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Album: Serenity…


Date: July 09, 2020

Serenity [19:55]

01) Swimming In Light

02) Widdows Path

03) Serenity

04) Shadow

05) Stirring

06) Thorax

It’s been a while…so, let’s release a new collection of tracks.

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Trump Makes A Religious Promise Impossible To Keep…

Date: July 08, 2020

01) Trump Makes A Religious Promise Impossible To Keep

“Trump vows to “protect” a statue of Jesus that IS NOT IN THE U.S.A. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

President Donald Trump’s determination to preserve iconic statues and monuments is so profound and all-consuming that he’s apparently extending his policy abroad.

In a round of new digital ads, the Trump re-elect asks people to support the president as he stands up to the angry mobs trying to tear down iconic memorials. In one specific ad, the endangered statue that the campaign spotlights happens to be the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Tucker Carlson Attack BACKFIRES…

Date: July 08, 2020

01) Tucker Carlson Attack BACKFIRES

“Tucker Carlson is a right-wing hack. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., who lost both legs in a 2004 helicopter crash during the Iraq War, hit back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson by asking if he wanted to “walk a mile in my legs” after he suggested she and other Democratic leaders “hate America.”

“You’re not supposed to criticize Tammy Duckworth in any way because she served in the military,” Carlson said in the opening monologue of his Monday show. “Most people just ignore her. But when Duckworth does speak in public, you’re reminded of what a deeply silly and unimpressive person she is.”

“These people actually hate America,” he said, adding later in the show that Democratic leaders “despise this country.”



Krystal and Saagar BLAST cancel culture meltdown over Chomsky, Rowling letter defending free speech…

Date: July 08, 2020

01) Krystal and Saagar BLAST cancel culture meltdown over Chomsky, Rowling letter defending free speech

“Krystal and Saagar talk about the Harper letter on free speech that ignited a twitter debate over trans rights and other free speech topics.”

Anyone against this letter, is entirely insane.


Trump RAGE-QUITS Fox News…

Date: July 07, 2020

01) Trump RAGE-QUITS Fox News

“Trump lost it after Fox News reported unfavorable 2020 polls.

President Donald Trump said he’s done with Fox News after the network on Sunday showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls.

Trump claimed he was leading in “real polls” but did not cite any

Trump has repeatedly claimed that 96 percent of Republicans approve of him. While he does enjoy high levels of support among members of his party, there are no recent polls that show him reaching that level. Last week, a Hill-Harris X poll found he had an 82 percent approval rating among Republicans, down from 91 percent in May.



Republican Insiders: It’s OVER For Trump…

Date: July 07, 2020

01) Republican Insiders: It’s OVER For Trump

“Republican insiders are not hopeful about the 2020 election.

Shooting rubber bullet grenades at protesting priests. Catastrophically botching the pandemic response, resulting in a public health and economic calamity. Tweeting “white power” memes. Ranting in front of empty arenas about how he navigated a “slippery ramp.” Being MIA while his Russian benefactors put out a hit on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The last 3 months have been a political dumpster fire for President Trump, and the flames have engulfed Republicans up and down the ballot. But while pockets of Republican resistance have roasted Dear Leader, elected officials in D.C. and their svengalis in the consultant class have remained steadfast.