‘Parasite’ Studio WRECKS Trump…

Date: February 24, 2020

01) ‘Parasite’ Studio WRECKS Trump

“Trump attacked the movie ‘Parasite’ during one of his recent rallies.

The movie studio behind the South Korean film “Parasite” hit back on Thursday after President Trump criticized the foreign-language film for winning best picture at the 2020 Academy Awards.

“Understandable, he can’t read,” Neon tweeted from its official account with a link to Trump’s comments.

“Parasite” made history earlier this month when it became the first non-English film to win the top prize at the Oscars in the award show’s 92-year history.

The class warfare satire, directed by Bong Joon-ho, dominated the night with a total of four wins, including in the directing, international feature and original screenplay categories.

Trump, however, knocked the dark comedy during a campaign rally in Colorado.

“By the way, how bad were the Academy Awards this year?” Trump asked as his crowd of supporters booed before suggesting an American movie should have won.


Chris Matthews to Nina Turner on Bloomberg: bErNiE’s bUyInG tHe eLeCtIoN!…

Date: February 24, 2020

01) Chris Matthews to Nina Turner on Bloomberg: bErNiE’s bUyInG tHe eLeCtIoN!

I loathe and condemn cancel culture, so I do not support canceling Chris Matthews…But, by all means, do keep critiquing him.

If these guys want to keep clowning themselves like this, make it clear what they are doing.

…Censoring voices is never a good option…It causes far more, far deeper, far more infuriating problems, than it could ever even hope to “solve”.

If you support or enforce cancel culture…you are part of a much broader, far more threatening social problem, than whatever it is you claim to be fighting against…

…End of discussion.

POLL: Bernie Beats Moderates Head-to-Head…

Date: February 24, 2020

01) POLL: Bernie Beats Moderates Head-to-Head

“Bernie’s campaign is surging right now!

If you look at the national Democratic primary polls, it might seem as if Bernie Sanders is only the front-runner because his many opponents have split up the party’s moderates. The senator from Vermont currently leads in the Real Clear Politics polling average with 23.6 percent of the vote. Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, by comparison, combine for 48.6 percent. Surely one of them could win in a head-to-head matchup against Sanders, right?

Maybe not. Yahoo News and YouGov are out with a new poll showing that Sanders beats all of his top competitors in head-to-head races. He currently wins at least 53 percent of the vote against Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar, none of whom break more than 38 percent. The matchup is closer with Biden, who gets 44 percent versus 48 percent of Sanders. But the tightest race is with Warren, who trails him 42 percent to 44 percent, with plenty of undecideds.


POWERFUL MOMENT: Nine-Year-Old Boy Asks Pete Buttigieg Advice on Coming Out…

Date: February 23, 2020

01) POWERFUL MOMENT: Nine-Year-Old Boy Asks Pete Buttigieg Advice on Coming Out

“During a campaign event in Colorado Saturday night, Pete Buttigieg – the first openly gay candidate to run for president – was asked by a 9-year-old boy for help coming out as gay.

“Thank you for being so brave,” Zachary asked in a question read by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “Would you help me tell the world I’m gay, too? I want to be brave like you.”

It’s still very politician like…but, we actually get a glimpse at the human side of Pete.

OFW Old Farts – February 23, 2020…


Date: February 23, 2020

01) LINK

Main Event:

Match: “The Immoral” Bulk Grogan VS Ultimate Weirdo Him SwellBig – 81%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Main Event Match: Him SwellBig Defeats Bulk Grogan

Show Referee: Devlin


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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses – Victory Speech…

Date: February 22, 2020

01) BREAKING: Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses – Victory Speech

“Sen. Bernie Sanders posted a decisive victory in the Nevada caucuses Saturday, cementing his status as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination by turning out a diverse coalition of voters.

Early returns showed Sanders dominating among young people and Latinos, who make up nearly one-third of the electorate here. The Vermont senator also won several downtown Las Vegas caucus sites, underscoring his strong support among the labor union rank and file who are a powerful force in Nevada politics.”

Elizabeth Warren Breaks Campaign Promise…

Date: February 22, 2020

01) Elizabeth Warren Breaks Campaign Promise

“Elizabeth Warren has reversed her position to not take money from Super PACs.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren reversed her position on rejecting super PAC support on Thursday as she seeks a comeback in the Democratic presidential primary.

Warren, who has previously said that she would disavow the support of a super PAC that sought to aid her bid for the presidency, told reporters that she had changed her mind after failing to get her rivals to join her in repudiating the outside spending groups.

The reversal is a dramatic change of heart for the Massachusetts progressive. Warren boasted during the Democratic debate in New Hampshire earlier this month that only she and Sen. Amy Klobuchar lacked super PAC backers.

But, on Thursday, Warren said that the fact that only the “two women” didn’t have super PAC support was “just not right.