Study: Pornography Is Not A ‘Public Health Crisis’…


Date: January 14, 2020

01) Enochian: Porn is Not a Public Health Crisis

“The movement to declare pornography a public health crisis is rooted in an ideology that is antithetical to many core values of public health promotion and is a political stunt, not reflective of best available evidence,” the study, authored by Dr. Kimberly M. Nelson and Dr. Emily F. Rothman, reads.”

02) Study: Pornography Is Not A ‘Public Health Crisis’

“Researchers cited the following reasons for their conclusion: porn use has increased incrementally over time, and has never seen a sudden surge or reached a “tipping point.” Furthermore, it does not “directly or imminently” cause death, disease, property destruction, and population displacement. Porn also does not put a strain on local or national health systems.

On the contrary, the research team say that porn largely has varying effects on its users. Some will be negatively influenced by it, but the vast majority will see no real negative consequences from consuming porn. Surprisingly, they even say that some regular users even benefit from their habit…

“Moreover, pathologizing any form of sexual behavior, including pornography use, has the potential to restrict sexual freedom and to stigmatize, which is antithetical to public health,” the study concludes.”


$100 Hot Tent On The Trail. Multi Day Winter Storm. Solo adventure…


Date: January 14, 2020

01) $100 Hot Tent On The Trail. Multi Day Winter Storm. Solo adventure

“Went to one of my favorite camping spots on the AT to test the $100 dollar hot tent in bad weather. The wild winter weather lasted for days.”

Gear used. Check out this video for the gear description of the $100 hot tent.

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The TRUTH Behind Iran Plane Crash and Protests…

Date: January 14, 2020

01) The TRUTH Behind Iran Plane Crash and Protests

“Here’s the real story about the protests in Iran.

Video shows Iranian police using tear gas and live ammunition on protesters who were demonstrating after the government in Tehran admitted to mistakenly shooting down a Ukraine-bound airplane, The Associated Press reports.

Droves of protesters in Tehran could be seen in footage released by the news service attempting to flee as tears gas is fired into the crowd. At one point in the clip, a woman could reportedly be heard saying in Farsi, “They fired tear gas at people! Azadi Square. Death to the dictator!”

In other footage, a woman can reportedly be seen being carried as others around her say she was shot in the leg.