[Secular Detective] Demarcating Incitement: to Violence, Hatred and Examination…

Date: March 20, 2018

01) Demarcating Incitement: to Violence, Hatred and Examination

“I say that our conversation requires precision, and a concerted effort to strive towards it, because it is due to its absence, on some occasions more deliberate than others, that otherwise plainly false equivalences can be espoused and used as foundations upon which other arguments are built. When we use words such as “drove”, “radicalised”, “inspired”, “far-right”, “extremist” etc., we must do so consistently, and adhere to definitions so that our implications aren’t smuggled but are explicit and transparent. We must also acknowledge that the truth of a matter exists independently of whether, and however validly, it is argued for or against. Just because there are two opposing views on a given issue does not mean that the truth must lie between them, and where it happens to, it does not mean that it can only be found at the half-way mark. The implications arising from terms like the first three among my examples above, concern the constitution of responsibility, and its degree. I wish here to discuss whether we can conclude by implication, as Rowley does, that Tommy Robinson and others bear some responsibility for an atrocity such as that at Finsbury Park akin to that borne by Anjem Choudary for bouts of Jihadi violence.


But unless we wish to continue devaluing the meanings of our words in such conversations so that we can each rely on one another to be speaking the same language and genuinely make some progress, we must stop relying instead on such equivocations and false-equivalences to virtue-signal and score cheap points.”

Great post.

I’m most interested in the discussion of legal [as well as moral and ethical] culpability, as I’ve also recognized this being used to stifle open, free speech…speech about deeply important social issues of our time.

When it gets to the point where speech, and the people behind that speech, are grossly mischaracterized…and those same people cannot even express an honestly held thought, question, emotion, etc…something has gone dangerously wrong, within society.

…People aren’t hearing, listening, comprehending and dialoging, anymore…They are using tactics of domination, to make people they don’t want to hear from “simply go away”…which, effectively, kills all peaceful solutions…

…Peaceful solutions are what we should be pursuing.

The longer I have been out here as a MAP…the longer the list of people grows, who’ve accused me of substantive culpability in “child sexual abuse” [sexual violence against children]…despite myself holding no prior knowledge of specific incidents, never giving any assistance in such an event…never advising such behavior…never commissioning or encouraging such incidents…and always condemning any violation of the free will principle…As well as never having engaged in such violence, myself…

Some people are pissed off at me over my long history of associations and initiatives…and they think I should suffer for it, in whatever way they can manage to inflict said suffering.

It’s a sad, ruthless world we live in…when nobody can thoughtfully say anything, about the issues that impact their own lives, without being personally violated for having made the effort.

Never Distinguishing Between a Childhood Sex Life, and Being Sexually Abused…


Elephant Graphic

Date: March 20, 2018

01) Why Kids Don’t Tell About Sexual Abuse

It seems the trendy thing to tell kids these days…is that if you have any social sex life at all, “you are being sexually assaulted” as result of your sex life.

…And we get the old misnomer…that “It’s okay to understand you own your own body”…and “have a right to say no”…But you don’t have the right to say yes…which negates the whole idea, that kids own their own bodies…Clearly, if they cannot have sexual relations for their own purposes…then they do not fully own their own bodies.

Being a sexual, human child…and living according to your own nature…is criminalized…And you’re only conditioned to say “the right things”, think “the right thoughts” and react “in the right ways”…meaning, obey the state.

It’s in this mess of a social framework, that we get the kinds of articles [or statements] like the one linked above.

I’m not up to discussing the finer points, which distinguish sex life from sex abuse [not today]…but I wanted to point out a thing or two…

These types of articles generally accept the state propaganda, and repeat it as fact…They rarely recognize any human right to sexuality, where it comes to young human beings…So, understand that any reality based discussion of human sexuality [including harmless, childhood sexuality], has already been debased and sidestepped, right from the start.

But even taking that into account…there is a massive elephant in the room, where it comes to this article…

The stated purpose of this article, is to explain “Why Kids Don’t Tell About Sexual Abuse”…

…Given that KeepKidsSafe” regards “inappropriate touching” [a terminology of state propaganda, tainting all sexual touch] as “sexual abuse”…it’s fairly safe to presume, that they are grouping even sexual touch that a child would seek out, in with “sexual abuse”…

If we are at all to be honest…we must acknowledge, that one of the reasons many children say nothing, is because they liked [or even loved] the experience, and wish to both protect it and repeat it.

Nowhere in that article, is this elephant in the room even hinted at.


Even if they don’t want children to think, act and long in that way…is it right of them to omit this basic fact of nature?

…Isn’t that dishonesty?

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Is Homosexuality [or Pedophilia] Narcissistic?…


Date: March 20, 2018

I’ve always considered being a homosexual pedophile, to be about as selfless, altruistic and giving, as sex can possibly get.

In comparison to typical heterosexuality, which eventually entails procreation…Isn’t it far more narcissistic to desire having small copies of yourself?

…Just a thought.

The narcissist “connection” has never made any sense to me…

…Your heart desires, who your heart desires…

…You’re attracted to, who you are attracted to…

…It’s not about desiring one’s own self…

…It’s about wanting to love another person…and be good to them…

…How is that narcissistic?


Study Finds This Key Difference In Conservative Brains…

Date: March 19, 2018

01) Study Finds This Key Difference In Conservative Brains

“A 2008 study published in the journal Science found that conservatives have a stronger physiological response to startling noises and graphic images. This adds to a growing body of research that indicates a hypersensitivity to threat—a hallmark of anxiety. But why exactly would those that scare more easily tend to support conservative views? One social psychologist from the University of Central Arkansas, Paul Nail, has a pretty interesting answer:

“Conservatism, apparently, helps to protect people against some of the natural difficulties of living. The fact is we don’t live in a completely safe world. Things can and do go wrong. But if I can impose this order on it by my worldview, I can keep my anxiety to a manageable level.” This could explain the two parties’ different stances on gun control. It only makes sense that those who startle more easily are also the ones that believe they need to own a gun.”

Fear and Anxiety Drive Conservatives’ Political Attitudes

This aligns with my personal experience with extreme conservatives.

They’re all about making threats, and acting as if I’m some sort of a threat for being an openly speaking MAP.

The paranoia and fear is rampant.

…They display angst to an extreme, even where it is not rationally justified…constantly running around looking for things to be offended, and alarmed by…to spook everybody else in their clan with.

High Level Scientologist Tells the Truth About the Cult…

Date: March 19, 2018

01) High Level Scientologist Tells the Truth About the Cult

“–Classic Interview:Â Chris Shelton, former high-level Scientologist and author of the book “Scientology: A to Xenu – An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is Really All About,” joins David to discuss Scientology, getting out of the Sea Org, and being labeled a “suppressive person.”

Scientology Launches Its Own TV Channel…

Date: March 19, 2018

01) Scientology Launches Its Own TV Channel

“The Church of Scientology is launching a new television network, and marketing it as a revealing affair that will shed a positive light on the secretive and contentious organisation.

The organisation appears to have begun marketing its coming service Sunday evening with a Twitter account, which links to a countdown clock to the launch Monday night, and has been regularly updating with videos every hour.

The only thing more interesting than what you’ve heard is what you haven’t, a promotional video teases…


YouTube Adds Wikipedia Links To Fact Check Conspiracy Videos…

Date: March 19, 2018

01) YouTube Adds Wikipedia Links To Fact Check Conspiracy Videos

“YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced Tuesday that the Google-owned video website will link information from Wikipedia to content in hopes that it will combat the flood of videos promoting false conspiracy theories that have plagued its service.

The move will add background information provided by Wikipedia to certain videos on YouTube, Wojcicki said during a panel at the South by Southwest tech and music festival in Austin…




…Now we get the opportunity to have fake news [aka false information] published by Wikipedia inflicted upon us, wherever we encounter content on YouTube that strays from pop culture “wisdom”.

Do I even need to go over the many deep problems with this?

There are slanted and biased pages on Wikipedia, controlled and manipulated by dogmatic zealots with an agenda, who watch the page like a hawk and quickly undo edits they don’t personally like…

…Wikipedia has deep, deep integrity deficit issues…and these deficits are at their worst, when applied to socially heated issues.

HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”…


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Date: March 19, 2018

01) HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”

“In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, eight current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like.”

They’re not up front about this…

It would be one thing, if they clearly employed historical forum tactics…and just stopped you from posting something by informing you that certain words were banned…At least then, people would clearly know it was happening…but, no…

…And that is sleazy.

I’ve noticed Twitter getting progressively terrible…not just with it’s banning of individual MAPs…but with notifications…and with providing fully intact tweet threads…

I’ve stumbled across tweets where I was tagged, while browsing somebody else’s channel…when I was never notified of these same tweets, in my own notifications…I’m not just talking about tweets from people I’ve had to block…I’m talking about friendly tweets, also.

There appears to be a terrible amount of interference going on at Twitter, where MAPs are the target group.

All online forums have a duty to inform individuals, anytime their account has been rendered to be in a limited state.

That Twitter [and YouTube, Facebook, etc.] refuses to do this…is absolutely unethical.


Court Rules Financial Advisers Now Free To Screw You…

Date: March 19, 2018

01) Court Rules Financial Advisers Now Free To Screw You

“An Obama-era regulation requiring financial advisers to sell products that are in the best interest of customers has been tossed. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, and Sarah Jones, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.