Craig Harper Ph.D: Twitter Wrongly Enforces Its Own Rule on Child Protection…

Date: September 22, 2020

01) Twitter Wrongly Enforces Its Own Rule on Child Protection

“Social media site bans support group despite no breach of the rules.

Around two years ago, social media giant Twitter amended its terms of service to make an explicit allowance for the discussion of sexual attractions towards children, provided that such discussion does not seek to increase the incidence of child sexual abuse, or encourage people to commit sexual offenses against children.

This change to the terms of service followed months of debate about the presence of individuals with a sexual attraction to children — or “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs) — openly stating their attraction patterns and ages of attraction on the platform. I was a signatory of a letter, initiated by the child protection organization Prostasia Foundation, alongside other experts on the prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual offending more generally, who called for such a change to Twitter rules, as the current best thinking in the field is that having a place online to connect to other MAPs reduces loneliness and social isolation, and therefore reduces the temptation to use the internet to act out on such sexual attractions.

Recently, however, Twitter has started to enact some strange decisions in spite of the change to their terms of service.

In perhaps the most high-profile of these, over the weekend of September 19, 2020, the @MAPSupportClub account was suspended without any explanation from the platform. MAP Support Club is an online forum for people who are attracted to children to discuss the issues that they face in relation to their sexual attractions.”

Being a MAP with a Twitter account over ten years old, I can share a few thoughts. Fellow MAPs can take them, or ignore them, but I’ve been on this treadmill for a large portion of my life, and been through the censorship many times…I’ve remained remarkably stable for about 8 years.

Things I Do:

Maintain a proper blog, focused on a very wide range of topics.

Interact with a wide range of communities.

Comment on social issues, and talk about typical things going on in my own life.

Share things I have created.

Support and promote initiatives outside of the MAP community, which I genuinely believe in.

Share news and research.

Be my true self.

Things I Don’t Do:

Get rude with people.

Publicly advocate for anything that could get my account suspended.

Interact with people who are clearly trying to get me suspended [it’s best to block those].

Anything illegal.

I Also Tend To:

Report a lot of abuse on this platform.

Report anything illegal on this platform.

I seem to have garnered not only a relatively stable, uncommonly large following for being a MAP…but some degree of grace and tolerance, on this platform.

What I am doing, seems to have worked for me.


This is Post 8000!…

Date: September 21, 2020

Guess what?…

…We’ve reached 8000 posts!

Scorpions – Follow Your Heart:

The fire still burns, even now…

…and forever!

You cannot kill true love.

I’m Still Standing!

One day, the paths we’ve paved shall be a freeway!

I do believe, indeed!

A Look Back:
This is Post 7000!…
This is Post 6000!…
This is Post 5000!…
This is Post 4000!…
This is Post 3000!…
This is Post 2000!…
This is Post 1000…
This Is Post Number 666…

Here’s to a brighter tomorrow!


Bob Woodward: This is among ‘the saddest, most disturbing chapters in American history’…

Date: September 21, 2020

01) Bob Woodward: This is among ‘the saddest, most disturbing chapters in American history’

“Recent reporting from veteran journalist Bob Woodward of The Washington Post created political shockwaves. Woodward’s newest book, “Rage,” features 18 on-the-record interviews and recordings of President Trump talking about topics from his handling of the pandemic to racial injustice. Woodward joins Judy Woodruff to discuss what he learned from the process about Trump’s mindset and motives.”