TempleOS – Down the Rabbit Hole…

Date: December 23, 2018

01) TempleOS – Down the Rabbit Hole

“In the late 2000s, a man begins relentlessly sharing his custom operating system, but when people take notice of the man’s strange behavior, they become witness to the degradation of his mental state.”

Really sad story…

…Every bit as sad, is the way certain internet sociopaths will target the mentally ill.

Shoe0nHead Strikes Again…

About This Series

Date: December 22, 2018

01) PEDOPHOBIA?? responding to an ex-fan

“so a wholeass “map” responded to my video”

Note: I forget if she actually put much of what I’m talking about below, in this video…It might have just been screen shots in her Twitter timeline.

So…she became a mole, and took screenshots, she claims came from a MAP exchange…

…Where they talk about Age of Attractions…Agree to keep the language non-vulgar and relatively polite…and clarify a ground rule not to share child pornography?…

…Oh!…The humanity!…

…MAPs are following the rules?!…

…Behaving legally?!!…

…AND being polite?!!!…

…Somebody get the fainting couch ready!!!!

There are some zoophiles and necrophiles out there…yes…

…And, Oh, The Horrors, that they’ve merely admitted to being such!!!

A Level Headed Response:

Philia is the attraction…or the orientation…

…For some people, it’s more a psychological masturbation fantasy than anything else…Meaning, they don’t actually want to do it…But they love the mentally constructed fantasy of doing it…

…Admitting to having such, does not mean that they are actively engaging in the acts of interspecies sex, or sex with dead bodily remains.

It is neither an immoral, nor unethical, act…to discuss those issues which impact upon your own life, and make you who you are.

So…What else did they discuss?…

…Why are we only getting a tiny few, out of context, conveniently hyperbolic tidbits of the group exchange [claimed to have taken place], to represent an entire extrapolation on “what MAPs are like”, and “what MAPs are doing on Twitter”?

…And if these examples are “the most shocking” Shoe0nHead could gather…why, exactly, am I supposed to be outraged by this?

…There is objectively nothing there, to be offended over.

This Is Nothing New:

I don’t consider Shoe0nHead to be the worst type of offender…but she certainly does fall into the spectrum of morally outraged, who do knee jerk, half assed exercises in “exposing pedophiles”…who cut off all dialogue with the people they attack [and clearly hold in contempt], right out of the gate…and who cherry pick things to share, which make things appear in a negative light…

…And to what end?…

…Generally…it’s just to use their own bully pulpit, to get other people screwed over…

…She wants Twitter to start kicking MAPs off the platform, even where they are in full compliance with laws and terms of service?…

…If not…then what is all of her dehumanization of MAPs, hyperbole and rhetoric even for?

I’ve been the victim of this sort of behavior [and worse], well more than once…And I’ve witnessed it happen to MAPs, countless times…at the hands of people like Shoe0nHead…

…You’re damn right, I’m not even remotely okay with this sort of behavior.

…These manipulative predators are violating the rights of countless human beings [adult and child, alike], to live in a peaceful and safe world.

In my book…that is some kind of evil treachery.

…And her smug arrogance does nothing to soften my opinion of Shoe0nHead.

Ignorant and mouthy…Just like all the others who like to shoot their mouth off, and trash talk against MAPs.


The Journal of Sex Research: What if the Child Appears to Enjoy It? Moral Attitudes Toward Adult-Child Sex Among Men With and Without Pedohebephilia…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) What if the Child Appears to Enjoy It? Moral Attitudes Toward Adult-Child Sex Among Men With and Without Pedohebephilia

02) Thanks marth!

03) PDF Download

“This study attempts to measure cognitions about adult-child sex by approaching the issue from a perspective of moral attitudes. We assessed ratings regarding direct and indirect harmfulness, nonconsent, exploitation, and differences in adults’ and children’s sexualities based on a description of adult-child sex without apparent child discomfort among an online sample of 120 pedohebephilic and 89 nonpedohebephilic German-speaking men. The results show that only 7.5% among pedohebephilic men had equal or less permissive attitudes than the average control, while 4.5% of nonpedohebephilic men had equal or more permissive attitudes than the average pedohebephilic man. Both groups did not, however, differ in their appraisal that children may suffer indirect harm via stigmatization. The findings also indicate that the moral perception of adult-child sex shows little differentiation among German-speaking lay people. We discuss the relevance of these findings for clinical practice and propose ideas for subsequent research.”

Sara Jahnke
Friedrich Schiller University Jena


[Filip30] ‘Non-Discriminators’/dissertation age preferences…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) ‘Non-Discriminators’/dissertation age preferences

“Smith, Terry Parsons (1993): Effects of the child’s relative age appearance and attractiveness on vulnerability to pedosexual interactions. Dissertation. The University of Texas at Austin.

In one of the studies of this dissertation the author asked 34 male college-students about their sexual age preference and reports:

“(…) 7 reported finding children, teenagers and young adults equally attractive as sexual partners” (page 127)

This means in this small study 21 % (!) of the students had no sexual age preference.

In one big German study 4,1 % of men said in their life they had a sexual contact with a “child” but only 0,1% of men were more attracted by prepubertals than by adults.


Yet another research study, which strongly indicates what a lot of us have been talking about for years.


[Filip30] study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral

“In a new study the big majority (67 %) of minor-attracted-persons (MAPs) who were recruited through the websites boylandonline.com, boychat.org und viped.org rated sex between prepubescents or pubescents and adults as morally ok.

At the same time “there was general agreement (88%) that the child would have to fear stigmatization from society due to his or her sexual activities.”

The study is not representative for MAPs, but nevertheless the results show that probably a big part of the MAPs are not brainwashed as probably the biggest part of the rest of the society.

Sara Jahnke & Agustín Malón (2019) How pedophilic men think about adultchild sex: effects of child gender and physical maturity, Psychology, Crime & Law, 25:1, 90-107


“To date, very little research has tackled whether pedophilic men’s attitude towards adult–child sex depends on characteristics of the adult or the child involved in such acts. This study examines the effect of the child’s gender (male vs. female) and physical maturity (pre-pubescent vs. early pubescent) on the moral evaluation of apparently noncoercive adult–child sex in a 2 × 2 factorial online vignette experiment. One hundred eighty-three English-speaking pedophilic men rated their agreement with moral arguments on the Immoral Sex Scale, as well as whether they believed this behavior to be typical for a child. The results revealed considerable inter-individual differences, with about one third showing restrictive moral attitudes. Contrary to our expectations, gender and physical maturity neither affected the perceived morality of the sexual act, nor beliefs about the representativeness of the child’s behavior. However, when controlling for confounds, pedophilic men believed that boys were more likely to willingly engage in adult–child sex. Furthermore, participants with stronger liberal attitudes were found to be more likely to defend the sexual act, as were participants with a preferential interest in pre-pubescents. (…)”

Small sampling…but I have to say…It’s encouraging to see that early indicators are pointing towards most MAPs not psychologically internalizing the rhetoric…

…The caveat being, that these are all MAPs taken from online communities…which are generally quite self aware, and far more educated on these issues than your average person.

If they were able to tap into the broader pool of MAPs around the world…I suspect there would be far more MAPs, displaying that they are overwhelmed and dominated by the cultural norms and rhetoric of wherever they live.

This is one of the reasons why self awareness and education, are so important and vital amongst MAPs.

We wont get anywhere, until more of us recognize the truth and understand what is going on.


Mark Twain’s classic tale The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn…

Date: December 21, 2018

01) Mark Twain’s classic tale The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“Starring: Patrick Day, Jim Dale, Frederic Forrest

The adaptation of the Mark Twain novel tells the story of a young boy and a runaway slave and the adventures they encounter as they travel down the Mississippi River on a raft.

Originally clocking in at 240 minutes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first telecast in February and March of 1986 on PBS’ American Playhouse.”

Happy IBLD 2018! [20 Years]…

IBLD Website

Date: December 21, 2018

01) The Allen Ginsberg Project

Something you might find interesting, is The Allen Ginsberg Project…

…Allen Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA…and is considered to have been one of the USA’s most famous, most successful and most loved BoyLovers.

As discussed here…please feel free to send [or share with] me, any picture[s] you have taken of your burning blue candle…I will publish them all here on this blog…maybe even put them into a video…no promises…just “maybe”…

Note: This is a tad embarrassing, but it seems e4ward.com has ceased forwarding attached files.

Would it be imposing to much, to ask that anyone interested use a website like https://imgur.com/ and send me the url?

You don’t have to register for an account, or anything. You’ll get a url upon uploading a file…You can e-mail that url to me, at the address below.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


I’ve successfully received said picture[s] in the past, through this address…Alternatively, you can upload your picture somewhere, and send me the URL via the contact page.

Also, please send some sort of identifying handle [nickname], so I know who to say sent it…or specify if you want to be anonymous.

20 Year Anniversary of IBLD:

Today marks the twenty year anniversary of International BoyLove Day!

I don’t know how many of us thought we’d be looking back, twenty years later…and still holding this tradition faithfully…But, here we are!…

To people new to this day of commemoration…welcome!

To all who’ve been with us before…welcome back!

I hope this is a wonderful day for all.