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Personal Income Tax Not Mandatory In the U.S.?…

Date: December 31, 2007

The U.S. Constitution does not grant the federal government any legal rights to enforce a tax upon the income of private citizens. That is actually true.

The areas where in the federal government was allowed to tax, included tobacco, firearms, corporations…and a few other things.

Private income tax came about, I believe it was after world war two, if memory serves me adequately…The U.S. has a history of enacting a war tax, when at times of war. This was paid by the wealthy, and not the common man.

Somehow, after WW2, they simply failed to repeal it…and kept expanding it, and expanding it.

I don’t recall the specifics…but, it has something to do with contractual obligations, made by private individuals who elect to identify as U.S. citizens.

See…as the U.S. Constitution was originally written (and remains till this day), the federal government was only granted specific sources of tax income. They were never supposed to be dealing directly with private individuals. If the federal government needed additional money, they were supposed to go through the state governments…who would then deal with their citizenry.

At the time, the allowed taxation was quite enough to keep the federal government afloat…and, the authority of state government superseded the authority of the federal government…in all but a limited handful of areas.

Legally, it is still supposed to be that way…but, we have fallen a long way, because…because the constitution and legislation is so mind wrackingly insane (let alone boring), that most people can not be bothered to actually study up on it.

That’s the dirty secret of how so many corrupt people get away with so much in U.S. politics.

I hope this post does not make me seem “to” subversive…but, I’ve actually done quite a bit of reading (and own several books) on this very topic. It’s been quite a number of years ago…

…and some of the more notable authors have spent time in federal prison since.

There are parallels to this issue, and what is going on with the persecution of intergenerational love, today.

You can show people the facts…You can hold their hand and lead them through the maze…but when you expect them to accept that it is true, they just shake their head and reply, “No it isn’t!” People who live in the U.S. are conditioned to do what everyone else is doing, and “follow the rules” (as I’m sure they are everywhere)…one such “rule” that is no true rule, is to “pay the federal income tax”.

It gets complicated, in that most people are not aware of where the law truthfully stands, and they have never before herd of an alternative to the way things have “always been”.

If you buck the system, they throw you into prison…because there is no organized, well researched and capable group to stand behind you, and back you and your stance up. The unaware simply allow it, thinking ill of those who don’t want to pay the tax, which they are “forced” to pay (it’s unfair). It is a cultural belief…

…Same problem as what is going on with man/boy love, at present.

I do support free trade…

Date: December 31, 2007

…honestly, I do.

…and I both see and understand the “larger picture”, and how things are supposed to be great whenever “developing countries” get up to speed and even can function on equal footing with us.

…but, that is clearly not the plan…They are simultaneously murdering the USA, in order to smash the economic giant down, to a level that is more in line with poverty stricken countries.

That is somebodies idea of a “level playing field”. A massive toll extracted from one nation, in order to (theoretically) allow other nations to thrive. It is forced wealth redistribution on a scale, which likely has never happened before on this planet.

You know…the idea of bringing other countries up to our level (and then trading with them on equal footing) could be sold to me…I could except it…if it were handled in a controlled, rational and fair manner.

We in the U.S. have poured our blood, sweat and tears into the infrastructure and economy that we used to have. On average, we are hard working and honest people. We do not deserve what has happened to us. This is a clear act of treason, on the part of many in government (past and present)…and frankly, many high powered U.S. citizens, as well.

I understand the need for diplomacy and trade…but, U.S. politicians were elected to serve the U.S…not Mexico…Not China…The United States of America. Their duty, first and foremost, is to the people of the U.S. and our concerns and needs. This has been thoroughly betrayed.

Even if it were a good idea…who the heck has been in charge of implementing it?…This has been handled in the most reckless, stupid manner imaginable. They just let the sledgehammer fall right on the USA’s head…

…and to add insult to injury, they are not even acknowledging what is happening.

I guess it makes them feel to guilty, to acknowledge it.

Everybody Knows…

Date: December 30, 2007

It is just like the sex taboo…or, the taboo surrounding sexual politics…

In the very fact that almost nobody is talking about it…everybody knows, that something dire and rotten is going on.

This has been on the horizon for the past decade, plus…literally.

Bought and paid for politicians (not paid for by the U.S. public, and not owned by them) forced through programs like NAFTA…and just kept on piggybacking off of it, throwing the vital stability of checks and balances, clear out the window.

The U.S. public let the government hand our own, industrial infrastructure over to Mexico and now China, on a silver platter…or, more specifically, they let the idiots who run the multi-billion dollar U.S. companies, seize control of the government and force new laws that would allow them to tare the existing jobs out of the U.S., and toss them to Mexico and China…where they’d not have to pay anybody a living wage.

We are seeing a lot of horrible consequences, because of this. The workers who have built these companies, have had the rug pulled out from underneath them, and most are hurting now. Health codes of China are lax, and we are seeing a lot more bad products…some down right dangerous. Now, the “cheaper” priced stuff is going up in price, because of all the crap that’s going on with the economy, and people not being able to afford to buy so much. People are losing their homes and going bankrupt at record paces (as the government has made new laws, forcing everyone to pay back their debts, and removing protections on the little people…curiously timed legislation, that one)…

I am looking at the possibility of losing my own job (which is not an enviable job, by any imagination), as consequence of chain reaction…because our state economy has been in a slow bleeding death, for the past several years.

I’m incredibly frustrated, because those of us who have seen what is going on and said “this is wrong”, have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…endlessly, for this damned collapse to happen and get over with. It is going to happen. There is no chance that we will avoid it, at this phase…unless something drastic happens (an emergency coup?)…even then, it will take years to repair the damage…and I’m not convinced that the U.S. economy can survive the way things are currently going, for another year.

What U.S. citizens have been keeping themselves content with, is jobs (not careers, but crappy jobs) with no security, little to no benefits, no wages that you can actually live off of or better yourself on…and credit card companies, who mindlessly issue everyone (including the fish in your fish bowl) a credit card.

I’ve never seen so many people living stressed out, dead tired, existing from weekly paycheck to paycheck, worried about their future (and their children’s), not able to save any money for investing or emergencies, losing their homes and everything…as what I am seeing today…

…in “the wealthiest nation on planet earth”…where billions upon billions of dollars are going into foreign wars, and foreign aid…

…The crisis is happening at home…but we cant even get competent government agencies, to deal with emergencies.

The insane thing, is that all of these “smart” owners and managers of big business, who’ve run off to seek their continued fortune in China, wont be able to sell a damned bit of their product, except to the most wealthy people on the globe…They’ve cut their own throats (not that they don’t likely have all their wealth transferred to precious metals and euros, already…and a home in another country, to hightail it out of the U.S., so as to be nowhere near it when the real emergency happens).

Car dealerships are offering insane deals, just to get people to walk through their doors…they are desperate, because “nobody” is buying cars, anymore…they cant afford it.

The good car manufacturing jobs went off to some other country, and the abysmal wages the former employees are “living” off of today (if any), wont pay for a car.

I can understand where a few areas of the U.S. still might not have felt the full blunt of what is going on (Hollywood has a global economy, after all, and a lot of business can exist off of Hollywood, for example)…but, there have been entire states in the U.S., which have faced financial collapse emergencies, very recently…and they don’t even get mention one from the politicians, and very little coverage by the national news…if any.

It is insane what is going on in the U.S., while many people in other areas of the U.S., seem to be literally oblivious to it.

A lot of U.S. citizens are in for a very rude awakening.

I am just sick of waiting for it, because I want to know the rules and what we are facing in the aftermath…So I can at least pick up a few pieces, and move forward.

It has been a mystery, as to what to do, in order to try and salvage as much wealth and property as I can (which is not much).

I’m disgusted that most people have done nothing to put a stop to this…and we are all going to bite the bullet, because of it.

I wish things were rosier…

Dear Saddam: The One Year Anniversary of The Execution of Saddam Hussein…


Date: December 30th, 2007

Today is the one year anniversary of the execution of Saddam Hussein. Anyone who knows me personally, or at least has been following my writings for years, knows just why this is a personal issue for me.

Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait on August 2nd, 1990, put into motion a series of events which would ultimately change the course of my life, forever. Millions of people have been effected by the actions of this person. I am one of those people. Even though he had no direct authority over “me”, I ended up being one of the countless, nameless pawns on the chessboard of his ambitions.

I have a very strong mixture of emotions about Saddam, what he did, how he lived…his execution…

…what I have had to live with, ever since the 1991 gulf war…

I should hate him, and be happy he and his cohorts are dead…and being scheduled to die…

…but, I never encouraged, or actually wanted, death for him…or anyone.

When it happened, and it was making the world news…I was merely content that Saddam was no longer able to commit monstrosities against others…

…In fact, I was actually disgusted at the way the actual execution was carried out, and consider it not only incompetent, but a prime example of gross, human indecency. What were those people thinking?…The filming?…The taunting?…People lacking the sophistication of foresight, to understand that this kind of behavior was just throwing gasoline onto the fire? Why were they even allowed to be involved, if they were going to behave like that?…That could have been the catalyst which caused a bloody backlash…and, no doubt, it has garnered more support for Saddam…The reconstructionists, and those who benefited under him, will remember him all the more fondly, and praise him as a heroic icon, because of this. That execution could have easily been a disaster.

I am against the death penalty, though…and I think that having Saddam and his men in prison for life, would have probably been sufficient.

For me, Saddam’s death remains a sad reminder of human failures…and all the terrible things which can come of them, when they occur on a grand scale…so, so many people get hurt…so many get killed.

It is a cold, bottomless pit…the place where I filed Saddam’s execution…This immense void sustained will never be filled by one million executions of Saddam, over and over and over…

…A dead Saddam wont do anything to help carry the heavy burdens, caused by his own doings.

I don’t know what else to say about it…but, I thought this was the most proper time to re-post something I wrote, within hours of Saddam’s execution…

…That piece follows…

December 30th, 2006

Dear Saddam,

I don’t wish to pretend, that you are presently anything more than a cold, human corpse…or, that you have anything resembling a consciousness left in you…Therefore, this letter is not for you, but for the living, instead…and maybe for myself, too.

You have been, one of the single most influential human beings to have lived in our time…or, to have lived ever, honestly…

With your atrocities, I believe it is safe to presume, you are in a very small minority.

Most of us human beings, would never even dream…not in our worst nightmares…about doing even a small fraction, of what you have done.

You have wiped out generations…You have tortured and murdered…You have abusively imprisoned…You have done all those things, which are synonymous, with the very worst of the human being.

One has to question, whether or not you even have been a human being, and when you chose to cease being one.

Your impact has been far and wide.

Your actions, caused chain reactions…which reached into the lives, of many people, who’d never even heard your name previously.

This, ultimately, led many unwitting individuals, into a bewildering odyssey, which would alter the course of entire lives.

…but, as all dictators and tyrants go…”you are the elite, and the rest of us are just your play things…here to meet your needs”.

As young as I was, the last thing I wanted was to die because of your stupid decisions…because of your war.

…but, that’s just what people like you do…isn’t it?…

…make damn sure, you are the biggest catalyst of human death, misery and suffering, imaginable…

Thank you Saddam…you taught me a valuable lesson…

…and there is not a day, in which I do not wake up carrying this burden…I expect to die with it.

For that matter, I expected to die because of it, years ago.

I had a bright future, before the war.

…After the war…after your war…I desperately needed release, and I waited to die…considering often, if it should be at my own hands…nature was not fast enough…it forced me to linger in a living nightmare.

My life spiraled out of control, and crashed into devastation…because of you…

I experienced the humiliation, of being called crazy…of being told it’s all in my mind…of having my manhood and courage questioned…of accusations that my claims are willful fraud…of living for well over a decade, with an illness brought back from your war, before being taken seriously…

I must thank you profoundly…You’ve taught me tremendously, about the human species…Things I wish I’d never needed to know…deep dark things about myself, even…but, it’s been quite the education.

I know what it means, to experience a living death…all thanks to you.

I know what it is like, to have a damaged future…all thanks to you.

I know by this point in time, things will never go back to normal…I am sentenced to live like this, til I am dead…all thanks to you.

…and so, Saddam…If there is but one piece of this story, which gives me great satisfaction, it is this…

At one point in time, I never expected to see this day…

…but right now, as of only hours ago…you are a dead, cold corpse…while I am still standing, breathing, communicating…living…


This lowly nobody, which is me…one of the living dead you have created…towers over you, in the end.

I do not support the death penalty, but I am very comfortable with your execution…I am glad to see this day…and feel entirely vindicated in saying so much.

May worms quickly turn your remains to dung…It is tragic they could not have done so, before you had the chance to end and destroy so many countless lives.

Most sincerely,
Steve Diamond



A BoyChat Response Never Posted…


Date: December 27, 2007

1. Do you care what age the kid is?

Not so much, no.

I mean, I have a definite age range which is typically most attractive to me…It is five to twelve. That is my “sweet spot”…That is the window, where the magnetism is strongest. Every one of those ages, offers wonderful beauty, in so many ways.

…but, I was contemplating the possibilities…should I actually have gotten up the nerve to strike up a conversation (and close relationship) with this rather beautiful eighteen year old, a few summers back.

[That one was a head trip…]

3. What do you guys expect from a relationship from a boy?

I don’t know…that depends on the boy…

…Mama always said….Boys are like a box of chocolates…You never know what you’re going to get…but they always taste so darn sweet… 😉

3.a. Does age have an effect?(Sort of like question 1)

If he is five years old, he wont likely be able to throw my back out of place, when we wrestle…which is a huge difference…I’m nearly crippled when that happens.

If he is seven or eight, I can still get away with blowing raspberries on his belly…

…If he is ten, he’ll probably call me a “fag” for doing that…

If he is thirteen, he’ll probably be trying to get me to give him advice on getting the girls, and he wont listen when I tell him to “Just keep away from them!!!”…

At sixteen and later, he’ll probably just want to borrow my car…to go out on dates and make out in the back seat…and I will have to live with this ugly irony haunting me, of a boy using me for sex…just not sex with me…


There Is No Proof!…


Date: December 27, 2007

There is no “proof”, that man boy love is either unnatural or sick. Nor is there any “proof”, that man boy love is harmful.

It is a baseless claim, if you make either of these declarations.

On the other hand, there is plenty of data and statistics, backing up the commonality of a man having sexual attractions and loving, romantic emotions towards boys.

It is typically people who are trying to stop sexual minorities from being free, who make damning accusations, and falsely assess such activities.


The “Saving” Illusion

Date: December 23, 2007

…[Video Removed by User]…

If I recall correctly, this was a video decrying the point that so many young people were taking “The Blasphemy Challenge”…They were trying to argue “what a tragedy it was” that atheists were, allegedly, leading the young away from christianity…and preventing them from “being saved”.

…but when the “saving” is all an illusion, it is no advantage at all, and can become a very real and senseless burden to bare…and a liability.

The likely reason why so many teens are doing the blasphemy challenge, as opposed to older people, is that teens have a surplus of time on their hands, to burn up on the internet…and they are feeling froggy. Older atheists commonly don’t need that kind of expression anymore, as they became comfortable and content long ago. We move out of that phase, a lot of us. You come to understand, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.



Date: December 16, 2007

I was once approached by someone on YouTube, who referred to me as an enemy…This was my response to them…

What is so disturbing, is how you so readily speak in terms of “enemies”, and embrace this notion as though it is some absolute fate.

Who in the world abused you so badly, as to make you believe that you should ever think in such destructive terms?

Such is one of the worst forms of abuse, any human can visit upon another…

No, no…”You” have decided to dictate and choose others as enemies…You have forced others into a defensive stance, because “you” have declared that they will be your enemies…

It is all in your mind, and no place else.

You are the one being the enemy…not me….I’ve never approached you in any such manner.

At some point in time, I hope you come to realize, that this “enemy” ideology is fictional.


Just in case you have not been told, “you can suck my wiener”, by a rather cute boy lately…

Date: December 9, 2007

YouTube, being the group of pro-censorship scumbags they are, terminated the account of a young boy, who expressed to some viewers/commenter “you can suck my wiener”…

…Account Terminated by YouTube…

I feel bad for him, because of the Jerks picking on him…but YouTube decided to drop the axe on “him”…

…”Realy classy”, YouTube…

It is Offensive, Yes…


Date: December 07, 2007

To the accuser…no, it is not right that you attack me with malicious smears.

Shall I call you a woman beater…and a serial murderer, in kind, when you call me a “child rapist”?…

What is fair is only fair, after all…

You obscenely disparage me…Don’t you deserve just as good as you give?…

An eye for an eye?…

…You lie about me…I lie about you?…

You have done to another

…Is that how you would have others do unto you?…