Chris Chan (Christine Weston Chandler) Case Analysis…

Date: August 06, 2021

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“This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Christine Weston Chandler (Chris Chan)?”

I don’t normally address this specific individual…because the whole mix of themselves with the trolls tormenting them, is a circus freak show…

…I think it’s disgusting, that a lot of ill intention sociopaths have mercilessly targeted a mentally disabled person like this.

Now…he or she [depending on what time window/era we are talking about] has had previous, serious violations of the law…the first two mentioned in this video are clearly of a violent nature…one, potentially lethal…So, when he/she already had a substantial, violent criminal history…I expect the local authorities were tired of dealing with him/her…and could be jumping at the chance to put him/her away…even if that just means institutionalizing him/her…

They’re probably thinking his/her mother doesn’t have many more years left…and what is he/she going to be doing/like, after his/her mother dies…If they have no way to actually sustain themselves, that just means problems.

Though I personally respect gerontophiles and those into incest…I think the lesson to be taken away from his/her most recent legal woes…is that you cannot publish admissions of illegal sex acts, and expect that it will never have serious consequences.

This is both just pointing out one danger, in the minefield world we live in…

…and acknowledging a deep frustration, where it comes to the gagging and self censorship…of those in demonized, oppressed sexual minorities.

I don’t personally have a history of pedophilic relationships…nor do I have any ongoing pedophilic relationship…but there have been times when I’ve refrained from putting [already written/recorded] things out there…because I knew it was getting into expressively grey areas…where any ill intended scumbag could spin it into something else…and a similar fate to what is currently happening with Chris [being arrested, held, investigated and possibly charged (…tried and sentenced?) based upon what you’ve expressed on the internet], could happen to someone like me…A lot of people would love to see something like that happen to me…and that’s not mere paranoia speaking…My legal identity is known…Some people have made it a point, to let me know that they know…Some people like to even phone stalk me, and make it clear that they are watching me…and have been doing this for many years…

…In fact, that same idiot just did their typical call…pause…and hang up…while I was writing this.

It may seem hard to believe, given everything I have published here…but I have held back, and been more vague so as to not give malicious law enforcement something to attack me with…so as to ward off charges, I lack the financial resources to properly fight.

That holding back has hurt both my message, and myself [all oppressed sexual minorities, honestly]…This world needs full on, full disclosure, discussion on the facts…all of the facts…without apology…but so frequently, you realize that if you do force such a discussion…people will attack you in every way possible…One of those ways, as a member of a scapegoat minority…is people deciding you’ve violated the law in any possible manner, and employing the legal system against you as a weapon.

…So…anytime I come out here…and say “at age X, I did Y with Z, and loved it”…with “historic abuse” cases being a modern day thing, and with time limitations being struck down in many jurisdictions…it makes me question whether the simple, honest accounts of my own, human sexual experiences, could be treated as a de facto crime…

It’s a crime against humanity…that sexual minorities cannot discuss the relationships they are in, or that they have had…without fear of being criminally charged, and having their own words used as evidence against them.

I don’t know if Chris sexually assaulted his/her mother or not…I hope not…

…I just know that when a culture criminalizes nearly every single thing sexual about you…you better have your guard up and speak carefully, when you start talking about your own sexual past [and present], and what admissions you are willing to publicly make.

…And I give a hearty, full bodied FUCK YOU! to society, for allowing things to be this culturally fucked up.

No sexual minority should ever have to self censor, over concerns like this.

…And now…people get to give me the side eye, while questioning, “What is he aluding to?!”…

…and I get to ponder, whether this post should have went into the trash, rather than being published.

…Life is an adventure.


Why Is This Christian TikTokker Always Crying?…


Date: August 06, 2021

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“In this video, I talk about Chrsitian Tiktokker David Latting, 1.3 million subbies, and his BEST arguments for why he follows god, and why you should too. Naturally, I dismantle the arguments.”

I get the overwhelming sense, that he carries a lot of psychological baggage…warranted or not.

He strikes me as a clear victim of brainwashing.

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Activision Blizzard Gets DOUBLE Sued?! More Execs JUMP SHIP!…


Date: August 06, 2021

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“Activision Blizzard is not just getting sued by the state of California for its “frat boy” culture, but now it’s getting sued by its own shareholders for not disclosing that there were issues. Oh, and their head of HR just quit days after the president of Blizzard stepped down. OUCH. What will be left of Blizzard by the time it’s all said and done?”


Anti-LGBT law passed in Hungary divides EU…

August 06, 2021

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Thanks to feinmann!

“A new law aimed at halting the spread of LGBT content in schools has been passed in Hungary, overshadowing other topics at last week’s European Union summit, with half of all EU members condemning the move.


War of values: EU split after Hungary passes anti-LGBT law aiming to halt the spread of LGBT content in schools.

Victor Orban suggests that the new law is not targeting the homosexual community … rather it is about giving parents the exclusive right to determine kids receiving sex education based on family values.”

Governments need to stay out of the private lives of citizens, period.

No law should exist, which attempts to manipulate an individuals knowledge…regardless of the individuals age.

Homosexuality exists…Transgender people exist…No government has the right to conceal public information, or inhibit people’s ability to learn.