Waking Up with Sam Harris #88 – Must We Accept a Nuclear North Korea? (with Mark Bowden)…

Date: July 25, 2017

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #88 – Must We Accept a Nuclear North Korea? (with Mark Bowden)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Mark Bowden about the problem of a nuclear-armed North Korea.

Mark Bowden is the author of thirteen books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller Black Hawk Down. He reported at the Philadelphia Inquirer for twenty years and now writes for the Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and other magazines. He is also the writer in residence at the University of Delaware. His most recent book is Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam.”

Pooh Personality Quiz…


Date: July 25, 2017

01) Pooh Personality Quiz

“Everyone loves Poohbear, Tigger, Eeyore, and the others who live in the 100 Acre Wood… But have you ever wondered which of them you are the most like? Now you can find out! Just fill out these 12 simple questions and click the button for your results!”

I’ll accept the less flattering points with grace…I can get very wordy, after all…And I don’t claim that everything I explore through writing [or talking], I know on an expert level…

…But I have no problems writing about things I do know intimately…Other things, I tend to stay reserved when discussing them.

Interestingly…the owl is another symbol that’s been adopted within the BoyLove community…So, it’s curiously fitting.

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Jennifer Rhodes: You Should Be Able to Decide…


Date: July 25, 2017

01) Jennifer Rhodes: You Should Be Able to Decide

“The family got the news on Christmas Eve 2014. My father had been diagnosed with Stage 4 bone cancer and Stage 3 lung cancer almost exactly a year after my grandfather died. We were all in shock.


On April 30, his final day, the family was sitting around his bed talking. He opened his eyes for the first time in days, looked at my mom long enough for her to say, “You can go, you are OK, we are OK. I love you so much.”

He took a breath, and then he was gone. He was at peace. I was at peace. But he had to endure so much before he got there.


If I had the chance, I would give someone opposed to Death with Dignity insight into what I went through. Until somebody goes through what you’ve gone through, they will never understand.”


The Woman Behind a Secret Grey’s Anatomy Experiment…

Date: July 24, 2017

01) Direct Download [MP3]

“About nine years ago, 17.5 million people tuned into an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that, on the surface, appeared like any other — high-stakes surgery, high-drama love triangles. What those millions of Grey’s viewers didn’t know was that they were guinea pigs for a massive, secret experiment. That experiment was arguably a referendum about a single woman: Jennifer Jako, and her decision to become a mother. In 1991, at the age of 18, Jako had a one night stand with a high-school friend. It was the only time she’d ever had sex without a condom. She contracted HIV and spent years trying to debunk misconceptions: producing a documentary that aired on MTV, speaking at college campuses and on talk shows. Over time, the country’s view of HIV evolved. As people started living longer, stigma decreased. People generally understood that the infection wasn’t a death sentence any longer. But there was one area people couldn’t seem to understand: Pregnancy. Studies showed the general public simply didn’t know — or didn’t believe — that an HIV-positive woman, with the right treatment, had a tremendously low chance of passing the virus onto her baby — less than 2-percent at the time. Jennifer Jako got a cruel lesson in where the public stood when she appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine, six months pregnant. Later, as an experiment, the Kaiser Family Foundation decided to see if they could move the needle by trying something totally different: product placement of medical information in a Grey’s Anatomy episode. In this episode of Only Human we tell the epic story of Jennifer Jako and how she managed to sneak into our livings rooms and, possibly, change public opinion forever.”

This Week in Stupid July 23, 2017…

Date: July 23, 2017

01) This Week in Stupid (23/07/2017)

“Regressive professors are attempting to unionise.”


This is why I’ve come to reject most people, who claim to speak from authority about “pedophiles”…

…They don’t actually engage with pedophiles [or MAPs]…they simply project their own limited ideas about “pedophiles”.

…They often claim “authority” based upon one of two things…

…They’ve either gotten a degree from a college or university…or they claim to have been “abused by a pedophile”, at some point in their life…

…And they use this to shield themselves, while pretending as though they are some rightful controller of the dialogue…speech police…thought police…besmircher of character…

These people are not authorities.

…They are people who have been indoctrinated…some of them have been psychologically damaged…But they are not authorities concerning “pedophiles”.

They have no inherent right to speak against, speak abusively and threatening, or speak over, the MAP community, without us exposing them for the frauds and abusers they are.

Never be mean or cruel to those with a history of being abused [sexually or otherwise]…But don’t let them get away with passing along the abuse they received to MAPs, either.

You can demand a certain level of civility and integral behavior…It is only right, that they abide by it.

If they refuse…then you know the quality of character you are dealing with…and it is entirely fair, to point out what they are doing, the tactics they are using and folly of their words, right there in the immediate exchange you are having with them…

…They commonly run away and hide behind a block, when confronted with this.

…A lot of them seemingly cannot deal with the truth, or any form of self reflection…finding self correction and self regulation “unthinkable”…

One huge secret about most such people, is that they are paper tigers…Sometimes, they like to team up and attempt to overwhelm with frantic levels of noise and abuse [because this is their only hope of shouting down a self aware MAP]…but the point it dawns on them that they are out of their own depths…they virtually always cut and run…

Let them go…You’ve already stood your ground, and staunchly made your point.

You just made the person turn tail and run, who imagined they were going to target you, destroy and humiliate you in public…and somehow make you their bitch…

…What a sobering shock for these naïve individuals, to find out it’s not so easy after all…not when everything is fairly laid out on the table.

They are accustomed to the easy street, of relying on social bias talking points [and accusations]…They don’t know what to do, when confronted with valid resistance.

Do not be meek, or apologetic…

…It’s fine and laudable to show sympathy and empathy, towards the things they have personally gone through…but don’t ever allow them to get away, with placing the blame for that on you, or MAPs in general.

One of the core rules in standing up for yourself, standing your ground, arguing on behalf of something…public debating…is that you always project a confidence, knowledge, proof and truth [aka integrity].

…You can be guaranteed, that your would be assailant will be attempting to project the same against you…

…You are perfectly within your right, to know the facts and accurately employ the very same traits in your own defense [or in defense of MAPs].

Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value…

Date: July 24, 2017

01) Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value

“I was invited to address the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Academic Freedom (http://www.safs.ca/) on May 13, 2017. Dr. Marc Mercer, President of SAF, and professor in the Department of Philosophy of Halifax’s St. Mary’s University introduced me.

I would like to thank SAF for their support over the last year.

This talk focuses on the reasons that the right to free speech must be considered in some sense paramount among the intrinsic rights, rather than merely one value among many. There is no difference between free speech and free thought, for starters, and without free thought it is impossible to know oneself or the world.”

Facts That Do NOT Fit The OPPRESSION NARRATIV (Thomas E. Woods)…

Date: July 24, 2017

01) Facts That Do NOT Fit The OPPRESSION NARRATIV (Thomas E. Woods)

“Thomas Ernest “Tom” Woods, Jr. (born August 1, 1972) is an American historian, political commentator, author, and podcaster. Woods holds an A.B. from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, both in History. He is a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

This was recorded at the Mises Circle in Dallas-Fort Worth on 3 October 2015.”

About the Possibilities Via Stable Media Platforms…

Date: July 24, 2017

I made a comment here, wondering where my own media collection would be by now, had I been treated the same as any other content producer…

I just wanted to add a thought here…

…To me, “success” in this arena doesn’t necessarily mean tens of thousands of subscribers, and millions of channel wide views…

…”Success” can be something as simple as maintaining a stable resource, that serves the MAP community…It doesn’t even have to concern itself, with those who are not MAPs.

Having a group [or network] of hundreds of MAPs who do this, would be something to reckon with…Imagine if thousands of us did this…produced our own media…

Voters Want Bernie or Biden in 2020, but Clinton’s Donors Have Other Plans…

Date: July 23, 2017

01) Voters Want Bernie or Biden in 2020, but Clinton’s Donors Have Other Plans

“According to Public Policy Polling, voters would vote overwhelmingly in favor of Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden over Donald Trump. However, Democratic Party donors (many of which backed Clinton)—along with Party consultants—held a silent primary in the Hamptons over the week, and they’ve decided that Kamala Harris is their presidential choice in 2020. American oligarchs are “abuzz” about Harris, even though she her policy positions are largely unknown. One thing they do know about her: she’s willing to sell her soul to them, and that’s all they’re looking for in a candidate.”