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TDD Tantrum Deregulation Disorder…

Date: February 28, 2010

01) YouTube Link

Voting in/out pathological “disorders”…

A new one, is “TDD”, and it’s aimed at children…

It sounds like they are trying to call the natural state of throwing a tantrum, a “disorder”.

Since when this has ceased being a natural condition of the human species [at least some of the time], is anybodies guess.

No doubt, the DSM [and its authors] would hold far more credibility, if they were not chronically trying to classify normal aspects of life, as being some sort of “disorder” to be medically exploited for profit.

…What is that condition?…”Hyper Diagnosis Disorder”?…”Medical Manipulation Disorder”?…

Surely, there must be a name for it somewhere.

The Pope Doesn’t Do Equality?

Date: February 26, 2010

I’m going to get a bit leachy, here…and link to an interesting post, which Viamund the Rake made on his blog.

It seems, the pope [Benedict XVI] doesn’t like social equality, wherever the church has to cramp it’s own stile, in order to accommodate it.

Is it “equal rights”, to allow the catholic church to discriminate against homosexuals, when this is a long held tradition of the catholic church?

Apparently, the pope thinks so, because “equal rights to religious beliefs”, is his spin on all of this.

Someone should explain to him, that his church is not above cultural laws…and cultural laws are [usually] written, with the majority interest in mind.

01) The Story

This is one of those curious conflicts that arise, when a country has a state religion, and no separation of church and state [which, I’ll readily admit, even in the USA, does not truthfully exist either…not in practice].

A similar issue arose, back when I was in elementary school, at a private, baptist school. As a church, they had some sort of tax exempt status…but, equal rights laws were making advances, and this greatly troubled the church…because new proposed requirements, would force them not to discriminate, based upon all sorts of criteria, including sexual orientation.

They were outright suggesting to us, that they would “be forced to” hire a homosexual, and let him/her work amongst us kids, if such a person were to apply to work there.

This was just the absolute worst thing, in their minds…and some kind of “tragic crisis”.

Of course, it blew over…

…but, once I had the chance to step back, and critically analyze it…I never understood what made them think, that any self respecting homosexual would ever want to subject themselves, to the abusive environment of that church/school.

Who is going to apply, and stick around, at any place where they were so clearly reviled and not wanted?

Alternatively, shouldn’t they have wanted “the sinner” there, amongst us…where they could “love” and convert him/her?

I guess, their homophobia [and sex-phobia] was the more pressing issue, here.

Ah…my boyhood schooling…the stories I could tell…

Believe me…No church should ever be allowed, to own it’s own school full of children…ever.

Where People Are Legally Tied Together, The Rules Change…

Date: February 24, 2010

Note: I believe this was a response, from a thread at the Newgon Forum.

I would normally agree here…but, keep in mind, we are talking about the UK, here.

They have an official, national religion, and that church is very much a part of the government…which changes the balance and ramifications tremendously.

If tax dollars taken out of my pocket, were being funneled to churches [in any way], and those churches were practicing the kinds of discrimination that I grew up under [and still live in, to a very large degree today], I would be outraged as well.

As a rule, I think any non-government organisation has the right to associate with whomever it wills, and hold a common code of conduct it feels represents it’s views.

I draw a line, when people of opposing viewpoints are expected to finance these kinds of groups…and where people who have no choice [ie: children] are forced into participating in said groups.

At the very least, they should not be rewarded, for behaving in those sorts of ways. They do not deserve to be seen as privileged, and exempted from things like income tax, for example.

I would not force censorship, or our same fate, upon others, either…

…but, we should be clear…wherever association is forced, the rules change.

I think bigots have the right to be bigots, so long as they are not infringing on the freedoms of others, and exploiting others in order to propagate their own goals.

That possibility is not very likely, wherever the various minorities are legally tied to each other.

Fecundity: A Hidden Benefit of Homosexuality?


Date: February 21, 2010

Let’s learn a new word, shall we?

01) Fecundity


noun 1. the quality of being fecund; capacity, esp. in female animals, of producing young in great numbers.
2. fruitfulness or fertility, as of the earth.
3. the capacity of abundant production: fecundity of imagination.

…In short, as relates to animals [ie: humans], “fecundity” refers to ones ability to have lots of children.

“Recently, however, Camperio Ciani, Corna, and Capiluppi (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 271, 2217-2221, 2004), comparing the family trees of homosexuals with heterosexuals, reported a significant increase in fecundity in the females related to the homosexual probands from the maternal line but not in those related from the paternal one. This suggested that genetic factors that are partly linked to the X-chromosome and that influence homosexual orientation in males are not selected against because they increase fecundity in female carriers, thus offering a solution to the Darwinian paradox and an explanation of why natural selection does not progressively eliminate homosexuals. Since then, new data have emerged suggesting not only an increase in maternal fecundity but also larger paternal family sizes for homosexuals.”

02) Found Here

Does having homosexuals in your immediate, genetic tree, increase the fertility of females in your family? It seems, data is pointing in that direction.

There are several natural, and valid, purposes to homosexuality…It looks like enhancement to healthy, human reproduction, might just be a hidden benefit.

Who’d have imagined?


“Child Porn!”, “Child Porn!”, Everywhere!…


Date: February 18, 2010

01) The 1900 “child porn” sub-thread

This is kind of interesting.

One person, describes the “comparing peni” scene [with the young boy erection in it], as “child pornography”…

…another person responds, thoughtfully, with his take on societal differences…and points out the ridiculousness of American movies which hyper censor nudity, while glorifying extreme violence.

They point out, that in Europe, it is just the exact opposite…Nudity is considered normal and healthy, while it is the violence that is considered to be explicit material [and censored more].

Personally, while the scene in question is an enjoyable one to watch, I think this is more so, just because of it’s natural, intimate sweetness.

Many BoyLovers will get excited over it, I expect…but, the boy is rather typical [yet generally cute, in a “scruffy, dirty, young boy” kind of way]…and this is not presented in any kind of erotic way [unless you consider the very fact that it “is” happening, to be erotic].

It is a very real novelty, particularly on account, that this movie made it’s way into the U.S. market, and remains legally available, till this day.

I cannot much recall, any parallel made in the USA…though, certainly, there are some such movies that place young kids, into simulated, sexual scenes.

It often pains me to see people bemoan this charming scene. Good grief! It’s actually quite pleasant…and there is nothing threatening about it.

Read the responses, a bit…and you’ll see where it goes.

It’s sad, that some people cannot see the natural beauty, in such a scene.



Oh Look! YouTube Does Offer Alternatives…

Date: February 17, 2010

Note: I wrote and posted this about a year or so after my YouTube account [eqvideo] got locked and then deleted. This was after months of being hounded and harassed by idiots, who were trying to intimidate and impersonate me on YouTube. My relationship with YouTube has recovered substantially, since that time. I thought this was still worth posting, for historical significance. – Steve 2015

Oh Look! YouTube Does Offer Alternatives…

…and a chance to bring your account back into good standing…

…Well…they do for some, apparently privileged, groups of people.

01) YouTube’s “Mercy”

Being someone who has never actually seen YouTube reach out, with a respectful, understanding and balanced response, towards perceived violations in “terms of service”, this video really caught my attention.

Wow…they really go into detail, with the person in question…even pinpointing exactly where, in the video, the “offense” started.

YouTube gave him 48 hours, to “correct” this very clearly defined material.

There really is no question at all, as to what YouTube is referencing, or what YouTube expects this person to comply to.

My question is…

…If YouTube is this concerned, and that dedicated to working through conflicts amongst it’s users…

…then where was “my” ultimatum?…where was the clarity, in specifying how “I”, allegedly, violated their “terms of service”?…and where the hell was even so much, as a simple e-mail, acknowledging me, or my account, or what some bigot was doing to me?

I went from no problems [except being cyberstalked and threatened, by online sociopaths using YouTube], with an account continually in good standing…to a full stop, suspended account…which I got locked out of, without even so much respect, as a simple acknowledgement that I exist…

Now, that is true contempt.

It is inexcusably shameful behavior, on the part of YouTube…which continues to sweep this kind of behavior under the rug, and whitewash it.

In contrast, it actually floors me, to see evidence of various other targeted people, where YouTube actually takes the time, and care, to respectfully work with people…and resolve the conflict at hand.

I never had problems with YouTube prior to the sudden locking of my account…I minded my own business, and was not harassing anyone.

In all of this, YouTube lost sight of the fact, that I was the one, being targeted and abused by other YouTube users.

YouTube’s response in all of this, was to victimise me all over again, by taking away my account…while allowing the accounts, of those who have lied about me, and disparaged my character, to remain unchallenged.

That is wrong, unethical and just flat out abusive.

Principle: Few Will Lead the Way…


Date: February 16, 2010

It’s always controversial, regardless of who the groups concerned are, wherever it is argued that society should take a radically different approach, to the currently prominent one.

This has happened, all throughout history, and people have typically tried to distance themselves from the immediate ferocity of such conflicts.

…Only people of uncommon integrity, have stayed the course, and championed the truly big causes throughout our history.


Definitions: A Quote…

Date: February 15, 2010

“Among animals, it’s eat or be eaten. Among people it’s define or be defined.” – unknown

This unnamed person, has pinpointed much of the motivation in what I do…

…or, at least what I am fighting against…

…that being, skewed, dishonest and maliciously horrible definitions, imposed upon people and actions.

So many of the people who get caught up into the resulting hysteria, are hapless victims of scapegoating…and as individuals, wholly undeserving of the terrible fate imposed upon them.

If you tell a lie long enough, most people will believe it, and start to repeat it…

…It is still a lie, however.

People suffer horribly, in so many ways, because of an institutionalized unwillingness to be honest.

When are we, as a species, finally going to stand up for truth?

When are we going to defend, and celebrate, truth?

When are we going to value each other, as brethren of the human species?

When is our species going to ever learn, how to be humane?