Sociology department website encourages parents to let children engage in ‘sexual play’…

Date: June 14, 2018

01) Sociology department website encourages parents to let children engage in ‘sexual play’

The “Childhood Sexuality” article in question seems to have been made restricted…which is a shame…As a thinking and rational person, I’d have liked to have actually had the freedom to read it…and censorship of social information is a crime against knowledge, speech and human rights…

I expect the moral supremacists, and moral imperialists, are thrilled with themselves, over forcing their ignorance onto others.

“The University of California, Santa Barbara, hosts a website that encourages parents to allow children as young as four years old to engage in sexual play, claiming that it is “perfectly normal” and that parents and caregivers should respond “positively” to such behavior.

The website SexInfo Online is maintained via the school’s sociology website by students “who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality,” according to the site. The website features a significant number of sub-sections and articles related to human sexuality. One of them, “Childhood Sexuality,” discusses such topics as “childhood masturbation,” “sexual play,” and appropriate “reactions” to these behaviors by parents.

The website states that, for young children, sexual “play” and self-stimulation are “completely normal.” The authors of the website encourage parents to permit such behavior.

On the topic of “sexual play” between young children, the authors state that it is most common “between the ages of four and seven” and that it is “generally harmless.”

02) California university’s website says its OK for children to engage in ‘sexual play,’ watch porn

“It adds that parents should intervene only “if the acts are non-consensual or hurtful.”

In a section titled “Talking To Your Children About Sex” parents are encouraged to let their children watch pornography.

“It is important that children understand that viewing pornography is a normal habit, and that they do not need to be ashamed of it,” UCSB students wrote.

The article tells parents how to have “the talk” with their kids.

“Children and teens do not want to be told what to do, especially when it comes to personal topics such as sex,” the website states. “It is important that parents do not lecture their children, but instead try to present information and have an open discussion about sex. Adolescents will make their own decisions regarding sex and it is up to the parent to give them the information and resources needed to make informed decisions.”

The part about letting your kids watch porn, is also of note…

…Not everybody holds such hyperbolic views on pornography [nor erotica], that they believe it must be hidden from children.

The complete absence of knowledge, familiarity and experience with sex, can be every bit as detrimental as sex without rational limits.

As to the sex play…

…This exists in the eye of the storm, where even professionals are intimidated away from discussing truth in human life.

There’s nothing especially controversial in these statements…These things do happen…They are normal…

…But they can so quickly, so easily be censored out of public discourse…even where there is a genuine need [and market] for this type of educational information.

People who actually want and need sound facts, and sound advice, are becoming the victims in all of this…as well as the children they care for, by extension of this enforced ignorance.

Take a bow, moral imperialist bigots…

…You’ve degraded this world and the people in it, yet still again.

Roman Catholic Church Chilean Offices Raided: Pope Francis Doing What’s Anticipated…

Date: June 14, 2018

01) Chilean church offices raided as part of sex abuse probe

“The surprise raids Wednesday targeted the headquarters of Santiago’s Ecclesiastical Court and the diocese in Rancagua in the O’Higgins region, where 14 priests are accused of having had sexual relations with minors.

They came hours before two envoys sent by Pope Francis met with Chilean prosecutors, including Attorney General Jorge Abbott, to coordinate their response to scandals that have discredited Chile’s church and last month led all of its 30-plus active bishops to offer to resign over their collective guilt in failing to protect children from abusive priests.

The Vatican investigators in Chile – Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Spanish Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu – earlier put together a 2,300-page report that prompted Francis to realize he had misjudged the Chilean situation.

On Monday, Francis began purging Chile’s Catholic hierarchy over the avalanche of sex abuse and cover-up cases, starting with accepting the resignations of the bishop at the center of the scandal and two others.

The findings opened a Pandora’s Box of new accusations that led Francis to become the first pope to refer to a “culture of abuse and cover-up” in the Catholic Church.”

This truly throws a monkey wrench into “pizzagate/pedogate”, and other assorted, insane, pedophile phobic conspiracies…doesn’t it?

If you ask me…and I’d have told you this a long time ago, also…Pope Francis never struck me as the type of person, who would fail to work with the cops over this…or fail to do something about it, from within the organization.

You read some threads online…and good grief…they are dragging the guy through the mud, accusing him of being a protector of abusers…

Things are beginning to gain traction…and we see that he certainly is no such thing.

Kids Masturbate: What Parents Need To Know…

Date: June 14, 2018

01) Kids Masturbate: What Parents Need To Know

“The topic no one wants to talk about! Doctor G has 3 tips for what you need to know, and what you can say to your kids – from toddler to teen!”

Humans masturbate throughout life…but it’s most prevalent from early childhood till well into adulthood.

…It’s because children are sexual beings.

…This is their early life sex drive.

…It’s what makes them naturally open and wanting, towards sexual touch and sexual exploration…sexual intimacy, in some cases.

Children don’t have sexual experiences [even so far as mating] with each other, for no reason.

There are internal, biological reasons why they want to do these things…It is in their nature.

Even very young children will do these things, despite knowing they will be punished for it if ever discovered.

This is how we know, we are observing an immutable biological trait…which by nature, is supposed to be there for some evolutionary reason…Even when some people try to eradicate it with extreme punishment…it still persists.

“Adult force and coercion” as an explanation, is a red herring…Children naturally do these things, entirely on their own initiatives…and for their own reasons.

It is normal for children, who are sexual beings, to explore available avenues [whether physically with friends/cousins/siblings, with pornography, or asking questions of a trusted elder]…to continue learning about sexual activity.

SexInfo: What is Zoophilia?…


Date: June 14, 2018

01) Zoophilia/ Bestiality

“Zoophilia is the paraphilia in which a person becomes sexually aroused by fantasizing about or engaging in sexual contact with an animal.

Sex with animals is not as rare as one would think. In the Kinsey studies of the late 1940s, it was found that nearly half of all boys raised on a farm had had at least one sexual encounter with an animal- 17% of those interactions even led to orgasm. This practice is significantly less prevalent among females – 3.6% of the subjects in the Kinsey studies recalled zoophilic encounters.² It is important to state that zoophilic disorders are only diagnosed if sexual attraction and/or sexual relations with animals persists until after adolescence. This is a standard requirement in the DSM-V for diagnosing paraphilic disorders.¹”

Since humans are also animals…wouldn’t that definition make nearly every human a zoophile?

…And, every bit as important…if merely fantasizing about sex with a non-human animal [while masturbating, or having sex with another human?] qualifies you as a zoophile…this points out a held parallel with pedophilia…Namely, that it’s about the oriented attraction…not whether or not you are physically engaged in the sex act.

I find the prevalence of this practice amongst young boys to be quite instructive, as to the nature of their sexual needs in the face of available sexual options.

Do kids engage in zoophilia [or bestiality] because they cant do it with other humans?…or because they like doing it with the animals, as a preference?…Or is this “just the fun thing that is there in their lives, right now”, and they’re enjoying it to the fullest while it lasts?


EU, This Makes No Sense. Taxing Links and Required Scans of All Uploads. EU’s Article 11 & 13…

Date: June 13, 2018

01) EU, This Makes No Sense. Taxing Links and Required Scans of All Uploads. EU’s Article 11 & 13.

“LIVE: This Makes No sense. Taxing Links and Required Scans of All Uploads. EU’s Article 11 & 13.

The EU is reviewing a proposed amendment to its copyright laws that would both tax links (by requiring news aggregators to get licenses to snippets of information) and scan all uploads ands posts for potential copyright infringements of face liability. Many experts have said that this will mark the death of the internet. Let’s talk.

Lior Leser is an attorney specializing in helping technology and brand companies grow. As a YouTube lawyer, Lior Leser, works with emerging and established YouTubers, Instagramers, bloggers and online influencers on setting up, protecting and growing their brands. To support the work of content creators who may not have access to legal help, Lior Leser started a Youtube channel providing advise and guidance as a YouTube Lawyer.”

Professor Tom Reeves in “Army of Lovers or Revolt of the Perverts”…


Date: June 12, 2018

01) Professor Tom Reeves in “Army of Lovers or Revolt of the Perverts”

“It is not just the gay men’s groups in Boston who support the struggle of the paedophiles; so do lesbians and some heterosexual groups. This is quite amazing, for generally paedophiles are a minority in the gay movement who are even discriminated against by other gays. The idea is that it is necessary to be particularly diplomatic and behave nicely. Tom Reeves has a different view. He says we must struggle quite radically for all the rights that gay people need to guarantee us a more human and freer life in future.”

“Tom was attracted by the example of Martin Luther King, Jr., with whom he sometimes worked, and was involved in many protests, marches, and sit-ins. An article in the New York Times (April 12, 1960), “Fear and Hatred Grip Birmingham,” notes the arrest of “Thomas Reeves, a 21-year-old white student at Birmingham-Southern College and part-time preacher….” It was the earliest of many arrests and stints in jail that Tom faced for his political activism.”

“Tom told me he wanted to organize a conference in Boston on the topic of age of consent, and I readily agreed to support his efforts. So began our longtime collaboration. We decided to hold a meeting after the conference for those who might wish to form an organization for men and boys who loved each other. About thirty of us met and formed a group we called (initially) Man/Boy Lovers of North America. A few days later, Tom called me to say he thought a better name would be North American Man/Boy Love Association, mainly because it would result in a pronounceable acronym: NAMBLA.”

speech by Tom Reeves in 1994:

[“This is a video shot in 1994. It presents a widely vilified & disparaged viewpoint within the LGBT community. This group was officially banned from marching in the official 1994 Pride Parade in NYC. Tom Reeves died in either 2013 or 2012.”]

“Army of Lovers or Revolt of the Perverts (German: Armee der Liebenden oder Aufstand der Perverse) is a 1979 German documentary film directed by Rosa von Praunheim.”

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Interview With The Hacker Who Swatted David Hogg…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) Interview With The Hacker Who Swatted David Hogg



I recently interviewed a hacker claiming to be the person who Swatted the home of David Hogg. They provided me with a recording that is included in this video as proof that they are who they say they are.

It is possible this is a hoax on me however I believe the evidence provided does prove they committed this swatting.

Yes I understand the ethical conundrum of publishing an interview with teenagers trying to get attention but understanding their motives and proving who they are is potentially more important to the public.”

They should go to prison over this.

This is just stupidity on steroids.

Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age

“How will this impact me?


The proposal would make sharing and accessing news online more difficult. It would force most online platforms to monitor all content you post — like YouTube videos, Facebook comments, and DeviantArt submissions.

Creator / Innovator

Everyone in Europe should have the right to remix, create parodies, and share their ideas online — all the forms of expression that make the internet wonderful. The current proposal doesn’t include an exception for everyday user generated content.

Scientist / Librarian

The proposal only allows scientific research institutions to mine text and datasets, but we think more people — like librarians, journalists, and independent scientists — should be able to access the information they need to discover innovative solutions for Europe.”

Being entirely honest…I am uncertain how, or if, this will directly impact people outside of the European Union.

Of course…given the impact that various laws have already had on the MAP community, by way of impeding MAPs within certain borders…I cannot interpret this proposed law as anything but a threat…even if I don’t live under it’s jurisdiction.

Basically…it appears to be copyright law, gone insane.