“Islam in a Secular Democracy” Q&A highlights – Douglas Murray, Maajid Nawaz, Raheel Raza…

Date: February 05, 2017

01) “Islam in a Secular Democracy” Q&A highlights – Douglas Murray, Maajid Nawaz, Raheel Raza

“From the “Islam in a Secular Democracy” session of the National Secular Society’s 2016 conference in London on September 3, 2016.

Full Q&A panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3uIUW_uDD8
Full playlist of secularism 2016 conference: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3J9CpgtuNPrwzu9YeyCyN_Wnz2iqVjPZ

Full playlist of secularism 2016 conference:

Raheel Raza: No Sharia, one law for all – Islam in a secular democracy…

Date: February 05, 2017

01) Raheel Raza: No Sharia, one law for all – Islam in a secular democracy

“From the “Islam in a Secular Democracy” session of the National Secular Society’s 2016 conference in London on September 3, 2016.”

Excellent, thought provoking video.

Nobody is claiming that these issues are easy to address…But this kind of direct openness is critical.

The Defense of Cart O’Graph…


Date: February 05, 2017

01) The Defense of Cart O’Graph

“This is the refutation video towards sceptic llama’s video about Cart o’graph. I provide logical reasoning to the best of my ability when refuting this person. This is a response video :)”

In The Defense of Cart O’Graph 2:

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Rind et al 1998; Ulrich, Randolph, Acheson 2006

Cart’s Channel:


Quora Page:


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David Thorstad, cofounder of NAMBLA, speaking at The Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry in 2013…


Date: February 04, 2017

01) David Thorstad, cofounder of NAMBLA, speaking at The Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry in 2013

02) Full Video From The Start

“Liberals talk about the toleration of sexual diversity as if this were a nearly accomplished fact, yet the psychic characters of many remain dominated by sexual taboos. While these taboos are registered in personal life as anxiety and disgust, they are also manifest publicly in politics and the law. The law sanctions the continued oppression of sexual offenders by enlisting psychological categories of difference and subordination. Prostitutes, homosexuals, transsexuals, pedophiles and zoosexuals populate the fearful dreams of the American mind, while skillful propagandists exploit this fear to control our politics; mob-like persecution and criminalization of same-sex desire and victims of HIV almost passes for normal in many parts of the world, sometimes sanitized as “public health.” What accounts for the persistence of these modern sexual taboos, even after the liberation movements of the 20th century? Are psychiatric categories, like ‘phobia,’ relevant to understanding the problem? What forms might sexual emancipation take today? This panel brings together analysts, scholars and activists to examine and debate these questions from the perspectives of anthropology, critical theory, psychoanalysis and jurisprudence.

Erik Brodnax, Bernard Harcourt, R. Dennis Shelby and David Thorstad, Greg Gabrellas (moderator)

Educational objectives: At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to: 1) Analyze the relation of sexual taboos and law from perspectives of anthropology, critical theory, psychoanalysis and jurisprudence; and 2) Compare different approaches to advancing sexual freedom.”

Aside from blind bigotry…I’ve never understood why NAMBLA founders [and leaders] have been so badly attacked.

They’ve always come off as decent, articulate, conscientious, intelligent and caring human beings.

Whatever other people are seeing…I have to believe, it is all in their own heads…and has nothing to do, with the objective world.

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Date: February 03, 2017


02) Direct Download [PDF]

“A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Cornell University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts
by Brian Martin Cash
August 2016


Most research on sexual attraction to minor children and adolescents has viewed this
phenomenon as a pathology, and has used clinical and forensic study populations. This study
seeks to conceptualize minor attraction as a sexual orientation, and uses a sample of minor-
attracted people recruited from the internet (N = 160). Participants’ sexual identities, sexual
attractions, disclosures, and wellbeing are investigated. Results indicate that minor-attracted
people have varied experiences, but common themes that emerged in these areas are discussed.
Regarding wellbeing, minor-attracted people in general had higher loneliness and lower self-
esteem than the general public. But positive disclosure experiences and having some level of
attraction towards adults were related to lower loneliness, and more accepting attitudes towards
sex between adults and children were found to be related to higher self-esteem. In general,
findings supported the conceptualization of minor attraction as a sexual orientation.”




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Date: February 03, 2017


Before any of you get too cranky about my slightly tongue in cheek response, just remember…You’re the ones who thought it was a grand idea to target someone, grossly misrepresent them, roll up a whole bunch of insanity, toss in a murder threat, and throw it at a clearly undeserving target…as if you’re a bunch of monkeys at the zoo, throwing your own poop.

Just because it’s a MAP you’ve chosen to behave like a bunch of savage animals towards, doesn’t make it okay…

Indefensible, shitty behavior, is still indefensible, shitty behavior…no matter who the target is.

That you think you can do this to anyone, just because they don’t come from a protected class, and you imagine nobody is going to hold you accountable for your abusive behavior…This only attests to the fact, that you have no decent sense of morals or ethics.

Those of us who have morals and ethics worth a damn, don’t behave well because we are forced to do so by the people around us…

…We do it because it is ethically productive, and it helps make the world work better.

Your venom spewing, is nothing but corrosive to the people and world around you.

I’m setting here watching this, over two minutes in…and he still hasn’t even gotten started on the alleged topic of the video.

The best video intros on YouTube [or any similar website], last between three and five seconds…Most content creators are not so glorious, that they need anything longer…In fact, it is incredibly annoying, when YouTube videos [that were not professionally produced for commercial use, like television (where they actually need the time, to give all the credits)] have an intro which hits or exceeds ten seconds long. Usually, it’s just a mind numbing, utter waist of time…And if you watch many of the videos of people who do this, it’s annoying having to constantly skip past the intros. These things should quickly happen, and get out of the way.

But with this guy, we get something like a two layer intro…potentially three, depending on how you interpret it…So, this is a horrible start.

You want to know why I so infrequently dissect these type of media [when I was much more enthusiastic, ten years ago]?…It’s because they make it such a painful grind, even being able to get through their content and make sense of what they are trying to say…Also, a lot of their claims are just run of the mill, sexual superstitions…You get so, so, so tired, of rehashing these things. You just get so depleted, on addressing the ignorant…especially when there is an endless parade of ignorant people. This is why I usually just pick and choose a few things to comment on, and end wherever I am tired of typing or talking.

Let’s see if there is anything here of note:

01) Well, LLAMA…Cart O’Graph is a lot more well informed on this issue, than you likely ever will be…I’d be careful who you’re calling “bat shit insane”.

02) Why does LLAMA sound like a bad impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

03) He gives no reason for minor attraction being wrong, simply asserting that it is.

04) Nobody said anything about fucking a child, yet LLAMA evokes it as a strawman.

05) More strawman…Can this guy get “child fucking” off his mind long enough, to actually wait for something of substance to come up?…Maybe then, he can actually respond to a point, with some degree of thought, intelligence and relevance?

06) Are you kidding me?…This joker speeds up the audio, to where you can barely make out what Cart O’Graph is even saying…What a complete dick thing to do.

07) “Sex should be between two consenting adults.”…Well, thank you for demonstrating your ability to parrot a slogan.

08) Sex is all about reproduction, huh?…And you just got done giving a nod to species that have sex for pleasure…Okay…Let me explain this to you…With more complex species, sexual relations take on a wider range of functions. In humans, sex is not all about reproduction…It’s every bit as much about human bonding, and preserving a sense of safe wellbeing…And, yes…as it is something of widely desired value…it is a trait conducive to survival. Even in the face of all the moral judging that happens…a homeless child taken in by a pedophile, avoids starving in the streets…or dying from exposure to the elements.

09) What is this guy going on about, with “ignorance of statistics and scientific studies”?…One of the reasons so many of us MAPs have taken up fighting back, is because we’ve spent years observing the research, and the fundamentals on which the very field itself have been built…It doesn’t take someone of high intelligence to eventually realize, that commonly used methodology is critically flawed. There is a ton of “research” and papers based upon it, which are contaminated by this biased skewing.

10) No…This guy cant get “fucking children” off of his mind…apparently…Another strawman…Well…it’s the same one, just going back to the well…I’m guessing that well is not so deep. Oh…and a “piece of garbage”, is someone who habitually misrepresents another person, and then attacks that person based on said misrepresentation.

11) “…narrative…to excuse an action you should not be committing”…What?…Where in the hell are you even getting any of this?…grabbing it by the handful, from your own behind?…Like you’ve been doing all along, so far?

12) Something about a threat to “tare your heart out, bitch!”…A needless display of posing, to get pats on the back from his fans?…I have yet to see any excuse, why this guy would have any fans…But I suppose…some people’s standards are extremely low. This guy is getting incoherent.

13) Apparently, LLAMA wants other people injured or hurt.

14) “Fucking children”, again…Get your mind out of the gutter, and into the dialogue, LLAMA.

15) …More incoherency…

16) LLAMA “has some friends, who would be very against that statement”…On what grounds?…Do you, or they, even know?…Or are you just going to retreat behind “child fucking” again?

17) Oh joy…a collaborative effort…I guess someone else wants in on this disaster of a video.

18) Well…”White sith Male”…Oh dear…you were offended…because you have and raise a child…Thank you for your assertions, and swearing…and sexual superstitions…and social pigeonholing…and the “innocence” lie…and distortion, on this being the domain of “adult life”, or “pushing” them into it…more blathering…”Kids are not your play things”, sexual superstition and strawman…”talking to molested kids”, and reporting to the rest of the world how horrible it all is, as if you can wrap everything sexual up into a neat little box…Okay…

…Cart O’Graph never suggested anything that can scar another person for life, so stop with the strawman arguments…Do you have anything at all to say of relevance?…I mean, as in beyond the sexual superstitions and attacks?…


19) Oh good freaking grief…Another one?…Cant LLAMA handle this on his own?…”Frozen Binary Studio”…

20) Oh look…He […?…] has a spiked hammer, for dramatic theatrics…This one is already off to a sorry start.

21) Oh…He’s going to be using his “more dangerous weapon”…his words…This should be quite the adventure…

22) You didn’t see the whole Cart O’Graph video, because you were disgusted?…You couldn’t even be bothered, to watch a ten minute video, so that you had any chance of comprehending what you are trying to respond too?…You just wanted to open your mouth, and let whatever fall out?…Well…Now that we all have that critical understanding…

23) “Science proves points…but science is bullshit”…Flip flopping?…Where did you get this, oh wonderful dear, who doesn’t bother to watch what he’s “responding too”?…

24) Oh, wonderful…We’re going to get an anecdotal story of his abuse…The absolute only type of anecdote these sorts ever accept being expressed…If you fall on the other side of that fence, and happen to have anecdotal evidence that doesn’t fit the correct narrative?…they cannot shout down, shut down and lock out that kind of anecdote, fast enough…Oh, but they cannot parade enough of these sorts, who cry themselves to sleep every night of their life, after forty five years of living in the aftermath of somebody touching their winky…Because those sorts “represent everything possible, or imaginable, about this issue”…right?

25) Let me grab a box of tissues…For crying…Don’t flatter yourself…I wont be masturbating to this.

26) Such a swerve!…Oh, good fucking grief!…You came into contact with an alleged pedophile, and now you look back on that encounter “questioning”…even when nothing at all happened?…It doesn’t set well with you, in your adulthood?…

You are exactly what they mean, when they use the term Special Snowflake.

27) Oh, Jesus!…Another one?…Really?…Am I being subjected to an idiot parade?…”Run and Guns News”…How much worse can this video get?

28) “Look here”…Fourteen year old daughter, younger niece…”This little pedophile crap you’ve got going on, is not going to happen”…Oh, look!…He’s holding a gun, in his picture…The “sexual object” strawman…Social role pigeonholing [“Children cant do that!”]…”Back the fuck off”…”As a father and a [strongly suggesting] gun owner, it’s a bad direction to go in”…How very stereotypical…

You’ve already lost, dear…Move along…Move along…

29) What are you trying to do, LLAMA?…drive us crazy, with a toxic exposure to threats, vitriol and stupidity?…”Amanda Wolfchild”?…

30) A mother and a victim…I hope you’re wearing your authority badges…Ah…”Go fuck yourself”…Lovely…This one has gone straight into the sewer…and I’m sure will stay there. Just another person trying to rationalize away [and very weakly, I might add], her asshole behavior towards a rather delightful individual [Cart O’Graph].

Oh yeah…Brain development makes everything impossible, doesn’t it?…Are we going to be subjected to a pseudo intellectual, armchair “authority” on child development? Yeah…We’re allegedly not “fully developed” until we’re twenty five years old…Doesn’t this mean that there are an infinite number of social things, that we “should” be prohibited from doing?…Hell…let’s just prohibit everybody, because it’s not like childhood is for exploration, discovery and development, or anything…right? Somehow sex is that inexplicably “special” category, where we work extra hard to make sure humans arrive into adulthood, totally inexperienced and unprepared for it…Oh yeah…That’s a recipe for “success”…

…Oh my goodness!…And she threatens to “fucking stab you”, if you come near her kids…

…My dear…you are dismissed…Go set in the corner…

31) “Egal Matreaux”…A talking dog, in the “pit of rage”…Oh dear…You’re mad because someone is “talking about children and sexuality…two things that have no business being together”?…I’m afraid biology disagrees with you…In fact, we force children to remain sexually celibate and un-explorative [non-expressive, too] to an extent which is entirely unnatural. If we were any other animal, and we didn’t have all these draconian laws and taboos…it’s likely most children would be having sex [in some manner], at least amongst themselves, by the time the reached six or seven years of age. It’s because it’s in our DNA, to seek out and pursue sexual activity…Why do you think such a massive chunk of the “sex offender” population is made up of children and adolescents?

…Oh!…Excuse me!…You’re a polar bear?…Sorry about the whole “dog” thing…

32) “Lots of people are born with mental illnesses”?…This is where you are going?…Pedophilia is not a mental illness…It is an attraction…It can be quite beneficial to all involved…and it is born out of nature.

33) Pedophilia is already normal…in the sense, that it has been around throughout recorded history…And a very large segment of the population, is estimated to have at least secondary pedophilic or ephebophilic responses, to children and teens…or stimuli involving them. Those of us MAPs who are opening a public dialogue about these [and related] facts, are not “normalizing” anything…We’re just bringing it out into the open, where it can be observed and discussed fairly.

You have a problem with us?…Oh, yes…You are the problem, indeed…You people don’t even know what you are talking about.

“Protecting children from these predators”?…As if we MAPs are not trying to protect children?…And who are you calling a predator?…Uh Oh!…The “ticking time bomb” accusation…”One is too many”…Lots of grunting and growling…

I believe you entirely, when you confess that you don’t know how you’re supposed to respond to this…How about knowing at least a little bit about the subject, before you start talking?…That would improve things, hopefully.

…Ah…Our mentality is “outrageous”…”It’s fucking disgusting”…We “shouldn’t even be talking about it”…

…Wait!…There was “a motif” to this mess?…You’re joking, right?

Well…thank you for the self glorified chest beating…

…You’re dismissed…Go eat a Scooby Snack…And quit being so long winded, when you have nothing of substance to say.

34) Finally!…The parade of ignorance has broken!…A clip from Cart O’Graph has surfaced…They’re the only bits of this video worth watching.

35) LLAMA again…suggesting we watch school children, running around…”Fucking pedophile”…

36) LLAMA…your video would greatly benefit, if you’d stop interrupting someone who is obviously your intellectual superior…IE: Cart O’Graph…Your drivel just isn’t holding up well, when placed next to his monologue.

37) Nit pick, nit pick, nit pick…Did you even bother to do any further digging?…No?…

38) LLAMA talks “directly to you, you fucktard”…IE: Cart O’Graph…Because he hasn’t tormented us all enough, with his lack of intellect…

39) “Short term and long term effects of sexual abuse on children”…Gee…Should we nit pick, or let this guy go on believing, that these cherry picked lists are actually legitimate?

You know…certain opportunists of the sex abuse industry, have suggested that things as seemingly unrelated as chronically not brushing your teeth, are the result of being sexually molested…

…I’m just waiting for the day, when they suggest [with a straight face] that explosive flatulence are a sign of child sexual abuse…Yeah…You break wind?…Obviously, you were molested!

The dirty secret behind these lists…is that they are a bottomless pit, of whatever negative character traits are held by self identified “sex abuse victims”…And they completely sidestep the elephant in the room, that anything else in this world could have shaped their nature…or, maybe they’re just naturally a crumby person.

…Bad breath?…Like guzzling down vodka, nightly?…Dislocated toe?…Un-rational fear of toaster ovens?…Ugly mole on your left buttock?…Just drove your car through the neighbors living room?…Blame it all, on the guy who touched your winky, fifty years ago!

40) You act like these things don’t happen, with children who haven’t been abused…News flash…They do!

41) Fact of the matter is…the nature of the activities some MAPs are talking about, and suggesting might be acceptable for society to embrace, are not at all likely to lead to those outcomes…And especially not, when done in an atmosphere of openness and knowledge.

You imagine that a child cannot have a sexual experience, and remain in a state of well being?…Honestly?

42) I suggest…that a lot of the difficulties experienced in adult relationships, and adult sexual functioning, comes from the deplorable way that society sabotages children’s ability to sexually develop…Of course they are dysfunctional so much of the time…They never had a chance to prepare themselves.

43) “Anger”…Look…if you were raped in the vagina or anus, or forced to suck or lick the genitals of an adult, while you were a child…you have a right to be angry, and do your damnedest to get that person put away…

…But if you were allowed an opportunity to participate and explore, and you were doing it for your own reasons…then we are talking about something entirely different…And take any “but they don’t know enough/better” retort, and shove it…

Naïve people can explore, grow from and enjoy greatly, these kinds of experiences…Good grief!…This is the natural way things are supposed to work in the world.

…It’s people like you [normally outsiders] who dump all these negative accusations, and shaming, on top of it.

The nature of the setting and relationship, mean everything.

…What you suppose about it, means nothing.

44) Christ!…there’s nearly another six minutes of this brain dead garbage left…

45) Okay…I’m skipping past LLAMA’s armchair “expertise” [IE: reading from a list, someone has published on the internet…word for word]…We need to bring this to a close…

46) “Is this really what you want?”…To do all those horrible, fantasy, voodoo injuries to children?…Well…you are trying to blame all of that on people like us…right?

I’m not suggesting something so horrible couldn’t happen, that it might cause children to suffer that fate…I’m just saying, when you apply that lens to MAPs like us…you’ve gone off into the fantasy, voodoo world…The world of sexual superstitions.

…No…of course…I would never want to do those things to children…and I’m confident Cart O’Graph doesn’t want too, either…

Thankfully, none of us have done those things to a child…So, what are you ranting on about?

47) …”Stop fucking children”…again…

…Somebody needs to educate this guy, that this movement is not about fucking children.

…I am getting kind of suspicious about this guy, who doth protest too much…He has “fucking children” on the mind, way too much…

48) “You meant to add…when pedophiles abuse children”?….You don’t even understand what Cart O’Graph was saying…do you?…Just admit it…You’re not crafty enough, to wiggle your way out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself.

49) Imposing “a pedophile fucking a child”, into Cart O’Graph’s words?…You, LLAMA, are a scumbag…and an idiot…

Cant you even muster an honest response?…Not even once?

50) You “cant take more of this fucker, right now”?…Are you looking in a mirror, or something?

…And he finally lets go…and rambles on for a bit…

…What an absolute waste of time, picking apart this dishonest idiocy.

…Does anyone else have any good observations to add?…

Oh…and Harmful Opinions video on how Child Pornography can be spread on social media [a specific website; “Candid”, in fact]…is painfully laughable, at best…It’s entirely speculation, based upon the fact that you can somehow get links to media you uploaded deleted…so that you need a direct link, in order to even know that it’s there…

…It’s kind of like suggesting, that because YouTube let’s you upload unlisted videos, that must mean that they allow Child Pornography trading…because nobody else can just stumble across it, without the direct link…

…Extreme sophistry.

YouTube is full of armchair intellectuals, with far too high an opinion of themselves…

…If a real mirror of truth were put up to most of these people, who make a habit of throwing barbs at others…they would fall from grace, like anybody else…And in some cases, probably a lot harder than most.


Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition…

Date: February 02, 2017

There is live footage of a man having sex with a donkey, in this video at 13:16 and ending at 13:52…It’s blurred, but recognizable…

…If that is distressing to you [for whatever reason], then don’t watch that portion of the video.

01) Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition

“Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the northern coast of Colombia. We went to investigate this obscure tradition and foolishly said, “we’ll believe it when we see it.”

Here we see another example, of how culture and beliefs affect the way we think about [and have] sex.

Sexual cultural norms are extremely diverse, even amongst the modern civilizations…Looking back in history, it broadens even more.

Notice the man at about six minutes in, claiming all those kids [some of them quite young] were already having sex with donkeys…”They’ve already stuck their dick in a donkey.”

…The woman…”All the boys that age are looking around for donkeys.”…”It’s normal.”

…”They just cant go around saying they’re a virgin”, at eleven, twelve and thirteen…

They give these boys open options…Sure…we might not all look at donkeys as being optimal…But it’s not forcing boys into the unnatural state of celibacy…Which it should be pointed out, is extremely unnatural at that age. From a biological standpoint, you don’t get anymore needful of sexual companionship, than the long period in life where you are going through puberty…and living in the several years of it’s aftermath.

Do notice the two fourteen year old boys, nonchalantly talking about how they have sex with donkeys…Notice how they lack trauma, or emotional disturbance from having done so and talking about it…They describe their techniques, the sensations and everything…kind of laughing about it, too.

You wouldn’t find boys in the USA willing to talk like this…Not likely because they wouldn’t be interested in trying it [many, no doubt, would love to try it]…but because of the cultural taboo, and shaming in the USA.

…And this happens in Muslim countries, too?

Note that I did not bring this here, because I want you to look at humans who have sex with donkeys…

…I brought it here, because it is an interesting, instructive look into the human sexual psyche…and all that it is capable of.