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The Number One Thing I Would Tell Boys About BoyChat…

Date: August 31, 2015

01) Re: Boy Allies/Boy Actors/Boy Imposters

“People here complain about unfair repression of their views, whether in the sciences, law, culture, or the arts. But they are guilty of having the same attitudes towards boys, as well as clinging to a view about boys that very seriously undermines any message that depicts their “love” as sincere: the current message from the boychat community is one that the boys themselves overwhelmingly reject as loving. In short, this community routinely complains about external oppression, but refuses to examine how much their own internal views and attitudes are holding them back.”

The number one thing I would tell boys about BoyChat…

…is that there are so many diverse, different factors and motivators behind the “why” and “how” people post on BoyChat…that much of the content posted here gets judged and saddled, quite unfairly.

We have people here, dealing with a lot of things.

The phenomena of angry posts, offered by those on registries…often made hours after making their regular, required, humiliating visits to the local PD…or being visited in their home.

People who simply want to share something with others, who they reasonably know will likewise appreciate…when they don’t know anyone else who will.

“Soap Boxing”, because something in this world rubbed you the wrong way…

Sometimes you’re just in a good mood, and want to create something whimsical to share, and brighten the world a little bit…at least for those who appreciate such.

Claiming and asserting our human worth, and that we belong…

Every here and there, someone wants to get serious about something…like research…people who attack us…

BoyChat is a place of exchange, for legal content created and/or shared by BoyLovers…It is tailored to BoyLovers, and their needs.

It is way to easy, for people to impose their own interpretation on what gets posted on BoyChat…without looking under the surface, and allowing a lot of leeway and empathy for the many things driving this place.

…I would ask boys not to impose to harshly, their own “cover all” judgments on what appears here…Because so much of it, is just people working through their issues [or sharing a happy moment in their life], in a place that’s supposed to be available for that exact thing.

I’d ask boys to understand, the toll it has taken on so many of us…being out here in the world…We are human…and BoyChat is one of our outlets.

I’d also ask them to not place to much emphasis on BoyChat…to not take it to seriously…to let those of us who are here be human, and have our place for being human.

As a side…it would be nice to have genuine boys posting at BoyChat, again. As I expect you are aware…we once did…though it was very few.

BoyChat has lost a deeply valuable, balancing voice and perspective, in their absence. That observation is dead correct.

I have little hope, in seeing the day this changes…though I hope I am wrong.

We all know it is complicated…We all know, there are dangers lurking out there. Some days I am glad there aren’t boys coming onto the radar, by associating themselves with this board. Sometimes, I think it’s for the better that we remain apart…especially in forums like these.

By the way…Thank you, for this post…and I mean that sincerely. There is a lot of importance, in what you have expressed here.

Robin Sharpe…


Date: August 31, 2015

01) Robin Sharpe has passed away

02) BoyWiki: Robin Sharpe

If you did not know…Robin Sharpe was a very brave Canadian, who spent years fighting “child pornography” prohibition laws. He paid a high price for his unflinching ethical stance.

His official date of death is not known by me, but I wanted to memorialize this giant amongst BoyLovers.

I did locate this article by Tom O’Carroll, which I think is fitting to share at a time like this.

I’ve had a great deal of empathy and respect for Robin, over the years.

……..Sub-Blog Archive | OLF Memorial Page

Blackmail Is Wrong…

Date: August 31, 2015

01) BoyChat: Dangerous…

“I would like to find a way to persuade him, blackmail him or force him to tell the truth. But I don’t know how.”

I would not give an answer to this, even if I imagined I had one. Blackmail is a serious crime…and deservedly so.

My advice is, Just don’t!

You’re likely to end up in more legal trouble, or worse.

In the past, I’ve had to watch one of my dearest BL friends get snared by the legal system…and refuse to ever accept the realities of his circumstance in the aftermath…He decided he was going to do what he wanted [including manipulation of other people]…Over a handful of years, he went from this beautiful, loving person…evolving into someone constantly dancing around the fire, till it burned him again…after which he went completely off the rails, became someone I don’t even recognize…did things that were way, way crossing the line, the likes of which I [and I think most of us] would only have condemned without reservation…became abusive and estranged, cutting off all contact…Three or four years later, he turned up in the news, for something particularly heinous…

Again…I don’t recognize “that” person, who is now likely to die in prison…and who betrayed…everyone of us, and everything good about BoyLove.

If you want to blackmail someone…you are looking down that same road. Even if you think you aren’t…you have no way of knowing how this will play out, or what you’ll be sucked into.

He became obsessed with hurting someone…Initially, it was a boy who he previously tried to make his YF [Young Friend]. Gut wrenching, sickening and personally horrifying and embarrassing, watching him turn on that kid…Apparently, he eventually took out his rage on another hapless boy, he gained access to.

Bad things happened to him, which he did not deserve…but that never justified him forcing bad things onto other people.

You cannot…you must not, deal from the darkness…not even when you think someone deserves it. It will consume you, and possibly those close to you.

I’m not aware of many BoyChat cases, of this specific nature…But what I am aware of, is too many…I don’t want to see anymore.

Don’t be a sociopathic criminal…Don’t imagine you can get away with manipulating people these ways.

100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God…


Date: August 30, 2015

01) 100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God

“Published on Aug 18, 2014

The more scientifically literate, intellectually honest and objectively skeptical a person is, the more likely they are to disbelieve in anything supernatural, including god. This film is a compilation of some of the best examples of such individuals, and their thoughts on the divine. All the speakers featured are elite academics and professors at top institutions, some of whom are also Nobel Laureates.

This is part of a “Speaking About God” series by J Pararajasingham. You can see the other videos in the series here: Link

Highly thought provoking…and so, so, so many pieces of insight, which could be commented on here. This is worth watching.

Speaking About God Playlist:



Dialectics: Some Thoughts…

Date: August 22, 2015

I’m returning to the video featured here, because it begs a response.

Here it is, in full.

In a nutshell…dialectics is the practice of changing social perspective, by talking about certain issues or things in an intentional manner. If you don’t like something, you might promote a negative way of speaking about it. If you don’t like people’s hostility towards something, you might choose to start talking about it in a neutral or positive way. The idea is to psychologically push a culture in a certain direction, by exposing it to a persistent positive, negative or neutral message [or tone, if you will].

Now…Debra and Cliff clearly find it objectionable, whenever people with views different from their own employ dialectics…What I’m finding curious, is that they think nothing of employing dialectics in that very episode, themselves.

Cliff has been beside himself over Pope Francis…That pope doesn’t embrace pursuit of the mighty dollar and unrestrained capitalism, enough to keep Cliff happy…In fact, Cliff has made many episodes, decrying how the Pope is calling for social accountability…even speculating that this Pope is “the antichrist”…

…No…I am not joking here.

Cliff cant stand, that this Pope is genuinely concerned about climate change.

I find that fact that Cliff actually goes so far as to call this concern for the climate “worship of the planet”, to be a clear example of dialectics…especially since this automatically sets it up against “worship of god”…a direct conflict with organized religion…Cliff’s religion, anyway.

I have to wonder…are these individuals unaware, that organized religion has an outright notorious history of using dialectics to demonize [and many of us would suggest, dehumanize] certain other groups and their customs?

…Before complaining about the dialectics of others…maybe they should check the plank in their own eyes, before pointing out the mot in the eyes of others?…

…Just a thought.

Pots should think carefully, before calling kettles black.

As to dialectics…I am certain some will suggest, that what I do on this blog is the employment of dialectics…especially as pertains to pedophiles and pedophilia, etc…

…and they would be dead on correct…because I reject the demonizing social narrative and all the hyperbole, in very strong preference of simple honesty…and that practice is very much against the grain, when it comes to discussing pedophilia.

I proudly employ dialectics, to infuse pragmatic honesty into social dialogue about these topics.

…Somebody of principle has got to do it.

Debra Rae Tells Cliff Kincaid What’s Next: “Pedophilia’s Already There”…

Date: August 21, 2015

01) Christians Versus the Global Reds and Greens [from beginning]

Ah, yes…

…the “We own the language, we own the rules, we own love…NOT YOU!!!!” crowd…who cant tolerate anybody, unlike themselves.

For the record, it would probably be best to watch this from the start…to get a feel of what this conversation is all about…And realize, Debra starts off by saying she got her start from reading the bible, and noticing parallels to modern times…


This is not the most promising interview, where it comes to questions of sound integrity.

…It’s still fun, sometimes, to peer through the window and see what others are claiming about us…

The “global agenda” allegedly has big plans for us…Amazing.

…And the Kinsey Institute has a “propaganda arm” [SEICUS], that is arguing on our behalf?…Wow.

I strongly suspect there is a lot taken out of context…because I have way too much experience with this sort of thing, to not be left suspecting such.

I’ve not watched the entire episode…and maybe I should, because there might be some more real whoppers left to be seen…

…but I knew various people would appreciate seeing this…even if only for a chuckle.

Cliff asks if “we’ve gotten dumbed down enough to accept pedophilia as a civil rights lifestyle”…

…Well, Cliff…other than to look at you as an alarmist, trying to scare people into action…it astonishes me, that anybody takes this seriously.

You are clearly living in a very different world than I, if you think the world is somehow pulling on our behalf.

…The U.N.?…Good grief!…There has been at least one group within the U.N., that’s been pushing for a universal age of consent to be 21 [twenty one] years of age…Are you and your guest unaware of this?

…And this is supposedly the governmental body, which you expect to usher in an age of adult child sexual relations?…


Groups representing people like us, were ostracized before the LGBT community was allowed to have an advisory panel to the U.N.

The U.N. has been overwhelmingly toxic and aggressive, when it comes to it’s dealings with people like us.

I’d suggest you two are extremely disconnected from reality, as it is happening in the real world.

You’re just spreading false information.

Chris Wittwer and the Nigel Oldfield lynch mob…


Date: August 17, 2015

01) LINK
Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2015-August-15

Notice of Raw Links:

Friday, Aug. 7, Maltby, a suburb of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. A rumor was getting around on social media.

“Paedo!” the people were typing to each other, or “peado!”, as the case may be.

Lydia Reed was typing to her friend Gemma Johnston on Facebook: “I didnt fkin realise he lived at the top of this road, fumin walk every day with my kids to skool.”

Another neighbor, Carly Louise, got in on the horror: “He just got on our bus and we have 4 young kids with us.”

Then local freelance news photographer Ryan Booth perked up his online ears. “What bus is that?” he messaged.

The lynch mob was underway.

The object of the horror, former chemistry teacher Nigel Oldfield, 54, had never touched a child sexually. He had also claimed steadfastly online that he was not a pedophile, based on the clinical definition. Nonetheless, he had earned himself a multi-year membership on the sex offenders’ registry in Britain in 2002, after he’d gone on a spree of depression-fueled image downloading, 11,000 images in all, of which a handful were considered legally actionable. After doing 15 months of prison time and realizing he was now all but unemployable in the mean streets of de-industrialized Britain, he emerged with the idea that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. He became an online activist and gadfly, sparring with the political leaders of the abuse victim movement and insisting that an image was information, not a person. Some of the victims were sensitive about their own childhood images being out and about, and this didn’t go over well. They also were convinced that Oldfield and other sex offenders should be forever forbidden the right to speak. They campaigned hard to have him removed from the internet, resulting in several prominent newspaper articles and many banned social media accounts. Oldfield, whose motto is ‘always winning,’ invariably re-emerged and began piercing rhetorical bubbles again. Repeated account deletions only served to make him immune to ‘block’ functions in the social media sites.

How exactly he came to live, without any fanfare, in Maltby, is not clear. Life was so secure there that, in July, he offered a ‘safe house’ to pedophile writer Tom O’Carroll. O’Carroll was then enduring a tempest of public fury after he’d told reporters for Australia’s ‘60 Minutes’ television program how a 10 year old girl sitting on one’s knee could consent to sexual activity.

Now, the Maltby house was not so safe.

Some time after Oldfield got on the bus with Carly Louise, Andy Struggles, a chunky 20s/30s guy with a new baby daughter and a Rottweiler, posted the ex-offender’s address on Facebook. (The name Andy Struggles, despite its suggestion of manly battle, appears to be a real name, not fake.) He also put in a friend request to Chris Wittwer, the UK’s best known old-school anti-pedo vigilante, who runs the online 40,000-record “Database of ‘convicted/cautioned’ UK & Irish child abusers & animal perverts.” Among Andy’s 538 Facebook friends or their friends-of-friends was Julie Meese, a young woman tweeting as @Megajules01. She tweeted: “Ugh. Apparently paedo Nigel Oldfield has moved into my locality according to this guy, … who gives an address.”

The result was as described in a later story in the Daily Mail (5).

“The five hour long incident in Maltby, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last Friday started when a social media posting alerted residents that Oldfield was living in the house.

Graffiti was daubed on his front door and Oldfield – who was carrying a length of wood – was allegedly assaulted.

A pensioner, who asked not to be named said: ‘I heard glass being smashed around 5pm and saw a group of people throwing objects at the windows.

‘More people arrived – there must have been 100 people outside shouting.’

The eyewitness said Oldfield came out of the house and was allegedly heard shouting: ‘Bring your children to me.’

The pensioner added: ‘He was then attacked. He must be used to getting a beating because I could hear him shouting ‘is that all you’ve got?’

The photo of Nigel with a bloody nose, standing on his doorstep and flourishing a board, was posted early on in the fracas by Ryan Booth, the photographer. Booth also tweeted the insider information that Oldfield had been “spotted by someone who lived in his last town” (Doncaster) and he’d “been here 18 months (and) no one new (sic) who he was.” The name of the person who recognized Oldfield has not appeared online, to our knowledge.

Booth has locked his Twitter account since these disclosures were made and has offered to speak to the South Yorkshire Police about how he gained his intimate knowledge of the mob attack. Our perusal of his media prior to the lock-up, however, showed that he arrives with his camera at most dramatic community events.

After five hours, as the Daily Mail noted, the police eventually saw fit to arrive and Nigel was bundled off. They may have used an unmarked car – Facebooker Zoe Clark, who was clearly on the scene, commented, “Haven’t seen any cop cars but could have been in another car…” She continued, conspiratorially, “and cannot disclose his address on here.” Tammy Perry ‘Née Thompson’ likewise chimed in with “can’t put full address on here x” (the ‘x’ symbolizes a kiss).

Meanwhile, as the mob scene broke up and news of the event got around, new single mom Cheralyn Rose Hogan, a bleach-blond who has worked doing ‘girl-girl’ shoots with softcore porn model Kate-@katieee2610, sent an outraged tweet out to the UK’s other celebrity ‘paedophile hunter,’ Stinson Hunter. She’d got wind that Nigel, perhaps because of his bloody nose, had been taken to the local Accident and Emergency Ward (‘A&E’) of a nearby hospital.

Cheralyn-Rose ?@ChezyMJ Aug 8

@StinsonHunter Nigel Oldfield is in Maltby, Rotherham. Last night he was beaten by locals. He’s currently in rotherham A&E right now.

Stinson was already on the case, publicizing the affair. To fan the flames, he had posted an audio track from his archives in which Oldfield was interviewed on the phone-in show of right-wing radio scandalizer Jon Gaunt in 2012 (1, 2). The show had featured Wittwer and his organization “Children Have Rights in Society (CHRIS). Oldfield had taken on a skeptical, sometimes pugnacious attitude towards Gaunt and Wittwer; Gaunt ultimately had hung up on him. This recording of an uppity paedo-niggra was sure to inflame the lynch crowd.

On Saturday morning, Aug. 8, Wittwer, working closely with mob members stalking Oldfield in Maltby, posted, on his website, a close-range photograph of Oldfield sitting in a chair in the A&E, apparently none the worse for wear (3). Later, another close-range photo was published on a Maltby Facebook crime-reporting page (‘NEW Maltby Crime Awareness Group’) by Becki Content Hoggard, showing Oldfield sitting in the streaming mid-morning sunshine in the A&E, with a couple of quickly packed bags at his feet.

Oldfield, interviewed by my news team, did not wish to comment on the events that took place at A&E. Wittwer stated that Oldfield had been “attacked twice in 24 hours,” and a Facebook poster noted that the boyfriend of a woman she knew had had a confrontation with Oldfield in the A&E. Details of any unrest occurring at the A&E remain undisclosed at this point.

Hoggard reported on Facebook that, as shown in her photo, Oldfield “sat playing on his phone.” In fact, one action he was taking was to set up the latest in his series of Twitter accounts and reassure his friends that he was OK.

A week after the incident, on Friday, Aug. 14, an article appeared in the local Rotherham Advertiser documenting the “hate mob” riot (4). The writer, Tom Sharpe, stated in his background paragraphs that Oldfield “had set up a website in prison from which he played ‘agony uncle’ to paedophiles, attempting to justify their activities and demanding that sex with children be made legal.” We have not been able to verify the last assertion, and the legalization of sex with children is not a position that Oldfield has actively espoused in recent times. Attempts by our team to get Sharpe, who has a Twitter account, to substantiate his statements went unanswered. Sharpe also stated that Oldfield’s blog had advised paedophiles how to download child porn without being caught. Oldfield’s response was to tweet, “It is really the biggest and most dangerous pile of poo written about me …. Evah.” The same “pile of poo” was repeated nearly verbatim in the Daily Mail in its semi-cloned version of the Advertiser story on Aug. 14 (5).

Stinson Hunter’s photo post of the Advertiser story (4) features a revealing statement written in text over the photos of the article: “This is Nigel Oldfield whose address, through various sources, we revealed on Saturday night.” Since the Hunter website is linked to receive content from Wittwer’s website, it is not clear if this confession is from Hunter or Wittwer.

Oldfield’s former Maltby address remains, in fact, on Wittwer’s Facebook page (6) courtesy of mom and titillation trade worker Cheralyn-Rose Hogan

Aug. 8. Cheralyn Hogan. 1 queen mary street maltby rotherham s66 area. He had his house located last night, smashed up and he received a good beating. Search NEW maltby crime awareness group on Facebook for more updates.

As you can see, this posting came well after Elvis had left the building.

South Yorkshire Police are currently in the process of determining if anyone will be deemed to have committed an offense based on the five-hour spree of bottle-throwing, property destruction and alleged beating. In the meantime, members and friends of the Maltby lynch mob are not being reticent about their condoning of the violence.

Kerry Costello Round posted on Facebook “Let this be a warning to all other peados (sic)!! Our ‘Hate mob’ is on standby… I have never been so proud as to say I chose Maltby to settle down in… when shit like this happens, this village unites…”

Also on Facebook, Claire Beaumont has photographed herself making a salute that combines the Nazi thrust arm with the ISIS raised finger. Her message: “Nazi’s r us, we will not let pedophiles live near our children.”

Oldfield himself has done much documentation of the mob that beset him; the results are yet to be seen.

It also remains to be seen if the law, so diligent in dealing with image-downloaders, has the will to do anything about violent lynch mobs and their sinister online coordinators and inciters.


1. Radio interview – Chris wittwer & convicted paedo Nigel Oldfield
from chris wittwer Jon Gaunt talking about the C.H.R.I.S (children have rights in society) campaign naming and shaming convicted paedophiles,where Paedophile Nigel Oldfield rings in to try and justify his actions !







Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism – #GRITtv…

Date: August 13, 2015

01) Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism – #GRITtv

“This week: On Sanders and Socialism. Is socialism still an American taboo? Not so much, says professor Richard Wolff; nor was it in the past, says Nation columnist John Nichols. Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, and a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York City. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books, including his most recent; Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown 2010- 2014, and he hosts the weekly Economic Update podcast. John Nichols’ many books include The “S” Word: A Short History of an American Tradition…Socialism, and, most recently, Dollarocracy: How the Money-and-Media-Election Complex is Destroying America. This episode also features an commentary from Laura on renaming capitalism.”