Elizabeth Letourneau, Ph.D.: Victims of Sexual Abuse Face a Lifetime of Costly Problems…

Date: June 23, 2018

01) Victims of Sexual Abuse Face a Lifetime of Costly Problems

“Why are these costs so high? I don’t think most people realize just how many children and adults are victims of child sexual abuse. Based on federal reporting data, tens of thousands of children are exposed to child sexual abuse each year.

Children who experience sexual abuse are at increased risk for problems across their lifetimes, including mental health issues like PTSD and depression; chronic physical health problems like diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk for acquiring HIV, and social problems including involvement in crime. Girls exposed to child sexual abuse also have substantially lower lifetime earnings than girls not similarly exposed. These costs quickly add up.

For women (who composed 75 percent of the reported cases of child sexual abuse survivors we used for this study), we estimated an individual lifetime cost of approximately $283,000. Lifetime costs for men in the study were lower because the economic impact of child sexual abuse on male victims is sorely under-researched.”

02) One Year’s Losses for Child Sexual Abuse in U.S. Top $9 Billion, New Study Suggests

“A new study at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that the annual economic impact of child sexual abuse in the U.S. is far-reaching and costly: In 2015, the total economic burden was approximately $9.3 billion and includes costs associated with health care, child welfare, special education, violence and crime, suicide and survivor productivity losses.

The study, published in the May 2018 edition of the journal Child Abuse and Neglect, used data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System to gather a full census of all child sexual abuse cases reported to child protective agencies across the U.S. In addition to estimating the 2015 annual cost, the researchers calculated the average lifetime cost per victim based on specific categories such as health care, child welfare, etc. These costs were tied to the incremental effects of child sexual abuse, over and above what the cost would be to someone who wasn’t a victim of child sexual abuse. All costs were estimated in U.S. dollars and adjusted to the reference year 2015 using the gross domestic product deflator.

The highest costs for women and men affected by child sexual abuse – more than $1,000,000 in estimated losses – were associated with the rare cases of fatal child sexual abuse. In 2015, the majority of child sexual abuse survivors were female, 75 percent versus 25 percent male survivors of 40,387 total cases reported in the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. Nonfatal child sexual abuse was associated with nearly $283,000 in costs over the lifetime of each female survivor. Lifetime costs for male survivors were lower, most likely because the economic impact of child sexual abuse on male survivors is underresearched.”

Of course…given the collectors and compilers of the data…this is guaranteed to be biased…and distorted…

Did they make any attempts at distinction, between children who were legitimately brutalized, and the happy kids who were merely snagged into the system, by dumb luck?…and as further consequence, have been forced into unnecessary expenses by the system?…

Of course…they’d never imagine forgetting the inclusion, of the potential “one million dollar lifetime earnings”, of children who’ve been murdered, or man-slaughtered by fatal injury…Though I’d argue, in this modern economy…using an antiquated standard like that, can only lead to gross over inflation of the total…

Your average child’s lifetime earning potential, is likely far below one million dollars…So much of the country [USA…as well as the UK] is living in poverty, incase anybody has failed to notice…The “recovery” has been a fraud. In this economy…children cannot even expect to earn half as much as their parents did.

It should also be noted, that these kinds of studies are notorious for collecting [and gratuitously piling on] all “negative symptoms” reported by “abuse victims”, without caring to take into consideration a myriad of other life experiences which might be the true cause.

“Sex abuse” [and “pedophiles”] end up being a convenient dumping ground, for this sort of blame…even when it is unwarranted.

This is the primary reason why I don’t like these kinds of studies.

They usually just take for granted, that “sexual touch before a certain age [regardless it’s nature], is a bottomless pit of ill consequences and trauma”…and then move forward from this grossly faulty starting point.

…That, alone, renders them little more than propaganda.

Very tawdry ‘heroes’: Disturbing truth about Britain’s growing army of self-appointed paedophile hunters who snare abusers…


Date: June 23, 2018

01) Very tawdry ‘heroes’: Disturbing truth about Britain’s growing army of self-appointed paedophile hunters who snare abusers

“Gemma, a 27-year-old mother of three and a trained child counsellor, was posing as Molly, a ‘bored 13-year-old from Wales’ with one express purpose: to lure paedophiles and would-be grooming predators into a ‘sting’.

When she signed up with the group Huntz 2 Exposure this year, after seeing footage of a ‘sting’ on Facebook, Gemma joined a growing army of amateur paedophile hunters whose operations stretch across the UK.

With names like Dark Justice, Guardians Of The North and Catching Online Predators, the groups command massive support.

Videos of stings — some broadcast live — are viewed by thousands, with ringleaders treated like minor celebs.

…yet after a month, Gemma was still waiting for a single approach from someone displaying an interest in sex with children.

Instead, she was becoming concerned about the behaviour of her fellow hunters.

Admitted to their private message groups, where around 20 of them ‘chatted’ using online aliases, she looked on in horror as they appeared to treat their activities as a sick game.

They mocked innocent people, sometimes obviously mentally ill, egged each other on and openly admitted they were desperate for a ‘result’.

Some fantasised about ‘slicing and dicing’ offenders, while another bragged she ‘wouldn’t stop until she saw blood’.

And instead of intercepting organised grooming gangs in the act, they seemed to be entrapping vulnerable men with premeditated, sexually-loaded questions Gemma wasn’t comfortable with.

The stings themselves seemed to do more harm than good.

‘Families are often attacked, children are bullied or their houses smashed up. They seemed to be putting children and families at risk rather than protecting them,’ she said.

The final straw came when a leading member was exposed by a rival group as a predatory paedophile himself, throwing the group into chaos.

That’s when Gemma decided she’d had enough and announced she was leaving.

Retribution was brutal and swift.

‘They turned on me. They said I couldn’t be trusted and called me a “nonce sympathiser”.

‘They took photos of my children from Facebook, posted them on the group chat and mocked them. They threatened to come to my home.

‘Yet they say they want to protect children? You have a group here who try to play God. They are taking the law into their own hands.

‘They even welcomed a convicted paedophile into their ranks without checking his credentials. It made me wonder who else is working for them, and why.

One retired child protection expert went so far as to call for masquerading as a child online to become a criminal offence.

Senior police officer Simon Bailey, who oversees all child sex abuse inquiries nationally, has repeatedly warned against vigilante justice.

The Norfolk Chief Constable said: ‘They are putting children’s lives and the lives of innocent people at risk. This is not something that should be tackled by people without professional training.

Judging from what [Gemma] read from fellow hunters, she thought she’d be pounced on like fresh bait.

But she waited . . .and waited . . . as the inane, innocent prattle carried on.

‘I started to wonder how the others were picking up these supposed perverts,’ says Gemma.

She soon got her answer.

When she talked about her lack of inappropriate advances in the private group chat, the other hunters — all using aliases — started offering tips on the type of leading questions that could get her a ‘result.’

‘It felt as if it was trapping the person,’ says Gemma. ‘It was all in the questions. If you did not ask these questions they probably would not have said these things.

‘It also seemed inappropriate — we were told to be naive. But what 13-year-old would ask “what does sex mean” or “what is a b*** j**?”

‘The questions were very specific and designed to get incriminating answers. The decoys worked in such a way as to trap the person into giving an answer.’

…in the aftermath a deeply embarrassed Huntz 2 Exposure privately called on everyone to demonstrate they did not have a similar criminal record.

Gemma watched in horror as the confessions started pouring in.

One of the founders, going by the alias of Matt Huntz, didn’t even seem remotely ashamed, admitting: ‘I’ve got a criminal record as long as my f***ing street. I’ve been arrested more times than I’ve eaten hot meals.’

He went on to say he had convictions for intent to supply and wounding with intent.

One woman said: ‘I’ve only been detained twice under the Mental Health Act. Both times was not my fault, down to ex partners.’

Gemma began to doubt whether these people were best qualified to be safeguarding children.

Professor Liz Yardley, a criminologist at Birmingham City University agrees.

She said she suspects that, far from being motivated by a need to help children, the hunters are really ‘doing it for themselves’.

She said: ‘It is incredible how some online groups are able to justify some of the most horrendous behaviour.”

This just goes on, and on…getting more outrageous…

There are so many of us in the MAP community, who have been talking about this exact same issue…for well over a decade now…

…This is what Perverted Justice [the original vigilante group of this type] was like, behind the scenes.

They had incredibly cruel, monstrous people amongst their ranks…People who were only interested in finding someone to maliciously hurt.

…It was a group of sociopaths…literally.

When I say, “This is what you normally find in those groups”…or “This is what those people are like”…It’s because these types of groups [and their inner workings] were exposed to us [the MAP community], many years ago…

…We know from personal experience, what these people are…and what they are all about.

You’ll find the rare, naïve “Gemma”, sometimes…but, they normally sever ties with these groups pretty quickly…The ones who actually stick around, are cruel and malicious abusers.

Many of them are infinitely more deserving of spending the rest of their lives in a prison cell, than the chosen people they target…

…Some of their victims are entirely entrapped, through false and misleading methods.

…..TAP-Net Website | Sub-Blog Archive

More Evidence That Sex Could Be Good For Your Brain…


Date: June 23, 2018

01) More Evidence That Sex Could Be Good For Your Brain

“Research on both humans and animals increasingly suggests that being sexually active just might benefit the brain. Here’s an overview of the evidence that has accumulated so far:

In sum, even if sex doesn’t necessarily prevent memory loss later in life, this overall pattern of results would still seem to suggest that sex may be beneficial for our brains.”

One of the things I deeply dislike about articles that keep things compact and on point…is that you often cant quote them thoroughly, without taking the whole article…and possibly facing a copyright complaint…I’d take every bit of what is there, if it weren’t for this concern.

No matter…You have the link…

…At times like these, I cannot help but recall the berating I received last year…from that self absorbed guy on Twitter, who claimed to have been “chemically damaged” by “underage sex”…

Some people see, only what they want to see.


Tunisia’s president wants to decriminalise homosexuality…

Date: June 23, 2018

01) Tunisia’s president wants to decriminalise homosexuality

“A Tunisian commission has called for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the North African country. Led by the President of Tunisia, the commission called for the removal of the death penalty in Tunisia, equal rights for women, and the decriminalisation of homosexuality. A 230-page proposal, which was published on 20th June, detailed the current lack of equal rights for many groups in the country. Groups that were highlighted in the proposal included women, gay men and the wider LGBT community. Tunisia has a particularly poor human rights record with regards to the LGBT community.

Homosexuality is illegal in Tunisia and punishable by a custodial sentence; even the death penalty. One of the main areas of concerns for gay and bisexual men in Tunisia is the ongoing practice of so-called ‘anal testing.’ Last year, the Human Rights Watch reported that Tunisia’s health authorities had issued warnings to doctors to stop carrying out this practice. The internal warning came after several international organisations, including the United Nations, spoke out about non-consensual anal examinations being carried out on members of the LGBT community. The practice has been used to collect ‘proof’ of somebody’s sexuality, subsequently resulting in men who are suspected of having anal sex with another man being prosecuted. Without any medical evidence to underpin this practice, as well as serious ethical concerns, international human rights organisation All Out began a campaign earlier this year to ban anal testing in Tunisia.

Speaking with Le Point Afrique, Tunisian politician and lawyer, Belhaj Hmida said that the new presidential commission proposal was an opportunity to remove the country’s homophobic Article 230. “We are asking for the banning of anal testing, so that it can no longer used as proof,” she said.

The politician said that there were two options when it came to the future of the current anti-gay law: Either the complete decriminalisation of homosexuality or that those convicted of same-sex sexual activity should face a fine of 500 Tunisian dinar (or around £150). Speaking with French newspaper, Liberation, Belhaj Hmida said she is “convinced” that there would be a new proposed law ready to be voted in by parliament this August. Despite these proposals, societal attitudes in Tunisia still make it an extremely hostile environment for members of the LGBT community.’

It is crazy to think that Tunisia is a relatively well-known location to arrange a meet up with young boys for sex in the 21st Century in the light of the news item above. But then, such countries are full of paradoxes and counter intuitions; in all probability ’twas ever thus. For example, André Gide “experienced his initiation with an Arab boy in the sand dunes of Sousse, Tunisia in the late 19th Century; but that was a fleeting, fumbling, private affair. The boy had initially marched off in despair at Gide’s seeming inability actually to do anything when push, as it were, came to shove.” independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/just-wilde-about-the-boys-1263513.html “

Thanks, feinmann0!

They say that “extremes” tend to coexist in the same areas…Like, all the most mobilized and active atheist groups, exist in “the bible belt”.

In a similar way…the paradoxes are much the same.

You don’t really know what to expect, except that it throws you when you see something generally positive come out of a hostile regime.

Twenty-Twenty – Episode 147 (June 14, 2018)…

Date: June 23, 2018

01) Twenty-Twenty | Episode 147 (June 14, 2018)

“In this episode of The Humanist Report podcast we’ll talk about the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries; what Democrats are doing to prepare, how the DNC is tipping the scales against Bernie, idiotic things potential candidates like Howard Schultz are saying, and more. Additionally, we’ll discuss the tantrum establishment Democrats (and one DNC member) are throwing over the prospect of reforming the Party’s inherently undemocratic superdelegates system, and we’ll talk about why Chuck Schumer may very well be the Democratic Party’s most feckless leader… ever. In this week’s net neutrality news we’ll discuss the consequences of the FCC’s repeal of Title II, Ajit Pai’s lies on Fox News, and scandal #1,297,064 at the DNC. Finally, we’ll talk North Korea and partisan hackery with respect to that subject. Enjoy the show, folks!”

Suicide as a Uniquely Human Phenomenon…


Date: June 22, 2018

01) CARTA: Awareness of Death and Mortality: The Lure of Death: Suicide as a Uniquely Human Phenomenon

“(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv) Nicholas Humphrey gives a sobering look at the uniquely human trait of suicide, its alarming prevalence, and what this means to human biological fitness. Recorded on 03/03/2017. Series: “CARTA – Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny” [Humanities] [Science] [Show ID: 32057]”


Fight Against the CREEPER Act…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) Does Congress Care More About Dolls Than Real Children?

“Never before has the United States Congress specifically banned a sex toy. But for the first time, the CREEPER Act will do exactly that.

Although aimed at protecting children, the bill could do the opposite, by criminalizing what experts believe could be a possible harmless outlet for those with sexual interests in children. It would also open the door to Congress stepping in to regulate other private, consensual sexual acts between adults.

CREEPER has already passed the House. It’s vital that we stop it in the Senate. Write to your representative today.”

Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech

“The American Civil Liberties Union will weigh its interest in protecting the First Amendment against its other commitments to social justice, racial equality, and women’s rights, given the possibility that offensive speech might undermine ACLU goals.

“Our defense of speech may have a greater or lesser harmful impact on the equality and justice work to which we are also committed,” wrote ACLU staffers in a confidential memo obtained by former board member Wendy Kaminer.

It’s hard to see this as anything other than a cowardly retreat from a full-throated defense of the First Amendment. Moving forward, when deciding whether to take a free speech case, the organization will consider “factors such as the (present and historical) context of the proposed speech; the potential effect on marginalized communities; the extent to which the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values; and the structural and power inequalities in the community in which the speech will occur.”

The ACLU’s capitulation to the anti-speech left should serve as a wake up call for true liberals. What has taken place on campus over the last decade does matter, and though the scope of the problem is frequently overstated, we should all be concerned when the nation’s premiere civil liberties organization is increasingly afraid of defending the First Amendment—not because the Trump administration scares them, but because college students do.”

It’s sad to see…but, there is nothing even remotely shocking about this…

…I agree, that the ACLU should be up front about this, and not attempting to conceal such a serious retreat from defending free speech.

Truth be told…the ACLU does discriminate…it’s more of a sick joke, than any serious civil rights organization.

While true…they did defend NAMBLA [Curley V NAMBLA]…consider that it took a young child being kidnapped, murdered and “necro-raped”, along with a [starkly baseless and malicious] lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars, and the public smearing of NAMBLA [and it’s members], to finally get the ACLU off of it’s almost entirely worthless ass…to do what it allegedly exists to do.

Why does it demand such a grotesque extreme set of circumstances, before the ACLU will defend the civil rights of MAPs?

The ACLU has a very long history, of turning it’s back on MAPs…

The ACLU does not live up to it’s claimed purpose.

We need a real civil rights organization in the USA, for once…

…Now more than ever…it is time.

“Fantasists”: A Practical Question…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) Star teacher cleared after tribunal finds ‘fantasist’ pupil invented tales of sex sessions dressed as a policewoman in thigh-high stockings – but his career is left in tatters

“An award-winning teacher has been cleared of sexual abuse after an employment tribunal found that a ‘fantasist’ pupil invented tales of sex session dressed as a policewoman – but his career has been left in tatters.

Maths teacher Alex Cufflin, 43, won the Guardian Secondary Teacher of the Year award in 2008. He now runs a furnishings shop in Loughborough after being sacked over claims he groped a girl, 17, dressed as a policewoman in thigh-high stockings.

In April 2016 Cufflin was cleared at Leicester Crown Court of any criminal charges. But he had already been dismissed from his job at Rawlins Academy in Loughborough after an ‘internal enquiry’.

Today a misconduct tribunal cleared him of any wrongdoing.”

How does this “fantasist” thing that seems to be growing in popularity, jive with the heavy surge from “victims groups”, demanding to be automatically believed in their accusations?

It’s already well established, that a not inconsequential portion of legal complaints are straight out lies…and an even larger portion are found to be unsubstantiated…In the latter, it may be a lie…it may be a misunderstood accident…it may be a simple misunderstanding…the accuser might be mentally ill and hallucinating things…

In these cases…the clear victim is the accused…

Amazingly…they’ve come up with a name, for people who knowingly go to the police, the press, etc…with complaints of “sexual assault”, knowing full and well that it never happened…”fantasist”…

I have no qualms about people who write fictional stories about others, who make it clear that the story is fiction…

…but when people file a complaint with the cops, or pass off their story as “true” to the press?…

…What are we to make of this?…

…Why should self professed “victims” be believed, when there remains an absence of substantiation towards their claims?

This is a practical, social issue…not something we can allow emotion to hijack.

How Bernie is Changing America – Episode 146 (June 7, 2018)…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) How Bernie is Changing America | Episode 146 (June 7, 2018)

“In another jampacked episode of The Humanist Report we’ll talk about Bernie Sanders’ fight for American workers and criminal justice reform, his appearance on Bill Maher, and his recent run-in with Alex Jones at LAX. We’ll also talk about Trump’s assertion that he can pardon himself, and one of his most embarrassing contradictions yet. But that’s not all! We’ll also talk about televangelists, Candace Owens, the Samantha Bee controversy, corporate Democrats, and Gaza. Finally, we’ll close the show by talking with Colorado congressional candidate Levi Tillemann, who recently made national headlines when the 2nd highest ranking Democrat, Steny Hoyer, tried to buIIy him out of the race. Enjoy the show, folks!”