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When I was really young…

Date: December 27, 2012

01) Shifting ages of attraction?

When I was really young, it was only age mates…When I got around nine/ten, it was age mates and younger…When I got around thirteen, it was younger but not so much age mates…When I got to fifteen, it was all younger…When I got to thirty something, it was still all younger but with the rare fourteen to eighteen year old…It’s been holding ever since.

It about knocked me off my feet, the first time I had “that” moment, with a fifteen year old boy standing in front of me…his bare, creamy, delicious chest bursting stridently from between his open shirt halves…I swear, it said to me…”Lick Me!…inch by inch!”.

I’ve never quite gotten over that…I think he was making out with a girl, just previously…his pheromones were high, or something…

Another one of these rare boys…Possibly the most beautiful boy, I ever knew [both as a teen and small/young boy]…He actually hung himself…It made me extremely sick, to find that out…It was beyond senseless [yes, I know…you never know, what’s going on behind the scenes]…and it’s awkward, knowing one of the oldest people I’ve ever had the hots for, has been dead for several years.

…totally unnatural, for a Child-Lover…Sadly, he is not the only one, though…

…A small for his age, cute thirteen year old who I was extremely fond of, got killed in an accident…Those were bad days…He’s the same one I’ve had a memorial on my websites and blogs for, all those years…if anyone remembers it…I hated that time period…It was marred by a rash of deaths, really.

There’s been a few others I’ve found myself attracted too…but, mostly it cuts off with tweens.

Being Male and an LBL…

Date: December 19, 2012

01) Do You Boy Lovers Consider Yourselves Homosexual?

Being Male and an LBL…

…by definition, this makes me a homosexual of some form.

Some people may wish to split hairs, because I don’t exist in the politically correct form of homosexuality…which could probably be well defined, as a physical attraction to someone like ones own current adult self…

…but, boys are males…and so am I…As result, this would make my attraction and orientation one of a homosexual nature.

I reject any definition, which claims homosexuality is exclusive to relationships between adults.

When Fred [etc.] dies…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) Westboro Baptist Church loonies… latest

01) Westboro Church To Picket Sandy Hook Elementary

01) Anonymous Hacks The Westboro Baptist Church: Posts All Their Personal Information

When Fred [etc.] dies…

…I wonder who all is going to show up, and what creative ways they are going to protest…

Something tells me, none of the Phelps aught to opt for a public grave site…

Adam Lanza: The Sandy Hook School Massacre…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) What we know about the Connecticut school shooting

“Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza was carrying an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of deadly ammunition — enough to kill nearly every student in the school if given enough time, authorities said, raising the specter the bloodbath could have been far worse. Lanza shot himself in the head when he heard police approaching the classroom where he was gunning down helpless children.

He had multiple high-capacity clips each capable of holding 30 bullets, and the chief medical examiner said the ammunition was the type designed to break up inside a victim’s body and inflict the maximum amount of damage, tearing apart bone and tissue.

The gunman shot his mother four times in the head before going to the school and gunning down 26 victims there.

THE VICTIMS: All the victims at the school were shot multiple times with a high-power rifle, some of them up close. All six adults were women. Of the 20 children, eight were boys and 12 were girls. All the children were 6 or 7 years old.

The Newtown massacre is the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history and one of the deadliest mass shootings around the world.”

02) Gunman’s behavior indicates planning and control: Ex-FBI profiler

Since there are multiple posts being made here which respond to the Sandy Hook school massacre, I thought it was only right to offer a few relevant links to news reports.

Of course, you can find more with a web search.

My sympathies go out to the victims, and their families.

Mental Health…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) Feeling numb

I think you certainly have touched on the most fundamental of core issues, surrounding these kinds of cases…

…For many years now, I have been asking why it is that no matter where you go…it feels like you just cannot escape, what I can only characterize as a relentless assault on mental well being…and I mean everything from rotten news, institutionalized hate and negative conditioning, to causing loss of personal hope [ie: looming financial collapse across the globe, which have intensively lingered on for a decade or more, and politicians refuse to do anything of substance to avoid].

When people are desperate and scared/angry/etc…and they don’t know what to do…and they don’t see any future for themselves…these kinds of things happen.

Much too few people place relevance, in the most important variables…mental health and stability, being at the top of that list…Everything else, is just peripheral at most.

The other night, I was at a sports bar I like to eat at…and this basketball coach was shown on a television screen, where he started spontaneously ranting about the Sandy Hook massacre…While I’m not all that comfortable with celebrities doing this, he did say something which I do agree with…and that is, that we all are responsible for this as a society…Of course, then he went on to imply that we don’t have enough prohibition laws on guns…which I think shows, that the most important of social issues went straight over his own head, without much of a thought on his own part.

I agree with him, in that society is responsible for these kinds of atrocities…not because guns are available [that is a simplistic cop out]…but because one of the unspoken tenets of our culture in the U.S., is that we isolate others as a normal part of our behavior, and we treat each other like shit…being self centered, intolerant, abusive, cruel and greedy, are celebrated “virtues”…

When you are born into, and mentally conditioned into this kind of a culture…What is to be expected?

It’s a relentless assault on mental health, and conditioning people to be monsters…Adam Lanza behaved accordingly, in his own extreme way.

According to it’s own behavior…this is what society wants.

…And it is a shameful disgrace, that more people do not see this.

Sandy Hook: Untypical Set of Variables…

Date: December 18, 2012

01) A BC Response

Without question, one could not have more effectively tailor made a scenario, to elicit maximum emotional, knee jerk reaction.

These are, hands down, the worst times to start drafting new law…and they are the worst cases, on which to base new law…They are anomalies, in which the extreme majority will never engage…Yet, new laws and special interest agendas, are likely to target and negatively impact the extreme majority, regardless.

Like you…I consider those who aggressively exploit the corpses, suffering and tragedies of others by using them to pedal social prohibition agendas, to be vultures…These cases where the bodies have barely gotten cold, and nobody is allowed time/privacy to grieve, are most especially offensive…I think it is fair to say, people who conduct these campaigns are not so much looking to craft intelligent law…as they just want their personal vision of social order, backed by force and threat of law.

To be sure…I am extremely uncomfortable, with the U.S. president rushing to the scene of the crime, and making vague, broad proclaims within hours of this atrocity, that the powers of his office are going to do everything they can “to protect children” [whatever that allegedly means – Calling your lawyer, whenever a pedophile pays tame compliments to your children, ala Lindsay, perhaps?]…In the age of “the patriot act” and “homeland security”, I don’t trust the fallout from this to leave most of us alone…and some of us, this could impact gravely just because we are scapegoats.

That said…it’s also important to separate the simple acts of being human and showing sympathy/empathy, from the politicized fallout and clashes.

…I think, this thread was about human sympathy and empathy, for the immediate victims.

There is a lot of good to be said, for these kinds of expression…We lose a lot of our own humanity, when we turn our back on it.

Pedophiles Created Half of Gay Men?…

Date: December 13, 2012

01) BC Post

“Almost Half of Gay Men Were Sexually Assaulted by Pedophiles as Children” – Matt Barber

Shall the gay [and lesbian?] community look upon us with reverence and gratitude, for our alleged role in making them what they are?…and since the gay and lesbian communities are so good and positive [according to many, though not Matt Barber], wouldn’t this imply we provide a very good and positive effect?

…Well hey…It sounds like a somewhat logical conclusion to me…

Of course, this is far right rhetoric [and highly suspect]…I just find it amazing, the things people will claim and expect to be taken seriously.

Found this a bit ago…just thought I’d share…for the amusement factor, I suppose.