Double Standard in “Culture Appropriation”?…

Date: September 19, 2016

01) 7 Myths about Cultural Appropriation DEBUNKED! | Decoded | MTV News

I guess this should not be a shock…but it’s the first time I’ve heard anything about this specific double standard…so…

If what this lovely young lady claims is true…then nobody who isn’t part of the biological [what about ideological, or social class?] majority, can culturally appropriate from that majority culture…

…It seems, those incidents are not appropriation…because those people have been unintentionally [or unwillingly] pulled along in the social trends of the majority.

…In other words…if somebody else unilaterally decides that you are part of the biological [aka racial] majority…then other people of minorities can copy your features…but, you cannot copy theirs?

…Oh, wait…It’s not allowed between the minorities, either?

I have a few questions…

…On what authority, does anyone presume a right to separate humans into classes?…and this is especially egregious, when people who don’t even know each other, try to assign subjective levels of “privilege” to one another.

I’ve been watching these kinds of filmed exchanges, for a while…

…And I’ve seen the individuals who point a finger at others…make a sudden judgment, based upon the shallowest of observation [IE: “You’re complexion is so white!”]…just to dictate that their target “has no right”…to be there…to have a voice…to wear a style of clothing…to have a hair style…

…A lot of it is just straight up goofy, and hard to wrap your mind around…Because so many of these things being outraged over, don’t even make any sense.

Who cares, if a non-black wears dreadlocks?…In reality, there is no harm in this…and dreadlocks are associated with at least a few, non-black, ancient cultures…Nobody owns dreadlocks.

…And what about whites, or Asians, or whomever is non-black, who grows up and lives in a predominantly black area?…Are they exempt, because they are part of a minority in the life they live?

…How do you even start to draw up plans…for all of this micro-segregation?

…And what possible good is it even doing, to carry on with this type of plan?

What is the objective social good in it?

…And what is this mysterious harm being done, when cultures meld together in these ways?

As a rule…it is a good sign that people who live together in a community, adopt common practices…It’s a form of acceptance…

…It means “we are all human”…and we like to take part in the things of our larger community.

Are they suggesting [or inferring] that groups of different biological makeup, cannot become a singular community?

This whole mess looks like a bunch of problems being imposed, on situations where problems don’t even naturally exist.

…That sort of behavior, is not what we need in this world.

Dad From TLC’s “The Willis Family” Arrested For Child Rape…

Date: September 18, 2016

01) Dad From TLC’s “The Willis Family” Arrested For Child Rape

Thank you, Alonso…I know exactly what you are talking about.

As a pedophile, I am accused of being a child molester from time to time…and have been accused of such, many times over…Yet, I don’t even have sexual encounters with anyone at all.

How can you be a molester, or a rapist…when you’re not even doing anything sexual, with anyone else?

Hell…I don’t even access child pornography…But do you think this stops most people from throwing around accusations?

It’s a fundamental lack of understanding…over the fact that orientation, is not the same thing as personal ethics.

Orientation is the attraction…Personal ethics, are what you do with those attractions.

…And I totally agree…Usually the ones pointing their fingers the most, screaming the loudest and finding horrors under every stone…those are the ones, who are usually hiding something about themselves…They often tend to be closet cases, who are trying to cover up their own deeds.

18 year old Austrian girl sues parents for posting baby photos on Facebook…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) 18 year old Austrian girl sues parents of posting baby photos on Facebook

“Carinithia” is suing her parents for posting over 500 images of her on their facebook pages claiming they didn’t get consent. The father claims he owns the rights to the image. The court will decide in November.”

First, to Matt…I hope that person did not send you the physical copy of your avatar, after ejaculating on it…That’s just wrong [unless it’s something already agreed upon].

…Perhaps he just sent a link to a video?

…No, I don’t want such a link…I’m just hoping you didn’t have to come into contact with a strangers bodily fluids.

As to the actual topic of this video…the case fascinates me.

I don’t believe it would be a good precedent [at all], for people to be able to sue their parents over baby pictures…But I’m wondering what would happen, if this did become the next phase in scrubbing childhood pictures off of the internet.

What would happen if you could be prosecuted [maybe even incarcerated], for merely posting pictures of children, no matter what your relation to them?

I would be interested in seeing the reaction of millions [billions?] of parents, should their family photos start being treated the same as child pornography.

I know for a fact…there are fanatics out there, for whom getting this passed into law would be a personal wet dream…They live for exercising that level of power and control.

…I just wonder what would happen, if they ever succeeded…

…Would larger society finally put it’s foot down?

“Don’t Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders”…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) “Don’t Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders”

“Now, you’d think that because Clara is my boss, I’m going to defend her over this. But I’m not! Not totally, anyway. Let’s break down what’s actually going on here.

First, Atrios is upset because he doesn’t like criticism of young people. Why? Beats me. As near as I can tell, millennials don’t actually attract any more abuse than any other age cohort. I’m not sure why they should be any more immune to criticism than anyone else.”

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POLL: America Wants Bernie Back…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) POLL: America Wants Bernie Back

“In the latest edition of Morning Consult’s Senator Approval Rankings, Bernie Sanders is more popular than ever among Vermonters. The progressive independent who gave Hillary Clinton a major headache in the presidential primary has an 87 percent approval rating in his home state. That’s a sizable jump from his already high 80 percent approval rating in April, when Morning Consult compiled favorability ratings collected throughout the beginning of the year…”

Come back, Bernie!

“Sexual Abuse” Very Commonly Does Not Mean “Rape”…


| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files | PLEASE CLICK HERE AND READ |


Date: September 16, 2016

01) News] WTF – Teen given suspended sentence after streaming himself sexually assaulting 2-year-old?

02) Teen pleads guilty to sexual abuse of a baby, then a judge gives him no prison time

“What Kraigen Grooms did to that two-year-old girl is unacceptable, and unforgivable. His release on a suspended 10-year sentence has shocked many people who only see the sensationalist headlines coming off of the heels of other high profile cases like Brock Turner. Sadly, there is so much we don’t know about the terms of the plea deal…and they might help clear up the fervor surrounding this info.”

“Sexual abuse of a baby” does not automatically equate to “rape of a baby”!!!

“Oldenburger says the toddler was not raped or physically harmed.”

You are being highly sloppy here, MundaneMatt…

“Kraigen Grooms, now 19, pleaded guilty to one charge of engaging in a lascivious act with a child, a 1-year-old baby girl, when he was 17.”

…”lascivious act with a child”…

Here is a little lesson in legal jargon, for those unfamiliar…

…Legal terminology is notoriously vague, when it comes to criminal sexuality…especially where a minor is concerned.

…They’re never going to tell you, when a teenager laid a baby girl down and proceeded to lick [or massage] her vagina, in front of a web cam…or masturbated in close proximity to her…maybe rubbed his penis against the outside of her body…

…”News” reports are generally designed, to lead people to believe that the most horrific thing imaginable happened…without substantiating that it ever happened at all…

…This is called “innuendo”.

When I first heard about the base facts of this story…the first thing that entered my mind, was an almost certainty that he did not rape this child.

Raping an infant can kill the infant…It can cause irreparable physical damage…

…Anyone out there who believes they are going to let an infant rapist walk, is disconnected from reality…People like that, don’t even understand how things have been working in the USA.

Let me share a true story with you…

I don’t want to get too deep into this…but around 2000, we had a young, newcomer on BoyChat…

…The community at BoyChat was exceedingly good to him, and attempted to look out for him, when he kept dropping his private information in posts…But, he was a “Darwin Award” level idiot…And you cannot save people like that from themselves…You just try to keep as many people distant from them as you can, while they charge off towards their personal “train wreck”.

As it turns out…he settled into the normal BoyChat routine, and turned into a very active member of the community…A lot of people interacted with him…A lot of people tried to give him decent, legal guidance. He was never really trusted by many of us, however…because his life choices were so poor [IE: He had the BLogo (the BoyLove triangle) tattooed onto his arm]…He made stupid decisions, knowing he was already outed…And he carried on, as though he didn’t even care.

He wanted to be on the BoyChat admin…and absolutely nobody supported it, other than one of his friends who suggested it happen…and that guy had a bad reputation in the community, also.

Nobody in their right mind wanted him that deeply entrenched at BoyChat…

…Because of the nature of a support forum like BoyChat…you have to be open and tolerant of a wide range of people, so long as they follow the rules and nobody has sound reason to believe anyone is involved in something illegal.

…Come 2005, or so…and Mr. Darwin Award is acting all cryptic and goofy…and then he disappears…

Turns out, “Mr. Gung Ho, Super BL” had been hiding something from the majority of us at BoyChat…And then we got to read his court sentencing records…

…He was found guilty of drugging and anally raping his preschool nephew, and live streaming it…Seems he imagined he could build a profitable business, off of this. Mom picked up son…he was anally bleeding, and taken to the hospital…The cops paid a visit to Mr. Big Talker…and he predictably folded, immediately…

…For turning informant, and helping to entrap at least a couple BoyChatters [who we don’t know were actually involved in the rape]…Mr. Gusto got sent away for fifty years…

See…if you stick your penis in a preschooler…you are not walking free, if they can at all prove it…

This idiot I am talking about, got himself buried into several levels of “completely fucked up”…So, who knows…If he hadn’t drugged the child, or hadn’t had future plans for serial rape…if he hadn’t been trying to build a “child porn” business…maybe they’d have only sent him away for ten, or twenty years.

…But what he was convicted for, and confessed too…nobody walks free, when they do that…not when it can be proven.

Nobody at BoyChat cries on behalf of this cowardly Judas…

…Hell…it came out, that he was attempting to use our resources, to gain information on how to pull off what he did…

…That bastard is where he belongs…And if he dies in prison [likely from old age], so be it.

I will never defend anyone who rapes a baby…nor rapes a child of any age…nor rapes any living thing, of any age.

The kid in that news story…he didn’t cross that line…Let’s at least be honest about the facts.


M.A. Voice: Issue 13 – September 15, 2016…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Date: September 15, 2016

01) FC: Review of ‘Attic Adolescent’ by Bob Henderson

02) Enochian: New World’s Child Porn Record [read the thread]

03) Filip30: new result from the finnish child-adult-sex-study

04) Filip30: mainly siblings and not ‘pedophiles’ abuse children

05) Filip30: study: interest in Teen Porn has increased

06) Ethos Issue 1 – PDF

It’s always good to see MAPs doing online magazines, and I welcome Ethos.

If you’re a Minor Attracted Person [MAP] who would like your content featured in the next issue, please use the form below to pass along the necessary information.

You may also submit content created by other MAPs. Any form of legal content [written, audio, video, artistic, academic, personal expression, etc.] will be considered for inclusion.

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Other Issues

The Sims Trailers – From The Sims 1 to The Sims 4…


Date: September 15, 2016

01) The Sims Trailers – From The Sims 1 to The Sims 4

“…a video with all of The Sims’ official trailers…”

Found this great video, featuring just about every official video for the Sims games, and expansion packs.

I love the Sims…at least through the third incarnation.

…I think the Sims 4 has reached a brick wall, where they have painfully little that is new to offer…and they’re honestly just repackaging pretty much everything they’ve already sold, over the past three previous games.

Who wants to shell out all of that money, just to buy essentially the same thing all over again?

But, overall…it’s been a great series.


Generations Are Sub-Cultures…

Date: September 14, 2016

01) Stateside 9.14.2016

02) State Board of Ed OKs guidelines for LGBTQ students

“The State Board of Education voted today to adopt voluntary guidelines to help schools with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students.

The guidance is intended to help schools create a safe and supportive learning environment for LGBTQ students.”

Considering something said late in this interview, regarding parents afraid their children wont understand something [a boy classmate suddenly joining the girls in the locker room, who in previous years identified as a boy]…

…I’m inclined to acknowledge something that many of us [myself included] often fail to acknowledge or understand…

Different generations are their own, different sub-cultures.

There is a lot of overlapping in practice and belief…But each generation develops differently.

Just because it may have been hard to accept in previous generations…that does not mean it will be so hard, for this new generation to accept…Things have changed so, so much…On average, kids know so much more these days…way more than most of us knew at their age…even just 30 or 20 years ago.

…Too many from us older generations…we’re trying to make these kids of today, fit into our personal experiences…instead of allowing them to live their own experience.

…But we see the resilience and capacity emerge…whenever we allow kids to explore, see and know the world around them.

For a lot of them…we see that stigma surrounding homosexuality and gender issues, is something which is going away…It effectively does not exist for them…certainly not on the level, that it did for us…And that is an objective good, I think.

…It’s one thing that gives me hope for the future.