Hillary Clinton and Her Minions Seek Vengeance on America – Episode 110…

Date: September 21, 2017

01) Hillary Clinton and Her Minions Seek Vengeance on America – Episode 110

“In this episode—the longest in the history of our show—we’ll cover President Trump’s cruel decision to end DACA along with his plans to resell ‘trickle-down’ economics to the American people. We’ll also focus on the return of Hillary Clinton and challenge the arguments made in her new book, ‘What Happened.’ But Hillary Clinton’s return was accompanied by her most prominent minions including Peter Daou (with a new pro-Hillary propaganda website to attack progressives called “Verrit”) and Joy Ann Reid (who claims the Democratic Party should focus on identity politics and ignore economic issues). After covering these knuckleheads, we’ll shift focus to Medicare for All in the second half of the show. Finally, we’ll end the episode on a lighter note with a Patreon Q&A, and an interview with 2018 congressional candidate Sarah Smith and comedian Ron Placone, respectively. It’s the last episode for two weeks, as Mike will take a break to get hitched. Oh yeah—we also passed 25 million total views! Woohoo! So if you’re able to sit through 3+ hours of Mike ranting about politics then buckle up, because we’ve got a great show for you!”

Why Draft Bernie for a NEW Party? Why Not the Green Party? (w/ Nick Brana)…

Date: September 20, 2017

01) Why Draft Bernie for a NEW Party? Why Not the Green Party? (w/ Nick Brana)

“With the increasing popularity of the ‘Draft Bernie’ idea, there’s an obvious question that has to be asked: why start a brand new party when we already have the Green Party? For this important question, we’ll go to #DraftBernie founder, Nick Brana, who gives us an in-depth explanation as to why a new party is preferable.”

Salvation, Shame & Shunning – The Story of Lloyd Evans: Ex-Jehovah’s Witness (TTA Podcast 344)…


Date: September 20, 2017

01) Salvation, Shame & Shunning – The Story of Lloyd Evans: Ex-Jehovah’s Witness (TTA Podcast 344)

“Ex-Jehovah’s Witness and activist Lloyd Evans tells his compelling story about his introduction to – and escape from – the JWs.

Lloyd’s website: http://jwsurvey.org/
Lloyd’s book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0995669104
Lloyd’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/johncedars1929

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Neoliberal vs. Progressive Democrats on Single-Payer Healthcare…

Date: September 19, 2017

01) Neoliberal vs. Progressive Democrats on Single-Payer Healthcare

“With the broad array of progressive candidates running for Congress in 2018, we wanted to take the time to juxtapose their responses when asked about ‘Medicare for All’ with responses from neoliberal, corporate Democrats. The difference is VERY clear, and the future looks bright!”

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2017…

Date: September 18, 2017

01) Wiretapping Sex Workers, Punishing Pre-Crime, and National Strategy to Stop Sex-Buyers Approved by Senate

“Introduced by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, the bill (S.1312) gives the attorney general power to file a civil suit against anyone suspected of committing or planning to commit “any action that constitutes or will constitute” a violation of various federal statutes. If a court agrees, the person or entity would have to stop whatever activity allegedly contributed to a current or future crime.

This is power above that of normal police and criminal law proceedings. It could allow the feds to preemptively shut down websites, search engines, social apps, browsers, encryption services, or brick-and-mortar businesses because criminals (broadly defined) might communicate there.

But the bills’ upsides are few, squeezed as they are between the grotesque bureaucracy building and impositions on civil liberties.”

M.A. Voice: Issue 25 – September 18, 2017…


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Date: September 18, 2017

01) dandelion: Male Homosexual Activity in Early Modern Spain
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1502173.htm

02) Filip30: important study: most ‘sexual abuse’ is wanted
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1502329.htm

03) Todd Nickerson: How I lost my faith in Christianity

04) Baldur: [Links] Phony recidivism stats, trauma myth redux
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1502827.htm

05) Google Translator: Pedophiles at Prague Pride 2017
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1502944.htm

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