Bernie Sanders Crushes In 2020 Primary Poll…

Date: October 07, 2017

01) Bernie Sanders Crushes In 2020 Primary Poll

“A new Zogby Analytics poll puts Hillary Clinton’s former primary rival ahead of other key Democrats to face Donald Trump in 2020.

The survey found that Bernie Sanders is the number one favourite among Democratic primary and caucus voters.

Poll respondents were presented with a hypothetical range of candidates and were asked to pick who they would vote for.

Progressive giant and independent senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders came out best, with 28% of respondents choosing him.

In second place, came Elizabeth Warren on 12% followed by former Vice President Joe Biden.”

In Defense of Social Communicators…


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Date: October 06, 2017

01) On RWW’s Character Assassination of Me (And My Support for Some of Their Work Oddly!)

“Not honest:

Also not honest:

White Supremacy Figured Out How To Become YouTube Famous [Right Wing Watch Article]

Two Principles:

1) As thinking people, who value clear communication, understanding and open fairness…we have a responsibility, to listen, to hear, to comprehend, and to respond to a valid representation of what is being expressed by another person…before we offer any response to anyone, over anything at all.

This is a fundamental principle of not only communication, but of social peace, human empathy and human respect…I’d go so far, as to also say, base human decency.

2) Paraphrasing Christopher Hitchens…

“…When you censor another person, you are not only stopping them from expressing an idea…You are preventing me, from ever understanding what this person had to say.”

Am I seriously expected to accept how the censor represents the censored, when I should have had the freedom and right, to hear the original expressions from the mouth of the censored?

The censor has already lost all credibility, by acting to destroy the voice [and communication] of another. There is no valid reason, to censor an idea, or an opinion. If it is as “bad” as the censor claims, then the idea or opinion will naturally discredit itself.

Censors only come out to attack an idea or opinion, when they know that idea or opinion has some level of validity in it, which they know they cannot soundly refute…but the censor doesn’t want people outwardly expressing such things, nor getting the idea that there’s enough people who think that way, to where they might be able to change things in the world.

This is the only role of censors.

Censors are enemies of people who seek to understand the world around them…

…Being such a person, seeking knowledge…censors represent an assault against me, and my own ability to build a sustainable, honest worldview, and an ethical standard to live by.

I loath censors…They are enemies of humanity, and human decency.

Many of them imagine what they do to be noble…but, it is not…It’s a travesty, and miscarriage of justice.

Why am I going on about censors?

What this Right Wing Watch writer is doing…is a form of attempted censorship…They are trying to assassinate the character of certain people, misrepresenting them…presumably to destroy their reputation, and disperse their following.

It should be no shock, that I take exception to two such inclusions, in particular…

…Styxhexenhammer666 and Sargon of Akkad…

I’m a fairly solid judge of character…I’ve been paying closer attention to these two, for quite a long time…Neither one of these two are racists, supremacists, separatists…Everything I have heard come out of them, screams validation of this conclusion.

…If they were…I would have ceased sharing their media, a very long time ago…

What this Right Wing Watch charlatan is doing…is trying to dictate guilt by association…While ignoring that Styx and Sargon are fundamentally, social communicators…

…And they strive to communicate, the way that it is supposed to be done…The sane way…The honest way…The fair and accurate way…

…They commit “the sin”, of actually trying to understand the people they are in dialogue with…Which is an ethical trait, to be applauded.

What they do…is open doors, through which a meaningful dialogue can happen…Only with such a quality of dialogue, can social conflicts be worked through.

I believe, this is primarily why I have such a natural affinity with the media these two produce…I am also a social communicator, at my core.

…It also helps, that 90% of what they say, I find to be insightful…and it usually lines up with my own views, making them an uncanny good mouthpiece to represent many of my own views.

Now…there are a couple of other names I recognize…

01) Black Pigeon Speaks

I’ve watched a few of his videos, that were thought provoking and interesting…something I could launch into a commentary over…And as some of you know…I don’t worry quite so much about the source of the inspiration, as I do about the quality of the idea being presented, or the quality of my response to that idea.

…I believe, if the concept and dialogue has social relevance…then that is a good enough excuse, so long as I’m up to putting the effort into that dialogue.

I may have posted one of Black Pigeon’s videos here…I don’t remember…

…But I do know, that the more of his videos I watch…the more of a “bad vibe” sense I get out of it…I cant say as I’ve hung around his channel long enough, to find anything explicitly racist…But I find something about him just doesn’t set well with me…Hence, you don’t see his media featured here.

02) Millennial Woes

I only became aware of this person, very recently…I don’t know enough about them to make any comment…

03) Stefan Molyneux

…I had a brief phase of “fascination” with him…

…I’ve never been left with the impression he is racist…or a supremacist…or even a particularly “bad” person…

…Yet, again…there is something about him, that doesn’t set well with me…I think, he is bad at listening to other people…bad at hearing and comprehending other people…He may take more time and care, while with more famous people [who have a big following, that would call him out]…But I don’t like the way he interacts with regular, “everyday” people who call into his show. He comes off more like he’s impressed with hearing himself speak, than anything else…As if “he” is the only one with something relevant to say…

This is the primary reason I’ve not featured Stefan’s media…I think he’s highly overrated as an intellect, and what he produces isn’t especially insightful, or useful.

He also has a sort of natural aggression, and a tendency to cut people off, or force himself in while you’re still trying to hear what the other person has to say…and I really, really, really, really, really hate that kind of behavior.

As far as the rest…

…I have zero interest in “white power”, or whatever…I’m not inclined towards watching that kind of media…and I’ve found myself perplexed, when I’ve unexpectedly discovered myself in that “neighborhood” of YouTube…entirely by no intent from myself.

I did wonder “how in the hell did I get here?”…But that doesn’t mean that I cried a river, over having found myself there…I did the sane thing, behaved maturely, and went somewhere else.

Philosophically…I’m very intrigued by such things as “racial realities”…I have a right to know what such terms mean…I have a right to mull over what’s being said, or suggested…

…In addition, I can accept that racial DNA gives different character traits [and tendencies] to different races, without it delegitimizing any human race…and without being a racist, for accepting such a thing [especially if backed by research]…Because it’s not a value judgment, on the worthiness of human races…It just acknowledges tendencies in difference.

I am vaguely familiar with Jared Taylor, and his American Renaissance…And I’m not only interested in understanding what he has to say, clearly…but if I found something I think would make for a valuable dialogue, I’d share his media here, without apology…That doesn’t mean I share all of his viewpoints…It means I’m interested in the productive dialogue.

…Which is why, I think, Styx and Sargon do such things in their media, as well.

It seems to me…people like Jared Holt [the guy who wrote this RWW hatchet piece], either never learned, or have forgotten, the utmost importance [and the art] of setting down at the table, and respectfully talking through issues with people…especially those people who we are at odds with…

…It’s like he wants to shout down and hurt people, who are doing the only thing that can honestly combat the conflict in our species.

…As if the Jerry Springer formula, of cussing people out, screaming, throwing punches and chairs, somehow gets us anywhere, other than in a mindset ready to annihilate each other.

Those of you who seek to tear down the communicators amongst us…those of you who censor others…

…you are the weakest amongst our species…you are the worst causers, of social problems and social suffering.

It makes me ill, that Right Wing Watch would stoop to something like this.

The people targeted here are human…they’re fallible…But Styx and Sargon [and probably Stefan, also] don’t deserve the crap that was just dumped on them, by this brazen hit piece.

…I don’t feature racists on this blog.

…And while I’m at it…I condemn this whole mindset, of ostracizing people from social platforms…or imagining that anyone is “so much above others”, that they delegitimize others, by refusing to talk with, listen too or acknowledge them.

…The only person who has lost legitimacy, is the arrogant ass who demands to live in their own bubble.

I leave further commentary to others.

I readily admit that I do not know the significance, if any, of the red flag commonly on display in the media of Styx…I invite anyone [including Styx, himself] to enlighten me on this matter.

For all I know…it might be World War II, German memorabilia…I have no idea…

…I just know that he is an informed individual, and he’s got an exceptional mind…and I find him quite remarkably tolerable [for a non-MAP]…Which means he meets my criteria, for featuring his media…even if he does flash his hairy chest, way too much…

…I’m interested in the mental substance.




Date: October 06, 2017

01) PHANTASM Movie Franchise Retrospective – Forever Horror Month Review

“RavensFilm Productions presents the Forever Cinematic “Phantasm” movie franchise retrospective. Starring Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, James LeGros. Written & Directed by Don Coscarelli. Review by Nick Michalak.”

Phantasm V: Ravager Review:

Connecting the PHANTASM Universe + Origin of the Tall Man:

I love this series…

There needs to be more…because there is so much more left to explain.

Ravager simply pulls the story forward…It doesn’t really tie up many loose ends.

It felt like it was supposed to be [at least some version of] the fifth installment…But it doesn’t feel like it was intended to be the end.

One of the biggest problems with this series, is that it never honestly broke through…and making sequels was a constant fight [after the second one]…

…I think, Don simply gave up the fight…and put out there what he had left…calling it “the end”.

…It sort of can be…but it’s not a satisfying end…not for this series.

That being said…Ravager is not a movie to miss, if you’re a fan of the series.


DEVOTION TO RIDICULE? Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist…

Date: October 05, 2017

01) DEVOTION TO RIDICULE? Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist

“The election of Donald Trump has polarised the American society on many levels, including in its attitudes to intellect and science. Trump’s supporters see him as a shrewd and smart deal breaker, the salt of the earth, while his critics describe him as the ultimate ignoramus worthy of nothing but contempt. Is there any middle ground between the two? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist.

The interview was held at the Moscow Geek Picnic 2017

USA Votes Against Banning Gay Death Penalty…

Date: October 05, 2017

01) USA Votes Against Banning Gay Death Penalty

“A United Nations resolution banning the death penalty for homosexuality was opposed by a total of 13 countries in the U.N. Human Rights Council. While several were in Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. surprisingly voted against the measure, as well.

This is not surprising…

…This exact same thing was going on at the U.N., a nunber of years back…The only difference, is that the resolution failed to pass at the time.

Album: Possessed By The Treble – The Halloween Album…


Date: October 05, 2017

Possessed By The Treble: The Halloween Album [72:30]

01) Deep Red

02) Contrived

03) Benidictus

04) Darth Vader

05) Cemetary

06) Descent

07) TerrorTrance

08) Anvil of Crom

09) Curse

10) Disney Haunted Mansion

11) The Horror

12) Night On Bald Mountain

13) Creeping Death

14) Vincent

15) Tower

16) Entity

17) Could It Be Majic?

18) Lothlor

19) Creep

20) Creation

21) Black

22) Das Boot Epitaph

23) Albinoni Adagio

Happy October!

Whew!…I didn’t even know this album was going to happen, especially not this year…Then things just fell into place. A few tracks probably could have been a little better…Not all tracks are Halloween related, either…but, over all, this is a good album…It fits the season.

I’ve wanted to do a Halloween album for years.

…I hope you find it enjoyable.

Video Exhibition: