Political Correctness is “decadent phase” of once legitimate movement – Steven Pinker…

Date: May 28, 2017

01) Political Correctness is “decadent phase” of once legitimate movement – Steven Pinker

“Steven Pinker is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. He conducts research on language and cognition and has authored ten books, including:
The Language Instinct
How the Mind Works
The Blank Slate
The Stuff of Thought
The Better Angels of Our Nature
and most recently, The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.


Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone…

Date: May 28, 2017

01) Why the only future worth building includes everyone

Turh on the closed caption.

“(Turn on subtitles, available in more than 20 languages, using the CC button in the bottom right of your screen.)

A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you, says His Holiness Pope Francis in this searing TED Talk delivered directly from Vatican City. In a hopeful message to people of all faiths, to those who have power as well as those who don’t, the spiritual leader provides illuminating commentary on the world as we currently find it and calls for equality, solidarity and tenderness to prevail. “Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the ‘other’ is not a statistic, or a number,” he says. “We all need each other.”


‘They want me to fight China. It’s gonna be a massacre!’ – Duterte to RT (FULL INTERVIEW)…

Date: May 27, 2017

01) ‘They want me to fight China. It’s gonna be a massacre!’ – Duterte to RT (FULL INTERVIEW)

“The Philippines should have stronger ties with Russia and China, as Western nations are only interested in double talk and disregard Philippines interests, President Rodrigo Duterte told RT and other Russian media ahead of his visit to Moscow.”

Lessons for the Observant…


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Date: May 25, 2017

Here we have an abusive, foul behaving Twitter user…She’s already been suspended, and anticipates being suspended again?…

“Whatever could she have done?”…

No…She did not get suspended over the above tweet, but let me explain a few things about these sorts of people who attack MAPs [or anybody] with lies…

These bottom feeders will make up any heinous lie they please, and accuse you of literally anything, no matter how vile the lie…Their game, is Anything to Dehumanize You…

…And they believe that “they” can do no wrong…That everything “they” do is justified…”They” are the accuser, judge, jury and executioner…

The reason that so many of you people get suspended, including a growing number of people who are maliciously targeting Minor Attracted People…is not only because you lack control of your own mental and emotional faculties…but because you lack a base respect for human life, to an outright sociopathic level…And, frankly, you violate Twitters terms of service, by issuing anything from death threats, to just vulgar abuse of all stripes…Hounding, threatening and stalking people, with this behavior.

…But, “It’s never your fault”…You are “always blameless”, because you will never accept responsibility, for your own vulgar, sociopathic behavior…You always claim to be “justified”, even when you clearly are not.

This person accused me of “sticking my penis into children”…This person knows unequivocally nothing about me, other than my base orientation…

…I’ve been celibate nearly my entire adult life (with the exception of a legal relationship in my twenties)…for most of my teens…and for most of my childhood….The current stretch, is aged well beyond twenty years.

I do not stick my penis in children…I have never stuck my penis into a child…I do not deserve being accused, of having stuck my penis into a child…I am ethically opposed, to sticking my penis into a child…For the last twenty years, I have been online expressing this exact same viewpoint and ethic…

…And this person…imagines she can just talk over everything, and dictate an entire other “reality” about me?…

It’s this exact primal contempt for humanity, human dignity and for truth, which lays bare the fact…that this person is no finder of solutions in this world…

…No, this person and her behaviors, are a source of problems and suffering in this world…

…And this is why so many of you people out there, who are just like her, find yourselves getting suspended and banned from online services…

…You don’t know how to behave, like a civilized and ethical human being…You don’t know how to communicate and understand people…You’re just there to be mouthy, abuse another human being, and cause problems.

Thinking, rational and decent people, do not act like this person. People who find solutions in this world, do not act like that.

I gave her the opportunity to publically retract her lie, and apologize for it.

This is all very simple…

…You would not approach a stranger on the street who you knew virtually nothing about, and start spreading damaging lies about them to their face, would you?…If you have any ethical morals at all, you would not do this behind their back, either…

…This is considered to be a highly unethical, extremely abusive, dangerous and sociopathic behavior, yes?…

…Then why would anybody do the online equivalent to me, based on nothing more than knowing I am a MAP?

I’ve gone to great lengths, to make crystal clear to people who visit my online resources, that I am sexually celibate…Meaning I am not sexually active with any other being, in any capacity…I also make it clear, that I strongly advise against illegal activities.

Even on my Twitter account, without having to visit my home blog…I spoon feed people this information, by laying it out in spoken audio, contained in a pinned tweet…Incredulously, there remains a flow of people, who need direct bottle feeding…Because in the face of everything, I still get people who do this to me.

If it is not already crystal clear, then let me spell this out…

There is absolutely no valid excuse on behalf of these people…What they are doing is unethical, immoral, malicious, inhumane and cannot be defended.

How are these individuals not completely embarrassed and ashamed of themselves, for this display of inhumane indecency, and totally unethical lack of competence and integrity?

This is classism, and identity politics, at it’s worst.

This is a person who lies about people…And when calmly explained to, where she has grossly trespassed against another human being, she responds with further abuse…refusing to make things right.

“Short Biscuit” is displaying sociopathic behavior, here…She is clearly socially inept in her interpersonal behavior, in effective communication, and in social bridge building and problem solving.

Her behavior, attitude and nasty abuse, is a critical problem…and a barrier to any bright future.

I’ve lived an ethical life, in the face of being a human being with a demonized sexual orientation…I’ve abided by the social norms, and sought the truth…I’ve always aimed at speaking the truth…I’ve harmed nobody…I have no victims…I’m the real, living article, when it comes to mundane, “every day” pedophiles…And this life is a road of being endlessly shit on, by people who imagine themselves to be my superiors…As if baring all of this, is not shit enough by itself…

…”Short Biscuit” wants to get in her own malicious shots, for her own personal satisfaction…

A Simple Question, for All of You Who Can Thing and Empathize with Other Human Beings:

What good did any of this nasty “stick poking” and dehumanization do?

…What good did it do, that she is now exposed as a malicious liar, and she brazenly refuses to atone for what she has done wrong?

The parade I have witnessed over my lifetime, of these self elected “superiors” to myself, have always been grossly lacking in integrity, decency, empathy, understanding, self control, social skills and moral ethics…A harrowing many of them have displayed behavior one would expect, out of a violent, murderous psychopath…the type we occasionally see reported on, by the evening news on television.

These people are absolutely not better human beings than me…They’re far worse, than I could ever aspire to be.


What’s Causing Marvel’s Low Sales…


Date: May 25, 2017

01) What’s Causing Marvel’s Low Sales – HINT: It’s NOT Diversity – ediTHORGIals

“Recently Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales said that their numbers had been down and it was because of “women” and “diverse” books. Allow me, a retailer who covers this stuff for his job, to retort and tell you why that’s not even close to the case.

And as I mentioned there’s an article over on CBR that points out many of the numbers that I referenced here today, so go give it a read right here http://www.cbr.com/no-diversity-didnt-kill-marvels-comic-sales/

SJW Marvel Sales Apocalypse…On Purpose?:

I’ve never really been into comic books…Which isn’t to say that I dislike them…It’s just not something I got into. I’ve not had the spare money for it, anyway.

My interest in this as of late, has to do with the forced changes in the product…and what outcome it’s yielding.

Of course…there are other factors at play…and these videos give an interesting alternate viewpoint, from “nobody likes SJW preaching”.

Print media is largely dying…which is a shame, because hard copies don’t become inaccessible when the power goes out…They cannot have their access turned off, or limited in how you can view them.

Electric media is highly manipulated media.


This is Post 2000!…

Date: May 24, 2017

This is post number 2000, on the WordPress incarnation of Our Love Frontier…

You know…they’ve been telling me for years, decades actually, that “I’m not good enough”…”I’m not human enough”…”I’m not wanted, or welcome enough”…to hold and express an opinion on anything, in a public setting.

…that I somehow don’t have the bare bones human right, to simply be, and express myself on platforms equivalent to that of any other person.

…And they did their damndest, to knock me down and snuff me out…to intimidate me into silence…

…At times, the blows have hurt…Much of my previous writing and media is not presently online, because of these vicious attacks…

It has taken monumental efforts on my part, to rebuild in the blogosphere…three times over…

…This has always been my answer, whenever people have destroyed my castle…I merely break new ground, and rebuild…My resolution is far deeper and more vast, than their hate will ever be.

A little known “secret” that these bozos who show up here threatening to out and destroy me don’t know…is that my identity was discovered many, many years ago…and for at least the past solid five years…some of these nitwits have been pestering me with their cowardly tactics…

I’ve been living for over half a decade, in the face of malicious people holding this threat over my head…And I still say, they can all go screw themselves…I will continue doing the good work that I am doing.

It is precisely because of people like them, that Our Love Frontier has risen to the heights it has…

…Our Love Frontier exists to combat, what malicious people do to demonized and disenfranchised minorities.

…And I will never cave in to these people’s threats.

Because of them, Our Love Frontier must exist.