A Little Boy For Screwing?!…


Date: October 01, 2022

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…Corks out of wine bottles, that is…

“Manneken Pis Pissing Boy Belgian Wine Corkscrew, Brussels #39164

A wine bottle corkscrew is modeled after the famous “Manneken Pis” in Flemish or Pissing Boy statue in Brussels.

Solid brass with nickel corkscrew
1940 vintage bottle opener
Signed “Bruxelles” for Brussels, Belgium

Size is 1″ wide, 3″ deep and 3.5″ tall.

Please view 8 photos at full screen size for best detail.

We carefully pack and ship Fed Ex or USPS depending on size and destination. Shipping charge added at check out.

We offer discounts for shipping multiple pieces and very economical rates to many areas in WI, IL, MN, MO and OH as well as FREE Store Pick Up in Kaukauna, WI. Contact us for more information.”

I’m undecided if I need one of these or not.


Chris Hayes’ Audience Turns On Him For Telling Truth About Ukraine…

Date: October 01, 2022

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“In response to a question posed on Twitter about what regular citizens can do to help prevent nuclear war, MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted that a possible starting place would be by ending arms shipments to Ukraine to pressure the Zelensky government to negotiate a peace deal. And then the deluge, as Hayes’ Twitter following tore into him for promoting “appeasement,” excusing “genocide” and, of course, “pushing Russian talking points.”

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the blowback Hayes received after mistakenly expressing something approaching the truth about the Ukraine war.”

Again…It has not been established that the U.S. sabotaged Nord Stream…Until this has been substantiated, you’re just making accusations.

I’m not saying it’s not true…I’m not saying anyone can prove it’s false…But I am saying, that a lot of people are talking, and spreading a narrative with serious consequence, without actually knowing what the facts are…

…That is wrong.

They’re making a positive claim, when they clearly cannot know.


Kate Bush – The Man with the Child in His Eyes – Official Music Video…

Date: October 01, 2022

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“Official music video for the single “The Man with the Child in His Eyes” written by British singer Kate Bush.

“The Man with the Child in His Eyes” is the fifth track on Kate’s debut album The Kick Inside. It was released as her second single on 26th May 1978.

The song reached number six in the UK in 1978 and eighty-five in the US Billboard Pop Singles chart in 1979.”

It’s claimed this song was inspired by a relationship Kate had in her teen years…with a much older man.

Not sure of the validity in that…but, it seems to fit the lyrics.


Putin, ‘things will never be the same.’ Elensky wants NATO fast track. Red Square party. Update 1…

Date: October 01, 2022

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“Putin, ‘things will never be the same.’ Elensky wants NATO fast track. Red Square party. Update 1
Topic 718”

My stance regarding Putin…

Putin may sometimes speak truth…but Putin Is Not any friend to us MAPs…nor any other sexual minority.

He should be removed from power…and frankly…the day he dies, will be a good day.

…That being said…there are a lot of shit players in this whole mess…and I could say the exact same thing about them…

I don’t view this ongoing conflict [which seems to be threatening us all, now], as being “my” conflict…I don’t even view it as so much a conflict of the common people…

…This is all horse shit of insane extremists, raining down on everyone else.

Like usual…war is old bastards talking…and young men, women and children [everybody else] dying.