This 1700s Gumbo has ALL THE THINGS – Ancient Recipes With Sohla…

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Date: February 26, 2022

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“Sohla is cooking up an old school Creole favorite – a gumbo recipe from the 1700s that contains 4 types of protein in one pot. This delicious stew combines West African and Native American cultural traditions with French and Spanish ingredients, plus it’s the official cuisine of Louisiana. Learn more about it’s history in this episode of Ancient Recipes With Sohla!


– kosher salt
– 1 pound boneless beef short rib, cut into 1-inch pieces
– 1 ham knuckle, deboned & cut into 1-inch pieces
– ½ cup lard
– ½ cup all-purpose flour
– 2 large crabs, cut into quarters
– 4 dozen okra pods, sliced into ½-inch rounds
– 1 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped
– 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
– 3 celery stalks, chopped
– 1 pound peeled shrimp
– cooked Carolina gold rice for serving

1. Generously season the beef all over with kosher salt.
2. In a large pot, heat the lard over medium-high heat. Sear the beef and pork knuckle in batches until deeply browned on all sides. 3. Transfer to a plate and set aside.
4. Reduce heat to medium. Add the flour and cook, stirring constantly, until it’s a peanut butter brown color.
5. Add the okra, onion, pepper, celery, and big pinch of kosher salt. 6. Cook, stirring constantly until tender, about 5 minutes.
7. Add the crab, beef, and ham and cook, stirring frequently, for about 15 minutes.
8. Add enough water to cover the contents 2 inches deep. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.
9. Add salt to taste and cook until the beef is tender, about 2 hours.
10. Add the shrimp and simmer until cooked, about 3 minutes. Serve over rice.”

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SUNY professor under investigation after discussing pedophilia in viral video…


February 26, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!

YouTube video was removed for “violations”, or some such corporate nonsense.

Here it is on twitter.

“State University of New York professor is under investigation after appearing to defend pedophilia


Refreshingly good honest discussion on the topic of adult-child consensual activity, and whether the risk a child takes in enjoying sexual pleasure is as bad as society might have one believe. Steve Kershnar boldly swimming against the dominant narrative.”

In more recent related news, Thaddeus Russell basicly retreated, and couldn’t drive home the point enough that “he’d want to murder a pedophile, if he caught them…”

I’ll just give the link, and my response to it from Mastodon.

It doesn’t help that he repeatedly claims he “would murder a pedophile”.

The arrogance…Who’s to say he’d be able?

I don’t like these kinds of podcasts…They’re feeding people inaccurate information…and I don’t presently feel like logging into a different account, just to post corrections which are likely to get censored somehow.

In addition…the murder threat is dehumanization and hate speech, in my book…But, YouTube won’t do anything about it, because “the right” unprotected demographic is being trash talked about.

Supposedly, this sort of thing is against their TOS, though.

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Twitter is LOSING the Power to Cancel You…


Date: February 25, 2022

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“Twitter seems to be getting cancelled by studios, publishers and the media. More and more Hollywood types and journalists are turning on Twitter Cancel Culture, including John Barrowman (Doctor Who.)

We talk about how “cancel culture” failed to get Rogan, Chappelle, Awkwafina, Whoopi and more.”


MPP Purges Board Members/Volunteers, Status Coup Obtains Messages/Documents…

Date: February 24, 2022

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She seems like a nice enough person…but I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve seen the typical methods many people employ these days, to shout down or threaten others into silence…One such method being the “racist” smear…or “nazi” smear…

When I see people attaching initiatives which have no inherent connection to nazis and white supremacists, with nazis and white supremacists…red flags go up in my head.

I’m guessing this lady dislikes the rejection of mandates, by default, and is simply using this as an excuse to snub the popular issue.

That someone you don’t like also supports the same issue as you, is such a loony argument for abandoning said issue.

You support an issue based on it’s merits…not depending on what someone you don’t like thinks about it.

This is making me wonder if Nick Brana is merely being smeared, while attempting to stop the movement from being hijacked by insane SJWs.

It seems there’s always these stupid conflicts being inflicted, upon whatever movement credibly threatens the establishment…whatever poses the possibility of doing good for us, some idiocy always tries to run it off the rails.

Nick Brana was huge in the Bernie Sanders campaign, and that campaign got smeared with accusations of sexual harassment…Nick Brana has the movement for the peoples party, and we see sexual harassment accusations again.

MPP Board Members Purged Amidst Alleged Sexual Harassment Investigation Into Nick Brana

People’s Party Nick Brana addresses sexual harassment allegations- agrees to Status Coup interview


Supreme Court Kills Trump’s Attempts To Stifle Investigators…

Date: February 24, 2022

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“Even the Republican-controlled Supreme Court can’t save Donald Trump from House investigators, as they ruled early Tuesday that he cannot shield his records from the January 6th Committee. Even though the Committee already had the records that had been requested, the ruling by the Court sends a shot across the bow that Donald Trump is NOT above the law, and that his claims of executive privilege no longer exist. Farron Cousins explains the significance of this ruling.