him to do it, was heartening…in the moment, anyway.

Finding him joining in on the rhetoric, only a few weeks later…that was a sign of poor integrity…It was selling out, to mob pressure…

…literally the equivalent, to some of what is being discussed in this interview.

I invite Carl to talk with various “pedophiles” out here [there are quite a number of us]…actually get an understanding of who we are, and why we are doing these types of things…and start representing us accurately, wherever he makes reference to us.

Nobody has to champion our rights and causes…But don’t misrepresent who we are, and what we stand for.