Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman…


Date: July 30, 2017

01) Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman

“In our first Investigating YouTube Exclusive, we present a testimonial from esteemed researcher on pornography and an expert witness on sexualized content in media: Dr. Judith Reisman.

We and the Liberty Institute apologize for some of the minor audio issues and nuances that occurred during filming; hopefully this does not distract from Dr. Reisman’s profound opinion on the subject.

Please write to us at if you would like to contribute or provide a testimonial of your own – or use the form on our website at”

There is a network of YouTube channels, operated by someone [I believe a couple, with children] from Russia, or some place in that general hemisphere…Where copyright law enforcement is probably a lot different from here in the U.S….

…The people behind this network of YouTube channels produce horrendously awful videos…literal gross out, toilet humor level stuff…And they’ve devised a plan to play the system, in order to get views on their videos, and build up an audience…seemingly of children and juveniles…because who else would watch this drivel?

They tag their videos with words like “fun”, “silly”…stuff which is commonly tagged to videos aimed at children…And they infuse a “superhero” theme into their videos, which apparently makes them show up in searches, commonly done by children and juveniles…

Some examples of their seemingly endless glut of channels:

SuperHero Freak Family
BeepBeep TV ®
SuperHeroes KidsLine
SuperHero VS SuperHero
SuperHero FUN FUN

It’s hard to say how many of these channels exist…

Enter “Investigating YouTube”:

The guy behind Investigating YouTube caught onto these channels, and somehow decided that “it must be a grand pedophile conspiracy”…I guess, a desperate group of talentless hacks, trying to make money by flooding YouTube with awful content to attract kids, isn’t an exciting enough narrative…so, “pedophile grooming” it is!…He’s been pushing this idea ever since.

…How he came to this conclusion, is anybody’s guess…I guess we’re now considered at blame, for revolting comedy aimed at kids?

Along the ways, Mellisa jumped on board this train.

And now we have mean grandma Judy:

She just cant help but get her swipes in at decades dead, Alfred Kinsey…probably one of the most honest sex researchers ever to live.

Grandma Judy has weighed in, to decree “Investigating YouTube” some sort of “hero to the nation”…and to reaffirm the narrative, that “this is obviously the product of child hating pedophiles”…amongst other tasty tidbits of her peculiar “wisdom”.

She claims it’s pedophilic…

…Personally…as an actual, living, breathing, existing pedophile in the flesh…I don’t recognize any of their content I’ve seen, as being pedophilic…It has nothing to do with pedophilia, as I know it.

…Really awful, yes…Deranged, maybe…But “pedophilic”?…Seriously?…

…And they cannot figure out, why Disney hasn’t taken people in another country to court…They probably aren’t all that well aware of these YouTube channels…until now…Has anyone kept track, of the number of these channels being suspended or terminated?…Common sense says, it’s just a matter of time.

In addition…lots of people make “fan fiction” content…It would be a non-stop pursuit, for Disney to be suing people, or filing take down notices.

…And mean grandma Hitler…Oh, excuse me!…Judy!…she lives up to her life’s legacy, by calling for the people behind these channels to be arrested for “contributing to the delinquency of minors”…

…You just cannot make this stuff up!

There is no clear connection with pedophiles, or pedophilia here…

…We have a line of people, who have only asserted that it is so…Apparently, because they cannot imagine any other explanation for this kind of content…

…Even though, gross out, dumb humor is pretty popular amongst kids, as a natural phenomena…

…I guess the obvious is just too mundane for them.


The Power of Coming Together: Lisa Vigil Schattinger on Advocating for Death with Dignity in Ohio…


Date: July 29, 2017

01) The Power of Coming Together: Lisa Vigil Schattinger on Advocating for Death with Dignity in Ohio

“This is the first in a series of interviews with grassroots advocates who are participants in Death with Dignity National Center’s new State Leadership Incubator. Today, we’re speaking with Lisa Vigil Schattinger, MSN, RN, founder and executive director of Ohio End of Life Options.”


Trans Kids Update: Dating, PMS, And, Yeah, Bathrooms…

Date: July 28, 2017

01) Direct Download [MP3]

“Last year, North Carolina passed HB2, the so-called “bathroom bill,” banning anyone from using a public restroom that didn’t match up with his or her biological sex. After the law passed, we went to North Carolina to visit one of the few gender clinics for kids in the South, at Duke University’s Children’s Hospital. We spent a day-in-the-life there, learning how patients and doctors juggle big physical changes and political changes too. Since our story last August, things have not calmed down. President Trump has canceled some key protections for trans students. This year, sixteen more states including Texas have introduced their own bathroom bills. And in a controversial decision last week, North Carolina lawmakers revoked HB2 — though trans activists called their replacement bill a bad deal. So with all this happening, we decided to catch up with the three kids we met last summer — Drew, Martin, and Jaye — and see how their lives and their bodies have changed. We start by going back to our first episode, when each of them was just beginning hormone therapy prescribed by Dr. Deanna Adkins, the pediatric endocrinologist who started Duke’s transgender clinic two years ago. Then, we reconnect with Drew, Jaye, and Martin one more time. We talk about the joys (and pitfalls) of dating online, how their bodies are changing, and how they’re doing under President Trump. Jaye (at left) and some Instagram posts from Drew Adams, pictured with his partner, CJ. (Courtesy of Jaye and Drew Adams)”

The IQ Debate: “Skeptics” Are Moral Cowards…

Date: July 28, 2017

01) The IQ Debate: “Skeptics” Are Moral Cowards

“This video is about the responses I’ve had to my video ““Race & IQ Vs. “Skeptics”” and then I cover the way in which the “Skeptic” community are handling this conversation, which includes Kraut and Tea recently trying & succeeding to get Rage After Storm fired for holding “racist” and “offensive” views (I assume). I guess Skeptics don’t really believe in free speech anymore… if you talk about IQ and group differences.”

SnagFilms: Children Underground [2001]…


Date: July 27, 2017

01) Children Underground

“Edet Belzberg’s Academy Award-nominated directorial debut, CHILDREN UNDERGROUND follows a group of homeless children living in a train station in Bucharest, Romania. Raw and insightful, this acclaimed documentary personalizes the often dangerous and always chaotic and uncertain world of youngsters casually abandoned by their families and society at large. It also subtlety illustrates the legacy of former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Winner of a Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize, the International Documentary Association’s Documentary Award, and the Gotham Awards’ Documentary Achievement Prize.”

Picture quality is bad…but it’s a good documentary.


Bret Easton Ellis condemns the “warped moral superiority of the American Left”…

Date: July 26, 2017

01) Bret Easton Ellis condemns the “warped moral superiority of the American Left”

“In his latest Podcast, Bret Easton Ellis (author of American Psycho) discusses the psychic breakdown of the American Left since the election of Donald Trump.”

This basically sums up my own feelings, in the aftermath of Trump’s win…We were having a disaster shoved down our throats, no matter what…and it happened…

Whatever the outcome…it is temporary, even if long enough to hurt us…

The focus should not be on “which choices they’re going to let win, next time”…The focus should be on eliminating the power, which made this painfully limited poison pill inevitable.

If our political system is valid at all…we cannot allow another election to play out like this.

I also agree…Many people are obsessed with this, at a very unhealthy degree…And they tend to blame [and be mad at] the wrong people.

Bernie Sanders 2020?…

Date: July 26, 2017

01) Bernie Sanders 2020?

“Bernie was recently asked about his plans for 2020. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who battled Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary and created a revolutionary movement among millennials, is having discussions about running for president again.

“Yes, is the answer,” said one Sanders associate who helped with the senator’s previous bid, in response to a question about whether the Independent senator from Vermont had begun to think about another run.

“He thinks he’s earned the right to run again, and he believes if he would have been the [Democratic] candidate he would have won against Trump.”
The source also suggested that Sanders is making his plans with other candidates in mind.

“The last thing he’s going to do is step aside and let Joe Biden take it,” the Sanders associate said.”