What to Say When Someone Insults You…

Date: July 17, 2021

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“Chances are great that regardless how genuine or good you are, there’s always at least one person that will steal the show and throw words at you. Have you been struggling on finding the best response to a hot situation? In this episode, I will share my professional advise on what to say when someone insults you. Stay tuned!

00:28 Say nothing
01:30 As soon as you become defensive
02:30 My second favorite response
03:29 Get back in power
05:12 Thank you for revealing something
07:11 A different category
08:43 How to handle a sniper
09:31 Verify what just happened

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins”

I share this because I think he’s sharing a few pieces of good advice.

I normally avoid sharing videos, from people who are trying to get you to purchase something from them…but this one has some quality content…enough to make me bend that rule.


The Ugly, Dangerous, and Inefficient Stroads found all over the US & Canada [ST05]…


Date: July 16, 2021

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“Stroads are streets that are designed like roads and in doing so, fail at being good at either one. They are too sprawling and hostile to be good streets, and they are too busy and complicated to be good roads. Stroads are inefficient, unsafe, expensive, and ugly.

This video introduces the concept of Stroads, and talks about why you will (almost) never find these kind of places in the Netherlands: because here all roads need to have a single purpose as either a motorway, connector road, or end-destination street.

The name “stroad” was invented by Strong Towns as a way to explain why road design in the US is fundamentally broken.”