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How We Can Kill #Article13 #SaveYourInternet…

Date: June 30, 2018

01) How We Can Kill #Article13 #SaveYourInternet

“UKIP have provided us a concrete plan to stop Article 11 and Article 13 from destroying the internet. It’s time to fight for our memes.

Find and contact your MEP here:

Sources, while I can still link them:

Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES…

Date: June 30, 2018

01) Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES meaning he may have to wait until next year for case to be heard amid claims he ‘assaulted nine teenage boys in the 1970s and 80s’

“The trial of former DJ Jonathan King for historical sex offences collapsed today” 27th June “and he may have to wait until next year to find out if he faces a retrial.”

Jonathan King, 73, who discovered the progressive rock group Genesis, wrote and produced hits for The Bay City Rollers and became famous following hits including ‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’ and ‘Una Paloma Blanca’, “denies 17 charges of indecent assault and seven other sex charges relating to males aged between 16 and 21”

The term collapsed implies that the jury were discharged and the prosecution was abandoned. This thread on Jonathan’s website:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,view/catid,2/id,178656

I don’t actually encounter a thread at that URL…But, thanks for this update feinmann0!

How much more can they put Jonathan through?…and why in the hell are they even doing this?

I swear…he’s a modern day Oscar Wilde of sorts…And the people menacing him, likely don’t even comprehend why.

Toddlers Facing Judge ALONE…

Date: June 29, 2018

01) Toddlers Facing Judge ALONE

“As the White House faces court orders to reunite families separated at the border, immigrant children as young as 3 are being ordered into court for their own deportation proceedings, according to attorneys in Texas, California and Washington, D.C.

Requiring unaccompanied minors to go through deportation alone is not a new practice. But in the wake of the Trump administration’s controversial family separation policy, more young children — including toddlers — are being affected than in the past.

The 2,000-plus separated children will likely need to deal with court proceedings even as they grapple with the ongoing trauma of being taken from their parents.

“We were representing a 3-year-old in court recently who had been separated from the parents. And the child — in the middle of the hearing — started climbing up on the table,” said Lindsay Toczylowski, executive director of Immigrant Defenders Law Center in Los Angeles. “It really highlighted the absurdity of what we’re doing with these kids.”


40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home…


Date: June 28, 2018

01) 40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home

“This amazing small home has been built using two 40ft high cube shipping containers, slightly of-set from one another to create a stunning, off-the-grid family home.

Feeling inspired to downsize after watching tiny home and small house design videos online, this couple decided to take the plunge into designing and building a shipping container home for their family to reduce their expenses and be able to dedicate more time to the things that really matter.