Bernie Najarian: Ping Pong Pizza Porn: Did Comet Host Illegal Images?…

Date: December 07, 2017

01) Ping Pong Pizza Porn: Did Comet Host Illegal Images?

“In the year following the election that raised Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, and then to the lowest poll ratings ever for the office, most people have forgotten about some of the more colorful features of the election. One exotic flash-in-the-pan that left little impression on the popular consciousness was a conspiracy idea that connected a hipster pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, with the notion that opposition candidate Hillary Clinton and her co-campaigners, who sometimes had fundraisers at the restaurant, were key figures in a massive ‘pedophile ring.’ This cabal was supposed to be shipping babies and other children to be sexually abused and, in some stories, cannibalized by many of the powerful figures of the Western world – especially Clinton supporters.

I’ve written two detailed articles on this “Pizzagate” or “Pedogate” conspiracy theory (, looking into all its major themes and showing the underlying realities that they were most probably based on.

Pizzagaters believed in three main threads of pseudo-evidence against Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta…”

This is quite worth reading…

I have listened to the BigFish interview, in it’s entirety…about a month back…

…I was left completely underwhelmed by the interview…and the claims made in it…It did not come off credible, to my intuition.

You also have to keep in mind, that these types of social panic are notorious for spawning tall tales, from thrill seeking opportunists who want their “fifteen minutes of fame”.

The “BigFish bombshell”, was nothing more than an unidentified guy [who’s speech was rather irritating, and taxing to listen too], stringing us through a narrative of little more than his own assertions…but zero evidence that he found child porn…And, of course…there were weak spots in the plot, not addressed…And we are all left having to depend on the words, of some faceless, nameless guy who’s credentials aren’t even established, who is hailed and celebrated like a hero by the “pizzagate” lunatics…who, themselves, have deep and vast integrity deficits.

It’s always telling, just how little the “pizzagate” people are interested in vetting their sources, before they go spreading content like this around on their networks, far and wide.

There was never any good reason to give this guy the presumption of credibility.

The facts are starting to point in a direction, indicating that “BigFish” was little more than a stunt, to drag a bit more mileage out of the dead corpse of “pizzagate”.

What struck me about BigFish the most…is that not only did he not explain anything technical, or use lingo I would anticipate from someone with a hackers knowledge and experience…He left me with the impression, that he probably could not explain anything about computer hacking, to save his life.

Totally weird interview.

…It just didn’t feel right.

The Power of Love: 50,000 Visits at Our Love Frontier!…


Date: December 06, 2017

I knew this was approaching, for a while…and that it would likely hit in a day or two…from a few days back.

Then I looked…”50,050″ visits!…I knew I had to screen capture that, and share it as a milestone occasion.

I’m certain the number would be far higher, if the hosting of my blogs hadn’t been disrupted so many times over the years…Imagine where this number would be, if I were still doing “In Self Defense”, thirteen years later…especially if I’d have picked up this much momentum, back then…

I’m not at any “break out” point…I know that much…But I am maintaining a daily visit rate, that most people with a blog never will realize…

Let’s Celebrate!!!

The Power of Love:


M.A. Voice: Issue 28 – December 06, 2017…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Note: All BoyChat links will include their corresponding TOR URL to use in the TOR Browser, as well as their TOR2WEB URL. If the main link does not work, please use one of the other URLs.

Date: December 06, 2017

01) leonard sisyphus mann: The Forbidden Child – Dual Status & Its Implications

02) leonard sisyphus mann: De Singly’s Preface to ‘L’Enfant Interdit’ – in English

03) Marthijn Uittenbogaard: Can a fucking baby give consent?

04) Filip30: Public statement of Wolfram Setz about ‘pedophilia’
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1505118.htm

05) Filip30: correlation wanted minor-adult-sex +mental health?
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1505534.htm

06) Filip30: study: teens like ‘online solicitation’ by adults
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1505599.htm

07) slvrspun: Give us this day..
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1505651.htm

08) Tom O’Carroll: A revolution as deep as evolution

09) The Neverlandian: On the subject of minor-like sex dolls

10) americanrifleman09: Responding to a response to Amos Yee

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Other Issues

Mellisa Zaccaria’s True Colors & Pulling “Facts” Out of Her Own Behind…


Date: December 06, 2017

01) Twitter Post [Mellisa Zaccaria]

The lying, malicious troll Mellisa Zaccaria [aka, @TheHoneybee_] has taken up harassing PreventionProject.™, on Twitter.

PreventionProject.™ own stated charter is as follows:


Yet, still again…

…Mellisa, the incompetent nincompoop, is mischaracterizing and attacking an organization which [unlike herself, and her many mentally ill, nasty and malicious followers] is attempting to do real, tangible good in this world.

PreventionProject believes in treating all human beings like dignified human beings…

…How “shocking, horrifying and controversial”!…

They commit “the sin”, of standing in support of MAPs, so long as we don’t violate laws or hurt anyone…How terribly “extreme and unconscionable”…

Mellisa is having a fit over all of this, you see…because she refuses to accept, that a MAP can be a good person…Dare I say, a person with intelligence, integrity, values and decency?…

“Can’t you all see that pedosadists are organizing and trying to convince America that pedophilia=love. Child Porn & Child Sex Trafficking Industry are destroying this country. Those that watch CP are enabling the rape of children. Pedos should be strictly monitored & medicated.

“Pedosadists” is a fear mongering term, thought up by someone who thought they were being clever…by combining the word “pedo” with “sadist”…

They imagined that “pedophile” [aka Child Lover] was much too kind a term towards us…And always wanting to manipulate the conversation, how people imagine MAPs to be, and what words people use in reference to us…they cooked up a term, which alludes to sadism.

…despite that pedophilia has nothing to do with sadism…But, it’s the social conditioning and brainwashing, that they are going for…They’re trying to continue an ever escalating trend, to dehumanize pedophiles…

…And that is all, that “pedosadist” has ever been about.

It has no roots in objective reality.

I don’t recall the name of the woman who coined this word…but, she’s one of the more extreme and malicious “activists” [terrorists hiding behind the banner of “child protection”, honestly] out there.

It does not shock me that Mellisa chooses to employ these words, and low brow tactics…It’s indicative of her true nature…which lacks integrity, empathy, intelligence and any number of other traits, you’d expect to see in a decent person.

She follows this up with evoking the concepts surrounding child porn, child sex trafficking and child rape…

…despite that there is no practical reason to have done this…She’s poisoning the well.

“They retweet @enderphile2 tweets, we have been battling this pedo-apologist for a year, he is also a contributer to Heart Progress, Our Love Frontier and BoyChat, some other Pedophile Advocacy networks we have tried to shut down.”

Now we get to the meat of things, which actually caught my attention, where she starts brazenly lying.

@enderphile2, a forefront personality representing Virtuous Pedophiles, has been staunchly opposed to Heart Progress, right from the start and all along.

I have had a more open minded approach to Heart Progress…but have always had a deep concern that they might be a fraud, or a trap…or even just a troll group, set up to mock and ridicule MAP’s who have a long established history online.

Ender and I are two very different people…and we are at deep odds, on at least one issue…if not two, or three…

Even in the comments section of this blog, there has been scant little participation from the “anti-contact” sorts, of Virtuous Pedophiles.

I could not see any MAP, who is seriously subscribing to the “anti-contact” philosophy, participating on this blog for any long duration.

…Which leads me to my next point…

…Not only is Mellisa making a lie, in the face of past Heart Progress, Enderphile history…

…she’s also claiming Ender has some connection with Our Love Frontier…as “a contributor”…

As a matter of goodwill, and acknowledging what’s going on within the online MAP community…I have linked Enders blog on the EQF Community Links webpage…And I’ve linked a few of his blog articles in the almost 30 issues of M.A. Voice

Given the structure and nature of these projects and resources, and given the fact that I don’t ask for permission to link or embed anything that appears on this blog…plus, given the fact that only one person has ever submitted anything for inclusion in M.A. Voice…it’s getting mighty fast and loose with our terminologies, equating my own time spent surveying recent MAP writings/media, with any linked MAP being “a contributor” [which brings with it it’s own sort of definitional context, does it not?]…

…Most people who get linked to from this blog, have no idea when it’s about to happen.

From the MAP’s who have responded…I’ve overwhelmingly gotten positive responses, for things like my M.A. Voice series…

…But, again…that’s a lot different from calling such people “contributors”…There is no agreement, nor arrangement…They don’t know if, or when, they will ever be included.

I’m trying to raise awareness, to the diversity and range of the online MAP community…where there is a remarkable amount of fine content being composed.

If you listened to the ever hapless Mellisa…you’d likely believe that Our Love Frontier has a list of contributors…And while I do decidedly appreciate the people I link to…sad reality is…the list of contributors on this blog, really consists of only one…myself.

The reason so much content from other MAP’s shows up here, is because I have a fairly well established network of subscriptions and websites I keep an eye on, spanning over a range of different websites and services.

Don’t be mislead by Mellisa, and her buffoonery…

…Though I remain open to the possibility of another MAP being able to maintain [and publish on] this blog…I am the only one [aside from WordPress administration] who can access this blog from behind the scenes, publish or edit content here.

Aside from the rare piece passed along to me from Kamil Beylant, or Bernie Najarian…there really isn’t much, in the way of peripheral contributions to this blog.

So…Ender isn’t really associated with Our Love Frontier…

…That is a simple statement of fact, and should not be taken as anything more.

As to BoyChat…I think I do recall Ender acknowledging a long in the past, history with BoyChat…

…And I’ll bet that I could give an absolute solid guess, as to what name he used to go by on BoyChat…

…But when he says he parted ways [severed ties?] with BoyChat long ago…I do believe him…Not only because the person who’s vibe he fits, has been long gone from BoyChat, probably for over a decade…but regardless of whether we absolutely love each others philosophy on MAP life…I can tell, he is on the level and sincere.

Like me…he is one of the real deal MAPs…

…And if he is who I’m thinking…he’s consistently had a negative stance towards both child pornography, and child adult sexual relations…a stance he bucked heads with various people, over…

During that particular era of BoyChat…you could be seen as an especially irritating, pissy stick in the mud, for staunchly taking such a stance…especially if you wanted to hotly feud with people over it.

BoyChat has always had a diverse group of people, representing a lot of different viewpoints on “life as a MAP”…As has Girl-Chat…

…Some of them fractured off…and went off to help form Virtuous Pedophiles, with other MAPs, who were never associated with either community…

I think…in part…this has to do with a disillusionment with BoyChat and Girl-Chat, which most of us eventually go through…and we go through a personal change…evolving, and focusing our energy elsewhere…

Point is…associating Ender with BoyChat, at this point in time, is extremely weak.

Last point:

Yes…Mellisa did attempt a campaign to get Our Love Frontier shut down…a dubious effort, which got her my attention…and her own, specialized subsection of The Wall [this sub-blog]…

…And shame on her, for trying to destroy such a spectacular blog!

Not surprisingly…she’s also thrown a hissy fit, over BoyChat…

…Unfortunately for her…being a naïve newcomer…she has no clue just how long BoyChat has been weathering morally outraged nut jobs, like her…

…I would say she’s a modern day version of Mike Echols…but, frankly…she doesn’t even rise anywhere near that level…She’s more just a glorified troll, of the insane religious wing.


Swedes want to know…

Date: December 05, 2017

01) Swedes want to know

“Journalist Ivar Arpi of the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet interviewed me last week, prior to publishing his piece today, Dec 02 2017:

Ivar Axel Arpi is a works as a lead writer specializing in politics at Svenska Dagbladet. He has previously worked as a lead writer at the Gothenburg Post, Hallandsposten and the Liberal News Agency. He has also worked as an editor at Axess magazine, and as editor of the society magazine Neo.”