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How ‘One Nation’ Didn’t Become ‘Under God’ Until The ’50s Religious Revival…

Date: March 30, 2015

…How ‘One Nation’ Didn’t Become ‘Under God’ Until The ’50s Religious Revival…

…Direct Download Link [MP3]…

“[Kevin] Kruse’s book [“One Nation Under God”] investigates how the idea of America as a Christian nation was promoted in the 1930s and ’40s when industrialists and business lobbies, chafing against the government regulations of the New Deal, recruited and funded conservative clergy to preach faith, freedom and free enterprise. He says this conflation of Christianity and capitalism moved to center stage in the ’50s under Eisenhower’s watch.”

Very worth listening to.

Why Are Republican Governors Pro-Prison Rape?…

Date: March 27, 2015

…Why Are Republican Governors Pro-Prison Rape?…

“Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses the strange social acceptance of rape in prison. Republican governors are blocking a law that prevents sexual assault in prisons from taking affect. Cenk goes after governors, like Mike Pence (R) of Indiana, and holds them accountable.”

Yes…They want to be all up in your business, when you are “free” and trying to go about living your life, by passing anti-sex laws and laws that discriminate against sexual minorities…

…but when they throw you into prison, they just don’t care about what happens to you anymore…All the sexual brutalities imaginable, are “okay” with them…

This is the sort of thing, which comes from people holding onto a sense of “social undesirables”.

…They just want to be abusive and inhumane, towards those who they don’t like.

Greg Hunter: Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen, US helps Iran in Iraq, US Caves on Iran Nuke Deal…

Date: March 26, 2015

…Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen, US helps Iran in Iraq, US Caves on Iran Nuke Deal…

“Saudi Arabia and Egypt are getting ready for an invasion of Yemen. Saudi Arabia has already been bombing key positions of Iranian backed terrorists (also known as Houthi rebels). It was little more than six months ago that the President called Yemen a success in terms of fighting terror, but now the government has imploded, and al-Qaeda backed terrorists are fighting for control of the country with Iranian backed terrorists. Of course, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are enemies of the Iranians, and now it looks like the Saudis will also team up with al-Qaeda to drive out the Iranian terror group on its southern border in Yemen.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the U.S. is conducting air strikes against ISIS, cousins to al-Qaeda, for the Iranian led attack to retake Tikrit. So, the Saudis, a U.S. ally, are teaming up with al-Qaeda to fight against the Iranian backed terrorists in Yemen, while the U.S. helps out the Iranians in Iraq. What happened to Syria?

We move on the negotiations over curtailing the Iranian nuclear deal, and we find out that the French are pushing for a better deal than the U.S. There are reports that the U.S. has caved into Iranian demands and will not be driving a very hard deal. For one thing, all Iranian sites will not be up for verification and inspection. This includes military sites that are deep underground.”

I don’t know how often I’ll be posting Greg Hunter videos, but I found this one interesting and informative.

Rethinking “Consent”…

Date: March 25, 2015

…I’m a little fuzzy…

…I’m a little fuzzy…

I like this response…

…Though I’m sorry to learn of [slipperyshota’s] ordeal with sex trafficking.

“Consent” is honestly a complicated ordeal, when we live in a world that forces it to be complicated.

…In a better world than this one, “consent” would hopefully not be the hang up point that it is today.

I’m guilty of using the word “consent” a fair bit…but reading BFG’s post, I started thinking along the softer lines of “agreeable sex”…Which, in part, is why your post caught my eye and made me respond.

“Consent” as the holy grail it is today, is really quite unhuman…And it does not reflect well, on how we honestly live and interact with each other…It’s more of a lofty ideal, than anything else.

…At it’s worst…it’s an impossible barrier to navigate.

I do agree, however…with those who say, if you agreed with a certain type of conduct and broke your commitment knowing the consequences…then you are in some type of fault…

…But I also agree with those who say…In a better world, people would be far more open minded, than to box everyone into tight social restraints.

I don’t know if what I’ve said answers anything for BFG…But I kind of like it…It’s deep, and off the beaten path…I’ll probably post it on my blog…

Stinson has hidden his online child abuse 2 years…


Date: March 23, 2015

Notice of Raw Links:

01) BoyChat Link – Original Post

In the 19 March story “Stinson: ‘Pedo Hunter’ Causes Kids Grief for Fun” (, I revealed that the widely celebrated English ‘paedophile hunter’ and reformed arsonist Stinson Hunter (born Kieren Ashby, later called Kieren Parsons) had been immortalized on video vandalizing the virtual worlds that children had constructed in the online version of the game Minecraft.

It turns out that the British press, although they have disclosed the official legal record of Hunter including his 10 years served in prison for arson, have been playing their typical cover-up games with much of the intervening history between his release and his rise to fame. During the days before Hunter ‘unmasked’ himself in Sept. 2014 (1), he had made a track record for himself on Youtube as a “griefer” — a general-purpose malicious prankster — along with his partners-in-pranks Michael Donald (‘Killer Karrit,’ ‘The Karrit,’ ‘MichaeltheDug’) and James Donovan (‘Spartan Jay,’ ‘ItsJamesDonovan’). Videos that were posted and later removed from the Hunter and KillerKarrit youtube channels showed, or purported to show, not just Hunter and friends ‘griefing’ online games, but also priceless items like Hunter apparently vandalizing a hotel room by pouring drinks and sweets from the mini-bar on the carpet. (Needless to say, in those days when he still only appeared in public as his Stinson persona wearing a gas mask or other face-shield, he didn’t post ‘griefing’ videos allowing easy visual identification.) The hotel-trashing video was recently re-posted on Youtube by Tweeter Eric Hardcastle (2). Hunter, although appearing with his features slightly pixellated in the video, is clearly recognizable via a distinctive rounded tattoo on the back of his left hand. Unpixellated, as in later interview videos (3), the tattoo appears to be the head of a female figure with big hair.

We’ve been sent descriptions of several other now-removed griefing videos and audiotapes. Efforts are being made to retrieve these materials.

It appears that Hunter emerged from prison as a dedicated ‘griefer,’ preying on all sorts of targets including children. While building up his Youtube rep, he quickly discovered that the kind of ‘griefing’ that truly had marketing potential was pedophile-griefing. A star was born.

After his emergence from behind the mask in 2014, Hunter made strenuous efforts to suppress knowledge of his old griefing activities, many of which took place in 2012-2013.

Here’s a March, 2013, entry in UK blog about criminal law (4).

Jim Bentley 14/03/2013 at 5:36 pm

Couldn’t agree more John, I attempted to contact “Stinson” on twitter and asked him why he wears a mask, when he responded aggressively I told him that I thought he’s a coward for trying to be a public figure while hiding behind a pseudonym, a gas mask or blurring his face (In some videos he blurs his face out and promises to blur out the faces of his subjects and then fails to do so, in others he suggests passers by should assault his subject). It’s obvious he wants to build a career out of this but is just doing it for kicks.

There are also videos of him on You Tube abusing younger players of the game Minecraft where he destroys buildings children have built in the virtual world and then enjoys winding them up about it and another (since removed) where for no reason he smashed up a bass guitar with a mallet, very respectable public figure in the making.

Anyway, after I told him I thought he was a coward what followed was 12 hours of constant abuse on twitter from his followers, anonymous users and made up accounts (most probably by the man himself) suggesting I may be a child molester myself. Bit sad really.

This poster was recently contacted by our team and confirmed he had seen the videos in question. He was reticent to talk about the matter and asked not to be contacted again.

There’s something about being harassed by multiple thugs online and called a pedophile that some people find a deterrent to further involvement. What a surprise.

There are further comments on other websites during 2013 (5).


Location: newcastle upon tyne
Age: 50

Re: Stinson Hunter Paedo exposer

The more i look into this idiot the more i discover what a horrible man he is .I was shocked to discover that he delights in destroying worlds built by kids in minecraft (now deleted – BN) (now deleted – BN)

and many more

there is some bad language in the vids so be warned

Maggy J
The Invisible Woman
Cable Forum Team
Age: 62
Location: between Portsmouth and Southampton.

Oh what a charmer..and he claims to be protecting children!

Since my original story came out, the videos that I linked have been removed (Screenshots showing the labeled ‘Stinson Hunter’ avatar, and other scenes, remain posted at the @securityconcern Twitter channel). A pastebin version of my article that had been prepared for those unable to access this website, inclusive of the complete transcript of the ‘griefing’ video in which a boy called ‘starman’ is vexed by destruction of his ‘world,’ was also removed by site administrators after receipt of a complaint. The paste version has since been restored in multiple new sites (e.g., ; However, despite extensive notifications sent out about the story to media outlets, the British press have completely ignored the information. Even Hunter’s fellow football fan Sam Dimmer, crime reporter for the Coventry Telegraph, who slavishly writes about nearly every move Hunter makes, had no comment or response to the knowledge that Hunter had actively been involved in malicious pranking of children online.

Hunter’s major financial backer and honorary ‘executive producer’ Doug Melia (on Twitter as @Saferhandling), impresario and chief ‘edutainer’ of the safe childhood enterprise SaferHandling, has also failed to respond to notifications of the story. Clearly, anyone involved in providing safety to children might be reluctant to admit making a catastrophic error in their sponsorships.

To be fair, it’s not hard to see why people might be cautious at first.

The internet is full of tricks and trolls. The appearance of the name ‘Stinson Hunter’ on an animated character, combined with a voice very much like that of Hunter, may not be enough to convince some members of the media that the real Stinson, not an impersonator, can be ascertained as participating in the videos. The main link connecting the real Stinson to the videos is his ongoing interchange with the videos’ producer, Michael Donald.

Confirmation that Donald himself was involved was made easy by his recent admission of the facts in public tweets.

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20 (6)

This is brilliant someone has written a proper story about some of my old videos because I upset them HAHAHHAHA (now removed following anonymous complaint – BN)

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@StinsonHunter it’s just hilarious because they’ve re-watched the video numerous times to write up the transcript and story hahahah

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@Mzxth i know it’s hilarious, it’s as if they’re trying to make me and stinson look bad but they’re just whinging

Dug @MichaelTheDug · Mar 20

@StinsonHunter you got convicted for arson then you BURNED DOWN A HOUSE (in minecraft)!?!?!??! #Imcallingthesun

Hunter himself, of course, is cagier about the matter, pretending not to be involved. He clearly has no concept that the sociopathic online molestation (in the dictionary sense of the word) of a young boy might legitimately be criticized. The comment “what a virgin” strongly implies that your writer and/or his correspondent, @securityconcern, is simply unsophisticated in the connoisseurship of online video game tormenting and the resulting Youtube fun.

Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20 (7)

@MichaelTheDug I know. How fucking sad is that? Ah well at least I’ve got solid proof of libel now 🙂

Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

@MichaelTheDug I also have a firearms ban and I’ve been playing GTA (‘Grand Theft Auto’ – BN) #dontcallthesun

Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

@MichaelTheDug What a virgin.

Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

@MichaelTheDug They probably wrote it on the way to the dole office.

Stinson Hunter @StinsonHunter · Mar 20

@MichaelTheDug @Securityconcern Just looked at her screenshots of minecraft – dunno why she thinks that’s me, I didn’t have a PVR then haha

The ‘she’ in question is blogger Anna Raccoon, whom Hunter appears to accuse of being Twitter researcher Kamil Beylant. Beylant says that people often mistake the Arabic male name Kamil for the European female name Camille, and he is not infrequently addressed as if he were a woman. As for the PVR (personal video recorder) comment, the video in question was clearly recorded by Donald, not Hunter.

At this point, the link between the Minecraft videos and Hunter could scarcely be more airtight. Apart from the casual threat about libel, Hunter has not denied involvement. Kamil Beylant asked Donald directly if he or Hunter (who blocks direct interaction with him) denied involvement, and in response received only a sarcastic question implying he used drugs.

Currently, the British press is under fire for being one of the social forces that blocked the information that some members of Parliament and other V.I.P.s had been caught out with underage sex partners or illegal child-pornographic materials during the Thatcher era.

The scandal-rags such as the Mirror and the Mail now relentlessly bugle their hounds down the trail of the elite sexcrimes of yesteryear. They still, however, manage to suppress the relevant news of the present day. Now, it is the mental health issues of would-be paedophile hunters that are the forbidden material. It appears none of the media has the brass to look into reconfirming the Minecraft videos truly pertain to Hunter, and truly show a personality that has strong evidence of serious social problems – in particular, a love of distress, torment and psychological torture.

Perhaps Hunter has merely found the safe spot within general social sadism by choosing the optimal targets. There is still hope, however, that someone in the press will break through the intimidation and show up the hunter of pedophiles for what he really is: a hunter of pain.


2. Trashing a hotel room after a sting.

3. Stinson Hunter Interview on ‘This Morning,’ 1st October, 2014





…My Response…

Like Riley…I’m wondering when this bozo is going to get the Darwin Award…He’s already found himself riding on the outside front of a van, as his target attempted to get away from him…And he’s only been doing this, what?…a year and a half?

If anyone in his life actually gave a damn about him, they’d tell him to stop this before he gets himself killed, somehow…Who knows…Maybe most people in his life would just accept it, as for the best?

…I saw that obnoxious exchange on twitter, which you cite here…and I can vouch for the fact, that Stinson and Dug posted it…even if they deleted it, after the fact.

That these two don’t even comprehend what is going on here, and act all juvenile, trivializing their behavior…it says everything about them…Because they bully innocent people for their own pleasure, and figure that it’s nobody else’s business…or that anyone who has a problem with it, is a prude [or some other insulting label].

…They’re not even self reflective enough, to know and admit when they have done wrong…

…Not that we actually need more evidence, that Stinson is an anti-social sociopath…

…and he hangs out with them, also.

Somehow…they thought they could flaunt this behavior, and it would not come back to haunt them.

– Steve Diamond


Feminism is the Establishment…

Date: March 21, 2015

…Feminism is the Establishment…

Note: There is lots of swearing, and at least one instance of explicit sexual depiction [a sculpture], included in this video.

“Feminists now have to defend their choke-hold on the British establishment from attacks from the real world and people who are suffering the consequences of their unbridled selfishness.

Not satisfied with feminists in every political party, feminist domination of academia and young women now out-earning young men, feminists insist that the skyrocketing male suicide rate is their own fault.”

Sargon of Akkad can often get crass…but I find his videos thought provoking, and generally quite sound. Thought I’d share this one, because it concerns a very important, modern social unrest…one which is becoming quite disturbing, in my opinion.

“Feminism is the Establishment”, really says a lot…and reflects what so many of us out here are seeing. What is going on at the popular forefront of “feminism”, has lost it’s way…It’s not about equality…It’s about dominance and subjugation…manipulation…And much of it is just self entitled, angry, ugly, spiteful abuse.

This has got to end…It’s why so many of us are disgusted and fed up, with this wave of “feminism”…They’re not honestly pushing for anything positive, anymore…They’re just trying to bludgeon censorship into our cultures, and impose ideological extremes…of which, some are blatantly dishonest and cruel.

Feminism has been hijacked by the power hungry, self entitled extremists…people pushing their own social agendas, who don’t care about healthy cultural cohesion…And that is why I find it so alarming and offensive, despite that I embrace and practice feminism’s own historic core principles, myself.

I sincerely question at this phase…if feminism has not outlived it’s true usefulness…and maybe it needs to dissolve, so that something more relevant and balanced can take it’s place?

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 03/15/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: March 21, 2015

…Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 03/15/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Published on Mar 15, 2015

01:00 – “Ferguson PD Worse Than We Thought.” Chauncey DeVega gives us the latest out of Ferguson, which includes a DOJ report that shows how racism was rampant among Ferguson PD. #HandsUpDontShoot

09:10 – “Your Employer Doesn’t Have Your Back.” Michael Burg will discuss the assault on workers compensation that is leaving injured workers with no recourse. #LaborLaws

19:02 – “UBS Just Blew Your Retirement Fund.” Peter Mougey will give us the latest details on criminal banking activity, specifically the UBS Puerto Rico con game. #TooBigToJail

30:41 – “Corporations Spending More; Workers Get Less.” Bryce Covert in Washington, D.C. will tell us why corporations are spending more on buying back their own stocks than they are on the workers that keep their companies running. #InvestInWorkers

39:16 – “The Republican Fear Con.” Howard Nations will explain how fear is used by the Republican leadership to manipulate voters. #FearSells”

Stinson: ‘Pedo Hunter’ Causes Kids Grief for Fun…


Date: March 19, 2015

Notice of Raw Links:

Posted by Bernie Najarian on 2015-March-19

01) BoyChat Link – Original Article

Stinson Hunter is a man who named himself for his vocation – hunting pedophiles.

He was born Kieren Parsons in 1981, but in his 17th year he damaged his brand severely by burning down a school. No one was in the building at the time, luckily, but Hunter, who says “I wasn’t a nice person,” served 10 years in prison. In 2014, the then 32-year-old husband and father told Sam Dimmer of the Coventry Telegraph (1),

“It happened 16 years ago. I have said all along I want to right the wrongs I have done. What I’m doing now I’m doing for the right reasons.”

Hunter legally changed his name to publicize his new start. What he is ‘doing now,’ consistent with that name, can be spun as acting as an unpaid adjunct to law enforcement. Or it can be spun as working as a professional vigilante and showman. His modus operandi is to lurk on online websites where people hook up for sexual encounters. He posts a profile masking himself as a girl whose age is as low as he can get away with under the website’s conditions. Then, when he makes contact with a potential sex partner, he informs the person that he is younger than the legal age (16). If the person keeps talking to him, everything is recorded. He attempts to arrange a sexual meeting, and once a date is set, proceeds to meet his target with cameras and a crew. The resulting videos are posted on Youtube, Facebook and his own website, and tweeted out repeatedly on Twitter. He has brought to the U.K. an old American theme, an amateur version of Chris Hansen’s NBC-TV-sponsored ‘To Catch a Predator’ or Xavier von Erck’s web-based ‘Perverted Justice,’ but he has added a modern, Youtuber flare. He appears cloaked in tattoos and lightly stubbled, like a council-flat Marilyn Manson, a television star for the age of child abuse retribution.

What drives him? Was he ever sexually abused? Not as far as we know, though he claims some sort of abuse in a children’s home – but, of course, when it comes to being outraged about abuse, everyone reads the news. And Hunter is a new dad. Just as one might clear a new flat of bedbugs before moving in, why not do some hygiene, redeeming and employing oneself at the same time, by eradicating some pedophiles from his child’s new global playpen? He wants to do right this time. And much of his society believes in him now. Old youthful sex offenders may never be reliably reformed, in the popular view, but this old arsonist surely is. A Bafta-award-winning director, Dan Reed, loaned his skills to Hunter to produce a documentary on his efforts for British television’s Channel 4. Called ‘The Paedophile Hunter,’ it lauded his efforts while confronting some of the controversies involved. According to The Independent’s Jess Denham in Oct. 2014 (2),

“One man, Mark (perhaps actually Michael Parkes – BN) (3), killed himself shortly after being confronted by Hunter as he arrived to meet a (hypothetical – BN) 12-year-old girl.

His partner and mother of his young child tells cameras she sympathises with Hunter’s crime-stopping intentions, but disagrees with footage being published for his 250,000 Facebook followers to see.

“He claims he is protecting children but what about my child, a real child who is going to grow up without a dad?” she says.

While many Twitter users agreed with Mark’s partner and argued that catching criminals should be left to the police, others praised Hunter’s ‘hands on’ approach to stopping those with paedophilic predilections.”

Hunter is surrounded on Youtube and Facebook with a claque of vociferous, triumphal supporters. On March 18, 2015, their support was crowned with prestigious, official approval when ‘The Paedophile Hunter’ won the Royal Television Society award for best documentary of 2014 (4). According to Sam Dimmer (4)

“Judges described the documentary as: ‘An astonishing film with incredible access – a brave commission and a brave programme to make.’”
Hunter’s reaction was “This started from nothing and now it’s won a Royal Television Society Award. It’s incredible.”

The recipient of the award was director Dan Reed, who Hunter claimed to ‘idolise.’

If you sense another shoe hovering here, then, as they say in dubstep music, get ready for the drop.

March 18 was also the day that a story that has been simmering on the internet for several weeks or months finally began to break out into the open. A story of Stinson Hunter, not the old one but the new, involved in the most unexpected and apparently contradictory activity you could possibly imagine.

It transpires that Hunter, in 2014, actively pursued a hobby called ‘griefing,’ a kind of publicized internet pranking, where his favorite activity was to invade the digital fantasy worlds of young boys in the online game Minecraft, and set fire to their digital buildings.

Huh? Is this story trolling? Is it fake? No. It’s all immaculately evidenced, and even tacitly confessed by Hunter himself.

It begins with a video (5), posted on Nov 29, 2014 on a hosting website called (but possibly first posted elsewhere, some weeks or months earlier) that was produced by an acknowledged associate of Hunter, Michael Donald of Dunfermline, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Donald is 20-something, a dedicated internet trickster and online ‘football ‘ooligan’ who styles himself ‘The Karrit,’ ‘Killer Karrit’ and ‘Michael the Dug.’ He also frequently describes himself as a ‘c—t’ and a ‘bellend’ (a nasty popular insult implying an idiot, possibly malicious).

Donald’s many and diverse pranks have broken into mainstream press reporting on at least one occasion – on 3 Jan, 2013 (6), Donald made waves by threatening to give out all his banking details online if “bottom of the table Queen’s Park Rangers would lose to European Champions Chelsea” in a televised football match. ‘QPR,’ as the Rangers are fondly known, did pull off an upset, but the bank details were not forthcoming.

One of the mainstays of Donald’s ‘KillerKarrit’ Youtube and other video channels is ‘griefing,’ as mentioned above – the destruction of the internal virtual inventories and constructions of online gamers. Here’s Donald’s introductory comment to one such adventure (7):

“Minecraft Griefing – Destroying a Welshman’s World, by KillerKarrit. In this video, myself and Stinson Hunter blow up yet another person’s world. He (the victim – BN) saves it (saves the damaged version to the server – BN) after we’ve destroyed it. If you’re going to cry about it and try to get me to stop making these- don’t waste your time, I plan to make more as the 1.8.2 update (of Minecraft – BN) is brilliant.

Stinson’s Channels:
Follow me on Twitter!
Like my Facebook page!”

Games like Minecraft come in a communal, online version in which friendly users invite other members of the player community into their worlds to game with them. The competition in the games doesn’t turn around the destruction or preservation of the houses and other niceties that the hosting players have erected. The arrival of a gang of virtual thugs bent on destruction, then, is completely unexpected, and causes shock. The aptly named ‘griefing’ hobby consists of video-recording the shocked reactions, plus the gleeful destruction, and posting the resulting videos on the internet.

In the video cited above and a companion video (8), we see the virtual avatars of Donald and Hunter (clearly labelled ‘Stinson Hunter’), and hear the actual voices of these men as they lay waste to virtual worlds that have been constructed by boys whose voices have not yet changed. That Hunter and ‘The Karrit’ are best of friends is confirmed on Hunter’s Twitter channel.

“Stinson Hunter on Twitter (31 Jan 2014): “@KillerKarrit @kaneJL haha enter the karrit.”(9)

(Donald is being welcomed as he intervenes to insult a tweeter who was arguing with Hunter)

Their shared hobby is so revolting that the videos beggar belief. Only the fact that most viewers are not gamers and don’t understand what has happened has protected Hunter from the outrage his activities would surely provoke in the community. A supposed protector of online children spends his spare time causing pain and suffering to online children by trashing their video game constructions. It’s sickening.

Let’s look at what happens in the first video (7). Tweeter Kamil Beylant has made a complete transcript of its dialogue, interspersed with comments on what is seen on the video screen (10). The video is clearly captured from the perspective of Donald’s ‘The Karrit’ Xbox online account.

It begins with a young boy’s shrill voice telling some men that they’re being horrible and asking them to get away. A few cuss words are thrown in. Later screen shots identify the boy as living in the US, and he has a distinct northern US accent.

A small megaphone symbol shows that player ‘Stinson Hunter’ is speaking. He says, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?” His accent is clearly from the British midlands. Many online videos featuring Hunter show that he characteristically challenges people by rapidly asking the same question or making the same assertion twice.

The boy complains back, “What’s wrong with YOU? You dropped my house! Everything is gone!”

The video then shows a typed message to the viewer from Donald. It reads, “Then we convinced him to let us back into his world. We helped rebuild his house.”

Donald and Hunter re-enter the boy’s virtual world; the latter is seen as a robot-like figure in royal purple with an overhead banner saying ‘Stinson Hunter.’ Donald is seen from his viewer perspective wielding a device called a ‘stone sword.’ He begins smashing up blocks of debris that litter the virtual terrain, ostensibly cleaning up past damage. He calls the blocks ‘big c—ts’ and makes innuendo-laden remarks like ‘I love smashing c—ts.” The boy complains “this is going to take FOREVER!” Donald then begins smashing a wall, calling it a ‘cock.’ The action immediately provokes an outcry from the boy, since the wall is, he says, part of his “inventory,” the list of items he has won or built in the game.

But this is all a distraction. While Donald is stressing the boy with his slow destruction of debris, Stinson has been over at the boy’s seven-storey house, an item clearly made of virtual wood. Something is happening over there, out of our range of view. The boy suddenly shouts, “My house is on fire, my house is on fire!” Animated flames are bursting out of the fourth level of the house. We see another ‘griefer,’ a player called ‘xTSx iMoNsTeRv,’ climbing the house towards the fire, perhaps rushing to help put it out. Donald’s player enters the house and we see Stinson’s character inside. His player is the only one that has been in the right place to set a fire, though he makes an absurd statement, ‘It’s the forest fire.’ There is no forest.

The boy’s ‘Sharkman12’ black robot character has remained outside the house. Donald then, while out of the boy’s online vision, quickly clicks to his inventory and loads his character with an item called ‘fuel.’ We see his character setting a new fire on the inside of the house.

The boy soon figures out that Stinson and Donald have been deliberately setting fire to his house. He uses his powers as host to expel the adults from his virtual world, but remains in voice dialogue with them. He says,

“First of all, your friend Hunter … I just got stopped making my house and he’s trying to destroy it again … second of all, if you guys ever, ever, and I mean EVER try to invite me to anything again, well? you can go screw yourself, and call yourself a c—t! Yeah! I’m going to use that c—t word!”

There is much coarse laughter among the three adults involved. Donald tries to send the boy a ‘friend’ request that would give him higher access to the boy. The boy, who trusted Donald reluctantly after the first destruction of his property, has now been hardened.

“I don’t like you, and I don’t WANT to like you. Stop sending me friend requests. I DON’T LIKE YOU,” he shouts. “Nobody likes you! Not even Kerrit. Not even Monster. (He is apparently addressing Hunter here). I don’t like you NONE of you guys. So you guys – can f—k it.”

If the boy’s parents knew what sort of company he was keeping online, they would be livid. Though the boy clearly knows a few cuss words, his generous and trusting nature has been abused by a gang of guffawing adult British hooligans.

And the theme of their hooliganism is one you’d think Hunter would think twice about – arson.

The adults are so proud of themselves that they post their sadistic, child-tormenting videos on the internet. The video I’ve described, and a companion piece that shows the virtual worlds of another three boys being set on fire, are said to have been on the KillerKarrit and/or Stinson Hunter Youtube channels for a short while, but then withdrawn. Copies, however, are circulating elsewhere. Tweeter Eric Hardcastle re-posted the first video on his own Youtube channel but was obliged to remove it from public view when he received a violation of copyright complaint.

The official, legally enforceable complaint, according to Hardcastle, came from Stinson Hunter (11).

That’s the tacit confession of involvement that I referred to above.

Hunter makes no effort to claim that anyone is impersonating him in the ‘griefing’ videos, and in any case, given his close, long-time association with ‘The Karrit,’ such a claim would not be believable.

My Twitter researchers have all been blocked by Hunter, so he has not been available to answer questions.

Though it may seem unbelievable that a supposed child rescuer, reformed arsonist and public hero would busy himself cyberbullying little boys by setting virtual fire to their virtual worlds, Hunter’s action fits a pattern that long-time observers of the internet have seen many times.

You only need to ask yourself what sort of a personality type would identify himself as a ‘hunter’ of other human beings. There are many such people on the internet, including many masked members of the shadowy Anonymous movement, and Hunter has much in common with them.

The problem for a writer writing about such people is how to describe them without inadvertently insulting people who have ‘Shades of Grey’ aspects in their sexualities, that is interests in bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM). We commonly use the word ‘sadist’ to refer to two kinds of people: essentially kind and conscientious people who role-play sexually with whips, ligatures, and so on, and essentially sociopathic people who gain pleasure from tormenting others who are helpless and unwilling. Let’s call the latter ‘sociopathic sadists’ to keep them separate from the former group, which includes many good friends I’ve known.

Long study has shown that most freelancers who track or ‘hunt’ online pedophiles, whether the latter are trying to have sexual interactions with children or not, are not merely do-gooders who aren’t qualified to join the local police force. In keeping with the old saying ‘every prisoner wants to be a hero,’ such people are often sociopaths who are aware of their social shortcomings but also have a desire to feel good about themselves. It’s ideal for them if they can look heroic while doing something that gratifies their sociopathic urges. Humiliating and tormenting people who society despises as sexual deviants fills the bill perfectly. In 1975, people with this penchant, or at least males, would have got together in a cruisy park at night and looked for queers to bash. In 2015, that no longer seems heroic to anyone, so the compass of sociopathic heroism has pointed towards pedophiles.

A typical and well documented sociopathic sadist who made a major impact as an online pedophile tracker was Cynthia Jean Harvey, a 50-year-old computer security professional from Nashville, TN (12). Working undercover as ‘Determined,’ she was the chief administrator of a pedophile profiling website that sprang up under the umbrella of Perverted Justice (PJ). While most of PJ concentrated on chat-based entrapment schemes that caught people planning to stage illegal sexual encounters, Harvey’s department, Wikisposure, concentrated on finding and publishing the identities of people posting in online legal (not connected with child pornography) websites hosting discussions among persons attracted to minors.

It soon became clear that Harvey didn’t care if the people she undertook to expose were involved in illegal acts or not. She portrayed all pedophiles as dangerous, based on the ‘ticking time bomb’ meme that suggests that, since all deviants lack self-control (a residual 19th-century superstition), no one with pedophilic urges would be able to resist committing sexual assaults over the long term. When she uncovered the identity of one of the pseudonymous posters she was tracking, she and her colleagues did everything possible to warn the person’s online and offline friends, his parents, his employers, and so on, that he was a dangerous man who was probably raping children behind their backs. In a few cases, these efforts did unmask some lawbreaking; in many others, they merely resulted in the public hounding of conscientious non-offenders.

Harvey clearly didn’t care. She stalked teenagers online who spoke about experiencing attraction to young children, and she exposed them to the world as ‘sick,’ dangerous pedophiles as soon as they turned 18. She relentless violated the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) legislation by pinching and displaying personal images from private social media she had penetrated, and could not be induced to correct any factual error that had become mixed in with her poisonous rants about the ‘sick’ and ‘perverted’ people she was profiling. When PJ deleted her increasingly illegal web pages, she painstakingly reposted them independently as ‘,’ using complex and costly identity masking techniques to prevent DMCA takedown. This website eventually floundered due to lack of financial support, but Harvey has again reposted its pages in one of the internet’s most consistently trashbaggy defamation websites,, the TMZ of the nobodies.

Harvey was finally exposed, herself, by a dogged online sleuth styling herself ‘azu-info.’ It turned out that beside the pedo-hunting Determined, Harvey had a host of other online handles, and many of them were found on online sadomasochism sites. The most prominent was ‘TrainerC.’ Harvey was and is a sexual sadist, which in itself is arguably benign, but she admitted to several incidents in her past where her sadism had surpassed the usual boundaries. Says azu-info (substantiating links have been removed but can be seen at reference link 12 below):

‘As a self-confessed “rapist” by her own account, she is “not a sensual sadist, using the definition that many people use online.” Rather, she takes pleasure in inflicting both physical pain and emotional distress in her victims.

(Here are two quotes:)

“you WILL suffer for my pleasure,”

“I’m a 40 year old top who lives in MS and TN. I’ve owned and trained several slaves in the past 7 years, and have been a sadomasochist for a lot longer.”

Not long ago she was banned from a major BDSM forum chat-room and community for refusing to stop talking about rape. Though also searching for a ‘mentor’ to help her “deal with the idea that I want to hurt people I like.”

When asked why one would want to rape or hurt their partners, Cynthia explained that, as a sadomasochist, she enjoys “getting off” on the very good illusion of non-consent, though “i’d even wager that sometimes it’s not an illusion.”

With her past exploits for Wikisposure and her new exploits on, as well as more recent blogs, she has clearly found an outlet to let some of her most sadistic urges escape into unbounded real-world torment.

“Now I’m looking for people I can engage with on this level without the yelling and passive aggressiveness, just plain old honest to goodness emotional pain, with the understanding that, yes, this gets me hard, and I hope it does you too, but if not, deal with it. (hell, the latter is more likely to get/keep me hard)”

“I don’t mind causing someone emotional pain while relating something that’s gonna hurt because of the nature of the THING itself (well, I do, actually. It’s hard. But it has to be done). What I’m talking about is causing someone emotional pain for…the hell of it.”’

Once you’ve understood this somewhat parallel case, it becomes clear that it isn’t remotely contradictory for Stinson Hunter to hunt online for people who might be lured into sexually propositioning a young teen, while at the same time spending his fun time tormenting children online by burning their virtual villages. The common themes are the delight of causing pain to the vulnerable, combined with the triumphant ego that is able to parade these acts of humiliation to the world.

The hero of Great Britain is a sociopathic sadist. But British society, in any case, has become something of a madhouse lately. The long-standing British nervousness about sex has been intensely microwaved with petapixels of online pornography and hundreds of new means to make wanton interpersonal connections. Faced with the imagined consequences of such liberal electronic communication, the national popcorn is starting to pop: the UK as a society is having a mental breakdown. A growing movement has arisen online that is determined to find that every member of the royal family, the broadcasting world, the politicians and the police have been involved in a decades-long, massive conspiracy to cover up rings of elite pedophilic serial murderers.

In the comments to a Youtube audio recording where an aggressive Stinson Hunter is heard bedeviling an accused critic, grandmother Jo Callaghan, until she threatens suicide (13), the top comment is

Jonny Parker
5 months ago

More people should be hunting these sick f—ks . Fact is its right at the top, the ruling elite banking families, Bilderberg group etc., etc., all snatch kids rape and kill them, satanic sick f—kers man . But people don’t want to accept that it’s happening and the real truth. Just like 9/11.

Such sentiments are by no means restricted to a small fringe any more.

In this rolling atmosphere of witch-hunt, it is very unlikely that the news that Stinson Hunter is part of a gang that regularly torments 12-year-old boys for fun will make any impact. The matter has already been ignored for months. The whole tenor of the nation now is to omit such inconveniences from consciousness and to crown the pedophile stalker with laurel wreaths. Who cares that some of his suicidal stalkees may have been lured across the line into an illegal hookup by a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offer that they would never have experienced without his entrepreneurship? Michael Parkes’ child, growing up with no father, may indeed end up suffering, as Parkes’ surviving partner has complained in her accused ‘harassment’ of Hunter.

But as we now know, suffering among children is just part of the fun.




5. Minecraft ‘Griefing’ Video Starring Stinson Hunter.



8. Minecraft griefing Video 2 Starring Stinson Hunter: Adult Males Burning Down a Child’s Minecraft Village.

9. ; screenshot at

10. US pre-teen gamer boy vs. Stinson Hunter and friend

11. Text: eric hardcastle ?@EricHardcastle (tweeted to) @urcrazytoo @Securityconcern Copyright violation was from Stinson so he’s confirmed it’s him. Melbourne, Victoria 7:41 AM – 17 Mar 2015


13. Stinson Hunter – Confronts His Online Stalker (Part One)

Note. 15 screenshots documenting key moments in the first ‘griefing’ video have been posted by K. Beylant, starting at


Album: Great Rights!…


Date: March 17, 2015

Great Rights! [22:51]

01) Exorable

02) Heart of Gold (E-Piano-Smooth)

03) Gadabout

04) Angularity

05) Sweet Dreams [acoustic guitar]

06) Neo

07) Generations

“Great Rights!” is my eighth musical album. At 22 minutes and 51 seconds, it’s tending towards the shorter of my albums…but there is still some good stuff here. I confess, that I padded this one with a few tracks I was not going to release…but later figured, why not?

Exorable – A nice track…jazz…Not really a personal favorite, but it works as a song.

Heart of Gold (E-Piano-Smooth) – A highlight…This one turned out really nice.

Gadabout – Glorified bumper music, honestly…but it’s pretty cool.

Angularity – Nice…Not really deep…but slow and haunting…

Sweet Dreams [acoustic guitar] – Another highlight, and a personal favorite.

Neo – Rescued from a “warehouse” folder, where it was likely to be forgotten…I have to admit, this one is actually pretty decent.

Generations – The most “iffy” track here…Mixing the different genres like this, was experimental…very. I didn’t intend to release this, ever…But it’s kind of cool…and this collection needed some padding…A good track to bring things to an end, I think.



Pedophilia: Myths, Realities and Treatments…

Date: March 17, 2015

…Pedophilia: Myths, Realities and Treatments…

“Are adults who are sexually attracted to children a danger to society? Are present treatments and criminal penalties counter-productive? Can people be “cured” of pedophilia?

Dick’s guest is Dr. Fred Berlin, founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorder Clinic.”

I always have very mixed feelings about these kinds of interviews.

…I appreciate the level headed dialogue, and that a good bit of solid information is presented…But I will never find it anything but a tasteless rub, being compared to drunk driving alcoholics.

That is not intended as a cheap shot at alcoholics…It’s just that pedophilia and alcoholism are two very, very different issues…

By trying to make parallels between the two, Fred is reaffirming the negative social taint on pedophilia.

…Some of us reject this social construct, that pedophilia is a negative thing…We reject that it deserves to be presented in a negative light.

This is why it is so hard, to embrace someone like Fred Berlin, and his ideas and behaviors…

…Some of Fred’s ideas are fundamentally and critically [irreconcilably] at odds, with my very life philosophy…with so, so much of my own journey in life, and what knowledge it has equipped me with…I had my world changing epiphany, and transcended the notion that “people are sick for having an attraction, and for seeking to love”, years and years ago…The layers of insulation, haze and manipulation, were slowly, consistently peeled from my eyes…and a whole new world of possibilities opened up in front of me…

…I cannot scrub this from my mind, and retreat back into blind ignorance.

…Which is why, for all his good intentions [and despite that I’m still willing to link and share this content]…I cannot, in good conscience, endorse Fred Berlin…

…But life is a lot more complicated than just these points, isn’t it?

I still appreciate much of what Fred says in this interview.