Afghanistan: The Afghans Must Choose…

Date: August 19, 2021

I meant to say this in another post…but Jimmy Dore is right…

If the Afghans don’t want the taliban to be their overlords, then they must uprise and overthrow the taliban.

We [any of the nations previously involved] cannot do it for them…We will never be able to do it for them.

We armed them to the teeth, trained them and paid them for nearly two decades…while our own economy has gone strait into the toilet…a circumstance which is unsustainable…and for all of this, they have chosen to let their country fall to the taliban.

They have chosen for things to be as they are.

It’s a sad reality…but if Afghans wont even stand up and defend themselves [fight for their lives]…you cannot save a country of people who behave like this.

Maybe…who knows…maybe that “300,000 man” army, or whatever number it really is, has retreated into other countries, or decided to lay low, regroup and come back fighting?

I have little faith in this…but, I suppose…if any Afghan army honestly exists, there may be a possibility of retaking the country.

But, again…It’s the population [including said army], which is going to have to do this…They are the only ones who can run the taliban out of power in their country.

However shitty some of the U.S. alliances and behaviors may have been…we still paid at least a trillion dollars, to give them a 21 year window to organize and do something…

…That is no small thing…and it’s time Afghans stood up, and started showing those inhumane taliban fuckers, what’s what.

Yes…this means the regular population must pick up the guns, and start picking off the taliban terrorists who are currently holding them hostage and under threat.

…Yes…this means a lot of the regular population will die in bloody battles…but they need to decide what is most important to them…what is worth the most to them…and fight for it.

They have no business pointing fingers and casting blame, at a country which has given them the best chance at social reform they’ve had in modern history.

I support the U.S. withdrawal…without apology…

There’s a ton of shitty things about the U.S…but we do not deserve blame for leaving Afghanistan.

The tone of this post may sound very wrong coming out of me…but, I am not a pacifist…and when you are facing an inhumane, occupying force like the taliban [or even the corrupt warlords there before]…You are the ones who have to defend yourselves, overthrow and drive out the occupiers.

There’s more Afghans than taliban…You can overwhelm them…You can disarm them, if you are in large enough groups…You can isolate and starve them out…

…the taliban can swing from nooses, just as well as anybody else.

To the Afghan people…I’m sorry cruel and ruthless people have forced you into this…but this is how things have always been.

You have to establish that it wont be tolerated…You have to make it so.


CRAZED Anti-Vaxxers Terrorize Walmart…

Date: August 19, 2021

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“An anti-vaxxer known for pushing “unsupported, dangerous” sports medicines terrified Walmart workers in Missouri after threatening them with execution for distributing coronavirus vaccines.


…”violating the Nuremberg Code”…?…


I don’t so much care what position someone takes in this discussion…nobody has any right doing what these people did.


There is No Algorithm for Truth – with Tom Scott…


Date: August 19, 2021

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“In this Discourse, Tom Scott talks about science communication in the age of social media, how to be popular on the internet, and dealing with a world where view counts are often more important than truth.

Tom Scott is a British entertainer, educator, YouTuber, web developer and former presenter of ‘Gadget Geeks’ on Sky One. He graduated from the University of York with a degree in linguistics. He has a popular YouTube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers and more than 325 million video views as of June 2019.

In more than fifteen years of publishing on the internet, Tom has visited the High Arctic, passed out in a centrifuge, and somehow got three million people to watch a video about why the British plug is a great invention.

This talk and Q&A was filmed in the Ri on 27 September 2019.”


Is Most Published Research Wrong?…


Date: August 18, 2021

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“Mounting evidence suggests a lot of published research is false.

Resources used in the making of this video:

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