Marty Klein – Junk Science, Moral Panics, and Sex – TAM 2013…

Date: May 30, 2016

01) Marty Klein – Junk Science, Moral Panics, and Sex – TAM 2013

“Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 31 years. He has aimed his entire career toward a single set of goals, among them, telling the truth about sexuality and debunking widely held sex myths. He has written a number of books on human sexuality, and speaks frequently on the psychology, science and pseudoscience of human sexuality.”

‘En Tu Ausencia’ HD (‘In Your Absence’) 2008, by Ivan Noel, director’s cut…


Date: May 29, 2016

Contains boy nudity, and explores sexual issues.

01) ‘En Tu Ausencia’ HD (‘In Your Absence’) 2008, by Ivan Noel, director’s cut.

“Published on Jan 7, 2016

‘CC’ for English subs!
Vancouver International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Bahamas International Film Festival , etc.

After 4 years of showing on youtube, here it is in HD. Enjoy!


This movie has been published on YouTube, by it’s copyright owner…This exhibition is fully legal.

Probably the most interesting thing about En Tu Ausencia, is the way that it explores a young boys relationship with a man…and how he interprets it, and attempts to navigate it. At one point, this character sexually presents himself to the man…though it’s not directly stated…and the man does not accept.

There is a lot that could be said about this movie…But, naturally, I found the depiction of hints at man boy love, to be most relevant…because this issue is so rarely explored…and almost never in a level headed, realistic manner.

Also of interest…

…Many people in the U.S., where we are subjected to heavy censorship [concerning taboo issues, like childhood sexuality, childhood nudity, etc.], would find it unbelievable…just how common place boyhood nudity is, in the major movies produced in other countries…even today, in the modern era.

…Naked boys in the media are only looked upon as “the death of society”, in fanatical places like the U.S.

…In many other places…these actors and their performances are enjoyed, openly, without shame or judgment.


“Why are you not a Christian?” (Bertrand Russell)…


Date: May 29, 2016

01) “Why are you not a Christian?” (Bertrand Russell)

“Nobel Prize-winning philosopher/mathematician Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), explains why he does not believe in God.”

So much pure solid honesty, condensed into about three and a half minutes…And I generally agree with everything.

I do, however, see the personal [and private] pursuit of meaning in religion, to be relatively harmless…so long as you are only applying it to your own life, and not using it to justify or impose your own hostility against others.

You have to have a level head about this…and have and retain, a broader respect and understanding of the world around you.


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Richard Dawkins explaining how ridiculous Religion is – Part 1 & 2…


Date: May 28, 2016

01) Richard Dawkins explaining how ridiculous Religion is – Part 1

“Atheism VS Religion is a steady stream of INTERVIEWS, DEBATES, LECTURES and COMPILATIONS about our favorite subjects: ATHEISM, SKEPTICISM, SCIENCE and some good old-fashioned Theist ridicule.”

02) Richard Dawkins explaining how ridiculous Religion is – Part 2


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Bacha bazi…

Date: May 29, 2016

Note: there is a considerable degree of bias and some distortion, in the views and opinions expressed in these videos…However…since they do actually document [or at least discuss more deeply] the practice in question, and approving commentary is so scarce…I find these videos to be adequate, for the purposes of this post.

01) Afghanistan’s “dancing boys” are made to dress like girls and sold to men for sex

“A tradition called ‘bacha bazi’ or ‘dancing boys’ , wide-spread across Afghanistan involves dressing boys in women’s clothes, who then perform at private parties. Such parties usually end in guest bidding on a night with one of the boys, some of whom are as young as 12. In an Islamic country where sex with women is forbidden before marriage, many men seek the company of these so-called “rent” boys.”

US Tax $ Funds Pedophilia – WikiLeaks

“The now infamous Wikileaks recently released a cable from Afghanistan revealing U.S. government contractor DynCorp threw a party for Afghan security recruits featuring trafficked boys as the entertainment. Bacha bazi is the Afghan tradition of “boy play” where young boys are dressed up in women’s clothing, forced to dance for leering men, and then sold for sex to the highest bidder. Apparently this is the sort of “entertainment” funded by your tax dollars when DynCorp is in charge of security in Afghanistan.

DynCorp is a government contractor which has been providing training for Afghan security and police forces for several years. Though the company is about as transparent as a lead-coated rock, most reports claim over 95% of their budget comes from U.S. taxpayers. That’s the same budget that DynCorp used to pay for a party in Kunduz Province for some Afghan police trainees. The entertainment for the evening was bacha bazi boys, whose pimps were paid so the boys would sing and dance for the recruits and then be raped by them afterward. That’s your tax dollars at work — fighting terrorism and extremism in Afghnistan by trafficking little boys for sex with cops-in-training.

In fact, the evidence linking DynCorp to bacha bazi was so damning, Afghan Minister of the Interior Hanif Atmar tried to quash the story. Upon hearing a journalist was investigating DynCorp and the U.S. government’s funding of the sex trafficking of young boys in Afghanistan, Atmar warned any publication of the story would “endanger lives,” and requested the U.S. suppress the story. Atmar admitted he had arrested eleven Afghans nationals as “facilitators” of the bacha bazi party. But he was only charging them with “purchasing a service from a child,” which is illegal under Sharia law and the civil code. And in this case “services” is not used as a euphemism for sex; so far, no one is being held accountable for the young boys whose rapes were paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.

As if this story couldn’t get any more outrageous, Atmar went on to say that if news of the incident got out, he was “worried about the image of foreign mentors”. In other words, why should something as piddling as the humiliation, objectification, sale, and rape of some children tarnish the good name of DynCorp and all the work (read: money) they’re doing in Afghanistan? After all, bacha bazi is growing in popularity in Afghanistan, especially in areas like Kunduz. Why shouldn’t U.S. government contractors be able to win local favor by pimping young boys?

Of course, this isn’t the first time DynCorp has used U.S. tax dollars to support sex trafficking. In Bosnia in 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from the company after blowing the whistle on DynCorp’s staffers pimping out girls as young as 12 from Eastern European countries. DynCorp settled a lawsuit involving Bolkovac, and her story was recently featured in The Whistleblower, where she was portrayed by Rachel Weiss. It’s a happy ending for one DynCorp whistle blower, but will there be a Bolkovac in Afghanistan?

It’s time American taxpayers demanded a zero tolerance policy on our money being used to support child sex trafficking overseas. Tell the UN Mission to Afghanistan the time has come to crack down on those who buy and sell boys in bacha bazi, whether they’re Afghans or U.S. government contractors, security personnel or citizens. No one should be able to traffic children so sex and get away with it, and that includes repeat offender DynCorp. We have a right to demand our tax dollars go to fight trafficking, not support it. And we have a right to demand the U.S. government and their contractors be held accountable for exploiting the boys of Afghanistan.”

Strictly speaking…this is not pedophilia, even though many people will mistakenly call it such.

Bacha bazi is a practice in the middle east…where adolescent [teen] boys dress up like girls, dance in front of older males…and frequently leave with one of them, for the purpose of sexual relations.

It’s essentially a type of male prostitution, which became popular because of the extreme prohibition on female sexual expression [and on having sex with females, outside of wedlock].

It’s quite the perplexing anomaly…because homosexuality is thought to be treated so ruthlessly, in that part of the world…And yet, it thrives in some areas…in one form, or another…commonly this one.

To be clear…the adolescent boys in videos I’ve seen, appear to be having a good time of it all, at least while dancing…Presumably, they know some manner of sex is in store, for later…But they don’t appear to be displeased about that.

That’s just a personal observation…and I understand some boys are taken hostage, and forced to perform in this way…I do make a sharp distinction, between these willing boys in their own community…and boys taken, forced to perform and raped…Because it’s just not the same thing.

One thing I’ve written about before, is the outrageous set of circumstances…where in, “we” invade and conquer two entire countries in the middle east…We come to find out that twelve to twenty year old boy prostitution is relatively common there…”Our” own country and government is so outraged and horrified by this behavior within “our” own borders, that it sends people to prison for years and decades over it [puts them on public lists, and restricts them for life]…It cries a river, about how “soul destroying” it all is…Yet the countries “we” conquered, “we” just want to turn a blind eye…sweep it all under the rug…essentially admit “well…it’s their thing, in their culture”…And none of these “white knights” care enough, to force a country “we” dominated to stop this, on behalf of the boys…

…A country “we” conquered, has a population with more sexual freedom…than the population of “our” own country does…And “we” are a country of sex prohibition fanatics…

It’s unbelievable, how they willingly refuse to use their power, to put a stop to these kinds of things…It’s all a feeble, “Please stop doing that”…but no will to intervene…Presumably, they could cut off financial aid, for example…But, no…

…It either means that deep down…most of these fanatics know that what they say about these activities is distortion and hyperbole…Or it means they don’t value the lives of these boys, enough to do anything for them…even though they could impose some serious pressure on these countries.

…Their lack of resolve when things get a bit complicated, are highly revealing.

In a country we have effectively controlled for a decade…the men and adolescent boys can have sexual relations freely…In the homeland, they damn near crucify you for merely suggesting that prohibition on it should be lifted…

…All enforced by spineless, hypocritical cowards…

…What a flagrant load of steaming bull shit.

One might imagine, that we would at least be as free, as the people of the countries “we” have conquered and ruled over.

…And before anyone wants to put words into my mouth…No, I don’t want the freedom to rape boys…And I realize, Bacha bazi is a complicated issue…I’m sure, not all forms of it are good…But can it all be justly condemned?

…And how is it, that the fanatical sex prohibitionists of “our” country, are so passive about this?

…Bunch of unprincipled cowards, who don’t want to stick their own necks out over this, where it might cost them…But, where the foundations of their intolerance are already in place, they’re happy to exploit it all, to no end…Because that’s easy…They’ve already got the upper hand, and the position of power.

…As you can probably tell…being a veteran, who once served these spineless, hateful bastards…I find it a bitter pill, to experience all they subject people like me too…while knowing that it’s all a two faced act…and that it’s all a calculated balancing act, based on who they can get away with doing this too…

…Where they stay their own hand, is all relative to diplomatic trade offs…

…The last thing they give a flying fuck about, is the boys.

…If only they were forced to use diplomacy, with “we the people”…But let’s be real…Being a U.S. citizen, is tantamount to being a slave of the U.S. regime.

…We are the slaves immediately under their thumb…Those other conquered people, are the slaves they don’t much give a shit about, because they cannot be so readily exploited as us…

…On this night before memorial day…it makes me want to cry, just knowing the unfree culture, all those deaths we are about to commemorate has earned us…

…It feels as though it’s all been for nothing.

The Devil in Dover and elsewhere: the personal side of the Creationism controversy…

Date: May 28, 2016

01) The Devil in Dover and elsewhere: the personal side of the Creationism controversy

“Uploaded on Dec 2, 2008

Series: Year of Darwin
Richard Katskee is an attorney for Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Lauri Lebo is a journalist who covered the Dover, PA intelligent design trial. Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies.”

A historically relevant account, of attempts to push creationism in public schools.

TheBadcop69: the fact that discussing the facts about pedophilia risks my career…

…. Many of the things expressed in this Sub-Blog, I’ve addressed any number of times over the years. I don’t wish to analyze every video, etc., but I do find it valuable to share these kinds of video, etc., even if I disagree substantially with any of it…It’s important to acknowledge and embrace, that there are people out there, who are engaged in levelheaded discussion about “pedophiles”. – Steve

Date: May 28, 2016

01) the fact that discussing the facts about pedophilia risks my career

“Published on Jun 23, 2012

is precisely why my series must exist. if non offending non pedophiles can be treated as badly as non offending pedophiles who are also treated just as badly as actual offending pedophiles,then we have lost all objectivity when it comes to this topic. I will not bow down to pressure nore will I back down because it will effect my social status for simply speaking the truth about a subject we long stopped caring about the facts as they stand.

the fact that I have a harder time actualy proving your points then I do mine should be a painful wake up call that there is more to my point on this topic then there is to yours.”

One of the few last remaining available morsels, of TheBadcop69’s series on pedophiles…

It’s truly disappointing, that despite his channels video message…TheBadcop69 looks to have caved in, and turned the series [spanning 75 videos, substantial in length and content] private…So, it’s no longer available to access.

This is one series I was going to put in the “Talk About Pedophiles” series…preferably as a playlist.

Oh, look…Here is an explanation video.

Badcop69 Lost tapes Nyberg and the removal of pedophilia research b

“Look I stand by the hard facts I dug up in my old research. I know not all [pedophiles] are the monsters we make them out to be. but Sarah gives every indication that she is the 5% I spoke about and to see progressives not only defend her but try to say that adult child sexual relations are just fine…that’s when I have to step back and realize that this is what progressives have done with the research project I did and it sickens me to my core. this wasn’t what I was working for. so I am sorry to those who felt I was their hero I cannot support Nyberg and being involved with that situation made me disgusted at what people will do with research like mine.”

Ummm…TheBadcop69…It’s your content…Even though I think this is a poor reason [and you’re being paranoid]…you do with it as you like.

It should be noted…while I’m not entirely sure what Sarah Nyberg was explicitly referencing…we pedophiles [or Minor Attracted People], have had openly available websites and chat boards, since very early on in the commercial existence of the internet…We also had newsgroups.

Open discussion on pedophilia might not have been commonplace, in the circles you hung out in…But, it factually was a lot more out in the open online, a few decades ago.

Maybe you and your companions would have been hostile towards it [or us]…but, not everybody is like that…I’m thankful to say.

There were always fanatics, looking to hurt people like us, yes…Not a lot of outsiders joined in…But phenomenal discussions took place, amongst those of us who realized…people like us were being railroaded.

One last comment…It sounds like you are basing your decision, on encountering one poor example of a pedophile…a bat shit insane, one…

…Surely, you didn’t think that you’d never encounter one of “the five percent”, did you?

They are out there…That does nothing to invalidate the research you did, nor the information you shared…There are still good people, who will benefit from that sort of level headed content.

Okay…One very last comment, because I’m having a hard time ignoring what has turned into a hostile rant…

…There are gradations of sexual contact…Just because someone might be of the opinion, that children can consent to certain forms of sexual intimacy, doesn’t mean they are arguing for “adults to fuck children”.

I don’t know what the context was, regarding the people you are talking about…but, that does need to be clarified.


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Richard Dawkins: Religion Should Be Offended At Every Opportunity…

May 27, 2016

01) Richard Dawkins: Religion Should Be Offended At Every Opportunity

“Richard Dawkins has said he is in favour of offending people’s religion and it should be offended at every opportunity.

The controversial atheist academic, 75, argued the public was too worried about being viewed as racist and claimed it is absurd to be accused of racism for criticising Islam…”