Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren’s latest plan to make herself more powerful…

Date: May 31, 2022

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“Fox News host provides insight on price controls, inflation, the rising cost of gas, and Democrats’ power play on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.'”

I strongly support natural energy…Hence, I even have a small solar energy panel setting in one of my windows…with a small, micro power generator connected to it…

…It’s mostly for free light…but it can also charge small, electric devices…Aside from the small price of the kit, I pay nothing for this energy.

What’s featured here, is a largely dysfunctional implementation of renewable energy…and the strangling of traditional energy suppliers.


Tucker: There is something really wrong…

Date: May 31, 2022

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“Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the politicization of the Texas school shooting in Ulvade, reflects on mental illness and stopping violence in America.”

This touches on so many issues it’s hard to summarize…

I have my ideas about the depression epidemic [of which I have suffered from, personally], placing swaths of the population on drugs…the breakdown of social connections…the normalcy of guns, and types of guns I’m harder pressed to justify private individuals owning…insane views on “righteous” violence…the freedom of harmless people pitted against those who wreak violence…

I think a lot of the depression has to do with chemical imbalance, brought on by the way we grow and produce food…probably soil depletion…We aren’t getting nutrient rich foods anymore…Not enough…This drags you down, often causing depression and exhaustion.

Pharmaceuticals are their own can of worms…Maybe they work…but they carry side effects…often really debilitating side effects, and possible long term consequence…It’s why staying on them long term is a bad idea.

Social connections…If we keep driving people apart, then we keep isolating people…Isolated people don’t commonly thrive…In fact, it’s a recipe for social disaster…We need our immediate support structures…When we don’t have them, we are left adrift…and we often don’t know where to go or what to do with ourselves…When this becomes a personal peril, is when things can go really wrong.

We’ve had guns in U.S. society all along…It’s not been the epidemic of gun violence all along, that exists today. There’s a toxic mixture going on today…where people cannot deal with their circumstances…so they grab a gun…But that’s not most people…Do people who never would do that, have a right to own more effective killing guns?…Should they forfeit their right, to keep such guns out of the hands of some, who would otherwise mass murder?…Is there a valid argument for such guns being in the hands of the public?…

I think…given the corruption of the U.S. government…there actually is a compelling argument for the public to be armed with effective guns…However sad that is. I am in no way laboring under the delusion, that the U.S. government could never be overthrown…But it’s going to devastate the country, if/when it is…I don’t believe anything trumps this issue, where it comes to “the guns question”…You give up the ability to fight fire with fire, against an establishment willing to use lethal violence against its own citizens…then trying to bring that establishment back under control will be next to impossible. Where this whole issue is even more shit…is in understanding the people left holding the guns and power, may be every bit as monstrous as the people they deposed.

Getting guns out of the U.S. public, is ultimately a bad idea…primarily because of what is coming, and peoples literal need to defend themselves…That is its own issue…It cannot be fairly weighed against psychotic rampages…They’re two distinct issues…and one is being used to impoverish the other.

Yes…It’s still true…certain people who’ve shown their intent on murder, should not have their hands on a gun…I’ve seen to many of these damn religious [generally “christian” and nationalist] cults, outwardly threatening to go on murderous rampages, against anyone they don’t like…the moment they believe “the war” has broken out…There are a lot of psychopaths [like the “Army of God”] out there…These are the worst people to have armed…

If you would never commit random violence…do you have a right to arm yourself, to ward off the random violence of others?…If without guns, you’re just an easy setting target for these violent people…are you better off for not having a fighting chance to escape their attack?

I don’t believe that removing all guns is going to solve gun violence…Remember…there are still violent, racist, psychotic cops and government agents [who are ultimately still human], who will still be carrying guns…Guns will still be a factor.

Tucker gets plenty wrong…but he also gets plenty right…

…I think he’s in the right, here.


Is Pelosi BLOCKING Stock Trading Ban For Congress?…

Date: May 31, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar update viewers on the stock ban negotiations in Congress that have stalled behind the scenes in large part due to Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to the bill”

Most of the people in the Senate and Congress should not even be there.

They’re the absolute worst type of people, to be in such trusted positions…They will abuse it…They will betray the public.

They will exploit and plunder, in order to become personally wealthy.

They don’t care about well being of the public…They are there because they want the super elite good life for themselves…and they don’t care what they have to do to get it.


Pelosi’s Husband Arrested For DUI Again…

Date: May 31, 2022

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“Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband Paul Pelosi was arrested in the Napa Valley area of Northern California for driving under the influence of alcohol. Pelosi is a multi-millionaire and could easily afford a driver, yet he apparently continues to drive drunk, as this is not his first offense. Speaker Pelosi refused to comment on the arrest except to note that she was on the east coast when the incident took place.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why someone as rich as Paul Pelosi would ever put himself in the position to be driving drunk.”


ROUNDUP: WORST School Shooting Takes From Left & Right…

Date: May 30, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar present the worst mass shooting takes from the left and right as part of a critique of online political discourse around these tragic events”

I agree with Krystal and Saagar…I’m not really refuting them here…but maybe broader social sentiment.

Let me give my take on this issue…

…Overwhelmingly, people have no credible hope for their own future [nor that of their children], given the state of things in this country.

…Overwhelmingly, people are trapped, and prevented from attaining quality of life…

…Overwhelmingly, people live under chronic stress, duress…and, frankly, abuse of various types…

Those who cannot cope become increasingly dysfunctional…some to the point, where they lash out…and some lash out in extreme violence.

Now…I can understand not being a dick directly toward the people who just had their child slaughtered…but I have to question how silent you’re supposed to be, when mass shootings are happening daily in this country.

If we observed a moratorium on discussing mass shootings on the days they occur…we’d never be talking about them…”It’s always too soon”…

I’m definitely not on board with suspending what I’ve been saying about this issue for years, right when the words happen to be most relevant.

I know Krystal and Saagar weren’t talking about people like “me”, in all of this…

…I guess…it all just sparked something in me, I felt important to type out.


Matt Gaetz’s Wingman Has Sentencing Delayed AGAIN For Cooperating So Well…

Date: May 30, 2022

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“Joel Greenberg, the man who has been dubbed Matt Gaetz’s “wingman” in the ongoing scandal, has had his sentencing delayed yet again because he is cooperating so well with prosecutors. This is the third official delay, and it means that prosecutors have been receiving information that is not just relevant, but that they can verify to be true and accurate. The entire contents of the case are under seal by the court, so it is not currently known if Gaetz himself should be more concerned or less. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


This is how it works, by the way.

They get one person…They heap on as many charges as they can…And they use the dismissal of some charges, as bargaining chips in exchange for testimony against other people involved.

They often still lock away the one cooperating, for a long time…but when it’s a choice between a decade or less and three decades…many people break, because they want to be free before they die…and they want to still be able bodied when they get out.