Why Do We Undervalue Introverts?…

Date: November 11, 2018

01) Why Do We Undervalue Introverts?

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03) TED Radio Hour: Quiet

“About Susan Cain’s TED Talk

In a culture where being social and outgoing are celebrated, it can be difficult to be an introvert. Susan Cain argues introverts bring extraordinary talents to the world, and should be celebrated.

About Susan Cain

Susan Cain is a former corporate lawyer and negotiations consultant — and a self-proclaimed introvert. In her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Cain notes that although our culture undervalues them dramatically, introverts have made some of the great contributions to society. Based on research and interviews, she argues that we design our schools and workplaces for extroverts, and that this bias creates a waste of talent, energy and happiness.”

This is INFP stuff, right here…

…This explains a lot about me.

Orphaned Comment I Left on a Blog of Tom Grauer…


Date: November 10, 2018

01) Tom O’Carroll May Not Support Me, But I Support Him [Dead Link Removed]

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.


Forgive the length of this…I’m a keyboard blabbermouth…and there’s really a lot that can be discussed here.

americanrifleman09 has an excellent point.

It’s not so much that we BoyLovers have been “leading the movement”, so much as we’ve been magnified by the social stigmas associated with us…Which is to say, people are more likely to point a finger at us, judging and condemning us as “the other”.

Due to a number of social prejudices…we are easy to parade in front of the masses, throw cheap shots at…and generally formulate the most extreme “pedophile horror stories” about.

That being said…I still have to go back to a principle I mentioned here, earlier…

…The homosexual pedophile [hebephile & ephebophile] community is every bit as valid, as any other sexual community…It has it’s own need for community, culture, peer support, etc, etc…

Even if I did happen to agree it would be better if Girl-Lovers took the brunt of exposure [I honestly don’t, but if I did…]…I don’t see much of anything that I do, changing…I’m not going to close up shop, and go away.

…Life from the perspective of a homosexual pedophile, is an important thing to document and share…It’s important to be out here, and be seen as who and what I am…even if it were only important to other homosexual pedophiles, and nobody else.

I’ve pretty well always wanted to see more Girl-Lovers involved…I’ve wanted to see more joint ventures, between our communities…and it’s pained me over the decades, to witness the sometimes vicious bad will, that’s existed within and between both the BL and GL communities.

On such BL strongholds as BoyChat…the degree of disdain toward GLs, has at times been mind boggling to me…And many BCers don’t like inclusive terms like Child Lover…Some identify deeply with the homosexual movement, and don’t care so much about what falls outside of their own interests.

In addition…there is this unfortunate reality…that these two communities merging, sort of brings together this “soup of variables”, which are not all native to each community…

…Is the issue of pregnancy in twelve to seventeen year old girls a natural problem for homosexual BoyLovers?…Absolutely not.

…Do Girl-Lovers have to deal with the “anal sex” stigma, that so many of us BoyLovers get saddled with [even when we’ve never done such a thing, and would not]?…No.

In their own ways…both of these things are major social pressures, to willingly take on and shoulder.

It is understandable…just why people who already feel like they are in an impossible position, might not want to take on fights they don’t view as “their own”…And even more so, when they believe other communities wont be there for them.

Not everybody has gotten to the point where they see the writing on the wall…and they believe society needs to change so badly, that they decide they are going to start speaking truth about every issue that comes in front of them, whether they believe it is “their issue”, or not.

I think that’s one of the biggest problems within the MAP community…

…Self preservation still trumps everything else…Most are hiding in their proverbial bunkers.

Considering how many of us there are…few people have honestly laid their own neck on the line.

As to the namesake point of your post…

…Upon broader reading of your writing…I can see, that you do have something of genuine substance, to offer and consider…Even if the earliest offerings were extreme…highly controversial, to say the least…and not entirely all, something I can condone…

For me…having been involved for a few decades…the fire is more less in decline…And I see the fight, right now, as being over equal, open access to the lines of communication [ie: the internet, and services on it] which everybody else enjoys…as well as a fundamental human right, to our own identity…as well as to human rights protections…

…This may place me in a “mild” position, in comparison to some [like yourself]…But, believe me…I’ve had to fight a war, for over a decade, based on these stances alone…

I believe…if we can organize enough stubborn MAPs, who aren’t going to tolerate the way things presently are…then these goals are attainable, in this time era.

I believe these are battles we can win…and we are winning.

…We have a new generation of MAPs, who may not hold all of my views…and some of what they do may annoy me…But we finally have young MAPs, not afraid to take the internet by storm, and outwardly identify as MAPs…This is a substantial thing, in itself.

The future internet, is going to be one where MAPs will be recognized and accepted as part of it…an expected part of it.

Something to consider:

Your blog could become some type of test, for free speech on wordpress.com…if enough of the censorship crazies get into a huff over it.

…I don’t believe most people understand, just how dirty, sinister and underhanded the really nasty zealots get…nor the large network that they make up…

…They can tap into their “journalists” associated with high traffic “news” websites, who aren’t afraid to author and spread wholesale lies, aimed at specific targets…They are well refined, in creating false panics aimed at other people, and exploiting the panics they have created, to the detriment of their targeted victims…

To people like that…it does not matter whether they behave morally, or not…They want and demand, what they want and demand…and they don’t care what they have to do, to get it.

I think, wordpress.com resisting the very public pressure when Tom O’Carroll first started blogging here, is an extremely good sign…It’s what prompted me to open an account here, after blog.com pulled an extremely dirty blog suspension on me [after two plus years of very active blogging]…

…I’m just not exactly sure how far wordpress.com is willing to extend it’s good graces, to bloggers who fall outside of “the polite” discourse…

I’ve already been through “the great blog purge” of 2006…and bounced around on various blog platforms, of differing reliability and trustworthiness, until 2013…There’s tons of personal writing I’ve done over the past decade plus, which is no longer online directly because of this…A lot of my earlier content, isn’t so terribly unlike the “in your face” style of your writing…

I’ve found, over the years…that altering my persona, tempering and refining it, has generally served me well…as I don’t really care to repeat re-building from square one, for the fifth [arguably, the sixth or seventh] time…

…If I were still young, this would not be so much of a problem…But, I’ve got bad eyes, bad health…and I’m generally just going down hill…and I need stability in my home bases online…I have it in me, to evolve into something else…but, I don’t know if I have it in me, to rebuild what I have with my blog [because it’s such a vast thing, I’ve created]…and I love being a blogger…

On that note…I’m not telling, nor encouraging, you to stop what you are doing with this blog…

…I’m just hoping that you understand the possible ramifications, for MAP bloggers who are on this platform, and who may decide to intermingle with your blog…in the event that some cancerous group of zealots, successfully gets wordpress.com by the “spooked advertiser, or blogger boycott” balls.

Maybe I’ve personally distanced myself enough…I don’t know…But I was hardly at the center of the storm, the first time that sort of thing happened.

While I do think this world is in desperate need of the stark reality we have to offer…this battlefield is anything but even…And I don’t believe we are in a strong enough position, today, to offer that reality and withstand the backlash.

Despite what progress we may have made, things are still fragile…and I have to agree with Tom…This is an era, for building non-criminal MAP networks [and bodies of writing, literature, media, etc.]…It’s a time to establish ourselves, as moral human beings and legal entities…

…It’s not a time to get careless, nor lack a respectful understanding, of what the frothing at the mouth zealots can do to us…And they can get away, with doing a lot of horrible things to us…make no mistakes about this…

…Many, many MAPs have been badly hurt, because they did not respect the fact…that sociopaths [of many different stripes] will come after them…nor that we don’t have an established network of MAPs, to guard their back.

I recently had to do, what some people are representing as “a retreat” on Twitter…because the utility and importance of my account [given all I’ve invested into it over the years], and keeping my own efforts focused on my prime objectives, outweighed the pleasures, of exposing a certain sociopath who’s been targeting and threatening me for many months, for the utter brain dead idiot that they are…

Does it stink, not being able to directly confront this sociopath, and their followers?…You bet it does…

…Is it a blow to the ego, going quiet under these circumstances?…Yup…

…But, ultimately, I win every single day that I am out here, as they remain out there, stewing in their own venom.

The current fight is not about abolishing the age of consent, nor even especially changing the world to what we think it should be…

I think it was Harry Hay, though it might have been somebody else…who made the comment, “we are in the battle, before the battle”…

…Which is another way of saying, we are fighting to get over the hurdles, which are impeding us from getting to the actual root conflict…

It’s a human rights tragedy that we are still fighting that battle, and not the true battle we need to be fighting…But until we manage nullifying all the brazen B.S. this current battle entails…we are not making any progress on the real battle…

…Which is why some of us have taken things back to the basics…and decided to fight such things, as the stereotypes that plague us…as well as the people, mindsets and tactics, which attempt to destroy us.

I want to end this on a good note, however…not that the previous notes were especially bad, I hope…

…But I want to say, I think I understand where you are coming from…because I have been there, myself…I cycled through it, as a really long phase of my own life…

…I could no longer stomach the dishonesty and abuses of this world…and I started tearing into it, in my own particular way.

I’m not displeased with what came out of that phase of my life…It was pure, unadulterated honesty…though a lot of it was very sharp tongued…Some of it delivered a good “bitch slap”, to this world…Some of it openly mocked, the world that presently exists…

…It was something within me, that I had to let out…and set free into the world…

I presume, you are going through that phase in your own life.

…And I think, it’s a generally positive, necessary experience.


Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun (32min HD video of the cancelled successor to Soul Reaver)…


Date: November 09, 2018

01) Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun (32min HD video of the cancelled successor to Soul Reaver)

What a shame that this was cancelled…

…I forget the name of the engine…but this is clearly the same game engine used in the Mordor/Arkham games.

I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, a lot…which is crazy, because I haven’t been that big on action RPGs, over the years…but it’s a ton of fun, slaughtering Orcs.

…The Batman series I just recently purchased the set on sale…I’ve played the first a bit…and I’m looking forward to playing through the entire series.

Dead Sun looks like it would have been fun…and they badly need to get the Legacy of Kain back off the ground…the main storyline has been languishing in limbo, since 2003…for crying out loud…They need to at least complete that.

It’s crazy to know how many games were originally planned in this franchise [at least ten]…realizing that at least half of them got canceled…The LoK universe was supposed to have been much wider.

Blood Omen was a wonderful game [one of my all time favorite games]…total joy to play…

…It was the Soul Reaver games that killed the series, in my opinion…As games go…they were too big of a change from the first official release…and the fighting/puzzles were mind numbing…We went from a beautiful, dark “Zelda” like game…to a 3D world, where you had to be jumping and landing on narrow platforms…and dying when you fail…and fail…and fail…and fail…I was no good at this, and quickly learned to hate these games.

To my mind…there’s only been one good Legacy of Kain game released…and it was the first one…Though, curiously…there was a predecessor that never got released.

I wish they would have carried on the primary storyline, through games more like the first Blood Omen.

All the same…I probably would have purchased Dead Sun.


Caring for Babies and Children Who Die…


Date: November 09, 2018

01) Caring for Babies and Children Who Die

“A funeral director’s perspective on caring for babies and children.”

Some children do experience the ugliness of this world, before they die…They’re not all naïve…My one quibble…

I think I understand about the “better off with this death, than a worse death later” point…or having to terribly suffer in life, and being released from that future.

I guess…

…I decided to share this more for the portions with the discussion about the free services…and the portion about allowing relatives to hold and interact with the child.

It’s a little known fact, that people can care for their own dead…so long as they follow the regulations…

…In addition, some funeral homes welcome the relatives in…to be part of preparing the body…to an extent, anyway…I’m sure they send them home, before an embalming.


Bernie Sanders Under Fire For Comments On Race…

Date: November 09, 2018

01) Bernie Sanders Under Fire For Comments On Race

“Bernie Sanders gave an interview and his comments on racism have stirred up unnecessary controversy.

But for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the explanation was simple. The candidates who underperformed weren’t progressive enough; those who didn’t shy away from progressivism were undone, in part, by “racist” attacks.

‘I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American,’ Sanders told The Daily Beast, referencing the close contests involving Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia and ads run against the two. ‘I think next time around, by the way, it will be a lot easier for them to do that.’

Sanders wasn’t speaking as a mere observer but, rather, as someone who had invested time and reputation on many of the midterm contests. The Vermonter, who is potentially considering another bid for the presidency in 2020, mounted an aggressive campaign travel schedule over the past few months and endorsed both Abrams and Gillum. He also has a personal political investment in the notion that unapologetic, authentic progressive populism can be sold throughout the country and not just in states and districts that lean left.


How the #MeToo Movement Helped Create a Script for False Accusers…

Date: November 09, 2018

01) How the #MeToo Movement Helped Create a Script for False Accusers

“The #MeToo movement, along with other previous movements and hashtags, has opened up vast resources online that help victims of sexual assault seek justice, network with allies and other survivors, and recover emotionally from their trauma. This is all to the good. But as Chloe’s case helps demonstrate, these same resources can also be used as tools to create a realistic backstory out of whole cloth.In 2016, a young British woman admitted, after just a few minutes of cross-examination at trial, that she had manufactured a sexual-assault complaint against her father, using the lurid plot of Fifty Shades of Grey as her source material. The father might well have been convicted if he hadn’t mentioned to his lawyer in passing, just a day before trial, that his daughter’s favorite book was, by his recollection, “about a millionaire who takes a young woman under his wing and ‘teaches her about art.’”

Likewise, if Chloe hadn’t promoted her interest in sexual-assault prevention on social media and recorded videos about her activism, how would the evidence in her case have come to light? The prosecutor and police reportedly didn’t research any of this in detail before the case went to trial; and when issues were raised by the defense, the Crown made no effort to examine or provide exculpatory evidence. Indeed, the court transcripts indicate that the prosecutor’s behavior was so outrageous that the judge warned about possible contempt charges. Yet this episode produced no social-media outrage, despite the fact that a likely innocent man might easily have gone to jail.

And then there is the matter of statistical recording, a subject that has garnered great interest in the #MeToo era. How will the outcome of this trial be officially recorded? By official Canadian measures, it will be classified as “withdrawn or dismissed charges”—a category for “cases where all charges were withdrawn by the Crown (prior to the entering of a plea by the accused) or dismissed by the court. These decisions all refer to the court stopping or interrupting criminal proceedings against the accused.”

Which is to say: To the extent that the outcome will become known to the public at all, it will be classified as an incomplete trial. It won’t be recorded as a false accusation. Just the opposite, in fact: Journalists who report in this field will cite this data point as an instance of injustice to sexual assault victims.

The #MeToo movement has drawn appropriate attention to historically ignored injustice. Thousands upon thousands of real sexual-assault survivors have come forward to tell their stories and seek justice. But all movements, no matter how virtuous in intent, open up unintended misuses of their cause. In this respect, #MeToo is no different. Web sites such as Project Unbreakable, notwithstanding the good intentions behind their creation, can serve as a resource kit for dishonest complainants. And in such an environment, the emotional and political reflex that leads us to automatically “believe the victim” will sometimes cause us to cheerlead the imprisonment of innocent men.”

Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans & There Is Proof…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans & There Is Proof

“The long lines and packed precincts in Georgia on midterm election day were not an accident – that was exactly what Republicans wanted to happen because they knew that it would cost Democrat Stacey Abrams votes while giving some much-needed aide to Republican Brian Kemp. More than 1,500 voting machines have been found that were locked away, voting machines that could have easily prevented the long lines and hours-long wait times. The state lied about why these machines were locked up, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what really happened.


Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement

Thanks to feinmann0!

“On Wednesday 31st October 2018, Alison Saunders’ final day as the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions, David Pattinson’s Atlantic Future (dpaf) announced a ‘Citizen’s Prosecution’ of Alison Saunders. Britain’s ‘Dream Team’ of falsely accused men gathered at the event to announce their Citizens Prosecution against Alison Saunders for repeated criminal conduct against British men, carried out during her tenure as Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. Her prosecutions of these men were wholly malicious in nature and and she manipulated evidence to achieve unjust outcomes. This is the announcement made by David Pattinson.”

Alison Saunders to be prosecuted by the British people led by a dream team of the falsely accused including: David Pattinson, Mark Pearson, Ade Samuels, Jeffrey Ketland, Jonathan King, Johnny Fox, Patrick Graham, Mike Buchannan, Christopher Ferris, Samuel Armstrong, Danny Kay, Carl Baxter and many more!”

I really do wish this Citizen’s Prosecution success in achieving its aims. The UK justice system has been weaponised and used against men, and Alison Saunders has undoubtedly been the Queen Bee directing attacks from her male-hating feminist hive.”

This is awesome!

Those people who parasitically live and thrive off of the torment and destruction of Good People, must be brought to justice…They must face true justice…

…What they spend their lives doing, is as pure an evil, as evil comes.

I fully support bringing these types of people before a court, or tribunal…or, a court of the people.

Someday…this is going to be a reality, for the vast span of inhumane crimes [and derelictions of legal protections], aimed at MAPs, by members and servants of the government.

Someday…this wickedness will be atoned for…there will be deep consequence.

…And if I am wrong…then likely these people and their wickedness, will have driven the human species and it’s social structures straight into the ground…probably into total annihilation.

These people are too stupid, mean, self centered and cruel, to ever avoid turning the potential of good in what we have, into total shit.

We are governed…tormented, abused and raped, by the worst predatory specimens, which the human species has to offer.