Stephen Wolfram’s Take on Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Humanity…


Date: February 20, 2018

01) Stephen Wolfram’s Take on Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Humanity

“Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist, physicist, and businessman. He is known for his work in computer science, mathematics, and in theoretical physics. He is the author of the book A New Kind of Science.”


U.S. arms-makers strain to meet demand as Mideast conflicts rage [2015]…

Date: February 20, 2018

01) U.S. arms-makers strain to meet demand as Mideast conflicts rage

“WASHINGTON – Top U.S. arms makers are straining to meet surging demand for precision missiles and other weapons being used in the U.S.-led fight against the Islamic State group and other conflicts in the Middle East, according to senior U.S. officials and industry executives.

Global demand for U.S.-made missiles and so-called smart bombs has grown steadily since their use in the first Gulf War. But the United States and a host of allies are now rushing to ensure a stable supply of such weapons for what is expected to be a long fight against the Islamic State group, whose rise has fueled conflict in Syria and across a swath of the Middle East.

U.S. officials say arms-makers have added shifts and hired workers, but they are bumping up against capacity constraints and may need to expand plants or even open new ones to keep weapons flowing. That could create further logjams at a time when U.S. allies are voicing growing concern that Washington’s processing of arms sales orders is too slow.”

I have to admit…I cannot stand here and say, that I think nothing should have been [or should be, till this day] done about the “Islamic state”…even if only on humanitarian grounds…

…But after being stuck in that part of the world, in a state of war for over two decades…this is just a sad, sad admission…

…The U.S. has been dumping so many bombs [and whatnot] onto that part of the world, for so long…that the suppliers can’t keep up with it.

What’s going on in the middle east, cannot be controlled by endless bombs, bullets and other assorted weapons that kill and maim.

Tom Holland: The Origins of Islam…


Date: February 19, 2018

01) The Origins of Islam

“Where did Islam come from? The story of how it came to be established across a vast empire stretching from the Atlantic to the frontiers of China is conventionally traced back to the charisma and inspiration of a single man: Muhammad. But his story was not written until 200 years later. Join historian Tom Holland who has received death threats for challenging the long-held origins of Islam.”


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Gary Glitter – Lost On Life Street [unreleased 1997 album]…


Date: February 18, 2018

01) Gary Glitter – Lost On Life Street **FULL unreleased 1997 album**

“The complete “Lost On Life Street” album. Originally scheduled for release in 1998, but permanently shelved when Gary was arrested in November 1997. This album has previously only ever been circulated amongst diehard Glitter fans. It has been uploaded here so it can be heard and enjoyed by a wider audience.

NB: The uploader does not condone Gary’s crimes. This upload is intended to celebrate his musical legacy, nothing more, nothing less.”

I never knew much about Garry Glitter, nor his music…I knew more about him from the witch hunting against him, than from anything else.

I have to say…I’m disappointed his music never caught on, here in the states…

…This is a really good album.

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Pedophile hunting and scambaiting…


Date: February 18, 2018

01) Pedophile hunting and scambaiting

“Tom Sorell from Warwick University
Presentation from the CICC 2017-2018 Scientific Launch on the Subject of ‘Watchful Citizens:Policing from Below and Digital Vigilantism held the 2nd and 3rd November 2017 at the Université de Montreal.”

A candid discussion, on how “pedophile hunters” commonly behave…as well as how it’s distinguished against police stings, and police involvement.

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Date: February 18, 2018

People have many times told me, “wait until he is an adult!”…

…It just seems to me…if I can be expected, as a pedophile, to not do loving, tender things with a boys penis, until he reaches a certain age…

…those same parents and professionals should be perfectly onboard, with not mutilating that same boy penis…until he is old enough to comprehend and consent.


Ashton Kutcher Claims He Helped Cops Save Way More Sex-Trafficking Victims Than Authorities Say They’ve Found [2017]…

Date: February 18, 2018

01) Ashton Kutcher Claims He Helped Cops Save Way More Sex-Trafficking Victims Than Authorities Say They’ve Found

“How can Kutcher’s group have helped in dramatically more sex-trafficking investigations than were actually opened across America?

On Wednesday, actor Ashton Kutcher testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on behalf of Thorn, an anti-sexual exploitation organization he co-founded with Demi Moore. Thorn’s main project is Spotlight, a cloud-based data-collection and analysis tool that purportedly helps police find sex traffickers. According to Kutcher’s testimony before Sen. John McCain and other U.S. lawmakers, the app—funded by the McCain Foundation—has helped save more than 6,000 U.S. sex-trafficking victims, including 2,000 minors, in the past 12 months.

But there’s something fishy about these and other stats put forth about Spotlight…

…Considering the data we do have on state and federal human trafficking cases, the only way the numbers from Kutcher’s group could make sense is if a) they’re counting every red-flag ad Spotlight identifies, regardless of whether these tips are ultimately deemed worthwhile enough to prompt a criminal investigation, or b) they’re counting cases of consensual prostitution between adults and lumping all adult sex workers identified into the “adult trafficking victim” numbers.”

Is Ashton Kutcher getting incompetently sloppy again?…

…or is he just fibbing, “because the cause needs it”?…

Ashton made the news a handful of years back, for featuring a fraudulent “study” on his “anti-sex trafficking” website, while additionally misrepresenting the “study findings”…

I wrote a fairly decent piece on that, breaking down what happened…and why it was so badly wrong…

It got shelved, for some reason…Before I posted it, he finally changed his website…so, my comments were no longer current…I never posted them…

…What prompted me, is that Ashton was being very abusive and belligerent, at people who were calling him out…because the thought that just because “his actions were aimed at pedophiles”, he had no obligation to hold himself to any degree of integrity…He was mad at the people calling him out, lashing out by smearing them…and acting as if those people were the a-holes.

Maybe…if I ever happen to come across that post…I’ll go ahead and post it…possibly unfinished.

Ashton has always seemed like someone you couldn’t trust…and his behavior has only confirmed this suspicion.

I would say, the first thought to cross my mind when I originally saw this being reported in the news…was, “What the hell is this guy doing in front of the U.S. congress, testifying over this issue, after his own shady past with it?”…

…But I’m much too familiar with how this game works…and know that the U.S. congress has no interest, nor use, for people with integrity, where it comes to stoking sex hysteria…

…They just want somebody who can convincingly pitch a story…

…Hell…Ashton’s scheming past, was probably the reason they had him there.

Jordan Peterson & Owen Benjamin – Pedophilia, Abortion & LGBT Activism…

Date: February 18, 2018

01) Jordan Peterson & Owen Benjamin – Pedophilia, Abortion & LGBT Activism

“Free Speech Absolutist”:

Let’s walk down this path, just a bit…

There is this trend amongst people, to say…”I’m a free speech advocate, but…”…and they follow it up, by specifying some group of people, who they don’t want to have free speech rights in real world practice.

I think it is fair to say…that people who express that sentiment, really do believe that certain others don’t deserve free speech…

Not only is this a contradiction, because being a free speech advocate means you have no population exclusions, in your principle stance

…But it also paints and reinforces social stigmas, bigotries, isolation, and the many resulting, festering problems…when it seems “Even the free speech champions wont stand up for ‘those people’ “…

There is a simple test, to tell whether or not you are a free speech advocate [or activist]…

Answer this question…

…Is there any group of people [or individual], who you would choose to strip of their right to public expression, solely for who they are, or over some biological or psychological trait they have?…

If your answer is “no”…Then you might be a free speech advocate [or activist]…

…If your answer is “yes”…Then you absolutely are not a free speech advocate [or activist]…and it would be outrageous to call yourself a “free speech absolutist”.

This is a rather severe pet peeve of mine…and it’s one of the fundamental pillars, behind what I do on this blog…fighting for free speech, as an open MAP.

MAPs are the quintessential model demographic, of what happens when a minority is deprived of it’s right [and human rights need] of free speech, in a culture where anybody can say anything they want to about us, no matter how vicious or untrue, without facing any sort of contrary response.

The outcome is devastating…because the ignorant and paranoid, are the only people giving voice in any of this…and the actual MAPs aren’t even allowed to stand up for themselves, voicing what they truly stand for…showing how they factually live.

I’m sure there are a few other things I could comment on…but I watched this, and had to step away…and what was in my mind, is no longer there…

It’s almost disappointing…they don’t really go very deep, with the issue of “a pedophiles right to free speech”…That’s fertile ground, for some good conversation…but, the two people involved aren’t especially fitting, to talk about this knowledgably…They just sort of wander away from it, touching on a few other things…but offering no solid answer.

Aside from making that observation…I think this Owen Benjamin guy, is the same person behind a big panic/squabble on Twitter, a few days back…His followers have a bear theme…and they were spazzing out over MAPs being on Twitter…offering the same old, usual, tired ignorance and hysterics.

I was glad to see the Twitter MAP community fight back.

One Last Thought:

You know…if I as a MAP [a pedophile, in fact] were to approach any of you non-MAPs, and talk to you abusively…viciously smear you…humiliate and demean you…dehumanize you…make threats of physical, psychological or other nature towards you…in the exact same manner, as I have countlessly witnessed [and personally experienced] at the hands of “good people” like you

…How many of you would actually stand for that?…

…How many of you would just allow me, to openly lie about you?…to make threats against you?…and to plot the injury and destruction of you?

Most of you would likely be infuriated by this type of behavior…and want to take a swing at me.

…I could not say as I blame you…since I so intimately understand how this plays out, the cruel unfairness of it all…and the further cruel outcomes, of allowing it to stand unchallenged.

…I don’t put up with people lying about me…I don’t put up with the vicious smears…I hold cruel, aggressive people accountable.

It’s not about personal ego…

…It’s about the fact that this manifestation of human cruelty, has become both unleashed from reality and rampant.

…and I witness the destruction it has caused.

Tactics: How to Change Minds (including our own)…


Date: February 17, 2018

01) Tactics: How to Change Minds (including our own)

“Activists Matt Dillahunty, Sarah Haider, Anthony Magnabosco and Kavin Senapathy join Seth Andrews for a conversation about how to best engage religious people in discussions about God, faith, facts, knowledge and atheism.”

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