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Bernie Najarian: Dayna (@angrychick016) and the exploitation of child pornography for hate…


Date: June 29, 2016

Notice of Raw Links:

If you’ve ever been involved with running a website, you’ll know it’s like being under siege. Thousands of bots are roaming around on the web, trying the latest mechanical ways to post spam. Hackers test your site’s penetrability; they’d love to boast that their garish icons are gleaming on your home page. DDOS’ers dream of using your site for target practice and hammering you flat. And if you let people post or speak freely, which you need to do in all but the smallest interactive sites, there’s no limit to what they’ll try to post. Any site that lets people post pictures gets unlimited porn, violence, and cruelty, along with treacly niceness and cats, cats, cats.

In an interactive site, in order to get some secondary control on hog-wild posting, you may decide to let users report unacceptable content. This still means that anything can be posted, but anyone who wants to look at the nasty stuff has to be quick. In a very large site, recruiting enough staff to handle the reports is itself a serious challenge. Few interactive websites make a lot of money; they can’t hire thousands to sort out accurate content reports from the malicious or ignorant reports. They try to automate the reporting process as much as possible, but it’s an uphill struggle. Users and abusers are brilliant at getting around all controls.

A good way to subvert websites and servers is to use control systems against themselves. If you’re government spy service wanting to trace Tor and darkweb users, gain control of the relay servers that are supposed to make traffic untraceable. If you’re an enraged social justice warrior and you feel that disagreement is like spam, then report it as spam to the automated spam control, and get all your friends to do the same, so that your opponents get banned as spammers. If you’re a hacker who wants to harass posters you don’t like, social-engineer an insider in the website to clandestinely feed you their I.P. addresses right from the server.

You have to give someone credit for brainwork when they come up with a new twist like this. It’s all about playing really dirty pool boldly and inventively.

Who would imagine that someone would find a way to use child pornography, or CSE images if you prefer, as a way to stir hate and to manipulate the controllers of a website? Could anyone be duplicitous enough to claim that they are shocked and appalled by the ‘evil’ of child porn (cp), while at the same time cynically making routine use of it to politick against people who are completely unconnected with it?

The Machiavellian imp behind this innovation claims to be a 16-year-old girl. She’s been claiming that since April 24, 2015.

Dayna @angrychick016 (formerly angrychick16) is associated closely with members of the Anonymous movement, but she isn’t really like them. They come in three emotional colors, outraged, lulzful (sadistic), and cutesy-sentimental (animals favored), whereas she mostly varies between outraged and morbid. She’s linked to a sort of grisly-gruesome dark comedy sector in Twitter, and quips things like “I nicknamed you tumor” and “my favorite color is red dripping blood.” Her retweets include motifs like actual shots of young women self-harming with razor blades, intermixed with calls, collected by word-search throughout Twitter, to kill all pedophiles. The sociopath-mausoleum tone of all this is occasionally broken up by some tweets showing rescue dogs needing homes.

Dayna is one of a small number of Anon-troll hybrids who have become fascinated by the presence on Twitter of an ever expanding number of people proclaiming themselves non-offending pedophiles. Many of these are fervently no-contact members and friends of the Virtuous Pedophiles website, but a large minority are traditional minor-attracted libertarians who state they are law-abiding, but advocate expanding or modifying the age of consent and other restrictions. On the opposite end of the legality spectrum, Twitter also appears to have thousands of posters who post underage pornography – any one account along these lines that is found usually connects to hundreds more. Most seem to be from southeast Asia and the Middle East. Dayna, despite calling herself a ‘pedo-hunter,’ spends little or no time searching for such accounts herself. Instead, she obsesses over the 20 to 30 non-offender accounts.

“The fact that they get turned on sexually by babies & kids is beyond ill & just pure evil,” Dayna tweeted on Jun 26, 2016, justifying her hatred of non-offenders. You can see clearly from my description so far why she would be among the least likely people to be favorably impressed by people who resolutely do no harm and intend no harm. She probably has no grasp of benevolent intentionality, and automatically reads her own sociopathy into others. Her quasi-religious views on the thought-sins of minor-attraction, however, have a wide subscription in the current ‘social justice warrior’ feminist movement. This seems to involve one of the last holdout areas of thought where female and male viewpoints depart from each other. Most men, I suspect, have personal experience that tells them that their sexual fantasies will not always be about acts that are acceptable in real life. Maybe they have fantasies about rape; maybe they are turned on by thoughts of humiliation or inflicting self-harm or having harm inflicted on them. Their sexual thoughts and dreams may involve under-agers, or vast orgies, or pink female cartoon horses – whatever the case may be, ‘to think it is not to practice it.’ Fantasy is not flesh. Women, on the other hand, typically have sexualities that are more malleable than men’s, and easier to alter in response to social cues. So we are told, with supporting detail and research, by authors Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá in their 2010 opus on the early evolution and later deformation of human sexuality, Sex at Dawn (1). There may, then, be some genuine incomprehension about why men can’t simply alter their sexualities as the outraged women imagine everyone can. Even though forty years of gay and lesbian liberation have managed to convince most people, other than conservative religious fanatics, that hetero-vs.-homo sexual orientation is a biological given, many feminists still believe deeply that all other dimensions of sexuality are moral choices, removable at will. Hence, if they don’t like their form, they label them evil and their holders immoral. The idea that non-offenders make good on intending no harm is dismissed, because if they had good intentions, why wouldn’t they just eliminate their bad sexualities completely?

Recently, Dayna appears to have perceived how she can use the actions of a much less intelligent woman in her campaign to unmask the lurking evil of non-offenders. “Kittie,” who I have already written about several times (2, 3), is a gun-toting Lowndesboro, Alabama trailer dweller of approximately 50 whose name was disclosed in 2009 as Sondra Horne Whatley. She is a kind of sadist socialite who has been a dedicated member of anti-pedophile vigilante groups for at least 15 years. Once on Twitter, she discovered that she shared goals and mindset with the more right-wing, Victorian-romanticist arm of the Anonymous hacker-harrier movement. She calls blacks ‘niggers’ and gays ‘faggots,’ but the Anons like her aggression level. She pitched in gleefully with their anti-pedophile operations (“ops”) and, later, their anti-ISIS ops. After the retirement of Australian hornet-grandaddy Anonymous Vengeance, who had organized a whole network of people to report child porn accounts (and who, according to rumor, was himself ultimately convicted of child porn possession), she attempted to step in.

Her modus operandi was completely unlike that of Vengeance, who had severely castigated any reporter who tweeted a link to a ‘live’ cp account. She wanted to do the reports her way, not Twitter’s. Twitter has provided a report form at that is expressly designed to allow people to report cp without publicly linking it. The problem with linking it, even though the link may be in a tweet reporting it to internal Twitter mods under @support and @safety, is that the link gives readers many hours of access to the cp before Twitter discontinues the offending account. Within those hours, any porn-attracted readers may also branch out into the hundreds or thousands of other linked cp accounts, and thus become thoroughly entangled in the always-changing network. Any such posting tends to draw newcomers into the cp posting environment.

Anyone wanting to survey what the extent of cp is on Twitter need only look at one of the “Kittie” accounts.

With human nature being what it is, vigilantes like “Kittie” may randomly hit on links that lure their fellow vigilantes into doing some collecting on the side. News stories of police officers working with cp and eventually succumbing to its temptations are constant in the press; unsupervised vigilantes with anonymizing computer skills are far more likely to take the hook. “Kittie,” nonetheless, reports cp accounts using the same tactics as for ISIS accounts – tweeting the link along with some cusses and nasty emoticons followed by links to @support and other twitter functions, as well as to @fbi (an account that states explicitly that it doesn’t respond to tweeted reports). She has persisted even when other vigilantes have warned her the tactic was problematic. Twitter has responded by suspending her accounts on almost a daily basis. This has only convinced her that the website is in cahoots with pedophiles. She creates up to three new accounts per day in order to fight back.

In my own attempts to understand “Kittie’s” dedication to her strategy, I can see four impulses linking together

1. Braggadocio. Posting to her friends about her aggressive triumphs is her social life. No one can see a CSE report that is filed using the proper form – it’s a tree falling in a forest with no one to hear it.

2. Humiliating Twitter. The “Kittie” accounts constantly stress the ineffectual nature of Twitter, where new ISIS and cp posting accounts spring up by the dozens each day. “Kittie” seems to be trying to pressure Twitter to do something miraculous about this problem rather than simply using the report form to clear away problem accounts. Although it’s true that a small army of volunteers could work full time filling out CSE reports without significantly diminishing the number of cp accounts, the “Kittie” approach doesn’t appear to be any more effective. It just shows more drama. That this is a priority is not unexpected for an internetter who has her own page in Encyclopedia Dramatica.

3. Trying to multiply the reports on a single account by getting friends to duplicate the report. There’s no evidence that Twitter responds to multiple CSE reports any faster than unique ones, but the assumption that it does so helps to encourage social contact and to keep the exercise from becoming purely unsung charity, hence boring

4. Publicly encouraging hate against pedophiles. By finding and exposing cp accounts to hostile eyes, swearing at the posters as ‘pedophile shit’ and threatening dismemberment and prison rape, “Kittie” can conduct an intense hate propaganda campaign. She claims that she reports the most extreme accounts without publicizing them, but the dozens she publicizes include many that would incite great rage in her fellow-vigilantes and many others. Her hate, however, cuts a broad swathe. She also targets liberal numbers of people posting 18+ twink porn, as well as the accounts of gay teenagers who show themselves in skimpy clothing and post legal photos of teens they find attractive. These teens, when she accosts them, may find they have epithets like ‘fudge packer’ and ‘faggot’ added on to their basic ‘pedo shit’ cuss-out.

“Kittie” may have inspired Dayna by including, in some of her accounts, Twitter ‘lists’ where she listed accounts of cp posters and non-offenders together under headings like ‘pedos’ or ‘sick cunts.’ In such a ‘list,’ people can view or even subscribe to see all the tweets of the listed accounts in one stream. “Kittie” has used this format to produce several lists that actually included continuous live-feeds of child-pornographic images. The attempt to associate the non-offenders with the cp stream was easily thwarted by having the non-offenders block her accounts. In recent times, the accounts have tended not to persist long enough to be of concern.

The Dayna account, unlike the “Kittie” accounts, is nearly perpetual; it has only been suspended once. Dayna has discovered a way to use the slow-witted but persistent “Kittie’s” porn feeds as an ongoing, safe generator of hate directed at non-offenders. Here’s a series of tweets showing her strategy.

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns (“Kittie” – BN) @safety @Support @FBI @history_of_boys (a cp-posting account – BN) … thank u 4 reporting. Filth needs 2 stay off Twitter

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED … have u seen the PEDO’s on here who want 2 be seen as a sexual orientation? They want rights like the gays

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED… it’s an infestation! & so called “non offending PEDO’s” wonder why they’re hated. That’s what they want 2 do w kids

(Dayna, having illustrated a live-linked cp account obtained from “Kittie’s” tweets, now turns the hate gun immediately on non-offenders by imputing the child porn to their minds)

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED … non offending PEDO’s are those who have never been caught viewing cp or molesting kids

(She justifies her views by projecting her own unemotional disregard of human beings as a constant feature of pedophiles. To her, no chance of well meaning humanity is possible anywhere, least of all in people inferred to be thought-criminals)

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @Girls__WithGuns (“Kittie”) @SINNED1LIVED … exactly! The fact that they get turned on sexually by babies & kids is beyond ill & just pure evil

(The tweet from “Kittie” that this is in response to is unavailable, since the “Kittie” account has already been suspended by Twitter)

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns … & if u don’t agree w them they resort 2 name calling & stalking. They’re also cowards who hide behind accts

(Dayna, a pseudonymous poster who may be a completely role-played identity, strives to gain rhetorical advantage by calling minor-attracted people cowards for not revealing their full identities. The contradiction that she also “hides behind accounts,” i.e., pseudonymizes, and resorts to constant name-calling and stalking is apparently justified in her mind by her own sense of bully prerogative.)

GH0sty ?@GH0sty_op Jun 26
to: @Angrychick016 @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns … I just want to meet Em face to face. Just 5 min.

(Paydirt for Dayna. A naïve punter now chimes in showing that Dayna has incited him or her to homicidal rage).

Dayna ?@Angrychick016
to: @GH0sty_op @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns … they are so proud to say they deserve rights on Twitter but hide in real life … 4:36 PM – 26 Jun 2016

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns … they take sick to a new level. They feel they have the right to be heard & want 2 be accepted like the gays

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED @Girls__WithGuns … u will go in circles w them & it’s why I don’t bother to debate w them.

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED … oh it gets better, they compare themselves 2 the holocaust. They target pedo hunters 4 their right to have sex w kids

(Dayna is not worried about straying into blatant falsehood in her campaign. None of the non-offenders she is obsessed with makes any claim to a fictional ‘right to have sex with kids’ or anything that could be confused with such an idea.)

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @SINNED1LIVED … what’s most disturbing is that ppl actually sympathize w them.

(The amicable relationship of a substantial group of academics with the virped group is very disturbing to Dayna)

Seth Tick Pena ?@TACP_TICK Jun 26
to: @Girls__WithGuns @SINNED1LIVED @Angrychick016 @safety @Support @FBI @history_of_boys (cp link) … I like the way you think! (thumbs-up emoticon)

(Another punter comes in who has retweeted “Kittie’s” live cp link to a whole new group of followers)

Dayna then goes on to retweet a few death threats from others. Here’s a random example:

Valerie ?@valibeee Jun 21
In my opinion all rapists/pedophiles need to die. That’s a mental illness that doesn’t change no matter if your in jail just kill them all

(Few such posters can spell ‘you’re)

Then, for further emphasis, Dayna sends a few extra threats to “Kittie’s” targets.

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @Girls__WithGuns @zezar (cp account – name altered) … u like little girls?! Men in prison will have fun w u, u piece of filth (poo emoticon)

Dayna ?@Angrychick016 Jun 26
to: @Girls__WithGuns @kids_ (cp account – name altered) … u filthy waste of a human life! Does u’re community know u’re a sick pedo mother fucker?! (another poo emoticon)

(Dayna, on the other hand, spells ‘u’re’ flawlessly. She knows perfectly well what she’s doing.)

The underlying rationale of suppressing cp is, in part, that the children shown are damaged via the exploitation of their images. Dayna, however, clearly doesn’t care if any child has his or her sexualized images shown to hundreds of followers of vigilantes as long as hate, rather than orgasm, is the objective. Her ultra-warped view of humanity finds that hate is always worthy and excusable, whereas sexual fantasy involving the exact same images is disgusting and evil. The final irony, however, is that all her real targets are non-offenders who would not have any traffic with the same images. She propagates child porn images, via her contacts, to hundreds of people, using them to rouse hate against people who avoid such images. She uses the images to represent the fantasies that her morbid mind cannot stop imagining that the non-offenders have.

That curious potential cp-collectors might lock into otherwise inaccessible cp via her stream doesn’t matter to her. The agenda of hate predominates over everything.

Dayna’s strategy is succeeded under the Twitter rules, while “Kittie’s” nominally fails every day. Yet Dayna is also the main factor keeping “Kittie” alive. You can always find out where the latest “Kittie” account has popped up because Dayna retweets from it. Dayna is the key to “Kittie’s” child-porn hate-posting world.

Clearly, arrests are needed to stop these obsessed, crazed hatemongers. Also, if compensation is awarded for the misuse of sexualized images, these posters should be made to shell out just as much as the eroticizers are. Hate-posting child porn to target innocent, law-abiding people, even those who happen to be attracted to minors, is hardly excusable.

The devious twist in which a person is able to publicize cp while making it look like he or she is reporting and reviling it has to be seen through. Websites and law enforcement agencies can’t be fooled by this ruse, which has only one real goal – to abuse sexualized children’s images to foment hate against law-abiding citizens.






Zach Sweers: “How far should a citizen go in trying to bust online predators?”…


Date: June 29, 2016

It begins at just about 35:45

01) Stateside 6.29.2016

02) Download Link [MP3]

Zach Sweers…

…I had a sneaking suspicion while listening to this news report, that I’d probably seen this guys YouTube channel…and I might have even intended on featuring his content, in this post series…

…Sure enough, the absence of videos and the presence of two other videos on this channel [Anxiety War], only serves to back up my suspicion.

It’s a shame this guy’s videos are down, because he is worthy of a lot of scrutiny…And they displayed tactics and mindsets, which I think would have been useful for most MAPs to see and comprehend.

I’m glad to see he is being sued [apparently, twice over], and that the local cops have severed ties with him. This sort of thing needs to take place…even if I am a bit annoyed, at how it’s interfered with intent to feature this guy, and his videos.

The contents of his videos consisted of lying to people online, and then filming the meetings…In the last instance, he took someone along with him who had a hand gun on his person.

A few notes:

a) “Evidence is evidence”…The local cops were accepting Zach’s videos, as evidence in cases against people. It’s important to keep in mind, that while cops might be held to a certain standard of conduct…that doesn’t mean private citizens also are.

b) You have every right to sue, anyone who does this sort of thing to you.

c) You should not meet “underage” people online, and decide to meet up for sex…You should never share pictures of yourself, nor live video, nor voice recording, with such people.

d) If you make the above mistake, and show up…do not talk to these people about anything, at all…Take something along with you, which fits the environment…even if that is only reading material, or something to eat…For example…taking binoculars to a park, can substantiate that you are only there bird watching…So, do go bird watching, and if one of these bozos approaches you…tell them to leave you alone.

e) Never go alone, if possible…

f) Don’t presume anyone is on the level with you. A lot of people are making sport of it, getting MAPs into vulnerable and compromising situations.

Relevant videos:

The philosophy, goals and future of this channel

I’M BEING SUED by a guy I reported

Yes, he has a certain mindset and ideology…and he slants it in a certain way…but he’s obviously an oblivious amateur…After what I’ve witnessed on his videos, I have little sympathy for him.

He got himself into trouble with his recklessness, which was entirely predictable…and now he is e-begging for money.

Zach refused to accept this optimal chance, to set the record correct on Stateside…Why?

He complains about the media misrepresenting him, but fails to respond to a major media network?

Zach is quite the propagandist…and he’s embroiled himself deep, in stoking the hatred against MAPs…It’s starting to cave in on him, and…well…Now we see what he is truthfully made of, as he collapses and retreats.

There is something important in this…as a lot of the people who target, smear and attack MAPs, are none to well equipped to deal with it, when the focus starts getting directed back on themselves.

As a community…we don’t organize and fight back nearly as vigorously, as we need to be doing.

Other related stuff:

Citizen Sting: Michigan Man Targets Online Child-Sex Predators – Crime Watch Daily

…..TAP-Net Website | Sub-Blog Archive

YouTube & Facebook Quietly Remove ISIS Content…

Date: June 29, 2016

01) YouTube & Facebook Quietly Remove ISIS Content

“In a move to eradicate propaganda of violence on their platforms, some of the world’s most popular social networks, including Facebook and YouTube, have quietly started to delete content deemed extremist automatically, Reuters reported citing sources…”

Bridge Magazine’s new book is first comprehensive telling of Flint water crisis…

Date: June 29, 2016

01) Bridge Magazine’s new book is first comprehensive telling of Flint water crisis

“Michigan Radio and countless other local and national news outlets have reported various aspects of the crisis, from how it unfolded to how the crisis will affect the city’s children as they grow into adults. And that reporting will continue into the foreseeable future, since Flint water is still not safe to drink, unfiltered.

The Center for Michigan’s Bridge Magazine has now published a book that aims to bring that story — at least what we know now — together in one place. The book is called Poison on Tap: How Government Failed Flint, and the Heroes Who Fought Back.”

Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?…


Date: June 27, 2016

01) Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?

Notice how in most instances within this video, the possibility that there is no god, isn’t even considered a valid conclusion…

…It’s like…”keep searching, until you arrive at our conclusion…and don’t stop, until you do”…

…And there was one, lone guy…who thought it was no big deal, if you’re an atheist.

I have no doubt that there are others like him…But the fact that he was representing a rare viewpoint, is truly disturbing.


Other Odyssey Islam Posts [Blog Search] |

God: “The Painted Picture Argument” (Narrated)…


Date: June 27, 2016

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

Note: This is more of a diversionary tactic of confusion, than a true argument.

This is an old Ray Comfort tactic [maybe he got it from someone else?], where in he equates the cognition behind one form of creativity, with a “need” for cognition behind all naturally occurring order.

One critical problem with this assertion, is that painting is an established art and discipline, which we can observe and see a cognitive mind behind…It’s an extremely well established occurrence.

…The formation of planets, stars, solar systems, etc…on the other hand, are not something we have ever had the opportunity to observe, in their entire process…

Frankly…we don’t know enough about that process, and till this day…we’ve not identified any cognition behind it. We’ve never established that a cognition is even required, for a planet or star to form…And given the sheer vastness of the universe…randomness is entirely plausible…In fact, it seems to be pointed towards and supported.

Given an essentially unlimited amount of chances…we will eventually find things happening, we don’t necessarily expect to happen.

Concluding that a cognition must be there, behind everything, is simply not justified…It is not substantiated…It’s merely asserted, by some people…who cannot substantiate it.

The physical elements which make up everything, have come together to produce earth…But, they’ve also mixed to form entire solar systems, which are expected to be desolate…because they are so hostile towards supporting life, as we know it to exist.

Most of what is out there, is overwhelmingly a treacherous wasteland…and it points towards a lack of any real thought put into it.

It’s far more justified to conclude, that we humans are a curious accident…than to believe that some cognitive creature [we cannot even establish the existence of] decided to invent us.

It makes no sense, to think otherwise…if you care at all, about what studies and research are showing us.


Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia: The full interview…

Date: June 27, 2016

01) Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia: The full interview

“What would happen if Based Mom sat down with Based Goddess for an hour to discuss modern-day feminism? No need to speculate—here’s the full one-hour interview (with bonus content!) featuring Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia where they break down #Gamergate, intersectional feminism, the “male gaze”, and much, much more.”

Here is the interview posted a few days ago, but all in one video.

‘Regression Therapy’ Isn’t Real, but Hollywood Keeps the Myth Alive…

Date: June 26, 2016

01) “Regression Therapy” Isn’t Real, but Hollywood Keeps the Myth Alive

“The problem is that there is no empirical evidence to support such notions, certainly not in the way that Freud originally conceptualized them. As far as the scientific community is concerned, there is no secret repression vault, so there cannot be a secret technique to unlock it, thus eliminating the possibility of regression as a feasible therapeutic technique.

There is also a tremendous problem with assuming that there is such a hidden emotional vault […] The problem is that our expectations tend to influence their behavior. If we assume that a hidden, repressed memory exists, we start to hunt for it.

If psychoanalytic therapists and patients go into a therapy session looking for the atrocities that ‘must’ be there, they can quite easily generate false memories in the process. The results can include families fractured by false accusations, and lawsuits based on ill-informed therapy that generated a memory of something terrible that never actually happened.” – Julia Shaw

The Intelligent Anti-Establishment Candidate Would Have Been Bernie Sanders…


Date: June 26, 2016

01) Clinton Delegate Beats Sanders Supporter With Cane (VIDEO)

We cant blame “the democrats”, for one ornery old goat who needs to be put out to pasture…But the way Sanders supporters had their microphones shut off on them?…That speaks volumes, and just continues showing us what contempt is held towards people who can see, “business as usual” is killing our country.

The people who are driving this country into it’s grave, are still in control.

As an extra slap in the face…they actually think that they will get our vote for their establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton…a politician who models, just exactly the sort of corruption the Bernie Sanders movement arose and swelled to depose.

They want us to shut up and hand them our vote…They do not represent us…They wont stand by us, nor fight for us…They’ll just keep advancing a path, which is hurting us all [except the super wealthy minority].

You know what is so enraging about all of this?…

…Bernie Sanders is the only genuine, anti-establishment alternative…

…Yet, because of a myriad of underhanded tactics, he has been pushed out of the race…And now, the only “anti-establishment” candidate left, is Donald Trump…

We’ve been robbed of our true anti-establishment choice…and given Donald Trump, as the token candidate…to make Hillary look “good” by comparison, in her scripted “destiny” to be shoehorned into the U.S. presidency…

That is the way it is being played on us.

…And they think we are going to flock to Hillary, in order to stop Donald Trump…and that this is all the motivation they need to give us?…Beyond that, it’s all middle fingers?

I’m just about prepared to vote for Donald Trump, just to spite the democratic party…in hopes of derailing the Clinton coup…Let them take their grand plan of making history, and shove it back up their butts…They are the last people on this planet, who deserve the accomplishment or the accolades…The way they would have accomplished it, is just despicable.

…It’s time to snatch it from their jaws.

I do not agree with Bernie Sanders, that Hillary must be voted for in order to keep Trump out of the white house…The Hillary people are already snubbing the Bernie people…The democratic party, is not the place where we are going to get anywhere…

I don’t know if Bernie made a mistake in becoming a democrat, and using their party to attempt becoming U.S. president…But I do think he is making a mistake, in bowing out and not jumping to a third party for it’s nomination.

I think he is making a major mistake, by supporting Hillary…someone who embodies, all that is wrong with politics in the U.S…someone who is opposed, to nearly all of the vital issues Bernie stands for. Bernie is becoming subordinate, because he thinks Trump would be a disaster…

…Well…Yes…Trump would be a disaster, and a shock to the system…

…We need a serious shake up, and a shock to the system in U.S. politics…right now…

…The establishment wants to snatch away our viable candidate [Bernie Sanders], and leave us with Donald Trump?…You want to corner us, by leaving us with an “anti-establishment” candidate so outrageous?…

…Do you really want to play chicken with our political system, like this?…

Very well…

…Unless I find some extremely compelling third party candidate, who is doing what Bernie should be doing right now…then I am going to vote for the dancing clown of wall street [Donald Trump], solely to spite Hillary and her sheep…in hopes of making certain, that she never becomes U.S. president.

You want to treat us like this?…Fuck You!…Your attitude, your self entitlement and your platform, are all rotten to the core…

…There needs to be a serious house cleaning in U.S. politics…and all of the Hillary people [amongst so many others], need to be gone.

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Date: June 26, 2016

01) Un-named Author: “A letter to my mother”

02) Todd Nickerson: Pedophiles deserve free speech just like everyone else

03) Octaevius Altair: There is no “Virtuous Celibacy”

04) Lucas Pazzo Folle: About the non-offending pedophile

05) Samuel Zehdenick: The Finkelhor dogma

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