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Should children have equal rights?


Date: September 25, 2007

They really don’t need “equal” rights…

…because there are a number of rights, which would not be of value to many of them, anyway.

…like, a drivers license for an eight year old…There’s practical reasons, not to go that route.

“Equal rights” is not the issue…

…equal respect for personal growth, is…

…equal respect for experience and experimentation, is…

…equal respect for cognitive interpretation, is…

They need to be treated as human beings, who can sustain some level of new, unique experience and grow from it…

…not wilt from exposure to everything…but, grow from it


The CorporateSexOffenders Fraud…


Date: September 25, 2007

This is in reference to the illegal, fraud site created by perverted justice [corporatesexoffenders], claiming to be a “sex offender” registry. This site no longer officially exists, though it has morphed into a few reincarnations over the years.

The site, itself, was created as a method of harassment and intimidation by perverted justice. It’s primary targets were those of us who participated at BoyChat, and defended BoyChat by helping rebuff the aggressive onslaught of perverted justice, as they attempted to get us removed from the internet.

BoyChat defeated perverted justice’s attacks against us…and perverted justice retaliated, by creating a bogus “sex offender” registry…one which they hosted right along side their main website.

They deemed us “corporate sex offenders”, based on the accusation that we “supported child sex abuse”, and similar nonsense…they also pigeonholed any company that would willingly do business with us onto this list, hence the name.

This initiative was an obvious smear campaign…a low blow…and an attempt to get us black balled from the internet, by intimidating anyone who would have anything to do with us.

…This is the smarmy, disgusting nature of the scumbags behind perverted justice.

The following, was a direct response to Ed of BoyChat, following a post he made about the site…I reference a little bit, as to what perverted justice said about myself.

The creator of that site…

…is very cocky, and full of him/herself…

That site is full of rambling speculations, smears and insulting, low blow cut downs…the author seems more out to insult, make fun of, and lie about people, just to get under their skin, than anything else.

You’ll also notice, that whomever is responsible for that fraud (they pulled a “sex offender” registry out of their own ass…how much more fraudulent can one get?), lacks the integrity, spine and balls, to even put so much as an identifying nickname (not even a throw away), onto this “project”, of theirs…

…Does anybody wonder why?…

In true Perverted Justice form…whoever is behind this stunt, is covering their own ass, so they can duck out of sight, and hide under a rock, should they ever get into legal trouble, for pulling this unacceptable crap.

Philip likes to hide, too…he’s nowhere to be found, when the court subpoenas arrive…

…but then, people like that, who are very cocky and full of themselves, think they don’t have to follow any rules, except their own…

Be thankful though, Ed…

…at least you weren’t exposed for being supportive and encouraging to other BLs…and writing “BC Nursery Rhymes” (why do the assholes always fixate on these old, whimsical puns, anyway?).

I’m a “sex offender” for writing poetry and rhymes…(and a few “wank” stories)…

Thankfully, I’ve not received any hate mail at…

…I was really scared about that happening…you know?… 😉

[Note: Goplay went out of business, well over a decade ago…But Perverted Justice and Absolute Zero United members had this e-mail address listed, as my contact info.]


Madeleine McCann Mother Named as Suspect…


Date: September 10, 2007

01) Madeleine mother named as suspect

“The mother of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann has been formally declared a suspect by the Portuguese police, a family spokeswoman has said.
The BBC has learnt that the move was linked to bloodstains allegedly found in Kate and Gerry McCann’s hire car.

Mrs McCann has arrived for her second police interview in 24 hours. Mr McCann is expected there shortly.”

This is not surprising at all…

Having been one of the early critics, at how blatantly out of line the news reporting has been, surrounding this story, I’ve said all along…it sounds (and feels) more like they are trying to force a story onto the public, and this behavior of theirs is suspicious.

How do you manage to admit that there is absolutely nothing pointing towards an abduction, a pedophiles involvement, or the child sex trade industry…nothing connects any of these elements…and yet, you could not stop the media from brutally forcing the word “pedophile” into their “reports”, around every corner?

All they did was bring in “experts”, to talk about “pedophiles”, and “the child sex trade”…and there still continues to remain no discernible connection to any of this.

The fact that the media didn’t care, is what was so alarming…they just went ahead and did it…

All we still know, is that a child is missing and we don’t know why, or what happened to her.

…but, the media went on a spree, giving out cheap shots and black eyes, to the pedosexual community, once again…for no reason…just because they could get away with it.

Shame on the media…those people have rotten ethics, who did this. Their integrity is bankrupt.

I’ll continue to tread lightly here, as even though I was pointing out, that the parents were likely suspect, even at the beginning of all of this.

As time goes by, and nothing else pans out…it generally does come back to the parents, and they get focused on the most intently.

I’ve found it suspicious all along, how they’ve structured an unsupported concept (abduction by or for pedophiles, for a child sex trade), and have been just zealously pushing it, and pushing it and pushing it.

That is not how investigations and truth finding work…and someone should tell the media, it is not how reporting works, either.

It has made me stop and wonder, what the parents themselves are thinking, and what their motives have been, in pushing a baseless theory.



Date: September 8, 2007

Easter is a pagan celebration to the “goddess of fertility”. The egg symbolizes fertility, which is why eggs are connected to Easter. Rabbits, I can only speculate here, but I’m thinking it is because they multiply so quickly (are very fertile), that they became a mascot for the celebration. Easter has no historical ties with christianity.

Yule time is secular, hence as an atheist, I see no conflict in taking part in it.

SeXpectations: Is It Not a Good Enough Reason?…


Date: September 04, 2007

I am trying to figure out, what it is about sexual relationships, that makes them “important enough”, to validate them…

Aren’t there a host of good, solid reasons, why we consider them to be necessary to us?

Does there even need to be a reason, outside of loving another person? Is that not good enough?

Is that not valid enough?

…Is building up another, not worthy enough?

What do “you” expect out of your sexual relationships?

…Is it mutual touch?…passion?…sexual release?…