Senior Prank Gets Teens Arrested…

Date: July 12, 2019

01) Senior Prank Gets Teens Arrested

“The principal saw a swastika first. It was inky black, spray painted on a trash can just beside the entrance to the high school. David Burton switched off the engine of his SUV, unaware, even then, of the magnitude of what he was about to see.

This was the last day of the year for the class of 2018 at Glenelg High School. There was going to be an awards ceremony, a picnic, that end-of-a-journey feeling that always made Burton so proud of his job. But as he was on his way to work at 6:25 a.m., the assistant principal had called, agitated and yelling about graffiti. “It’s everywhere,” he kept saying, so Burton had leaned on the gas and rushed the last few miles.

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Mentally disabled man says he was raped repeatedly in middle Tennessee jail…


Date: July 12, 2019

01) Mentally disabled man says he was raped repeatedly in middle Tennessee jail

“[Will] Ferrell [20 years old] is charged with child rape. He signed a statement that he may have accidentally touched the vagina of a 7-year-old girl he was playing with on a trampoline.

But that allegation is now overshadowed by what happened to him at the Humphreys County Jail.

At 110 lbs, with an IQ of 63, Ferrell was put in a holding cell with hardened sex offenders.

What happened was as bad as anything you can imagine.

“I was raped every day, after dinner, after lunch, at night time,” he said. “When I think about it, what they did to me, when I think about it i just sometimes feel like i shouldn’t be alive for what happened. They stuck things up my rectum I got beat up every day. I really wanted to tell somebody.”

Ferrell said the abuse went on for eight months, which included having hot sauce bottles stuck up his rectum.

Will Ferrell’s DNA was not found on the sexual assault victim. The DNA belongs to another unidentified man.

Will Ferrell might be innocent.”

This is what the system is…

Brutal rape…on behalf of the very idea, that some heroic crusaders are so “tough on crime”…that even the accused are okay to subject to this.

…They don’t say it like that…but they know full and well, that this sort of thing is going on.

This is one of the many reasons why you don’t talk to the cops when they’re looking at you, when they want to charge someone…and you sure as hell do not sign anything.

Even if you just set there with a blank look on your face and refuse to acknowledge anything…that is far better than giving them anything to use against you.

The fact that you are innocent means nothing.

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Instagram will warn you if you are about to be rude!…

Date: July 11, 2019

01) Instagram will warn you if you are about to be rude!

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“Instagram will warn you if you are about to be rude! New anti-bullying measures include ‘offensive content’ warning and ability to block specific users’ comments

• Instagram announced a series of new anti-bullying measures for the site
• The new Restrict feature will let you hide comments from a specific person
• This will be done without notifying them, and comment will still show for them
• The feature will also prevent them from seeing if you’ve read a direct message
• Another tool will use AI to flag potentially offensive posts so you can rethink it”

I don’t like the net nanny thing, any more than anybody else…but you know what?…

…After decades of being online as an open BoyLover…I understand pointedly well, why such features as those outlined in this article would come into existence.

It’s the fault of the abusive a-holes online…and all the ISPs who wont enforce their own terms of service, and ban people from their service for their abusive behavior.

Most ISPs, seemingly, just want the money…and don’t care about much of anything else.

People should be free to discuss issues…All Issues

…But where it comes to making direct threats towards other people, online stalking, using ISP services for offline stalking, planning or instigating an act of aggression or violence, public smearing, or generally just being directly abusive towards an individual or group…ISPs need to step up, and actually enforce their existing terms of service.

If they did…this sort of crap would plummet, from that alone.