May 22, 2017 Message: Personal & Heart Progress…

Date: May 23, 2017

Please forgive that I did little editing, and that there is a lot of noise…but, my voice should still come through clear.

Regarding Heart Progress, the whole intent behind my last post about it, was to give a final word, and make clear that I’m done discussing this issue…

…But, I see there are some who feel very strongly, about the validity of this group.

I’m not going to bring up Heart Progress again, beyond this post…but I will remain open to assessing future developments regarding them.

One Addendum:

“Think before…”

I need to respond to this specific portion, of a comment left by HP in the post linked above…

Dear HP…

…I have not only thought long and hard, but also observed…largely staying quiet [I mean, two posts expressing concerns and reservations over five months, on a blog with almost 2000 posts, is hardly dragging you through the coals], while witnessing this sort of disorienting soup of activity under the “Heart Progress” name.

To give a little bit of perspective…things swung between the relatively tame…to the sometimes kooky…to things like suggesting that drawing a little bit of blood during a sexual activity with a child was okay [a la Frank B Cousins]…complete with a lack of response from other “Heart Progress” personalities…

I think I’m the only one who even responded to that…and it was not in support of it.

It’s been about five months of watching and observing…from myself, a person who’s been around in the online MAP community for about 20 years…and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go…I’ve seen a lot of good people get hurt, including by moles and other nefarious sorts who attempt embedding themselves into our community, just to stick a proverbial knife into people’s backs.

What I have witnessed under the “Heart Progress” banner, has sent up to many red flags, for me to just ignore them and say nothing…You can tell me I am wrong in my conclusion about the core group, and maybe I am…but this is the sincere conclusion I have come to, given roughly five months of exposure to “Heart Progress” activity.

I wont apologize for this…I’ve seen the depth and diversity of damage that moles have wrecked on the MAP community…My allegiance is to the valid integrity of the MAP community…When I sense there are people being dishonest, in attempts to undermine the MAP community…I can get quite fierce about it, in response.

I don’t apologize for that, just as I don’t apologize for sharing those screen captures…

…Frankly, what was stated in those screen captures, by the people behind those accounts, was absolutely believable…especially if you know how trolls tend to behave…And especially if you’re already pushed past the point, where you are believing the whole thing is a sham, anyway.

The point is…I have thought and labored over this, for a very long time…

…I’m not some hapless idiot, who just took the screen shots and published them out of the blue…

People would be foolish, to not heed my gut instinct, here…even if it turns out to be wrong.

“Heart Progress” has not earned the trust, that it clearly wants to be given.

Given everything that’s been going on…it’s got a mountain to climb, to gain that trust.

My concern is not whether or not my comments on “Heart Progress” upsets anyone…

…My concern is keeping people safe, and safeguarding the integrity of the MAP community.

Leaked Facebook Manual…

Date: May 22, 2017

01) facebook farce Leaked Facebook manual reveals staff have been given all-clear to allow vile posts such as ‘how to snap a bitch’s neck’

“The firm’s barmy rulebook has emerged revealing posts such as ‘F*** off and die’ and livestreams of violent deaths and self-harm bids are all permitted on the site.

Abuse such as “F*** off and die” is allowed as well because neither it nor the bitch remark are “credible threats”, the farcical document says.


Last month a man in Thailand streamed himself on the site hanging his 11-month-old daughter and killing himself.

The firm’s barmy rulebook, leaked to The Guardian, also permits videos of violent deaths […]

But one example of a post to be deleted is “Someone shoot Trump” because it is classed as a credible threat.”

So…Facebook is okay with allowing live video on it’s site, of parents murdering their own eleven month old infants?…But, a MAP or MAP sympathizer cannot even use their site, to express a message that “MAPs are human, too”?

You can have graphic descriptions on how to murder people…but calling for the end of hate speech against MAPs is “a credible threat” of some kind?

These are people who will shut your page down, right now, should you start doing anything remotely like what I sometimes do on this blog…discussing MAPs and MAP issues, as they exist.

…And they stand in judgment, claiming “a credible threat” has been posed, by solely discussing MAP social issues?!

Facebook has been known as a “no go” zone for MAPs most of it’s existence, do to it’s Orwellian practices.

Facebook has had a long standing practice, of prohibiting all humane representation of MAPs on it’s website, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to every kind of MAP dehumanization [and threat against MAPs] you can imagine.

…And it’s always been clear, due to the demented, violent hate speech that thrives on Facebook…that there is something deeply wrong with Facebook, and the people behind it.

Thing is…I never imagined it to be this bad…or the hypocrisy to be so warped.

Yeah, sure…Facebook employees are overworked, understaffed and dealing with an ill prepared guidebook…But if that’s the case, then where do they find the time and energy to target MAP pages, and treat them like a “high priority violation”?…

Do the people behind Facebook simply have a hard on, for censoring and screwing over MAPs?…Do they aspire to be a tool of genocide, against large classes of fellow human beings?

Who’s Attacking Who?…

Date: May 22, 2017

Note: This person was not directing this to me, and I am merely responding to a few ideas they have expressed.

How is identifying objective parallels in social disenfranchisement and demonization of different groups, an attack?

Nobody says homosexuals and pedosexuals are 100% equivalent. But both have suffered the same social maltreatments, misunderstandings and hobbling.

You cannot deny the right to any group, of being treated ethically. When you do, it is you who are the monster.

“You choose to identify as pedo first b4 being a person.”

Here we have a prime example, of a mind which dehumanizes pedophiles.

A pedophile is a human. These two things are not in competition…They absolutely do not exclude each other.

Being a pedophile is one manifestation of being human…or being a person, as this individual has phrased it.

Stated another way…pedophilia is part of the human condition, every bit as much as heterosexuality and homosexuality…and seeing, hearing, smelling…thinking…expressing…eating and breathing.

The ‘Plump, Little Cock of Danny Torrance’…

Date: May 22, 2017

01) The Shining (1977) Roger The Dogman Audio

…”I’m going to eat you up, little boy…And I think I’ll start with your plump, little cock”…

I’ve never read The Shining, though I’ve meant too for years…So, I never realized such a stark reference to Danny Torrance’s penis was in the story.

I guess I now realize, why the strange dog [I thought it was a bear] suited guy in the movie, got such little time on screen…It was Danny’s vision…not Wendy’s…

…And they wasn’t going to have a big guy in a creepy dog suit, threatening to bit of a small boys penis…

However fortunate that is, as watching Danny flee to save his plump, little penis, surely would have been distressing…I have to admit, that I find Stephen Kings repeated references to children’s genitalia [and sexuality], rather intriguing.

I always liked how he never shied away from this sort of thing.

I loved the movie [not the mini series]…Think it’s time I at least got the audio book.

A Fish Out Of Water [Short Film][2015]…

Date: May 22, 2017

01) A Fish Out Of Water [Short Film][2015]

“The sudden loss of his father puts 9-year-old Zac in the care of his estranged mother and confronted with some of life’s harshest realities.

With his friend Oliver by his side, Zac faces what he feels is his biggest hurdle yet: catching a fish without dad’s help.

Zac – William Franklyn-Miller
Oliver -Samuel Edwards”

Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)…

Date: May 20, 2017

01) Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)

“Rep. Ruben Kihuen is a freshman congressman that represents Nevada’s 4th district, and campaigned on the idea that healthcare is a “basic human right.” Seemingly, he should be an ally in the fight for single-payer, but has yet to cosponsor H.R. 676. When confronted about this by a mother that lost her daughter due to a lack of insurance, he looked her in the eyes and rejected her plea. His constituents, however, weren’t too happy about that and quickly put him in his place.”

FCC’s Ajit Pai Laughs Off Criticism with Cringeworthy Mean Tweets Sketch…

Date: May 21, 2017

01) FCC’s Ajit Pai Laughs Off Criticism with Cringeworthy Mean Tweets Sketch

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai launched an all-out attack on net neutrality, and under his leadership, the internet as we know it may soon be destroyed. Americans have spoken out against his pro-corporate agenda, but rather than taking their legitimate concerns into consideration he decided to make fun of the people worried about the internet, and tried to humanize himself by reading mean tweets sent to him concerning the outrage sparked by his decision to gut net neutrality.”

Turkish Officials Attack Peaceful Protesters in America…

Date: May 21, 2017

01) Turkish Officials Attack Peaceful Protesters in America

“During a visit with President Trump, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by Turkish-American and Kurdish-American protestors. His armed thugs decided to then attack said protesters, which lead to a huge brawl in the streets of Washington D.C. Turkish officials are denying they were at fault, arguing protesters “provoked” them, and Trump has remained silent on the matter.


‘Heart Progress’: As Things Evolve…

Date: May 21, 2017

My History of Comment and Acknowledgement over “Heart Progress”:

Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!…

This was a general “heads up” post, alerting the MAP community that someone new had emerged, and was claiming to fight on our behalf. It was not an endorsement, and you can clearly tell such by my subsequent comments over the following two days.

Master Torxbit: Another #PizzaGate Guy Targets BoyChat and Heart Progress…

A response to #PizzaGate propaganda, which dragged BoyChat into everything…Heart Progress was also included. This was early on, and there was not much to go on when estimating the integrity of Heart Progress. Things were in the “wait and watch” phase. I gave a bit of goodwill advice to Heart Progress, and waited to see what would come of it.

Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?…

Not mine, but relevant to the discussion.

“Heart Progress” – An Official EQF Statement…

My official EQF statement on Heart Progress, which I have been abiding by to the best of my ability.

I’ve also left several comments on Tom O’Carroll’s blog, regarding this matter.

I also left a comment on BoyChat, regarding an alleged “Heart Progress radio interview”, which in my opinion felt staged.

Recent “Heart Progress” Activity on Twitter:

Ernst Steiner and James Carter have been leader personas of “Heart Progress”. The James Carter persona was still posting the typical “Heart Progress” shtick, only a mere few hours before making these tweets…using the exact same account, which is now terminated.

It appears that two core “members”, have now admitted that the whole thing is a fraud.

A Few Personal Comments:

In these last four and a half months, to my knowledge, “Heart Progress” has never reached out to the existing MAP community, in any substantive way. There’s been a little dialogue and retweeting on Twitter, but no true alliance, cooperation or merging.

“Heart Progress” came out of nowhere, and it’s just been existing out there as an isolated entity.

They haven’t really done much, other than get into fights with people on Twitter, and get lots of their own Twitter accounts suspended and terminated…They’ve lost a Google+ account, or two…maybe a Facebook page…They also have an underwhelming website and chat board.

You cannot keep an eye on them on Twitter, anymore, because they quickly get banned.

The established online MAP community [which has a history going back decades], has been right in being suspicious of “Heart Progress”. “Heart Progress” has never been endorsed by the MAP community.

Now…I stand by what I said on Tom’s blog…It would tare me up, to realize I’d condemned a sincere, MAP friendly group, that’s merely been overrun by trolls…But I see no evidence, that “Heart Progress” even had a history prior to it’s “trolled” [and presumably “hijacked”] era.

Things just keep slipping down the rabbit hole, with “Heart Progress”…I see nothing of substance to hold out hope on.

I started out by giving “Heart Progress” a chance, to show us what it was about and what it could do…as I typically do with newcomers.

They appear to be provocateurs, mish meshing legitimate MAP issues with a lot of other extreme viewpoints…and trying to get a lot of people at each other’s throats.

My Conclusion:

Even the people who started “Heart Progress” are admitting it was a troll project…They express desire to shut it down, but cannot because it’s been hijacked by other trolls.

I am satisfied, believing that “Heart Progress” was a campaign with ill intent.

Shame on those people, who’ve exploited MAPs like this.