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Anti Gay Marriage Cult Commercials…


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Date: April 19, 2009

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It always makes me ill, to see children exploited as pawns, like that. You know they have been taught, the script of this video is “the truth”, and now they’ve been encouraged to play a role in spreading it.

Also, they have much gall, talking about people (children) having this issue pressed upon them, when churches themselves will outright isolate, control and manipulate those very same children, as a self professed “right”…

…and even punish them, for non-conformity.

Need I further expand, on how the christian church has become infamous, for it’s tactics of attacking sources of alternative information, in order to impose it’s own censorship onto other groups?

If a book is controversial enough, they can still band together, and become a real pain in the ass…making it take months and years, to find a willing publisher, that has not been intimidated.

Even the APA has clearly been intimidated by them, in the past…and science has, once again, suffered at the hands of religion.


…YouTube Video…

You know…I dare say, it looks like a few of them are about to start crying…

This is, yet another, exhibit of the victim complex, which has been basked in by many christians…

If they cannot successfully argue against something, or stop it from happening…then claim that “they”, and their family, are being “victimised” by it.

However zaney, distorted and convoluted the accusation may be, they still paint themselves as the vulnerable (yet virtuous) “underdog”…the one who “needs” defending.





Date: April 11, 2009

I’m actually quite happy that I made the decision to go to the theater tonight, and watch the movie “Knowing”.

This sounded like an interesting movie, all along…yet, I wasn’t quite sure if this was going to be one of those movies, that I’d need to be in a particular kind of mood to get into or not…and I hadn’t done any reading up on it…so, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Since it was delegated to one of the smaller screen rooms, and hence might be gone next week…I figured, I should go see it…otherwise, I’d probably never get to see it on the big screen (which is always a unique, fun experience)…

I have to say…if you are a boy watcher, go see this before it is gone…

…Chandler Canterbury is so freaking wonderful!…

He is beautiful and cute…and he can act pretty well, too.

This angelic faced boy, is one I intend on paying more attention too, in the future…for sure.

Oh yeah!…

…The movie was good, also [by my standards]!

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“13 Year Old Father”, Again…

Date: April 8, 2009

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I think, the thing which honestly gets me…is, that there is such an obvious and vast, mental disconnection with not only our own recent history…but with our own biology, as human beings.

A lot of people have been quick to give their reactions, to the “13 year old father”…

…and what people tend to offer up, is pretty well typical, for a culture which is very obsessed with sex shame, and body shame.

Where did the majority lose sight of the historical fact, that people were typically being married at these ages, only a mere 100 years ago?…

Yes, even in the puritanical USA.

As a species, we were typically getting underway, with passing along our genes and insuring the perpetuation of our own bloodlines, by the time we hit our teens.

The USA had a proud and rich history [which it selectively ignores today], of “underage” marriage, and “underage” sex…

…both of which, are subjective and murky ideologies, prone towards changing with the times…and popular opinion…but, not much else, and certainly having nothing to do with concrete objectivity.

You know what amazes me so much?

100 years ago, nobody of sane mind would have given a second thought to these kinds of parents. It was a normal thing…and it has been biologically normal, all along, for humans to be sexually active at least by the time they reached these ages (13 and fifteen…and even younger).

Today, we have been so overwhelmed with dogmatic mind conditioning, that the majority of people look at these kinds of situations, and think there is something “wrong”…as though, “that’s not supposed to happen”.

Some people get crazy about it, and behave as though somebody got murdered, or something.

The only thing which has changed here, has nothing to do with human biology, or the human sex drive.

It is our cultures, and what has been promoted as cultural “norms”…It is the burden of expectations placed upon the masses, to “follow the laid out path [created by politics]”, and attain certain social (ie: college) and biological (ie: “legal” age) achievements before you allow yourself to do what has come naturally, all along.

There is no crime against nature, nor is there any crime against humanity, when people of that age have sex.

It is called nature…and people of that age having sex, is the most natural thing in the world.

Politics and social manipulation, are the unnatural element here.

As a species, we used to understand this…

What went so horribly wrong?

Come See The Magic Show!…

Date: April 6, 2009

…BC Post…

…BC Post…

Politics are not about truth, nor who is right and who is wrong. I learned this from the fundamentalist christian right, and their behavior.

No…politics are about “superior” classes, who is allowed to speak and who is not allowed to talk at all.

Rind, Bauserman…these men are a lightning bolt for fundamentalist venom, because they dared to break the deafening silence…and say something, which bucked a system, built, put in place and guarded, by very influential and threatening associations, who hate that humans are sexual.

What we are seeing here, is the same thing which occurred with Kinsey, who has been getting his name dragged through the mud, endlessly, by fundamentalist zealots who are still pissed off at him for being a catalyst in the sexual revolution.

Always be mindful of where you collect your information from. It is fine, and even well advised, to get perspectives from those who have identified themselves as our enemies…

…But understand this first…

…For our enemies, “telling the truth”, is a very loosely applied virtue.

They have an agenda…and that agenda, is trying to keep human sexuality caged, as much as they can.

“Telling the truth”, is a very common casualty wherever it gets in the way of fundamentalist zealot agendas.

In short, I would not trust Ms. Slater…The title of her book, alone, tells me that it is likely to be no more than fear mongering propaganda.

In layman’s terms…my understanding of “the Rind report” [I’ve read it a few times], is that it basically just categorizes different types of “sex abuse”, and tabulates the data by category. This, then, allows us to better understand outcomes, associated with the specific type of activity experienced.

Where as, some studies might have blended everything together, making no distinctions between “horny kids 69ing”, and “being kidnapped, brutally raped, beaten, stabbed and left for dead in a ditch”.

Obviously, there is a world of difference between these two scenarios, and reaction towards each would be expected to be substantial in their lack of resemblance.

It is fair and honest, to group all instances of “horny kids 69ing” together, and give that category of “sex abuse” it’s own assessment (in order to understand how harmful it is, if at all).

It is fair and honest, to group other “like” forms of sex abuse…and to keep the violent ones separate from the non-violent ones.

From what I have witnessed…the fundamentalist zealots seem hyper rabid, over the fact that such a distinction is even being made. They don’t want the illusion broken, that “children are destroyed by sexual experiences”.

If they can salt in some tame, fun sexual experiences, along with the cases of other people who were put through a hellish nightmare and left barely sane from it…that serves their purposes very, very well.

…because you will never get an accurate understanding, of tame and fun sexual experiences had by those who are illegal to have them.

Life experiences, once seen as beautiful growing experiences, are now obscured behind a myriad of factually unrelated atrocities…and yet another worthless “research” paper gets cranked out, which some busy body can wave in everybodys face…and make more demands, based upon it.

This practice allows people to claim that, because experiences which are not typically traumatic, were included in a “sex abuse” study with a wide range of other experiences, then “the outcome indicates” that these tame and enjoyable experiences “are traumatic”, or at least “harmful”…

…because every chance at a fair representation has been perverted and corrupted.

The hostility, is towards any act of attaining clarity.

They are hostile, because light is being shown on them, and what they have been doing. The smoke and mirrors are being moved…and it’s ruining their magic show.

The fate of their agenda, rests upon their magic show.

It’s No Accident…

Date: April 5, 2009

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

[This is a boychat post, which I will also share here…It responds to this post by albertRoss.]

“for every study that says one thing there is always another that says the exact opposite, and clustered around these are acres of people all disagreeing with each other.”

I subscribe to “A World of Possibilities” podcast, and one of their episodes really struck me, because the interview (of an industry insider) is a virtual explanation of what is so critically wrong, with research and reporting on “pedophilia” today.

The episode is titled, “Manufacturing Doubt: Profits, Politics, and Threats to the Integrity of Science.”

…It Can Be Found Here…

[Note: At the time of this reposting (August 3, 2013), the podcast linked above was not working properly. It might just be a temporary glitch at the site, I don’t know.]

It actually deals with the cigarette industry, and how they intentionally hire researchers, doctors, etc, to conduct “research”, or take data from prior research and construct it in such a way, as to make hard conclusions seem unattainable…or unclear.

At several instances, they could infuse the term “sex abuse industry”, and it would still be accurate.

The whole purpose behind this “field”, is to flood the pool of published research, with papers by doctors which detract from the presumed credibility of existing research.

This manifests itself a couple of ways. One is that it creates the perception of plausible refutation, of well conducted research…thus, casting doubt, and allowing the cigarette companies to say, “research is inconclusive, as to whether our product causes cancer [etc]”.

The second, allows for the flooding of junk science and overwhelming any serious research which might have taken place [or take place in the future].

The latter, is most accurate as to what “pedophiles” are facing today, in the field of scientific research.

Of course, I don’t “need” to tell this to any educated and aware person, who keeps up with these things…but, I still thought this podcast episode was very relevant to our current political struggle.