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Story behind the Greatest Classic Rock One Hit Wonder of The 1970s – Professor of Rock…


Date: July 31, 2021

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“Norman Greenbaum and the off the wall story of creating Spirit in the Sky the greatest one hit wonder of the 70s! He once wrote a song about warning the people of Chicago about a “monster eggplant” that was going to eat their city, He also became a goat farmer. The fascinating story of rock n’ roll non-fiction.”

Never a big fan of this song…but it is an interesting story.


NWL Electric – July 30, 2021…


Date: July 30, 2021

01) LINK

Match 1: Banana Mask VS Link – 84%

Match 2: Jack Hammer & Mel Chen VS LOVE & HATE – 92%

Main Event:

Match 3: Del Pedro VS Power Bob – 75%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Banana Mask Loss: Link
Win: LOVE & HATE Loss: Jack Hammer & Mel Chen
Main Event Match: Del Pedro Defeats Power Bob – New NWL Champion!

Show Referee: Neon Leon

Location: North Range


BEST RANKED MATCH: Jack Hammer & Mel Chen VS LOVE & HATE – 92%

Current NWL Roster




Doesn’t Mo Lyin’ Make Enough Gaffs On His Own?…

Date: July 30, 2021

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“Joe Biden has claimed he used to “drive an 18-wheeler” with the White House responding the president “rode in an 18-wheeler” back in 1973.

During his visit to a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania, President Biden said “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man”.

Twitter account RNC Research shared the video of Biden and captioned it “Joe Biden, a career politician who has been in politics for 48 years, claims he “used to drive an 18 wheeler”.

RNC Director Zach Parkinson said there was “zero evidence that Biden used to drive an 18 wheeler”.

“The extent of Biden’s trucking experience is that he **rode in** a truck once, for one night in 1973 (he made sure to return home by plane though),” he tweeted.

Fox News pressed the White House on Biden’s claim with a spokesperson also claiming the president “rode” in a truck back in 1973.

The spokesperson shared with Fox News a 1973 article from the Wilmington Evening Journal that showed the president riding in an 18-wheeler, not driving it.”

Doesn’t Mo Lyin’ Make Enough Gaffs On His Own?…

If you do a little bit of careful listening [you might need to do so a few times], it’s clear that he is saying “I’d like to…”…not “I used to…”…literally, the same thing he repeats seconds later.

The guy is a walking, breathing gaff machine…Why on earth would anyone be so ravenously aggressive, that they’d damage their own credibility just to “find another gotcha!”?

To Sky News…I’d recommend removing the completely unhinged, manipulative and disingenuous idiots among your ranks…

…I legitimately have a lot more respect and value for honest conservative viewpoints, than what some may think…But it’s crap like this, which makes me share content from channels like this so rarely.

I don’t share content from the unhinged left, either.

Provided Mo Lyin’ doesn’t die of natural causes first…I’m confident if you are patient, he will provide us with plenty more whoppers on his own…

…You don’t need to be deceptively creating more.


‘You cannot be woke enough’ for the left…

Date: July 30, 2021

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“LGBT activist Arielle Scarcella says the manipulation of LGBTQI terms, largely by the left, is done for “validation” and “moral superiority point-scoring”.

Ms Scarcella, who has a YouTube following of more than 600,000 worldwide, was invited to speak at this year’s Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras but was de-platformed after being accused of transphobia on her channel.

Ms Scarcella told Sky News she has “always gotten more hate from the super-progressive woke left” and they are “very manipulative with the language”.

“You cannot be woke enough”.

In a recent YouTube video, she embraced her “conservative label” and announced she was “officially leaving the left”.

“Every day the words people are using to define themselves are changing, we cannot keep up,” she said.

“More women are coming out as queer and leaving the word lesbian behind”.

“It is not ok to take away a word and a definition that has meant something for some people and still means something for a lot of people.”

I find myself trying to believe the statement, “the internet is not the real world”…

…Problem is, all of the people on the internet are also in the real world…and the crazies flooding, overwhelming, censoring and taking over the internet, are substantial in size…and gaining social power in the real world.

They are a looming disaster.

This video is a bit of a mixed bag…I think it’s quite insightful up to the point of the drag queen dancing…

Ultimately, I don’t see a big problem with what I saw here.