Republicans Admit Student Debt Cancellation Will Hurt Military Recruitment…

Date: September 22, 2022

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“The GOP is admitting that the military relies on poor young people to keep the war machine going, and that’s why they oppose canceling student debt.



Lindsey Graham Gets CALLED Out On Fox For States’ Rights Flip-Flop…

Date: September 22, 2022

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“There are a lot of Republicans who believe in federalism and states’ rights and on things like deciding their own laws on abortion,” she said. “This federal abortion ban would go against that.”


Flimsy Sham stands for nothing…

…He’s like Trump…He will say anything in the moment, that he thinks pleases his current audience.


Designing A Next-Gen Ionic Thruster! (For Flight)…


Date: September 22, 2022

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“If jet turbines are the evolution of a propeller, what is the evolution of ionic thrust? In my attempt to answer that – I built a next-gen ionic thruster, and only shocked myself about a dozen times in the process. Thank you to Steven Barret at MIT for providing his airplane footage, and to Keysight for supporting this video.”


Starfall – Sovietwave Mix…


Date: September 21, 2022

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“The best of sovietwave, synthwave, chillwave and electronic music.

00:00 Маяк – Выше звезд
03:28 Марксэн – 600 Вт
09:15 Время акаций – Загадка
12:46 Фриссон – Континуум
16:30 Наукоград – Звездопад
19:50 Удары синтезаторов – Предчувствие космоса
23:20 ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА 302 – Наши достижения
27:18 луноберег – меркурий
29:15 ППВК – Комета возвращается
31:42 Импульс-80 – Полёт к Звёздам
36:00 Протон-4 – За пределами млечного пути”

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Pandemic good news…


Date: September 21, 2022

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“CDC variant report

Some increase in BA.4.6 and BA.2.75


Progressive US increase, starting to slowly displace BA.5

US of America (9,526)

Canada (1,007)

Denmark (500)

France (400)

Australia (288)

Germany (248)

Chile (242)

Dominican Republic (173), Peru (149), Luxembourg (123), Belgium (102), Israel (101), Italy (94), Ireland (93), Sweden (92), Spain (85), Netherlands (84), Brazil (76), Argentina (68), Japan (67), New Zealand (60), Switzerland (54), Puerto Rico (53), South Africa (53), Ecuador (49), Mexico (35), Colombia (34), Trinidad and Tobago (30), Czech Republic (27), Costa Rica (23), Jamaica (21), Portugal (20), South Korea (19), Austria (17), Botswana (17), Indonesia (13), Sint Maarten (12), Senegal (11)


Some US increase

Growth rate is currently 61% per week relative to co-circulating lineages

Current US nowcast

BA.5 84.8% (UK, 87.2%)

BA.4.6 10.3% (UK, 3.3)

BA.4 1.8%

BF.7 1.7%

BA.2.75 1.3% (UK, 1.6%)

BA.2 0% (UK, 0.5%)

BA.1s 0%

Delta 0%

Others 0% (UK, 2.4%)

XE 0%

UK, technical briefing 45

(September 2022)

Contains early data and analysis on emerging variants

Findings have a high level of uncertainty

Data cut-off of 5 September 2022


BA.5 is the predominant circulating variant in the United Kingdom

Newly designated variant – V-22SEP-01 (BA.4.6)

Omicron sub-lineage BA.4.6

An apparent small growth advantage relative to BA.5.

BA.4.6 represented 3.31% of UK samples

Preliminary neutralisation data from BA.4.6

Expect some immune escape from BA.4 or BA.5 antibodies

There is NO increased risk of hospital admission after BA.4 or BA.5 infection compared to BA.2 infection.

Expect some immune escape triple dosed recipients of the Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccine.

V-22JUL-01 (BA.2.75)

As of 6 September 2022

BA.2.75 in the UK, 1.6%

Does seem to have growth advantage over co-circulating lineages of,

61% per week

Two sub-lineages of BA.2.75 (BA.2.75.1 and BA.2.75.2) are currently being assessed

BA.4/BA.5 Severity

A case-control study

Risk of being admitted to hospital as an inpatient

Among people presenting to emergency care within 14 days of positive test.

Comparison, risk of admission with BA.4 or BA.5 versus BA.2

Between 16 March 2022 and 23 August 2022

BA.4 n = 2,530

BA.5 n = 12,026

BA.2 n = 17,022

Adjusted for age, sex, vaccination status, week of test, 2 days of extreme heat

There was no difference in the risk of admission between people infected with BA.4 compared to BA.2

There was no difference in the risk of admission between people infected with BA.5 compared to BA.2″


Mike Pillow Prays For Republicans To Lose The Senate…

Date: September 21, 2022

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“All of a sudden, I started praying,” said Lindell. “I go, ‘God, please let them take both of these senators.’ ”



Biden’s Numerous Statements On 60 Minutes & Can He Run Again In 2024…

Date: September 21, 2022

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Ukraine wants nuclear weapons?!…

…Fucking Hell No!…

…And the U.S. population has the legal, moral and natural right, to know who is the materially acting U.S. president…

What is happening right now, should be recognized as a high crime.

They cannot hide anymore, that Mo Lyin’ is not the one making the policy decisions…So, who is?…How many of them are there?…Where are they?

These people were not elected to the office of the U.S. presidency…and as such, this is another reason why we once again have had a stolen election…though, not for the reason Trump claims.