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You Are Not Alone: A Review…


TEF003_You Are Not Alone [A Review]

Date: November 10, 2006

Du er ikke alene (1978)

I recently had the chance to purchase a copy of the movie, “You Are Not Alone”, newly released on DVD.

This movie takes us through the story of Bo and Kim, two young boys who fall in love, while at an all male boarding school.

This movie has received mixed reviews, even in the boylove community…and, truth be told, this movie shines in one or two regards, while it is sub-standard in other areas.

True, it is not an American movie (I believe this one is Dutch), and hence, social differences will be obvious, in what you see on the screen, and how it is presented…but, much about the plot just seems thrown together, in a sloppy manner.

For example, the culminating end of the movie, however unique and wonderful it may be, literally comes out of nowhere, story wise…They don’t discuss and plot out what they are going to do, they just surprise everyone (including the viewers) with it…and there is nothing to show, what the aftermath of this revelation was.

There are several, loose side stories, which are going on around the two main characters, but nothing that is unforgettable (with exception to the, “Sex is wonderful!”, humping, little boy…who was a little hottie!).

The acting is not great, but is passable…They come off genuine, at the very least.

This movie was produced in the 70’s, so it is dated…but, frankly, this might be one of it’s biggest strengths…since this was well before the moral panic over kids and sexuality took off. They really got away with a lot more, than most people would dare to do today.

The times were different…the culture was not American…and this becomes very clear, while watching this movie.

The true gems which make this movie shine, are the several intimate scenes between Bo and Kim. These are so beautifully natural and genuine…a few of them may leave you speechless, even.

If you watched this movie for nothing more than the scenes with these two boys in them, it would still be a worthwhile way to spend your time. It is beautiful to watch what is going on, even if you never understand a word of the dialog.

This is a wonderful movie, about boys discovering love and sexuality…and there are several, really cute boys in this movie.

Some highlights:

The new DVD has improved subtitles, which are a major plus. The story makes better sense, because of this, even if some of the side plots feel sloppy.

If you travel in boylove circles, then you might have herd of the fabled “shower scene” in this movie…Yes, it is a nice watch…It is honest…and I think any boylover will appreciate it.

This is a different time, and a different culture…so, homophobia and “personal space violations”, are blissfully absent (with exception to a scene or two), which leaves the actors free to do a lot of intimate touching, and interaction.

This may be the only movie you ever see, where two young boys (one pre-pubescent, the other post pubescent) embrace in a very passionate kiss, which lasts for several seconds.

Ultimately, this is a movie not to be missed.

Don’t expect a solid storyline…but, do expect plenty enough to please.

Addendum: While I think I was mostly fair in this review, in hindsight I can see that I should probably admit that it effects a viewers perception, when they are forced to juggle watching the live action on a screen, with reading dialogue that quickly changes.

It can get frustrating (and I used to hate subtitles in movies), especially when you consider how much you miss…You have to watch the movie several times over, before you really start getting to know it well.

This, along with cultural differences…and they probably speak a bit faster than I am accustomed to reading…It all contributed, to how I wrote this review.

Truth be told, however, “You Are Not Alone” is a true classic, and a very sweet movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you ever get the chance, you should see it.